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Guide By: IWi11KickU
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 6/10
- Offline Achievements: 12 (200 )
- Online Achievements: 0 (0 )
- Approximate Time for 200 : 6-10 hours
- Number of Missable Achievements: None
- Glitched Achievements: None
- Do Cheat Codes Disable Achievements: No Cheat Codes Available
- Does Difficulty Affect Achievements: No

TiQal is Tetris type game of stacking blocks and making color matches. A match is formed when you make a cube of 4 blocks. Once you have a match, you can add onto it. Any similarly colored block touching your match, is added. Make matches of as many blocks as you can to finish each level.

Step #1- Playing the game
All of the achievements are available through the single player campaign. As you move through each level, more colors and power-ups will be available to you. The campaign is incredibly repetitive, and only starts noticeably increasing in difficulty towards the end. None of these achievements are very difficult, and you should be able to get them all in your first playthrough, except for the "Sun King" and "Scribe" achievements.

You can go back to any level at any time to pick those two up though. Just find a level that has the perfect balance (for you) between ease of difficulty and high point limit (so you have time to complete the achievements before the level ends) to grab those last two tricky ones. They may take a while, but it you are quick and persistent, you’ll get them eventually.

Not an especially difficult game, none of the achievements can be missed so theres no need for multiple playthroughs. If you've missed any of the achievements keep trying using the methods suggested in the guide. If you need extra help post in the forums.

[x360a would like to thank IWi11KickU for this Road Map]

Make a match with each color available during the single player game.   
This achievement will probably unlock after your first level. It refers to each color available. There are many different color schemes for different levels, but you just need to make a match of each color on the current level. Frankly, I don’t think you could pass a level without getting this achievement.
Catch all power-ups spawned during a single player non-bonus round.   
Power-ups rise from the bottom of the screen. Just catch all of them in one level.
Make ten consecutive matches during a single player non-bonus round.   
Drop 10 pieces that create a match in a row.
Collapse a group of 20 or more blocks during a single player non-bonus round.   
See the "Sun King" achievement for more details.
Create a single collapse with 3 or more colors during a single player non-bonus round.   
Some pieces can be used to create a match of any color. These are the shiny, glowing pieces. If you drop a glowing piece in a position that it creates a match with two different colors, they will both become part of the same match.
Catch one of each power-up type during a single player non-bonus round.   
This won’t be available until the higher levels. Every couple of levels you unlock a new power-up type. Once you’ve unlocked them all, you just need to catch one of each type.

The power-ups are:

- Spears of Mixcoatl
- Atlatl Dart
- Breath of Kukulcan
- Jaguar’s Strike
- Jungle Rumble
- Creeping Vine
- Ix Chel Heart
- Gift of Tohil
- Wrath of Xibalba
- Star of Xolotl
- Xochitl’s Blessing
- Serpent’s Crawl
- Hand of Stone
- Retreating Wall
Collect 10 hearts during a single player non-bonus round.   
Catching 10 hearts will not only give you this achievement, but an extra life as well.
Collapse a group of 40 or more blocks during a single player non-bonus round.   
See the "Sun King" achievement for more details.
Earn ten million points during a single player game.   
This is 10,000,000 over the entire campaign game, not a single level. This should come naturally by the end of the campaign.
Play a perfect level during a single player non-bonus round.   
To play a perfect level, you must clear all the bricks from the screen. The best way to do this is to use the shiny blocks to create multi-colored matches that stretch all the way across the board.
Sun King20
Collapse a group of 60 or more blocks during a single player non-bonus round.   

When you drop a piece, you have a second or two to drop another piece to expand your match before it disappears. If you get get pieces of the same color, just continue to pile them on to your current match. If you get different colors, just make matches close to each other, and hope for a shiny piece to connect them with.

This achievement probably won’t happen if you are just sticking to single color matches, so use your shiny pieces, and try to get as many different matches combined as you can. The main thing for this achievement is speed. Once you have a match started, drop your pieces as fast as you can to keep it alive until you can get 60 blocks in.

Complete the single player game.    
Simply complete the single player game.

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Slapdash Games


US March 24, 2008

HDD Space Required : 43.03 MB
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