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Thrillville: Off the Rails Achievement Guide

Guide By: Master Devwi
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
-Offline: 50 (1000)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-15 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements : None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: Yes

Thrillville: Off the Rails is a real-time amusement park simulator that combines roller coaster design and several mini games in one package with NPC interactions similar to the Sims series. It has a total of 50 achievements and requires only one playthrough to get 1000. 48 out of the 50 achievements have a difficulty rating of 4/10 or less. Event Horizon 2 on hard however is similar to Aegis Wing as far as genre (side scrolling shooter) and difficulty (8/10) therefore to unlock Lunar Lunatic will take some time and patience. Several of the mini game related achievements can be obtained within the Party Play mode but it’s recommended to unlock most of them within the Park (Campaign) Mode since completing the mini games in the park will also level up your character. It's also recommended to start playing some of the mini games early get a feel of which mini game you can do really well in order to unlock the 2nd difficult achievement, Thrillville Superstar in party play mode. Check the Live Leaderboards to see which game's high scores seem reasonable to do. See Step 2 below for more Thrillville Superstar advice.

Step 1: Park (Campaign) Mode
Create your character and enter the first theme park available which is Thrillville Stunts. You will unlock 4 more theme parks as you level up netting you the 4 theme park achievements:Thrillville Outerworlds, Thrillville Giant, Thrillville Explorer, and Thrillville Holiday.
NOTE: You can jump in and out of each theme park once they become available so you can return to finish up the missions, mini games, collectibles and Woah roller coasters, however it is recommended to complete all the missions, collectibles, mini games and Woah roller coasters available in 1 particular theme park before you move on.

There are several ways to gain experience in order to level up your character and obtain the 3 level achievements: Thrillville Talent, Thrillville Sensation and Thrillville Phenomenon. The ways are as follows:

A. Complete all the missions available in each of the 5 parks to unlock the 5 mission achievements: Critics, Robots, Hypnosis, Sabotage and Traitor.
NOTE: Certain missions will require you to complete a particular roller coaster or mini game. You can unlock certain roller coaster and mini game achievements while completing a mission.

B. Talk to park patrons and challenge them to games to unlock the 3social achievements: Chatterbox, Casanova and Challenge Champ.

C. Collect propaganda boards in Thrillville Stunts, Nano Paint Sprayers in Thrillville Explorer, Hypnodiscs in Thrillville Giant and cash drops in all 5 theme parks to unlock the 4 collectible Achievements: Propaganda, The Rainbow, Disc Jockey and The Green

D. Building roller coasters will unlock the 5 roller coaster achievements: Coaster Boaster, Coaster Dropper, Coaster Speedster, Woah and White Knuckle Ace.
NOTE#1: For Coaster Dropper and Coaster Speedster, you can build one roller coaster with a height of 300ft and a speed over 80mph to unlock both achievements.

NOTE #2: For
Woah and White Knuckle Ace, Chuppernicus has put together a nice list HERE of all Woah roller coasters available in each of the theme parks. Several parks share the same roller coasters like Nose Dive, Scrap Swing, etc. If you have built one of these coasters in a park, you do not have to build a duplicate in another park. Don't forget to also include the Whoa pieces not associated with a specific coaster like Ring of Fire and TNT Alley (thanks master_shake_350). Some Whoa coasters have two types of one particular Whoa piece (i.e. one for turning left and another for turning right). It's recommended to build both types. If White Knuckle Ace does not unlock after building your 16th Woah coaster, rebuild from scratch the Hot Rod Stunt Whoa coaster in Thrillville Stunts.

E. Build game stands or hire employees to play various mini games and unlock 18 mini game Achievements:
Stunt Rider (2 achievements): Flippin' Great and Stunt Rider!
Sparkle Quest (2 achievements): Sparkle Secret and Super Sparkler
Entertainer (employee): Smooth Move
Shooting Gallery: Crackshot
Mini-golf: Putt putt power
Mini-golf Timed (hard difficulty): Fore!
9-Ball Pool: Perfect Clearance
Trampolines: Spoon Time
Saucer Sumo (normal difficulty): UFO Survivor (you can easily get this achievement in party play if you have 4 controllers)
Autosprint 2: Sprint King
Robo K.O.: King of the Ring
Bandito Chinchilla: Bandito Beater
Squadron Ace: Squadron Ace!
Tank Frenzy: Tank Commander
All Arcade Games (see guide): Games Master
All Sides Games (Alley Ball, Bucking Bull, Coconut Shy, Slap-A-Mole and Test Your Strength): Sideshow Superstar
NOTE: Certain mini games will only be available in a particular theme park.

F. Build a race car track and beat park patrons 20 times to unlock the one race achievement, Karting Krazy

As you near the end of completing all to the missions available in all the theme parks, you should unlock the one value achievement, Money Maker
Step 2: Lunar Lunatic and Thrillville Superstar
The four multi-player achievements that should be unlocked within Party Play mode using 2 or more controllers are: Teamwork, Winner!, Party Dude and Party Host

The last two mini game achievements are the hardest in the game:
Event Horizon 2 (single player only on hard difficulty in Party Play Mode): Lunar Lunatic
NOTE: It is recommended you practice each level on hard to know what to expect since once all your lives run out, it's game over completely. See Lord of Orion's method HERE for more insight on how to beat the levels and bosses.

Any Mini Game with a Live Leaderboard: Thrillville Superstar
I can confirm you can place on the leaderboard in Party Play Mode and per Grim Reeper's recommendation below, you can also place in Park Mode as well.
NOTE: To unlock Thrillville Superstar you can:
1. Try to beat the high score of a particular mini game you enjoy playing.
2. Follow the guide's recommendations.
3. Check the forum
4. Take Grim Reeper's advice of creating a Monster Truck course in the park called "Thrillville Giant." Beat a time of like 18.3 and you got it. Build your own course and just make it as short as possible, right away do two hard turns then a straight then two more hard rights. Remember to power slide the corners and you should get a top 10 pretty easily, I did this on my first try.
5. Take my advice and get good at Tank Frenzy. Play single player on Hard and whenever there is a building or truck with infantry units coming out of it DO NOT destroy the truck or building until all the infantry units have stopped coming out. I was able to unlock this achievement without even finishing the mini game.

That's it! If you're still missing something look through the achievement guide or the game's forum.

[x360a would like to thank Wii187 for this Road Map]

Smooth Move10
Get a 60 note combo in the entertainer mini game. 
Pick your favorite song in Entertainer (either in a park or in Party Play) and get really good at it. I’d recommend “North Eastcumberland High,” since is seems to be really easy.
Get a X5 combo multiplier in a shooting gallery. 
The easiest way to get this achievement is in Prospector Stakeout. You get combos for hitting “groups” of targets without missing or getting hit. The five groups are: 1) the bottles over the mine entrance, 2) the targets above and in the outhouse, 3) the bottles above the sleeping prospector, 4) the three targets on the birds in the top right of the screen, 5) the targets on the metal contraption on the right. If you can hit all of these without missing or getting shot, you’ll unlock the achievement. Doing this also unlocked the Thrillville Superstar achievement for me.
Flippin' Great10
Perform a 720 backflip in Stunt Rider. (1) 
This achievement is very simple. Play Stunt Rider (either In one of your parks or in Party Play) and do a double backflip.
Finish a coaster using a whoa piece. 
Build any coaster with a gold whoa piece to get this achievement.
Putt putt power10
Design a minigolf course. 
Place and design a minigolf course in any theme park to unlock this achievement.
Coaster Boaster10
Design a rollercoaster. 
Build any rollercoaster in any theme park.
Thrillville Otherworlds40
Unlock Thrillville Otherworlds. 
A new theme park is unlocked every two Park Owner Levels (Ranks 2, 4, 6, and 8).
Thrillville Giant40
Unlock Thrillville Giant. 
A new theme park is unlocked every two Park Owner Levels (Ranks 2, 4, 6, and 8).
Thrillville Explorer40
Unlock Thrillville Explorer. 
A new theme park is unlocked every two Park Owner Levels (Ranks 2, 4, 6, and 8).
Thrillville Holiday60
Unlock Thrillville Holiday. 
A new theme park is unlocked every two Park Owner Levels (Ranks 2, 4, 6, and 8).
Thrillville Talent20
Reach park owner level 2. 
Reach park owner level 2 by building rides, playing games, talking to people and completing missions.
Thrillville Sensation40
Reach park owner level 5. 
Reach park owner level 5 by building rides, playing games, talking to people and completing missions.
Thrillville Phenomenon60
Reach park owner level 10. (1) 
Reach park owner level 10 by building rides, playing games, talking to people and completing missions.
Complete a round of timed mini golf on hard. (1) 
This achievement is much easier than it sounds. First you have to unlock the Timed Mini-Golf game, and then build a course and place a start square and an end square next to each other. Do this nine times, and then save the course (by going to the Manage options). Next, start up Timed Mini-Golf in Party Play using your map and set the difficulty to hard. Now you just need to beat the extremely easy course to get the achievement!
Collect all the anti-Thrillville propaganda boards. 
Find and collect all six anti-Thrillville propaganda boards hidden throughout Thrillville Stunts.
The Rainbow10
Collect all the Nano Paint Sprayers. 
Find and collect all six Nano Paint Sprayers hidden throughout Thrillville Explorer.
Disc Jockey10
Collect all the Hypnodiscs. 
Find and collect all six anti-Thrillville propaganda boards hidden throughout Thrillville Giant.
Complete a minigame in coop mode. (1) 
Play any minigame in splitscreen coop to unlock the achievement.
Successfully win 20 multiplayer battle games. 
Win 20 Party Play splitscreen games in Battle mode.
Party Dude10
Play 20 party games with your friends. (1) 
Play 20 Party Play splitscreen games.
Party Host10
Complete a four player battle or co-op game in party play. (4) 
Play a four player game in Party Play.
The Green10
Find all Mortimer’s cash drops hidden in all parks. (2) 
Find all the cash drops hidden throughout all the theme parks.
Complete the 'Bribery 101!' mission in Thrillville Stunts. 
Complete the ‘Bribery 101!’ mission in Thrillville Stunts by bribing all the reporters.
Complete the 'Clearance Sale' mission in Thrillville Otherworlds. 
Complete the ‘Clearance Sale’ mission in Thrillville Otherworlds by completing missions to lower the Robot attendance.
Complete the 'Trance-Cendtal' mission in Thrillville Giant. 
Complete the ‘Trance-Cendtal’ mission in Thrillville Giant by completing missions to remove the hypnosis from park attendees.
Complete the 'Alien Antics' mission in Thrillville Explorer. 
Find out who’s sabotaging Thrillville Explorer by completing the park missions.
Complete the 'Traitors Arena' mission in Thrillville Holiday. 
Find out who the traitor is in Thrillville Holiday to unlock this achievement.
Sparkling Secret10
Discover all the secret areas on Sparkle Quest level 1. 
Look for walls with dotted lines which let you know that you can pass through the wall and into a secret area. Go through the first level slowly and carefully and make sure you check everywhere.
White Knuckle Ace10
Build all WHOA pieces. (1) 
To get this achievement, you only need to build the 16 special WHOA pieces. Four roller coasters in each park have a special WHOA piece exclusive to it. Sometimes it is pre-built when you add the coaster, and sometimes you have to add it yourself. You can tell which ones have special pieces by the picture of the gold WHOA piece next to the coaster description (when you’re choosing what to build). Once you’ve built one of every special WHOA piece (16 in all), the achievement will unlock.
Become sweethearts with 10 park guests. (2) 
Talk to your park guests to become friends and eventually sweethearts with them. Giving free passes to the park helps speed up this process. The whole process shouldn’t take very long.
Challenge Champ10
Win 10 challenges with park guests on any minigames. (2) 
Challenge and beat 10 guests to any minigame to unlock this achievement.
Money Maker10
Achieve a combined park value of $100,000 (3) 
This achievement is automatically unlocked when you find the briefcase of one of your guests in Thrillville Holiday.
Coaster Dropper10
Build a coaster with a drop height of over 300 ft. 
There are two ways to get this achievement. You can either build a roller coaster that just barely hits the top and bottom of the height limit (giving you the achievement with only a few feet to spare), or you can go to Summitville and build a roller coaster that goes down into the clouds (and having 50+ feet leftover). You can check the max drop while building a coaster at any time by pressing .
Coaster Speedster10
Build a coaster with a top speed over 80 mph. 
Build a coaster with a long drop, which should give you enough speed to hit 80 mph. You can check the max speed while building a coaster at any time by pressing .
Chatter Box10
Fill your MyCrowd list. (1) 
Talk with 24 people until you become friends with them.
Karting Krazy10
Come 1st in 20 races. 
Build a race track and win 20 races.
Lunar Lunatic15
Complete Event Horizon 2 on hard difficulty. (2) 
This achievement could be done via co-op, but no-one on my Friends list has this game, so I can't be sure. Tried it split-screen but my mates aren't very good at this game. (It's still hard, even with three players!)
Perfect Clearance 15
Pocket all the balls in one turn at the table. (3) 
To get this achievement, start a game of 9-Ball Pool and pocket all of the balls in one turn. Somehow, I got this achievement after I hit all the balls.
Spoon Time15
Get 30.000 points in 3 moves on Trampolines. (2) 
To get this achievement, you must get 10,000 points in one jump… three times. All you have to do is start jumping at max height and hit , , and as soon as you’re in the air and pull down on the to perform a double backflip. Do it right three times in a row to get the achievement.
UFO Survivor15
Survive without being knocked out of the arena in Saucer Sumo on normal difficulty. (1) 
The easiest way to get this achievement is to start a Battle game of Saucer Sumo in Party Play with four players and just sit there (or run everyone off the edge) until you win without falling off.
Sprint King15
Get a best lap time under 4'90" seconds on the first track on Autosprint 2. (1) 
Complete a lap in Autosprint 2, track 1 in under 4 seconds and 90 miliseconds to get this achievement.
King of the Ring15
Win a match by knockout on Robo K.O. without losing any health. 
Play Robo K.O. without ever getting hit to unlock this achievement. If you’re having trouble, try starting a splitscreen game so your “opponent” can’t hit back.
Thrillville Superstar50
Rank in the top ten on any online leaderboard for Thrillville: Off the Rails. (9) 
One of the hardest achievements in the game, you have to place in the top ten on any online leaderboard in the game. One thing that causes a lot of confusion is the dual leaderbords. One is your local leaderboard while the other is the real Xbox LIVE leaderboard. The latter is the one you have to get on. There’s no real trick to getting on it other than getting really good at a game. I was able to get it in Prospector Stakeout (see Crackshot).
Games Master40
Complete all arcade games. 
First person shooters, target practice, sideshow mini games, single level race tracks, minigolf, and pool are not counted as arcade games. The games you need to beat are: Autosprint 2, Autosprint Classic, Bandito Chinchilla, Event Horizon II, Event Horizon Classic, Luftwaffe II, Luftwaffe 109, Luftwaffe Turbo (uncomfirmed), Sparkle Island 2, Sparkle Island Classic, Sparkle Quest, Squadron Ace, Stunt Rider, Tank Frenzy, Trojan Frenzy, and Trojan Quest Classic.
Sideshow Superstar20
Get a 5 star rating score on all sideshow games. (1) 
Earn a 5 start rating on every sideshow game. Sideshow games are ones like the strength competition, bull riding, etc.
Bandito Beater20
Complete Bandito Chinchilla. 
To get this achievement, just complete the game on easy.
Stunt Rider!20
Complete Stunt Rider. 
To get this achievement, just complete the game on easy.
Squadron Ace!20
Complete Squadron Ace. 
To get this achievement, just complete the game on easy.
Super Sparkler20
Complete Sparkle Quest. (2) 
To get this achievement, just complete the game on easy.
Tank Commander20
Complete Tank Frenzy. 
To get this achievement, just complete the game on easy.

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