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Guide By: Barad
There are 20 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 
- Offline: 20 [400]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 40010-15 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3; Casual, normal, and expert.
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes, you must play on Expert.
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: A second controller.

Welcome to Thunder Wolves, one of the most action packed, fast paced and missile spamming helicopter shooters you will ever play. The game will put you in the hot seat in various powerful battle choppers throughout the varied singleplayer missions that take play in all kinds of environments.

The singleplayer consists of 13 missions including the tutorial. Each mission is relatively short and only last between 5-10 minutes depending on difficulty. Although there is not much difference between them except the points required to gain each star on the mission. You will have to play each mission at least 3 times each on each of the difficulties to gain 3 stars for "Star Wolf." You will unlock "Courage Wolf" for beating the game on normal and "Firsties!" for finishing the first main objective in the tutorial mission. 

There are only 2 co-op achievements for 15 in this game. The game is local co-op only so a second controller is required. You must complete any mission in co-op for "Team Player" and must complete the final mission on expert difficulty for "Parselmouth."

There are several miscellaneous achievements in the game in which most if not all will come naturally through your first playthrough of the story. You will have to perform certain tasks such as finish a mission using only rockets and only machine guns, score 500k points in a mission, complete a mission within 8 minutes, destroy 100 choppers & 1000 buildings total etc. The only achievement you're likely to still be missing after your first playthrough is the 100 chopper destroyed but there is an easy mission to grind these afterwards.

[XBA would like to thank Barad for this Roadmap]

Complete the first main mission objective.   

This achievement will unlock near the start of the first mission (tutorial) once you're told to fly to the gap, go there and this will unlock.

Kill two enemy vehicles with one rocket.   

This achievement will unlock near the end of the first mission (tutorial) once you are introduced to double guided missiles, simply aim (or lock on using ) at two red targets near eachother and shoot. If you do not get this in the tutorial it will still come through natural progression. 

Dead Island20
Purge the island of the dead.   

Play mission 7 (Serpent Siege) and proceed through the level until you are ordered to destroy the AA Units just after you have been rescued from the crash. Once you are at the AA unit section, fly a little forward just so you pass that little land area and onto the ocean, then look a little to the right and you will see a small island in the distance through all the smoke. 

Fly over there, you will see a few friendlies on the small island fighting "zombie like" enemies on both sides of their barricade. Simply kill all the zombies with your missiles and the achievement will unlock. Some of the zombies will take a lot more damage than you would think so keep at it and this will unlock.

Score at least 500,000 points in a single mission.   

Play mission 2 (Chemical Brothers) on expert, you can easily earn between 600,000 & 700,000 points on this mission.

Pedro 4 Prez30
Find and eliminate Pedro in all locations.    

There is one Pedro to find and destroy on every mission and they are quite well hidden off the normal mission route. Refer to the collectible walkthrough below for the location of Pedro on every level. 

Collectables Walkthrough

Lord of the Skies25
Kill 100 enemy helicopters.   

This may take 3-4 playthroughs assuming you destroy every enemy chopper that you encounter. A good mission to grind these kills is mission 11 (Blow by Blow) as you'll find 5-6 choppers on this level.

Destroy 1,000 buildings.   

You will most likely unlock this through natural progression of the story, around the last few missions during your first playthrough. If you'd like to grind this out quickly, mission 7 (Serpent Siege) is a good mission as you start above a huge slum area with hundreds of small houses to destroy.

Team Playa5
Complete a mission in co-op mode.    

You can play mission 1 (Tutorial) on Casual co-op but mission 13 will get you two achievements in one. See "Team Playa" for details.

Complete the 'Stomp The Snake' mission on expert difficulty level in co-op mode.     

You need to complete mission 13 (Stomp The Snake) on expert difficulty in local co-op mode which requires a second controller. Only the host of the game can earn the achievement. This primary player will be the pilot, the second player will control the missiles & flares. Both players can use the machine gun. The whole mission is quite easy until the boss at the end, which is why you must have at least 2 experienced players for this.

Rock It Man20
Complete a (non-tutorial) mission using only rockets.   

This can easily be done on mission 10 (A Train To Catch) as most of the mission revolves around you following the train as you protect your ally, and a machine gun is never needed. Your missiles will also not damage the AI so don't be afraid to spam rockets on the train at the enemies when near him. Playing on casual difficulty will make this easier. 

Gun Guru25
Complete a (non-tutorial) mission using only the machine gun.   

This can easily be done on mission 9 (Needle in a Haystack) as it's not a very long mission and you never encounter any AA guns, it's mostly infantry until the end where you must defend and many tanks will arrive at this point. Playing on casual difficulty will make this easier. 

High Five!15
Destroy your chopper with your own guided rocket.   

You can get this in the tutorial or any other mission by picking a helicopter with the Guided Missile at the mission select screen. You control the rocket once fired, so simply fire the rocket, let it fly for about 2-3 seconds and then directly turn around and aim for your own helicopter.

Crate Soulmate30
Collect all 25 crates hidden in various locations.    

Each mission has 2 crates to winch up except the first mission which only has 1. Refer to the collectible walkthrough below for the location of every crate.

Collectables Walkthrough

Complete a (non-tutorial) mission in 8 minutes or less.   

This can easily be done on mission 2 (Chemical Brothers) on Casual or Normal difficulty. If you just go for the main objectives and not waste time killing every enemy on ground then you should end up with a time of around 7:30. Remember to use boost with  to fly faster.

Kill 10 vehicles by smashing into them.   

This is easiest done near the end of mission 2 (Chemical Brothers) on Casual difficulty. When you enter the cave you will encounter around 8-10 enemy jeeps which you will be smashing. To do this you need to land your helicopter with  until you hit the ground then smoothly move forward into the enemy jeep and hit them 4-5 times until you destroy them. It will take some practice in trying to hit them at first but it seems to be much easier in doing it in the cave than outside on any other level.

Bossfight Like A Boss25
Kill a boss/miniboss by smashing into it.   

This is easiest done right at the end of mission 2 (Chemical Brothers) on Casual difficulty when you're in the cave and encounter the tank. You need to damage it with your missiles & machine gun until the health bar for the tank starts to flash meaning it is at critical damage and is about to get destroyed soon. At this point you need to do what has been explained above, lower your chopper, hover towards the tank and hit it. This may take 10 -15 hits but you will notice a small amount of health decrease from the tank each hit. The achievement will unlock once you destroy the tank with the final hit. 

Obtainer of the Lost Ark15
Locate and winch up the Lost Ark.   

This can be quite tricky to pinpoint the exact location but the Ark is located on mission 10 (A Train To Catch.) Near the end of the level, just before an enemy train is about to ram you, you will fly past a small town with lots of buildings, as you're going past this town through a few narrow bends, at this point you will have to focus a little in the distance of the mountainside to the left, here you will see some crates on the plateau that you need to blow up, the Ark will be inside. 

Get to the choppa!25
Complete at least one mission with each helicopter.   

You can do this as early as mission 2 (Chemical Brothers) using the following five available helicopters. 

  1. Cherokee
  2. Kalinin
  3. Scorpion
  4. Crocodile
  5. Python
Courage Wolf30
Complete all levels at least normal difficulty.    

You must complete all 13 missions on normal or expert difficulty for this, the missions are as follows;

  1. Takeoff (Tutorial)
  2. Chemical Brothers
  3. Operation Black Gold
  4. Blow By Blow
  5. Restrain 'Em From The Uranium
  6. Leave No Man Behind
  7. Serpent Siege
  8. Vacation's Over
  9. Needle in a Haystack
  10. A Train To Catch
  11. Takedown
  12. David and Goliath
  13. Stomp The Snake
Star Wolf30
Get all stars in all missions.   

Each mission has 3 difficulty ratings; Casual, Normal & Expert and 3 stars for each of these difficulty ratings. Unfortunately, the difficulty levels on this game do not stack, this means you will have to play each mission at least three times over to gain the 3 stars on each difficulty - 9 stars on each of the 13 missions. Thankfully, expert is not as hard as one would think. The only major difference is the points required for the star rating, but with the style of this game, after getting used to of the controls, you will have no trouble reaching a high enough score for the stars on each difficulty.

Although there are not any set score requirements for each mission in-game, it seems that to get 3 stars on Expert you need to make around 750,000 points. Remember you will get the difficulty and time bonus. With the time bonus, you're not expected to rush through the mission, as on expert you are likely to die very quickly, but instead go through each mission as steady and efficiently as possible by smoothly moving from objective to objective without worrying too much about killing every enemy on the ground, as this is not required as long as you take care of the objective and get a few kills in between to stay alive.

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US June 12, 2013

HDD Space Required : 972.12 MB
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