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Guide By: Arsenic 17
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 with level guides (5/10 without)
-Estimated time for 2004-6 hours with level guides (6-12 without)
-Minimum playthroughs: 1 (level select)
-Offline: 12/12 (200)
-Online: 0/12 (0)
-Missable Achievements: 0 (level select)
-Unobtainable Achievements: 0
-Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
-Cheats disable achievements: No cheats
-Glitchy achievements: 0
-Extra equipment needed: Windows Phone 7

Tiki Towers is a 2D physics-based puzzle game in which you are tasked with helping five moneys make it from one side of the level to the other. You build structures out of bamboo to bridge gaps and make ladders for the monkeys to use. This seems simple, but the structures must be well-built, as they can collapse, sending your monkeys to their doom. The main challenge lies in collecting the five bananas that are scattered around the levels as well as getting the monkeys to the exit, all with a limited supply of bamboo at your disposal.

Step 1: Earn gold masks and complete the Eco-Missions on each level
Play through all 54 levels starting from the beginning, earning gold masks on each. You should also complete the Eco-Missions for each level as well. See below for more information. 

Step 2: Mop-up
Complete whatever miscellaneous achievements you may have remaining after Step 1. If you used guides, you will probably have a short grind to earn the last few achievements. 

Abbreviated Walk-through
Start your first play-through by following the requirements for each Eco mission (I've attached a list HERE , credit goes to SwamiMacGyver for the guide). If you have any trouble obtaining the requirement for a level I recommend moving on, your skill will improve as you play making it easier to return later. Once you've completed the first island you'll receive No Man is an Island (10) & The Ecstacy of Gold (10). Continue working your way through each island until you complete them all and receive Perfectionist (20) & Full Circle(20), as well as most if not all of the random achievements, Animal Mishandler (10), Brink of Extinction(10), Deforester (10) & Errorist (10). Another level will then become available. Follow the same method to obtain Das Booty (10). If you've successfully completed all Eco requirements you will also receive Tree Hugger (10) & Eco Warrior (30), as well as the final achievement, Ultimate Super Champion (50).

Tiki Towers is quite quick and easy to complete (by physics/puzzler standards for sure). Some of the levels do require very precise bamboo stick placement, but if you study why your structures are failing, you can adapt them on the fly to give success. If you are a fan of the genre or easy achievements, you should definitely pick this game up. 

[x360a would like to thank Arsenic 17 & LedForeigner for this Roadmap]

No Man is an Island10
Unlock a new island.   (1) 

This achievement will be earned when you unlock the second island, Wuthering Heights. To unlock an island, you must get a total of three gold masks on the previous island. See "Ultimate Super Champion" for more information on gold masks.

The Ecstacy of Gold10
Collect all of the gold masks on an island.   

This achievement requires that you get all nine gold masks on one island. 

See "Ultimate Super Champion."
Full Circle20
Complete all of the islands.   

This achievement unlocks when you complete all levels of the first five islands. Completing an island only requires that you get all five monkeys to the exit in each level (obtain the silver mask). The sixth island does not count towards this achievement. 

Collect all of the gold masks.   

This achievement requires you get gold masks on all the levels of the first five islands. 

See "Ultimate Super Champion."
Tree Hugger10
Complete all of the Eco Missions on an island.   

This achievement requires that you complete all 9 Eco Missions on one island. 

See "Ultimate Super Champion."
Eco Warrior30
Complete all of the Eco Missions on the islands.   (1) 

This achievement requires that you complete all of the Eco Missions on the first five islands. 

See "Ultimate Super Champion."
Das Booty10
Complete the Diving Dutchman.   

This achievement is awarded for completing all levels of the sixth island, the Diving Dutchman. This island is secret, and does not unlock until you complete all five other islands. Completing an island only requires that you get all five monkeys to the exit in each level (obtain the silver mask).

Animal Mishandler10
Lose all monkeys in one go.   (1) 

This achievement requires that you send all five monkeys to their death on a single play of a level. You may or may not get this without trying. It is easy to obtain on The Big Giant Head island on the level Dangling Bits. Use the video below as a guide. You should save this set-up once you consistently getting 4 or 5 monkeys dying on a level to boos.

Brink of Extinction10
Lose 100 monkeys.   

You need to lose (read kill) a cumulative total of 100 monkeys. If you used guides, you likely wont have this achievement when you finish the game. However, it only takes a little bit of grinding. Use the same level and set-up as mentioned in the "Animal Mishandler" achievement. Once you get a good (or bad I guess, the monkeys ARE dying) level configuration, just keep retrying and pushing the action button until this achievement unlocks. 

Use up 5000 bamboo sticks.   (2) 

This achievement requires that you use a cumulative total of 5,000 bamboo sticks. If you use guides, you will likely not have this upon completing the game. The easiest way to grind bamboo usage is to load up any level and keep placing and erasing the same few bamboo sticks (by repeatedly tapping a cluster of sticks rapidly). You do not even need to pay attention while doing this, just keep repeated touching the same part of the screen. It should take less than 15 minutes of solid tapping to unlock this. 

Erase 1000 bamboo sticks.   

This achievement requires that you erase a total of 1000 bamboo sticks. This will probably come when completing the game. If for some reason you don't unlock it, use the same method that is mentioned the "Deforester" achievement to boost those last erases. At the longest, it should only take a few minutes.

Ultimate Super Champion50
Achieve complete mastery over the game.   (5) 

This achievement requires that you earn gold masks and complete the Eco Mission on all 54 levels of the game (all six islands). NOTE: Eco Missions are called Cousteau Missions in the Diving Dutchman island, but are one-in-the-same.

Gold masks are unlocked by successfully getting all five monkeys to the exit AND collecting all five bananas in the same play of the level. Completing an Eco Mission is done by getting all the monkeys to the exit of the level with a given number of bamboo sticks left unused. Eco Mission requirements do not become visible until you complete the game, but you can still do them before seeing the requirements.

To unlock all the achievements in the most timely manner, you should go for gold masks and complete all the Eco Missions in the same playthrough. This means that you must save all five monkeys, collect all five bananas, and do it with a certain amount of bamboo sticks remaining. This sounds challenging, but is simple if you use a guide. 

A picture guide for each level made by SwamiMacGyver can be found HERE or one made by Inside Games can be found HERE. If you set the level up exactly as seen in the guide, and it doesn't work, feel free to try that same set-up once more by re-pushing the action button. Different outcomes can come from the same set-up as there is a bit of randomness in the way the level will play out. If you are really having trouble, try another solution guide. A helpful video guide with solutions that are sometimes easier to replicate can be found below, created by YouTube user Photosnightfive. Sometimes this video does not show the whole level, so I would recommend using the picture guides first.

Here is the list of levels with their Eco Mission requirements in parenthesis (the number represents how many bamboo sticks must be left UNUSED). These are good to know as you are going along because the requirements wont be visible until you complete the first five islands. Sometimes the guides are done with less bamboo sticks than necessary. It is helpful to known when you have some extra bamboo sticks to play with.

The Blue Lagoon
1-1 - How to Build a Tower (6)
1-2 - Bridge Building Basics (4)
1-3 - Advanced Bridge Building (8)
2-1 - Mixing It Up (8)
2-2 - Up and Down (9)
2-3 - Leap of Faith (4)
3-1 - Hanging Out (12)
3-2 - Do You Swing (10)
3-3 - Balance of Tower (2)

Wuthering Heights
1-1 - Wheel of Fortune (2)
1-2 - Amusement Park (4)
1-3 - Laundry Day (10)
2-1 - Dirty Laundry (4)
2-2 - Aeorbatics (4)
2-3 - Bananarama (4)
3-1 - Platforms-a-Plenty (11)
3-2 - Golden Arch (1)
3-3 - Super Collapse! (11)

Barbeque Pit
1-1 - Bridge Over Troubled Lava (2)
1-2 - Hot Hot Hot! (5)
1-3 - Inventing the Wheel (1)
2-1 - Extreme Trapeze (4)
2-2 - Heavy Metal (6)
2-3 - High Wire Act (2)
3-1 - No Safety Net (7)
3-2 - Wheely Interesting (3)
3-3 - The Towering Inferno (3)

The Big Giant Head
1-1 - Takeshi's Monkeys (6)
1-2 - Teeter-Totter (4)
1-3 - No Breaks! (5)
2-1 - The Labyrinth of Doom (2)
2-2 - High Hopes (2)
2-3 - Dangling Bits (6)
3-1 - Balconies of Pain (3)
3-2 - The Ninja Test (5)
3-3 - Bodacious Banana Basement (3)

Mystery Island
1-1 - Beginning of the End (1)
1-2 - Watch Your Head (8)
1-3 - Fern's Wheel (5)
2-1 - RoughLanding (8)
2-2 - Let It All Hang Out (1)
2-3 - Mind the Gap (1)
3-1 - Obnoxious Obstacles (1)
3-2 - Extreme Engineering (4)
3-3 - The Final Challenge (2)

The Diving Dutchman
1-1 - Dive! Dive! Dive! (10)
1-2 - Silent Service (6)
1-3 - Animal Magnetism (2)
2-1 - Electric Boogie (4)
2-2 - The Grate Escape (8)
2-3 - U-Tube (10)
3-1 - Levitation Station (4)
3-2 - Fantastic Voyage (8)
3-3 - The Final Final Challenge (6)

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US February 09, 2011

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