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The Morning After

Complete chapter 7 of episode 4.   

Chap seven opens up in two different ways.
1. With everyone rushing into the house and moving to Omid's room where Christa is distraught.
2. If Clem was not with you and did not have the gun, everyone will move toward the stairs with the door shaking. When you open it Kenny will kill the walker inside. Clem will then run down the stairs.

Clem will be happy you have returned and will ask;

"Did you find my parents?" - Clem
1. There wasn't time. - You lie to Clem.
2. No, we didn't. - You were honest with Clem.
3. What happened here? - You avoid her question.
4. . . . - You still avoid her question.

3. If Clem was not with you and had the gun the walker will be dead and Clem will come greet the group.

Either way everyone runs upstairs eventually and Lee has the opportunity to have a non-altering comment here before Omid wakes up.

Now depending on how the Ben situation played out, and whether or not Clem was with you there are again a few choices.

If Ben is alive.
-The story will progress onward with everyone trying to get along.

If Ben is dead.
-and Clem was with the group at Crawford she will be upset to hear that Lee "stepped up" and killed Ben and will storm out.
-and Clem was not with the group at Crawford she will be upset to hear about Lee killing Ben and will storm out.

Only when Ben is dead does the following dialog surface;

Kenny referring to Ben's death. - Kenny.
1. Not in front of Clementine. - Non-altering.
2. Thanks a lot. - Non-altering.
3. She'll understand. - Non-altering.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

After the dialog is finished, Vernon will want to speak to Lee in private. He proposes that his group takes Clem off of Lee's hands for him. When he makes the offer Lee has the chance to respond.

Vernon's offer to take Clem off of your hands. - Vernon.
1. Walk away, Vernon. - You told Vernon off.
2. You have a point. - You agree with Vernon.
3. I need to think about this. - Non-altering.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

No matter how you end the conversation with Vernon he leaves and you walk over to the room Clem is in. Molly begins to walk away when Lee talks to her. Before she leaves Lee has the chance to talk to her one last time.

"It's been fun." - Molly
1. You should come with us. - Non-altering.
2. That might be for the best. - Non-altering.
3. So that's it, then? - Non-altering.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

While all four options are non-altering the dialog sequences are different. Note that if you were positive in your relationship with Molly you may even get a little something extra. *wink* wink* Alas we could only hope.

After you finish up with Molly you'll make your way into the room Clem is in and talk to her. There will be some dialog surrounding the boat that is non-altering. After a quick non-altering comment about Ben, Clem will ask about her parents.

"Before we leave tomorrow, will we have time to look for my parents?" - Clem
1. Yes. [LIE] - You lied to Clem.
2. No. Let it go. - You were brutally honest and hurt Clem's feelings.
3. There may be no time. - You were honest with Clem.
4. . . . - Silence

No matter your response Clem begins to cry. All responses are non-altering so react however you please, Lee will fall asleep, and when he wakes up Clem is gone. The chapter ends with Lee going downstairs looking for Clem.

I'll get the tissues, ready yourself for Chapter eight and the conclusion to Episode 4.

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