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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Achievement Guide

Guide By: ShaunMichael80
There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Ranked by Hank10
Don't fail any swings in coach intro   
You must first create a new golfer in the Main menu then once he is complete you'll be taken to the training menu. You cannot miss any of the four shot's or you'll have to start all over again. Once you have created your golfer and are presented with the first shot, Pull the all the way back then push the up to hit the ball. Do this for the first three shot's in the fairway, in the rough and in the sand. You must get it within the white circle. On your 4th shot you will have to putt in a long attempt. Press to move the marker right over the hole, Then Pull the down and then up. You don't have to get it into the hole, Just within the white circle.
Entry Fee20
Post an EA SPORTS™ GamerNet challenge worth more than 1,250 points  (1) 
Using a max stats golfer you will need somewhere around -15 under par and at least 6 birdies in a row to get close to 1250 points. Once you finish your 18th hole carefully watch each screen and when the screen comes up with your score hit the RT to go EA Sports Gamernet Channel. Click Post to EA Gamernet and go to Win Conditions and click the top 3 criteria and check your score and make sure it is over 1250 points. Once it is go ahead and Upload it and the Achievement is Unlocked.
Channel Surfer25
Beat a 100+ point challenge in any 4 EA SPORTS™ GamerNet channels  
You will have to beat one event in 4 different GamerNet channels on Xbox Live. Those are freestyle,9 and 18 Hole and Long Drive events. Go to the bottom of each event and locate the easiest 100 point challenge and complete it. When attempting the 9 and 18 Challenges look for ones that only have Birdie Streak's. Once you reach a Birdie Streak the game will ask if you would like to continue because you have beat this Challenge. Pick No and exit and move onto the next Challenge.
Double Digit25
Earn 5,000 Player Points in EA SPORTS™ GamerNet  
See Scratch
Single Digit35
Earn 25,000 Player Points in EA SPORTS™ GamerNet  
See Scratch
Earn 50,000 Player Points in EA SPORTS™ GamerNet  
Using your golfer with near Max Stats (10.0 or higher) search for Long Drive Challenges in the 200-400 point range. Most people that upload these Challenges to Gamernet are not Max Stats Golfers. They are very easy to beat, If you're lucky enough to be the very first person to beat a challenge you will get a Multiplier of 2. So instead of receiving 250 points, You would receive 500 points.
15 Minutes of Fame10
Beat an EA SPORTS™ GamerNet Instant Challenge  
These can be completed in the offline mode of Tiger Woods 09. Simply start a Traditional Game or Career Mode and play any mode. In the game you will see a "Gamernet" Icon in screen when you tee-off. These are called Instant Challenges. They consist of great Tee-Shots,Close to the Pin Shots and In the Cup Shots. Just simply complete one.
Caddie Master10
Play 100+ different EA SPORTS™ GamerNet Challenges  
Head onto Xbox Live and pick the EASIEST Challenges you come across and play them. You only need to Accept it then play once then quit. Pick the easiest Long-Drive Challenges you can find as those are by far the easiest and less time-consuming. There is no way to check your progress sadly.
Club Champ25
Boost your golfer’s Attributes to the max (12) without a Max Stats Costume   
This is a very easy and quick process to complete. Start Tiger Challenge mode and progress through that slowly. Once you get to the 5th or 6th tier exit out. Go to My Golfer then Pro Shop and buy any 4 items that have a 2.0 Boost in them in any capacity (Power,Accuracy,Short Game and Putting). Equip those items and go to Traditional Mode and Stroke play. When in the Course Select Screen, Hit and Create a Course. Select Pebble Beach and Hole # 2 on all 18 holes and Save it. Select that Course and play an 18 Hole round. Once you're ready to tee off, Boom your Tee shot as far on the fairway as possible. Make sure every tee shot is on the fairway, this will boost your Power Rating. Next, Chip your 2nd shot just short of the green. Then chip your 3rd shot as CLOSE to the pin as possible. This is the most crucial element in helping you get a High Short Game rating because this is the most annoying rating to get maximized. Last but not least putt that 4 or 5 footer into the hole. Repeat this in all 18 holes and you should have a full 12 rating in about 3-4 rounds of play.

Power - Power increases by your Average Driving Distance off the Tee, Get familiar with the Boost during your back swing by quickly pressing . The Bigger the Drive the Higher you rank up.
Accuracy = Accuracy increases as you make more and moree Green in Regulation shots. These are done by getting your ball onto the Green in Regulation. You will need to get the ball for example onto the green in 1 shot on a Par 3 Hole, 2 shots on a Par 4 and 3 shots on a Par 5 Hole.
Short Game - Increased as you improve your average distance within 100 yards. Avoid Sand Traps and Bunkers!
Putting - Increased by decreasing your Average Putt Per Green. You ideally want to only have one putt her hole.Every 2 inches uphill youwant to putt one foot past the hole. Every inch downhill you want to putt 2 feet past the hole.
Course Management25
Finish a round of golf below par with only irons   (2) 
You must complete one full round under par using only irons (Your Putter is ok). Put the difficulty on Easy and play any course. When you Tee-Off make sure you don't use your Driver or Woods. Use the to switch to your Iron Clubs. If you are having issues staying under par you can always Create a Course with Easy Par 3's such as Pebble Beach #12.
All your Balls are Belong to Us50
Unlock all Trophy Balls   
To unlock this you will have to unlock the following Trophy Balls. These can only be obtained using a Created Golder

Bomb a 350 Yard Drive - Best done on St Andrews
Record 12 Birdies in a Round - Create a Course with Hole #12 at Pebble Beach
Record 4 Eagles in a Round - Create a Course with Hole #5 at Wolf Creek
Record a Hole in One - Create a 18 Hole Course with Hole #12 at Pebble Beach
Record 6 Birdies in a Row - Create a 18 Hole Course with Hole #12 at Pebble Beach
Record Back-to-Back Eagles - Create a Course with Hole #5 at Wolf Creek.
Sink a 55 + foot Putt - Create a course with Hole #5 at St Andrews.
Hit all fairways in a round - Create a Course with Hole #12 at Pebble Beach
Hit all Green in Regulation in a round - Create a Course with Hole #12 at Pebble Beach
Hit the Pin - Hit the pin with any shot.
Eagle every par 5 in the game - Go to Traditional Mode and Select each Course you still need to complete. Select that Course and put the amount of holes on "Par 5's Only". You can also get these through Create a Course Mode by playing individual holes.
Chip in from 30 yards - To accomplish this you will have to Chip in your shot into the cup outside of 30 yards. Your shot style must be "Pitch", you can cycle through these by pressing .
Place 1st in all tournaments - Start a PGA Tour Season on 1 Round in each Event. There are 20 events. You must win every Tournament.
Complete the Tiger Challenge - Go through and beat the competitors in the Tiger Challenge.
Record an Eagle - Create a Course with Hole #5 at Wolf Creek
Record a Double Eagle - Create a Course with Hole #5 at Wolf Creek Create a Course with Hole #5 at Wolf Creek Creek.
Take 1st in a Tournament - Easy, just place 1st!
Complete a Round Under-Par - You should get this easily playing on Easy
Shoot a Bogey free Round - Create a Course with Hole #5 at Wolf Creek
Reach a Par 4 in One Shot - Hole #15 at Pebble Beach
Achieve 100% Game Completion - You will have to complete almost everything in the Trophy Room. There are however 3 Tiger Tracking Ball's that are NOT required to get 100% Game Completion. Those are get 19 Hole-in-Ones, Win 28% of your Events (Minimum 50 played) and Stay Under Par in 67 Straight Rounds.

Win All Events
Win All Majors
Win Rookie of The Year
Win Player of the Year
Be PGA Money Leader in 1 Season
PGA Scoring Leader
Win the Fedex Cup
Leads the PGA in 14+ Events
Lead the PGA Tour in Par 3,Par 4 and Par 5 Birdies
Beat Tiger's average Birdies per 19 holes of 4.25
Make Every Cut in a PGA Season
Complete a PGA Tour Season Under Par in Every Event
Get 11+ Consecutive Wins in a PGA Tour Season
Beat Tiger's Record of 13 Under par in 1 round
Beat Tiger's Scoring Average in one PGA Season of 68.17
Win 10 Events in 1 Season
Win more then $9,188,321 in One Season
Eagle every Par 5 in the Game

Once these are complete you should be at 99%. Start a Traditional Game Mode and play any Course and complete 1 hole and you should receive the 100% Game Completion Trophy Ball.
Battle Tested25
Win a full round of Battle Golf   
Battle Golf is a competition where if you win a hole you have the option of removing one of your opponents clubs from his bag.Start the Tiger Challenge Mode and in the Natalie Gulbis Challenge, play the #7th Event in a 5 Hole Event against Mac Dougherty in Battle Golf.
Fantasy Fiesta10
Play a full round of an online simultaneous-play game mode as a fantasy golfer  (1) 
Ranked or Player does not make a difference.You must play and Complete a 18-Hole Round with at least 1 other person on Xbox Live using a fantasy golfer. You do not have to win, but you must complete the entire round with at least one other person.These golfers are unlocked by defeating these players in certain events in the Tiger Challenge. The following are the fantasy golfer's you will need to use to get this achievement.

Tiki Panday
Elsa Bjorklund
Priscilla Grimm
Bobbie Leigh
Deon du Plessis
Travis Knox
Angus Macleary
Ripper Malone
Big Mo
Owning Old Man Par25
Par or better on every course with the same created golfer   
You must use your Created Golfer and you will get this once you have completed the Tour Championship in your 1st Career Season.
You must be "Even Par" or better on Each Course. Playing one round per event is your best option.
Ace in the Hole25
Get a hole in one   
You can ONLY use a Created Golfer to unlock this Achievement.
Go to Traditional Mode and Create a Course with 18 holes with the 12th Hole at Pebble Beach and use Calm Wind, Mulligans off and Easy Tee Shot's. Using the 3-Click Swing will improve your accuracy immensely.
Sink 50 Birdies using a created golfer   
See Running in Circles
Running in Circles25
Sink 200 birdies   
Create a Course with the 12th Hole at Pebble Beach and play until you reach 200 birdies. Must be done with your Created Golfer. You can check your stats in the main menu under My Tiger.
Sink 10 Eagles using a created golfer   
See Flying High
Flying High25
Sink 75 Eagles   
Using the Create a Course method make an entire course with Hole #5 at Wolf Creek (The Course is unlocked once you beat the 2nd Level in Tiger's Challenge). Using a Max Stats golfer, Shoot for the green on your 1st shot. Since this is a Par 5 you will have to make it into the hole on your 3rd shot.Just putt it close to the hole on the 2nd shot, then into the cup on the 3rd. Must be done with your Created Golfer. You can check your stats in the main menu under My Tiger then Stats.
An Albatross Nickel50
Sink 5 Double Eagles   
This is actually easy with your Created Golfer with Max Stats. Create a Course and play Hole #5 at Wolf Creek (The Course is unlocked once you beat the 2nd Level in Tiger's Challenge) and boom for the green on 1 shot and putt in the Double Eagle. Rinse and Repeat 4 more times.
Smoke Show25
Drive 400 yards   
Go to Traditional Modes and play St Andrews custom holes, only the Holes over 400 Yards. Put the Wind at "Gale". Using ONLY your Created Golfer. The wind is sometimes around 50MPH. Once you start, Check the wind If it is not good enough then quit and try again until it is.
10 Under on Tour Pro    
Must be done on Tour Pro and you must also use your Created Golfer. Create a Course with either Wolf Creek Hole #5. It's a par 5 and it takes only shot to get the green, which leaves you 3 putt's per hole to get a birdie. You will need to use a Max Stats Costume such as the Bunny Suit,Vegas Suit or Elvis Suit.
Afraid of the Dark10
Get the ball within a few inches from the hole without sinking it   
Putt the ball within 6" Inches of the hole on the green.
Pin Seeker15
Hit the Pin   
Hit the Pin with any type of shot, It can be with the putter or an Iron.
Ready Golf20
Play through a Simultaneous Online 18-Hole game  (3) 
Go to Xbox Live and Create a Match and Host a Stroke Simultaneous Match with 2-4 Players. Start it with 2-4 players and just complete the match. Ranked or Player.
Host an Online Game  (1) 
See Ready Golf
Lock it Up50
Unlock all PGA TOUR® Trophies   
To earn this you will have to win every PGA Tour Trophy in your Tour Career. You have to do the following. These can be obtained by playing 1 round per Event.

Win All 20 Events
Win Rookie of the Year
Win Player of the Year
Win PGA Money Leader
Become Fedex Champion
Major Player25
Win a Major   
See Grand Slam
First Class50
Win the FedExCup   
To win this you have to start a new PGA Season and when the Events selection screen comes up pick FedEx Cup only on 1 round. You will then have to complete 4 Events on 1 Round each. You do not have to win every event, But you do have to place in the top 5. You just need to be the overall leader after the last event which is the Tour Championship.
Grand Slam50
Win all 4 majors   
You must win the following Championships.

EA Sports Major
US Open Major
British Open Major
PGA Tour Major

These can be done in your Tour Career by playing 1 round per event. If you would like you can simulate every tournament but the Major Events. Play on Easy difficulty and you should win easily by 5+ strokes.
Picture Perfect10
Create a Photo Game Face golfer   
Sign up over at and then go to "My Profile" then "Widgets" in the top right and add the Tiger Woods 09 Xbox 360 Application. Proceed through that and upload your picture. Then head back to your Xbox 360 and to My Golfer,Manage Golfers and Create New Golfer. Select Use Photo Game Face and upload your photo.
Member's Fees10
Spend $10,000 in the Pro Shop   
You'll need to win 1 Event to earn over $10,000. Once you have earned that go to the Main menu, My Golfer and then Pro Shop and spend $10,000. It does not have to be on one item.
Big Spender10
Buy 100 items in the Pro Shop using your career earnings   
You'll need to Win around 8 Events to ahve enough money to purchase 100 item's. Once you do that go to My Golfer and Pro Shop and buy everything cheap that you can. Start with Shirts,Pants and then Shoes. There are over 300 item's.
Furry Fairways10
Complete an entire round of golf with a score of -12 while wearing the Bunny Suit   
The Bunny Suit can be located in the Pro Shop under My Golfer in the Main Menu. To unlock this you will need to beat Raczilla in the Tiger Woods tier of the Tiger Challenge. After you do that it will cost you $5,000,000 million dollars to purchase.
You can also buy this in the Xbox Live Marketplace for 300MS Points. Which also includes the Vegas and Elvis suit's.
Tour Van Tinkerer10
Play a Round of golf with Tuned Clubs   
Go to Club Tuner in the Main menu and tune one club by pressing and Save. Then go out and complete one full 18 hole round. This can be done in Traditional or Career mode.
Tiger Tamer75
Beat Tiger in Tiger Challenge   (1) 
To Complete all the Tiger Challenge Achievements you must beat all 10 Brackets and earn 100,000 points. You DO NOT need to defeat every event. My advice would be to complete one PGA Tour Season and buy the Vegas Suit which will then max all your stats.
Buick® Clubhouse Member25
Defeat Travis Knox in Tiger Challenge   
See Tiger Tamer
Buick® Clubhouse Ambassador25
Defeat Tiki Panday in Tiger Challenge   
See Tiger Tamer
Secret Achievements
On the Bogey Train0
Score 10 Double Bogeys using any golfer   
Shoot 2 strokes past par (If Par is 4 - Shoot 6 Strokes, etc)
Lost the Plot0
Shot limit exceeded   
Shoot the ball 10+ times without making it into the hole.

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