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There Ain't No Way

Complete chapter 3 of episode 5.   

Welcome back to the cramped space of the upstairs attic and all the other magical delights Chapter 3 brings. Let's get problem solving.

Right from the get-go the mood is tense and those tensions are high. The conversation is agitated and the solutions for leaving the attic appear to be absent. Lee will have a shot of dialog that is non-altering referring to finding a solution to leaving the attic. 
There are two scenarios to play out quickly here. If you've taken off Lee's arm he will not pass out and Christa will check on him. If you haven't taken his arm off he will pass out and will be woken up by Clem on the radio.
Christa will then come over and check on Lee providing you with another non-altering dialog segment that gets interrupted by Clem letting Lee know she's o.k. and she's where her parents stay a.k.a. the Marsh House. 

The conversation shifts to Kenny asking the philosophical question of the year leaving Lee with a chance to answer providing insight into his status.

Okay, now your life depends on it. How do you get out of here? - Kenny
1. Keep looking for a way out! - They will remember that and will be understanding.
2. We have to go. NOW. - They will remember that Lee was on edge. 
3. Stop. We can't panic. - They will remember that and be relieved.
4. . . . - Group takes note of your silence and reluctance to answer.

OR if Lee was originally alone:
1. I'll fight my way out ALONE then. - They will remember this and be upset.
2. We have to go. NOW. - They will remember that Lee was on edge. 
3. Stop. We can't panic. - They will remember that and be relieved.
4. . . . - Group takes note of your silence and reluctance to answer.

Either way Kenny moves the conversation along and wants to have an *adult* talk about Lee's condition. Lee's response is non-altering so feel free to answer however you like. This will prompt more discussion about Lee's condition and again some rapid responses from Lee which are non-altering in the sense that they don't effect the long-term future. 

Essentially you can either provoke and then throw the bust at the wall or take the high road and allow him to get pissed off and throw the bust. Either way someone opens up the solution; Going through the wall. Again the arm comes into play here because without it Kenny will need to initiate the process of breaking the wall and then devise the plan for doing so, or if you kept the arm Lee will get the first shot and then Kenny will announce the plan. Lee will have a chance to either apologize or antagonize him further before going to sit down with the rest of the group.

The conversation with Christa and Omid diverges down two paths depending on whether you told the group right off the bat that you were bitten or whether you withheld the information until then found out at the shed, both routes though are non-altering although they are interesting tid-bits into the mindset of the group. From this point forward any dialog is non-altering and really helps you dive deep into the backstory of the group and what they think/feel about Lee's situation and the future up until the crucial question about what to do with Clem.

Who is going to take care of Clem?
1. Find a family for her, okay? - They will remember that (Middle ground).
2. I want Kenny to look after her. - They will remember that and be slightly agitated (Kenny path).
3. I want you guys to take her. - They will remember and agree with that (Omid/Christa path).
4. . . . - They remember your silence.

If you have Ben in your group there will be a quick dialog section about what to do with Ben which is all non-altering, albeit interesting.

Kenny will come back and will switch off with Omid. If you've taken off Lee's arm you will have a little non-altering dialog before Kenny begins to get a little emotional. Christa will try and comfort Kenny and Lee will have the chance for some non-altering dialog which seems like it should definitely change the mood of at least Christa, but does not. If Ben is with you there will also be some slight dialog regarding the group's feelings about Ben--non-altering. After Kenny grabs the bottle of whiskey Lee will have a shot of dialog that will effect Kenny's opinion on you.

Kenny talking about Lee's decision regarding Larry. - Kenny.
1. Eh, you're still a bastard. - Kenny will remember and be upset with this response. 
2. Water under the bridge. - Kenny will remember and be pleased with this response.
3. I'm sorry for any pain I caused. - Kenny appreciates the apology.
4. . . . - Kenny will remember your silence. 

You will then have the opportunity no matter what to take the bottle for a little swig. Ultimately taking a sip of the good stuff has no effect on the course of the game and after Christa takes her turn Omid declares his breakthrough to the group. Once you break on through to the other side take a couple seconds so we can regroup in Chapter 4. See you then.

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