Time Pilot

Time Pilot Achievement Guide

Guide By: aPerfektFIaw
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Missile Attack 215
Shoot down 20 homing missiles in 1970. 
Reach 1970. Wait for the helicopters to start shooting homing missiles at you. Ignore the choppers and maneuver/position yourself for shots at the missiles. Hit 20 to unlock the achievement.
Reach 197015
Complete 1940, making it through to 1970. 
Destroy enough enemies to spawn the B-25, then shoot it down.
Smooth Operator15
Reach 1940 without losing a life. 
Not too hard. Avoid and destroy the fighter planes, then the blimp when it spawns, without losing a life. Theres no harm in restarting being that its the first level.
Missile Attack 110
Shoot down 10 bombs in 1910. 
In 1910, shoot down enemies until about the half way point. They will start shooting bombs that drop to the bottom of the screen. The trick is to stay near the bottom so they shoot them, avoid and loop back to get a shot at the bomb. 10 bombs and you're done.
Formation Buster10
Shoot down all the planes from a single formation 3 times in one game. 
Easiest on level 1. Eventually planes will start to take formations. You need to destroy all planes in a single formation 3 times. You'll know you've destroyed a formation when 2000 points shows up on the screen as a bonus.
Rescue Mission15
Rescue 10 parachuters in one game. 
Easiest way is to stay in level 1 and dodge the enemies. You will eventually come across 10 parachuters. You can lose lives and still obtain this achievement.
Bomber Hunter15
Shoot down 4 bomber planes in 1940. 
Requires you to be in 1940. Ignore the regular enemies and focus on the bigger planes that are making a B-Line through the middle of your screen. Kill 4 for the achievement.
Reach 194015
Complete 1910, making it through to 1940. 
1st level, pretty simple. Kill enough enemies to spawn the blimp, then destroy the blimp for the achievement.
Reach 198220
Complete 1970, making it through to 1982. 
Again, still simple enough. Destroy enough helicopters to spawn the blue CH-47, and shoot it down.
Reach 200120
Complete 1982, making it through to 2001. 
Now it gets fun. Shoot down enough enemies while avoiding/shooting down the homing missiles. A B52 like plane will spawn when you've killed enough. Shoot it down to get this achievement and move on.
Complete 200130
Complete 2001. 
This level is pretty tough. You will need to destroy the fast moving UFOs until you've shot down enough to spawn the mother ship. Shoot down the mothership for the achievement and you will be warped back to 1910.
Reach 2001 without losing a life. (2) 
You do not have to BEAT 2001, just make it there without losing a life. Its tough, but this is a short game. So any attempts you make will not be too time consuming. Good Luck.

Game Info
Digital Eclipse


US August 30, 2006
Europe August 30, 2006
Japan August 30, 2006

Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2
ESRB: Everyone
HDD Space Required : 26.09 MB
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