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Friend of Trolls

Spare all trolls in the game.

The first troll will be encountered in Chapter 1, during the Troll Trouble quest. He’s down by the broken bridge. Talk to him, don't kill him.

Following this, the method for getting the achievement depends on the path you choose.

Iorveth’s path:

Chapter 2. In order to find Triss Merigold, who has been kidnapped by the Kingslayer, you will speak with the Troll of Vergen. Speak to him and agree to find his wife. You will then encounter She-troll on a mountain in the southern area of Vergen. Tell her that Mr Troll is looking for her.

Roche’s path: 

Towards the end of Chapter 2, during the The Siege of Vergen quest, you will encounter the Troll of Vergen and his wife. Chat to them. Don't kill them. Easy.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by HolyWarr27
Friday, April 27, 2012 @ 02:59:43 AM

I took the Roche path at the end of 1.

1 troll in Chapter 1, quest Troll Trouble, rough him up a bit and he stops to talk, say you'll find the murders then finish the quest line.

Chapter 2 I found 3 trolls
1 on accident - wondering around looking for corpses to burn - just left the area.

The next two (She and He-Trolls) are very close together. After the fog is lifted you will be sent to Vergen through the ravines, on the map the first is by the boat towards the bottom along the route you must take. The She-Troll will stop to you, be nice, Roche suggest to kill her, say "She might know something" to avoid killing her and finish the conversation - she will say she is going to sleep. Continue through the ravine to find 3 soldiers attacking the He-Troll, kill the soldiers and do not

Comment #2 by craigimt
Friday, April 27, 2012 @ 09:30:55 AM

I spared them all but I didn't get the achievement.

Comment #3 by Coffee CZ
Friday, April 27, 2012 @ 04:44:17 PM

How many trolls are in the Roche's part? If I must spared and kill all trolls,should I play all ways(Roche's and Iorweth's)?

Comment #4 by Tha Mantis
Tuesday, May 01, 2012 @ 12:36:30 PM

@2, did you cure the troll in Chapter 1 of his alcoholism?

Comment #5 by Delp33
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 @ 11:41:54 AM

To get this achievement, you can't just not kill any trolls, you have to help them. In the first chapter you have to help the troll get over his alcoholism by killing Dmitri. In the second chapter you need to help re-unite the two trolls, you can do this on both Vernon, and Iorveth's side. There aren't any trolls in the 3rd chapter.

Comment #6 by BeautifulDemise
Monday, September 03, 2012 @ 04:30:11 PM

In case you kill the hostile troll without a story in the second act it does not matter. I killed it and the continued on to help the other two trolls laster in the story and the achievement popped up.

Comment #7 by Inhumansuperman
Saturday, February 09, 2013 @ 09:47:35 AM

You need to meet and help the troll in chapter 1, and also not harm the 2 trolls in chapter 2, i decided not to meet the troll under the bridge, (thinking that way i wouldn't hurt him) but it won't trigger due to the lack of interaction.

Comment #8 by YesyPeterson
Monday, May 04, 2015 @ 04:20:53 PM

You have to make sure that when you talk to the second troll in Chapter 2. when he asks how the she-troll is choose She's Fine, the other option will send him fighting elsewhere and you dont get the achievement.

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