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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Achievement Guide

Guide By: litepink
There are 29 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
-Offline: 23
-Online: 6
-Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 15 hours to 970 , several weeks of daily play for “Big Money”
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A. Expect to play many rounds of golf for several weeks or months.
-Missable Achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: Yes, but with no real explanation or solution
-Do cheat codes disable achievements: Turning on Mulligans disable nearly all achievements. Only have them on for the Blammo! achievement. Repeat KEEP MULLIGANS OFF!!!
-Does difficulty affect achievements: No

These are mostly easy achievements, but the aforementioned Big Money will take weeks to complete. Months, if you are not skilled at TW ’10. The glitches usually pertain to earning $10 million in one season, with no plausible answer as to why it happens. The achievement has worked for most people though.

Tiger Woods ’10 features several achievements for birdie & eagle progression, as well as weather-related ones, ones for playing poorly, PGA Tour, Tournament Challenge, as well as Xbox Live and others. This isn’t the easiest 1000 , and the true test probably lies in the the patience of slowly earning money in Live tournaments rather than the difficulty of them. Keep chipping away (no pun intended), and you shall reach 1000 . You can buy a max stats costume for 300 ms points to make the early going easier, or you can wait until you unlock it later. Also, the DLC courses will help get you the Big Money achievement faster.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Step #1- Pimp your stats
If you bought the suit with points, no need for this. Otherwise, play a few rounds on a custom course to help your stats climb. The go to hole for this St. Andrews Course #9. Create a custom course with this hole for all 18 of them. Works well for increasing stats, progression achievements, as well as other achievements.

Step #2- Play Live Tournaments, and play often
In order to get Big Money, you are going to need to play dozens of tournaments online. Enter as many as you are eligible for. The Top 350 earn prize money, so if you are mid round and it looks like you will fall short of that, quit, and start over. Some tourneys are Single Try, however, so be careful. Weekly, Play-the-Pros, Tiered and DLC all offer good ways of making money. Posting a score, ANY score in P-T-Ps nets an achievement, as well as posting a Top 50 score in any other Live tourney (don’t need to finish in Top 50, just end your round or event in 50th or above. Play early in the day/week if you are having a hard time). With Live Weather, you will likely play in the rain which is a requirement for another achievement.

Big Money may seems daunting, but it can be done.

Step #3- Gamernet Challenges
This year Tiger Woods only has one Gamernet achievement. Unbusted challenges have a x2 bonus, so look for them if they seem obtainable. Don’t waste your time though on challenges that are impossible. Many 18 Hole Challenges have big points. If you're desperate, have a friend post some easy ones, and quickly bust it for the bonus.

Step #4- Sharkies
This achievement is viral. Play a EA Tiburon developer, or play someone who has the achievement already. Beg in the Achievement Trading Thread, or just go online and create a match and check the person's Gamercard to see if they have it. Let them win if you fear they might quit, because you must complete all 18 holes to get this one.

Step #5- St. Andrews #9 Achievements
Remember that custom course you created earlier? Use this course to obtain these achievements: Rain Dancer, Eye of the Hurricane, Big Tuna, The Comeback Kid, and Bare Minimum. In theory, you could do this in 18 holes. Just get one eagle, in the rain and gale force winds, with all four club types tuned and you hit every GIR/FIR, after starting +5 and getting below par, only using the Driver, 5 iron, SW, and putter. Otherwise, rinse and repeat until you got all those. This course is also good for Aces High, since it is a short Par 4.

Step #6- PGA Tour and Tournament Challenge
Set rounds to one, and weather to Live, and win every tournament one the Tour to get over $10 mill. in one season. Circle of Life (ace, eagle, birdie, par, bogey, in one round) MUST be done in the PGA Tour season. If you don’t get this naturally, try the tournament at Wentworth (and restart if needed), since the second hole is a Par 3.

For tournament challenge, get the 30 ft putt achievement on the second challenge on the first course. DO NOT use putt preview when matching Tiger’s putt. You will keep restarting until you sink it, and you will get the achievement too. Also, complete ALL the challenges, as well as the first Bonus Challenge for two more achievements. Beating this also unlocks the mining suit (buy then equip when unlocked), and some max stat suits (buy, equip, play 18 holes) for two more.

Step #7- Achievements along the way
While progressing in online/offline play, you should easily get the birdie and eagle achievements. Use your custom course if you're not there yet. Riding Spinnaz will likely just happen as well using your SW, LW, AW, etc. to back spin the ball in the cup. 400 yard drives will come too, just be patient. Get your max stat suit and some good clubs that are tuned, and gale force winds behind you and you can get this easily time and time again.

Step #8- The Rest
Get the Blammo! achievement by getting Bingo, Bango, and Bongo in ONE SHOT in the Bingo Bango Bongo gameplay type. You can use two human players if you like, and for this achievement, you may use mulligans. To get this all in one shot, get an ace, or putt from the fringe and than let your opponent miss on purpose. Your opponent will have to be closer to the hole (but not on the green) so you can hit it in first. Speaking of mulligans, play a round with mulligans on, use 20 on your first drive, than complete 18 holes for another achievement. Also, hit a ball a greenside bunker on any hole, than knock it out of bounds or in the water for another. Lastly, watch the credits.

I can’t stress enough that you must play Live tourneys and Play-the-Pros a lot to get Big Money, so work on those as often as possible, then when those are done for the day, get your other achievements.

x360a would like to thank litepink for this Road Map

Watch the credits.   (3) 
From the Main Menu, choose My Tiger Woods ’10, then Extras, then Credits. Just watch them for a few seconds and hit back.
Earn the Bingo, Bango & Bongo point on a single shot in the Bingo Bango Bongo Traditional game mode.   
One of the few achievements where you can use mulligans as well as a second controller. Start a game of Bingo Bango Bongo with two controllers. With the first player, hit your tee shot or approach shot close to the green, but not on it. Now, with the second player/controller, hit it closer to the pin than your first player, but also off the green. This will allow your first player to shoot the next shot. Now, playing as your first player, attempt to get it in the hole from outside the green. If you fail then use your mulligans to try again. Once you sink your shot, take control of the second player and hit it anywhere on the green but not in the hole. The result for Player 1 will be Bingo (first on the green), Bango (closest to the pin), and Bongo (lowest score) all in one shot. Thanks to Goots 88 for the tip.
Weather Report10
Complete an online 18-hole round in the rain using the Live Weather feed.  
Any sort of online game mode will work for the achievement. Live Weather means if it raining in real life at a certain course, it is raining in the game too. Check Live Tournaments for any courses with rain and play in one of those tournaments or set up a private Xbox Live match and play solo on a course where it is raining. Complete all 18 holes.
The Comeback Kid15
Come back from a +5 or worse to finish Even or better, in any Traditional or Online game mode round.   (1) 
Play on Beginner and on your first hole, shoot 5 over par for that hole, such as shooting 9 on a Par 4. Now, play as normal to get your five strokes back and shoot Even. You can make a custom course with all easy holes, such as the Par 4 St. Andrews Hole #9. A course with this hole set for all 18 holes will make this achievement a breeze. Additionally, you can Custom Select a few holes instead of playing a full 18. Just make sure you finish at Even or better.
Tough at the Top15
Compete in Play-The-Pros mode and submit your score online.  
EA Sports has stopped support for Play-the-Pros feature in Tiger Woods PGA Tour '10. This achievement is not un-obtainable.
Play with the Big Boys20
Drive the ball 400 or more yards in the fairway in any Traditional or Online game modes.   
You can buy a max stats costume from the Live marketplace or you can unlock one in the Tournament Challenge mode. Max stats will certainly help. Also, you can tune your clubs for more power if you're comfortable with less accuracy. With max stats and tuned clubs, try teeing off on Firestone C.C. Hole #2 with gale force winds. Obviously you are going to want the wind behind you for the best distance. Create a custom course with this as the first hole so you can quit and retry quicker if the winds are not facing the right direction.
Maximum Power25
Complete an 18-Hole round using a max stats costume in any Traditional or Online game modes.   
You can either buy your max stats costume with 300 Microsoft Points or with $5 Million dollars in career earnings once the suit is unlocked. Costumes unlock later in Tournament Challenge and Career. With the costume equipped, complete 18 holes.
Play in the rain and score an Eagle or better in any Stroke based Traditional or Online game modes.   
Start a Stroke Play game and turn on Light Rain. Now play at St. Andrews or preferably a Custom Course of St. Andrews Hole #9. You can easily drive the green on this Par 4 hole and then one putt for an eagle 2.
Riding Spinnaz25
Sink an approach shot using backspin covering a distance of 5ft or greater in any game mode.   
With the ball about 100 yards or less away, choose a club with a lot of height and loft, like any of your wedges. Now take aim for the pin and while the ball is in the air tap and hold back on the aiming for the pin. This will create backspin. St. Andrews golf course has some of the flattest greens so try for this there.
Taking Flight25
Total 50 Birdies with a created golfer.   
See Migration
Eye of the Hurricane25
Shoot under Par through a Gale Force wind in a Traditional or Online game mode 18-hole round.   
Create a Custom Course of only St. Andrews Hole #9 with Gale Force winds on. Gale Force winds can be nasty, but when playing the same hole over and over again you will be able to adjust and likely get birdie or better on each hole.
It's All in the Hips30
Use Precision Putter to sink a 30ft putt without Putt Preview, in a Traditional or Online game mode.   (1) 
This is easy because you can do this in the second challenge of the first course in Tournament Challenge. In this challenge, you must match Tiger Woods shot for shot. Once you reach the green you will be putting from outside 30 ft. When it is your turn to putt, line up your shot as best as possible, then USE PUTT PREVIEW. Yes, use your putt preview to line up shot, but when you go to putt, purposely miss. Now the game will restart the putt exactly where you were lined up previously. Now putt it in WITHOUT putt preview for the achievement. Thanks to eGone7 for the tip.
Bare Minimum30
Play a round under Par in a Traditional or Online game mode with a Driver, SW, 5 Iron and Putter.   (2) 
To make sure you don’t accidentally use any other clubs, go into your bag and take out every club besides these 4 (you can’t take these for out, they must remain in your bag). Now play a Custom Course with just St. Andrews Hole #9 and you should only need the Driver and Putter.
Big Money30
Win 5 Million Dollars in Live Tournaments.  (4) 

The most enduring achievement of the game, this will take weeks if not months of consistent play. There are several Live Tournaments and you can realistically earn money on several of them. There are Daily, Weekly, Tiered and others. In most tournaments, the Top 350 get earnings, so if you know you won’t be placing that high you should quit or restart if possible. Also, tournaments on DLC courses have far less people so if you have those courses make sure to participate. Keep plugging away daily, finish all 4 rounds Weekly Tournaments and you will eventually get this. Be persistant however, as EA Sports reserves the rights to cease Tournaments at any time (as they have with Play-the-Pros already).

Piece of Cake30
Post a Top 50 score in a Live Tournament.  
There are so many Tournaments so you should eventually be able to post a Top 50 score. You don’t need to finish in the Top 50, just finish a round and momentarily be 50th or higher. Play early in the day or for a Weekly tournament play in the beginning of the week and this should be a lot easier.
Total 100 Birdies using a created golfer.   
Play through Live Tournaments, Season, or any other modes with your created golfer and net 100 birdies (a birdie is when you complete a hole one shot under the par for a hole). Create a custom course with just St. Andrews Hole #9, to help you along.
Birds of Prey35
Total 25 Eagles using a created golfer.   
See Eagle Eye
Big Tuna50
Play an 18-hole Traditional or Online game mode round in FIR and GIR using only tuned clubs.   
Go to your Club Tuner and tune each of the four club types, Drivers, Woods, Irons, Wedges. Now, play a round on a Custom Course of just St. Andrews Hole #9 and make sure you either drive the green or hit the fairway off the tee and either get it in the hole or on the green on the next shot to get every FIR (Fairway in Regulation) and GIR (Green in Regulation).
Aces High50
Ace a Par 4 or a Par 5 hole in any Traditional or Online game mode.   
Again, head to St. Andrews Hole #9, an easy drive-able Par 4. Now instead of using Tiger Woods or your created golfer, choose Luke Donald. With calm weather, Luke Donald hits it right near the pin with a Driver hit at 98-100%. Add appropriate spin and keep making adjustments playing the same hole to get a Par 4 Ace.
Complete a PGA TOUR® Season with at least 10 Million Dollars in career earnings.   
Start a PGA Season when your created golfer has some decent stats. Play Tournament Challenge or some Traditional game modes to get them up. You will be asked to choose weather type and how many rounds you want tournaments to be. Live Weather is much better than Random, and you can play one round if you like. Play every tournament and to be safe win every one (especially ones with large money purses). Winning every tournament will net you over $10 Million. Restart a tournament if you feel you will not win. After the season is over, you will receive a multitude of awards, then when your next season starts, you get the achievement. Make sure to get $10 Million in one single season. If you start your second season having made over $10 Million in the first but your achievement doesn’t unlock, it is likely glitched. If this happens, DO NOT SAVE. Instead, shut your system off, then reload your save at the end of Season 1. Proceed to Season 2 again and often it will unlock.
Circle of Life55
Score an Ace, an Eagle, a Birdie, a Par and a Bogey in a single round of a PGA TOUR® Event.   
As stated in the description, this must be done in the PGA TOUR season, so the ideal option of using a custom course is out of the question. While this may happen on accident throughout the season, the best place to attempt and retry at, is the event at Wentworth. The 2nd hole is an easy Par 3. If you fail to get the Ace, you can start over having only played two holes. An Ace DOES NOT count as an Eagle, so you will have to earn that as well. There are three Par 5’s on the back nine so there are plenty of opportunities. Thanks to Preston 13 for the tip.

If you miss an Eagle putt on a Par 5, then get your Bogey or Par out of the way rather than a Birdie. Birdies will come easy, an Eagle isn’t guaranteed but pretty easy, and Par or Bogey may be easy to forget. Of course the Ace will be the ultimate challenge.
Eagle Eye55
Total 100 Eagles using a created golfer.   
Play through Live Tournaments, PGA Season, or any other modes with your created golfer and net 100 Eagles (an Eagle is when you complete a hole two shots under the par for a hole). Create a custom course with just St. Andrews Hole #9, to help you along.
Ten Thousand Ways75
Earn 10,000 Player Points in EA SPORTS™ GamerNet.  
Once you have your max stats suit and good clubs, challenge the Long Drives for quick and easy points. Search for new and unbeaten challenges to get a x2 bonus. 10,000 points may take an hour or two.
Challenge the World75
Complete the Tournament Challenge mode.   
There are 16 courses with four challenges each. Simply defeat them all to unlock the achievement.
Play 18 holes online against an EA Tiburon team member or against a player who has this Achievement.  (5) 
Either organize a match in the Achievement Trading Thread or just play a few matches online because this achievement is viral. It is important, though, that you complete all 18 holes.
Secret Achievements
From Bad to Worse10
Hit the ball from any bunker into a different hazard, such as a Water Hazard or Out of Bounds.   
Pick any hole and hit it into a greenside bunker. Now bust out your highest iron and blast the ball out of bounds.
Mulligans Island15
Use 20 or more Mulligans during an 18-hole round, in any Traditional or Online game modes.  (1) 
Start an 18-hole Stroke Play round with Mulligans On. On the first tee, hit the ball but quickly hit to use your Mulligan and start the shot over. Repeat 19 more times, than complete your 18-hole round.
No Known Survivors35
Equip the CEC Mining Hazard Suit    (2) 
This achievement can only be unlocked with a Male create-a-character. Progress through Tournament Challenge and beat the four challenges at TPC Boston. This will unlock the suit in your Pro Shop. Purchase it and then equip it.
Complete the first Bonus Challenge in Tournament Challenge.   
When you complete the 16 courses of Tournament Challenge, you unlock four Bonus Challenges. You only need to complete the chip-in challenge, the first challenge.

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