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What's in the bag?

Complete chapter 6 of episode 5.   

So we've finally made it to this illustrious Marsh House. Congratulations are in order, but let's not celebrate too much--we still need to find Clem, liberate her, and punish her captor. Let's do this.

When everything loads back up we will get control of Lee and will need to move down a hallway. When you get to the open end of the hallway you will come to a door; Listen first then open it. Make your way to the far side of the room and you'll see a rope that is tied off between two doors. Upon examining it you will hear a noise and will turn around to the stranger, his gun, and a dash to the end.

This entire section of dialog will be non-altering but will heavily effect the tone, influences, and direction of the conversations.

You'll have the opportunity to have some non-altering dialog with the stranger, and depending on your situation (arm or not) he will comment on it and then tell you to put your things on the desk. As Lee begins to move over Clem will speak promoting an extremely quick dialog option that will be hushed by the stranger has he cocks his gun in your face. You will have multiple options to choose from so let us diagnose which will result in what.

Put your things on the desk. - Stranger
1. I don't have anything. [Lie] - You will not place anything on the desk causing the stranger to challenge your lie prompting another dialog segment in which Lee has the opportunity to place his items on the desk or lie again. 
2. I only have this radio. [Lie] - You will lie to the stranger and only place the radio down prompting a followup question in which he challenges your lie. If you again lie to him he will just have you sit down. 
3. Here's everything. - Lee will place the walkie-talkie and cleaver on desk.
4. . . . - The stranger will challenge your silence and Lee will place all his things on the desk.

After sitting down you will have another dialog segment to deal with and although it is non-altering I choose to display it because it heavily effects the dialog.

Do you know who I am? - Stranger
1. Yes. - The stranger will barrate you about your know-it-all nature.
2. No. - The stranger will go on a mini-diatribe about Lee's type of people.

Either way you'll learn that this stranger was actually the owner of the station-wagon the group ransacked all those episodes ago. If Lee didn't take from the station-wagon he will automatically state he didn't take from the car. Lee will justify his position which will prompt another justification dialog segment with the man which ultimately is non-altering. 

You'll then move into another interesting conversation about hurting people you care about, but note the answer to this dialog as well is non-altering. You'll then dive into learning more about the situation that drove the stranger into his fit of rage. After some more dialog about his past you'll come to a very quick sequence of statement/response between Lee and the stranger. Feel free to answer however you please as all of the responses are non-altering. 

The dialog will take a turn down the sad side as the stranger's intentions become more and more dark and it appears the chance for reconciliation becomes absent. We're almost to the point of no return and it clearly happens when the stranger bends down and begins to talk to his bag as if it's his wife. If you look carefully though you'll see Clem sneak out of the door she was trapped in. 

If you hint at Clem grabbing the bottle she will take it and slowly walk over to the stranger. As soon as he tells his wife that Clem wouldn't hurt a fly Clem will crack him in the head with it triggering a panic event.

If you hint at Clem to grab the cleaver (which you would have needed to give up) then she will take it and embed it into his shoulder triggering a panic event. 

Panic Event

If you are not quick enough (about 2 seconds to click on the stranger) you will be shot and killed.

As soon as she hits the stranger quickly press  to charge him, either with no weapon if you concealed nothing, or with the cleaver if you didn't give that up. The stranger will do a fairly good job of deflecting Lee's attack and will prompt a button smashing section while the roll/fight on the ground.

You'll need to get up quickly and move your cursor over the stranger as he goes for the gun and press  in order to slam him into the closet doors. After some more quick clicking you'll need to do another button smash as you get your hand around his throat. If you play the event out in this fashion you will then have the opportunity to take the gun and shoot the stranger in the head. Not doing so will spark Clementine's response and another opportunity to do so, otherwise she will be scared/happy that you did because otherwise, as she says, he would have come back.

An alternate to this scenario is the stranger pushing Lee off of him during the tackle and choking at the closet doors. If this is the case you will need to do another button smashing sequence from the ground which will end with Clem shooting him in the head. 

Panic Event Over

You'll be able to finally hug Clem again and will have a nice little conversation with her which includes all non-altering dialog. After the dialog is done you could take a peak into the bowling bag and see the stranger's wife, but why bother--let's get a move on out of the Marsh House. 

When you go to the door to leave as you open it you'll be greeted by a walker. This will be a major sign that Lee's time is running out as the walker doesn't recognize Lee as a human but as a walker (although the plan involves covering ourselves in walker body parts the irony is that Lee is almost gone as well), and it's the sight and smell of Clem that perks his interest. Lee will need to quickly throw the walker down and will then proceed to shoot it. Clem will then comment on the fact that you weren't attacked because of the blood and guts of other walkers all over you. Lee will make the claim that this is how they are going to get out and will grab the cleaver.

Once over the body you'll need to thrust the cleaver into the dead walker and will take what looks like the small intestine out. You will then need to essentially paint Clem with walker juices and after you're all done painting her she will take her hat back and the two of you will walk out of the Marsh House. With this chapter of our lives down, we must get out of Savannah and find ourselves a safe place to live. See you in 7.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by Exe the Hero
Thursday, August 29, 2013 @ 11:47:50 PM

Randomly noticed that this is 1 of 2 achievements where the title ends in a question mark. They're also the only 2 where it isn't in title case (capitalizing).

Comment #2 by luukve
Thursday, October 22, 2015 @ 01:37:50 PM

Achievement is a reference to the movie Se7en. I probably shouldn't have, but I laughed when this popped up. Love achievements like these.

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