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Completed Wyatt's Chapter.

Here we are 39 days later in the darkness and fog of the same general area driving for our lives with Wyatt and Eddie. Again we are thrown head first into the thick of their story as the two of them are driving away being chased by a truck. Eddie will put the pistol between the two of them and you need to take it and then shoot at the truck. After some fine shooting Wyatt will actually hit the headlight on the right hand side out prompting Eddie to ask if they are still behind you:

Holy shit man, did you get em'? - Eddie
1. I don't see anything. - Non-altering response.
2. Maybe they crashed?!? - Non-altering response.
3. Fuck if I know! - Non-altering response.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

No matter your response Eddie decides to play it safe and turn off down a backroad killing the lights on the car. From here on in you will be developing and learning about the relationship between Wyatt and Eddie starting with Wyatt's response to Eddie killing the lights on the car:

No lights, no... uh... you know! They can't see us. - Eddie
1. I guess that makes sense. - Eddie notices you agree with him and stands up for his decision.
2. How stupid are you? - Eddie notices you don't agree with him and attempts to defend his decision.
3. Crashing won't help anything right now! - Eddie notices your lack of logic in the zombie apocalypse and makes fun of you for it.
4. . . . - Eddie notices your silence and takes it as agreement.

The two of them will then discuss their situation and after Wyatt suggests slowing down Eddie chimes in giving Wyatt another chance to assess the situation:

WHAT?!? FUCK, no. Did you see that one guy's eyes, man? He is fucking GORKED. I don't want that guy in my LIFE, Wyatt. - Eddie
1. What if there is something in the road? - Non-altering response.
2. You are COVERED in that guy's blood. - Non-altering response.
3. God how did that go so wrong? - Non-altering response.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

The response to Eddie's rant will then spark another quick question that will help us learn more about our two friends:

I know Wyatt my shirt is soaked. - Eddie
1. Did you mean to pull the trigger? - Non-altering response.
2. I'm sure it was an accident. - Non-altering response.
3. I told you not to keep that gun. - Non-altering response.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

No matter your response we learn a bit more about Eddie and Wyatt, and more particularly the situation they were in and will also provide Wyatt with a golden opportunity to either build on, or destroy his relationship with Eddie:

I'm sorry man, I... - Eddie
1. Thanks for getting us out of there. - Eddie appreciates you being thankful.
2. Don't sweat it. - Eddie appreciates you caring about him.
3. I can't exactly forgive you. - Eddie is upset you don't understand.
4. . . . - Eddie is taken back by your silence.

After a little more driving, and possibly one of the best one-liners of the entire game, you'll be given the opportunity to take a stab on their situation once again as far as the road goes:

You think we're in the clear? - Eddie
1. Not till we get out of this fog. - Non-altering response.
2. Don't talk about your dick. - Non-altering response.
3. We're probably fine. - Non-altering response.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

After a little more chatting you'll come up to another priceless non-altering dialog section:

All right, let's Tom Cruise outta here. - Eddie
1. Really? - Non-altering response.
2. Why didn't you have a girlfriend? - Non-altering response although he will prove why exactly he is not boyfriend material.
3. Please never talk again. - Non-altering response.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

Eddie will then prove when he is a dime a dozen and will ask Wyatt to see if there is any more sticky (a.k.a. weed) in the glove box. You will have the opportunity to either look up on the dash or right in the glove box. Alas there is no more weed in the glove box, but Wyatt will find some ammo for the pistol which may come in handy. As you reload the pistol Eddie will start talking which will prompt another dialog segment:

You know one time I was going out with this girl Abigail... - Eddie
1. I don't care. - Will end the story.
2. I'd rather load the gun. - Will end the story.
3. Just shut up. - Will end the story.
4. . . . - Only way you can hear Eddie's cool story.

Either directly after cutting Eddie off or after listening to the story you will smash into someone/something. The event will freak out both Eddie and Wyatt, leaving Wyatt speechless and Eddie with the million dollar question:

Was that a dude or not? - Eddie
1. That couldn't have been human. - Will spark Eddie making sure it was not a guy.
2. I...I don't know. - Will spark Eddie making sure it was not a guy.
3. I think it was. - Will skip over any doubt sequences that stem from the above two answers. Skip right to the part where Eddie wants to get out and investigate.
4. . . . - Same as the first two, this will spark doubt conversation.

Only if you choose option numbers 1, 2, or 4.

Really? Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY. Look me in the eyes and say that. - Eddie
1. ...I can't. - Unique non-altering dialog with Eddie relying and being crushed by Wyatt's unknown.
2. I could be wrong. - Unique non-altering dialog with Eddie relying and being crushed by Wyatt's unknown.
3. You heard me, Eddie. - Moves right to Eddie wanting to check.
4. . . . - Moves right to Eddie wanting to check.

Eddie will then declare that he is not going anywhere until you know what happened to that thing. Wyatt will roll down the window to get a better look which will then spur your ability to check your surroundings. You can check the windshield for damage and more specifically the blood, the mirror which has cloth still attached to it, the glove box, and the dashboard. Eddie will then declare he is positive he hit a guy, and will attempt to convince Wyatt that they need to get out and check.

What do you mean what do we do? We go out there. - Eddie
1. What about the guys in the truck? - Non-altering unique dialog sequence.
2. Go out there and what? - Longer non-altering unique sequence.
3. There's no way. - Non-altering unique dialog.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

No matter your response Eddie will pursue going out and checking on the guy:
Come on, man. This is stupid. We go out there, check it out, we get moving. - Eddie
1. You go if you want. - Eddie will be very reluctant to go out there.
2. Both of us? - Eddie will be less "gun-ho" to go out and check on him.
3. I'll go. Give me the gun. - Eddie will respond with some self-righteous response about hitting him so he should go.
4. . . . - Eddie will try to back his way out of wanting to go.

This will spark Eddie's solution to the whole problem; rock, paper, scissors:

Okay. Well. Shit, okay. Here, we'll rock paper scissors for it. - Eddie
1. Are you fucking serious? - Will spark sequence two.
2. No way, man. You're nuts. - You will spark sequence two.
3. Okay, that's fair. - You will go right into playing rock paper scissors.
4. . . . - You will spark sequence two.

Note here that this is where you are able to unlock one of the missable achievements for this DLC; "Two out of Three." You must successfully win a game of rock paper scissors against Eddie. It is completely luck generated, and if you lose the second round quickly pause the game and exit to the main menu to avoid having to replay the entire chapter. It will kick start you back up when Eddie hits the dirt road.

Sequence 2
[Play] - You will play a game of rock paper scissors.
[Refuse] - You refuse to play a game of rock paper scissors.

If you do not play the game of rock paper scissors and you told Eddie you will go, this will now be the moment when you exit the vehicle. If you told Eddie that he should go and you refuse this will be the moment he will leave. If you play rock paper scissors, the winner stay's in the vehicle and the loser checks the body. Also note that abstaining from the game will force Eddie out. Here are our two avenues:

Leaving the Vehicle:
After losing or walking out, you will be in control of Wyatt. You don't have to examine each piece of evidence, but it makes for a more complete story if you do.

  1. First up is the shoe which Wyatt will correctly deem inconsequential because anyone/anything could have a shoe on.
  2. The second clue is the piece of glass to the right which holds not significant value to the person/it out there--more so for the car, but Eddie will keep you moving.
  3. Next is the backpack which ultimately fails to provide any clue as to the status of the victim.
  4. After a significant amount of walking you will come up to a pool of blood, and then a blood trail to follow. Keep on this course.
  5. You will eventually get close enough to the victim to be able to talk to it.
  6. You'll eventually get to the victim and realize that he is in fact alive. Wyatt will begin to drag him back to the car after you examine his wound and his uniform when things go from bad to worse.
  7. As you drag him back a walker will come out of the woods, quickly aim your crosshairs on it and shoot.
  8. You are now presented with the choice of leaving the wounded cop or bringing him back to the car.
  9. If you decide to leave him Wyatt will begin to walk back to the car and will need to shoot your way back to the car only to watch Eddie drive away without you ending the chapter.
  10. If you decide to save him you will need to do a bit of jumping back and forth. First off you will need to have the pushed up the entire time you are trying to drag the cop. When you want to shoot walkers coming close to you press to let him go, shoot the walkers, and then again re-pull the cop. You will end up pulling the cop all the way to the point where Eddie jets and then simply leave the cop to save your own life.

Stay in the Car:
Staying the car will result from a successful win in rock paper scissors or any combination of dialog in which Eddie is guilt-tripped into going. Here's how we tackle it:

  1. As Eddie begins to walk away you will have the opportunity to talk to him three times. Here are the three options:
  2. 1. Get back in the car - Non-altering response.
  3. 2. You see anything out there? - Non-altering response.
  4. 3. Hurry up, man! - Non-altering response.
  5. Eddie will then toss the keys back into the car, but alas Wyatt is both unable to catch them, and unable to see where they fell.
  6. Move your crosshairs up top to turn on the light and then down to the floorboard to search for the keys. After you move the chair back you will see the keys.
  7. Wyatt will turn the light back off and put the keys in the ignition when... SURPRISE! Truck guy is back.
  8. You will need to quickly button smash the highlighted button in order to abstain from your death.
  9. Once you win the tug of war battle quickly reach for the door handle to close the door and stop him from getting back in.
  10. Next step is to shift the shifting stick although he will break through the class.
  11. Aim for his hands and knock him back.
  12. Quickly reach for the ignition and turn it on to speed away...without Eddie.

It's tough leaving him, but we got away with our lives. Well.. we will see you on Day 184. Be prepared.

Wyatt Goes to the New Camp:
The best way to get Wyatt to go with you in the Epilogue is to make sure he is genuine with Eddie and stays in the car. If he is outside the car he will have less faith in people sticking with him and will need to be told there is a chance for people he knows in the new camp.

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