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The Marsh House

Complete chapter 5 of episode 5.   

Welcome back, but there is no time for formalities as every second we waste is another we are not with Clem. Let's do this.

After moving a little bit over the rooftops the group will come to a metal sign spanning the distance between two buildings over a busy street full of hungry walkers. Lee informs the group that the Marsh house is just a little ways away. You'll need to cross the large metal sign that spans the two buildings and decision time will arise; Who is bound to cross first? Ultimately the decision doesn't effect the progression of the game so choose freely. 

If you send Christa and Omid across first Omid will lead the way being the lightest followed by Christa (who is crossing for two *wink wink*) which sadly puts that ol' sign down its last days. She breaks the sign in half essentially stranding Lee on the other building. 

If Lee goes first across the sign you will need to move the  nice and slowly to the right in order to traverse the sign. At the end of his trip Lee will break the sign and you will need to quickly click () the broken half of the sign's structure in order to stay up. 

You'll then come to some rather interesting and funny dialog which is non-altering regarding your situation. You'll then come up to this dialog from Omid;

What the fuck!? - Omid
1. Find a boat! We'll meet you north of town! - They will remember this and be a little taken back by your switching of the plan.
2. Find me when you get down! - They will remember this and be confused.
3. Let's meet out of town! By the train! - They will remember this and be slightly confused. 
4. . . . - They will remember your silence and think it is strange.

If Omid and Christa went first Lee will then begin his gallant climb down into the walker infested street. After a quick loading screen Lee will turn the block and will be just a few hundred feet from the Marsh House and Clem. Time to utilize the cleaver. 

If Lee went first he will slide down the poll to the walker infested street to begin Mortal Kombat. 

Panic Event

I call this a panic event because if you do nothing in the allotted time you will be killed by the walkers. In all honesty though this has to be the easiest panic event in the game. There are two options for weapons here depending on whether or not Lee has his other arm. If you have the arm when Lee hits the ground he will find some sharp glass that he will pick up and embed in his hand as a weapon. He will then go into the panic event with dual wielding. If you've taken off Lee's other arm he will only have the option to use the cleaver. 

The only difference in the battle scene is that you will have the option to choose either the glass or the cleaver to perpetuate the killing with. 

To the backdrop of some awesome music Lee must systematically exterminate a handful of walkers in order to get to the Marsh House. Ultimately it doesn't matter which walkers you dispatch. On a playful side note this has to easily be one of the best, most 'walker-kicking' scenes in the entirety of the game due to the music combo and the slaying of walkers. 

Panic Event Over

After his fair share of walkers, Lee will finally make it to the Marsh House. It's time to catch our breath, wipe the walker blood off our face and get ready to make some big confrontations. See you locked-'n'-loaded in Chapter 6.

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Comment #1 by TheNNerdGamer
Sunday, December 09, 2012 @ 03:44:12 PM

epic moment there

it was awesome when Lee grabbed that glass shard and killed those walkers

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