Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Achievement Guide
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There are 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Old School20
Play an entire round offline using the 3-Click feature. 
For this, just choose any round of golf you want, and at the first tee, click  to bring up the meter. Then tap  to start it,  again to get the power, and finally  again to get your accuracy.
Ace Seeker30
Make a Hole in One. (1) 
You can get this legit by just playing through any par 3 or par 4 hole (yes it is possible). Practice makes'll eventually get it.
Egg on the Dance Floor20
Successfully putt 75ft or more without using the putt preview line. 
Get the ball 75+ feet away from the hole and then line the putt up for distance and speed. Then DON'T choose the option to see the preview. Make the putt and the achievement is yours. TIP: I used the 3-click feature to putt because it seems if you line-up the break anywhere near the right area and get the distance down, it will go in 99% of the time. I also had an idea to create a course and put a perfectly flat green with over 100 feet. Someone try that and let me know if it works.
Bomb Away!30
Drive your tee shot more than 350 yards. 
Use Tiger on a course like Carnoustie or Pebble Beach. Get a hilly hole and put the winds up all the way pre-round option. Get a big wind from behind and this is a piece of cake.
On Fire30
Finish a round with a score of -10 on TOUR PRO using an Original Golfer. 

This may be one of the last achievements you get because it is the hardest. It MUST be done with your created golfer. You need distance and accuracy so wait until you are nearly 100 on everything.

 One way to get this easier is to create a custom course, and choose all 18 holes to be hole #9 of St. Andrews. This is a 261 yard par 4 with a flat green, that you can drive to the green and make birdie or eagle every time. With a bit of skill you should be able to do this on the first try

Afraid of the Dark20
Land the ball inches from the hole. 
This is another one that will come with playing time. Land the ball inside a foot of the pin and the achievement unlocks. I don't think this can be done in the Skills training.
Pole Dancer20
Hit the flag pole. 
This sounds harder than it is. Chip the ball in from any distance and the ball 99% of the time hits the pole.
All in the Family35
Complete a full 18 Hole round of each Traditional game mode using the same Original Golfer. 
You MUST do this with your created golfer again. There are 10 modes of play: Stroke, Match, Skins, Bingo Bango Bongo, Stableford, Alternate, Best, Four, Greensome, and Bloodsome. You DO NOT have to play all 18 holes. If there is a 1up, etc game type such as match play, just sign in a second controller and play so that one person wins every time. Get up by 9 after 9 holes and you win.
Tiger Coin-Op20
Complete a full 18 Hole round of each Arcade game mode using the same Original Golfer. 
Same as All in the Family, only now you must play all the arcade games with your created character. Just play Battle Golf and One Ball and it's yours.
Complete each Mini game using the same Original Golfer. 
Again with your custom character, you must play all 10 of the challenges. They are: 21, 7, target, target to target, t.i.g.e.r., capture the flag, putting contest, approach contest, closest to pin contest, and long drive contest. Sign in a second controller or another player on the same controller to make things go much quicker.
Post in each of the Free Style, Long Drive, 9 Hole Showdown, and 18 Hole Showdown channels. 
Sign on to My Gamernet, then go to My Clips and you can create a new challenge from in there. Create a free style, long drive, 9 and 18 hole challenge and then click Post to challenge the world. You must save clips during the regular course of your play to have any clips in this section, so if you hit a nice shot during a challenge or PGA tour event, save it so you can post it.
Reality Star35
Play and beat a challenge in each of the Free Style, Long Drive, 9 and 18 Hole Showdown channels. 
Again under My Gamernet, just browse through each category to find a challenge that you believe you can beat. Beat one challenge in each of the 4 gametypes for this to unlock. There really is no easy way around this one.
EA SPORTS™ GamerNet 100035
Obtain 1000 Producer Points on EA SPORTS™ GamerNet. 
See: EA Sports Gamernet 5000
EA SPORTS™ GamerNet 500075
Obtain 5000 Producer Points on EA SPORTS™ GamerNet. (4) 
This will be a challenging portion of Tiger 08 online. To get any points you must first save clips from your regular rounds of golf: i.e Single shots, holes, or full rounds. Then go to Gamernet and post your clips with any winning specifications you want. After your clips are posted, sit back and wait for people to play the clips. The longer they stay unbeaten and the more times they are challenged, the more points you get. You get 10 points every time the challenge is accepted and unbeaten, but only 1 point if your challenge gets beaten. You can have your friends play your challenges over and over to get this moving a little quicker.
Anchor Man10
Create and Play a 4-player Online Match. (2) 
Go online and host a match. Doesn't have to be ranked. Just wait until 4 people join in, then start the match. The achievement unlocks right then so you don't even have to play the match.
Big Spender15
Spend $5000 at the Pro Shop. 
You will get this after spending $5,000. You can buy a bunch of cheap stuff or just get this when you are upgrading your original character.
Buy 25 items at the Pro Shop. 
Again you can get this when you are upgrading your character or you can buy all of the cheap items such as gloves, balls, and grips.
Weekend Warrior30
Complete 100% Tiger Challenge Bronze. 
See: Gold Card Membership
You Da Man!50
Complete 100% Tiger Challenge Silver. 
See: Gold Card Membership
Gold Card Membership75
Complete 100% Tiger Challenge Gold. 
This is the most time-consuming portion of the Single-player section of this game. For this you need to play through the entire Tiger Challenge and get a Gold Medal for every challenge. My advice would be to play through everything and get as many Golds as possible, but don't hang up on any of them. Once you have completed it and your characters stats are built up, then go back and get the tougher ones which should now be alot easier.
Viva Las Villegas!20
Beat Villegas in Tiger Challenge. 
Villegas is in the first cluster that you face. Beat his challenge with any medal to unlock this.
King of the Jungle75
Beat Tiger in Tiger Challenge. 
Tiger is the final player you will play against in the Tiger challenge. You have to beat everything else to unlock him, but once you do, just beat him with any medal to unlock the achievement.
Create a male golfer using Photo Game Face. 
Using Xbox Live Vision or a picture uploaded from the internet, create a face of yourself on a golfer on the game. Go through all the screens to set-up your character. Once the save is complete, the achievement will unlock. This also works for the Female golfer too.
Create a female golfer using Photo Game Face. 
See: XY
Rank in the top 10 of any offline tournament. 
See: In The Zone
In the Hunt30
Rank in the top 5 of any offline tournament. 
See: In The Zone
In The Zone50
Win any offline tournament. 
Go into the PGA Tour Season, change the settings to 1 round tournaments and just win one tournament. You can also get this legit by playing through a full season, which you have to anyway.
FedEx Delivery75
Win the FedExCup. 
Go into the PGA Tour season, change the settings to 1 round and do FedEx Cup ONLY. Play the tournaments and win them to gain points to win the FedEx Cup. Once you complete the Cup, the achievement unlocks.
Major General75
Win all 4 Majors. 
Play through a season of the PGA Tour, with settings on 1 round per tournament, and 1 round per Major. Win the Spring,US, UK, and the PGA Tour Event and the achievement will unlock. This does not have to be all in the same season either.
Buick Clubhouse Member10
Beat Danny Wheeler in Tiger Challenge. 
Wheeler is in the first cluster you play against. Beat his challenge with any medal to unlock.
Buick Clubhouse Ambassador25
Beat Erika Von Severin in Tiger Challenge. 
Erika is in the top-right corner of the Challenges. Beat her with any medal to unlock this achievement.

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