Titanfall Achievement Guide

Guide By: The Pants Party & DLC by Hot Juicy Pie
There are 88 achievements with a total of 2000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
-Online: 35/35 [1000]
-Approximate time: 60+ Hours (34/1000G) - 175+ Hours (35/1000G)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Win 250 MP matches (+Play 50 Campaign matches)
-Missable achievements: No
-Does difficulty affect Achievements: No
-Unobtainable/Glitched Achievements: No
-Extra equipment needed?: None

  • DLC: Frontier's Edge
    • Difficulty: 2/10
    • Time to 2003-5 hours
    • Unobtainable: None


Titanfall is a unique multiplayer-only shooter. It combines sci-fi military action with mechs, parkour, ziplines, and all sorts of fast-paced mayhem. Contrary to popular belief, there is a sort of campaign/story in the game, though it is not really a "single-player" experience in the traditional sense. Think of Halo 4's Spartan Ops mode, but with a full human team to fight against on top of the AI. Very similar to a normal MP match, just with story elements woven in. Outside of that, there are five different MP modes.

Glitchy Achievements:

Not all of the achievements will unlock the second you perform the required action. If you think you've done something to earn an achievement, wait until after the match and see if it unlocks then.

In addition, you may find that your achievement tracking is marked at 100% for something (such as winning 50 matches or completing the campaign), but the achievement did not unlock. You can fix this by manually quitting the app (press "start" from the app on the dashboard to quit) and then resetting your Xbox. Once you load the game up, it does a check for the achievements and will unlock anything that is complete that it has missed.

Step 1: Campaign:
When you first start the campaign, you will play through one side completely, then switch and do each of the nine chapters again from the other side. Keep track of which chapters you win, as the game does not do this for you. This will knock out 18/50 required matches. You also need to win each chapter, which likely will not have happened your first time around, so work on getting the rest of your wins. If you've done that and still need credit towards the required 50, just play any random chapters to finish it up.

Step 2: Classic:
Now you will want to work toward the 50 wins in each of the game's five competitive modes: Capture the Flag, Attrition, Hardpoint, Last Titan Standing, Pilot Hunter. While working on these achievements, stick with one weapon until you have unlocked all of its challenges for "I Like a Challenge," before moving to other weapons to unlock their attachments for "All the Hardware." Once you have unlocked everything, you can Regenerate without fear of having to redo a bunch of unlocks.

If you want all the achievements (and not just the max 1000G) you'll need to Regenerate nine times to reach Rank 10 for a zero Gamerscore achievement. This will greatly increase the time you spend with the game, so if you only care about the actual Gamerscore, you only need to Regenerate once.

The easiest way currently to boost achievements is to get 12 players together in two parties of 6. Switch to an obscure server (Japan, for instance) and have each party leader search for a game at the same time. You should be paired together and will stay together for as long as it takes to get everyone their needed achievements.

When private matches are added, assuming you can unlock achievements in them, that will be a much more reliable option.

DLC: Frontier's Edge:
Please see (HERE) for the full G&RM.

Step 3: Mop Up:
At this point, you'll likely have earned the majority of the miscellaneous achievements after playing 250 MP matches. Anything you're missing, refer to those achievements for the best situations to unlock them and try your best. Good luck and have fun!

[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this RoadMap]

Best in Class25
Finished as the top player on your team once (3) 

The best way I've found to rack up points (over strictly getting kills) is during a Hardpoint match. Go from point to point capturing bases to get assault points. You can also play Last Titan Standing as this is ranked strictly by Titan kills, or Capture the Flag which is ranked strictly by flag captures.

All charged up25
Killed 5 enemies with one Arc Cannon shot (6) 

"The Arc Cannon is an immensely powerful gun, firing a lightning bolt at a low rate of fire. It can be fired quickly and semiautomatically, or charged up for high power. When firing the arc cannon at a cluster of enemies, plasma arcs will erupt from the main point of contact, connecting enemies with the target, and electrocuting the group."

Any type of enemy will count for this achievement, so find a group of AI soldiers and charge a single shot, aim for the middle, and fire away. The Arc Cannon is unlocked at Pilot Level 21. The Capacitor mod (unlocked by killing 20 Titans with this weapon) will help with this achievement. It also seems you can get the achievement by simply spamming the weapon and killing five in quick succession. It may be that the counter starts when the first chain goes off, and as long as you keep a chain going you will be able to get it.

Killed 10 ejecting Pilots (56) 

When an enemy titan goes into its "doomed" state, the Pilot can manually, or with a certain loadout automatically eject from the cockpit and fly into the air. When you see this happen, look up and take careful aim to try and kill the Pilot before he lands. The Chaingun and Arc Cannon on the Titan or Carbine with a Pilot will be your best bet for this achievement as the other weapons are much slower to fire.

If you happen to be Rodeo-ing the Titan when its Pilot ejects, you will also be thrown into the air at the exact same speed. Flying side-by-side, it will be easy for you (or him) to get a kill, especially locking on with the Smart Pistol.

Pull Harder!25
Killed an ejecting Pilot with the Plasma Railgun (176) 

Similar to "Pull!" but for this achievement you need to kill the Pilot with the Titan Plasma Railgun weapon specifically. The Plasma Railgun is unlocked at Pilot Level 13. Play Last Titan Standing for more chances to pull this off, and try to be somewhat close to the Titan so you can shoot up and into the Pilot rather than trying to lead a shot underneath so it hits as he falls.

All The Cards25
Earned 500 burn cards (8) 

Burn cards are earned after matches and for completing various challenges in the game. As you work toward all the other achievements, this will likely come naturally. You can earn up to three cards per match without any challenge bonuses, so you'll get it while working toward your 50 wins in each type. You can only hold 30 cards at a time, so make sure you are using them or discarding them (LT+RT) as they become available to make room for the next unlocks.

My Robot Army20
Hacked 20 Spectres using the Data Knife (4) 

The data knife is always equipped on a Pilot; you do not need to actually switch to it to use it. When near an enemy Spectre, a prompt will come on screen "Hold X to Hack" and upon doing so, the Spectre and its squad will become your allies. The "Icepick" Tier 2 Pilot Kit unlocked at Pilot Level 43 will speed up the rate at which you hack a Spectre. There are a ridiculous amount of these in the final campaign mission, Chapter 9: Made Men.

Survived an evacuation (16) 

At the end of some matches in Titanfall, the losing team will be tasked with trying to evacuate from the map via a dropship that will appear, while the winning team tries to hunt them down and prevent them from doing so. If you are on the losing side, successfully reach the drop ship, and it does not get blown up by the winning team before the countdown ends, you will unlock this achievement. Once you make it to the dropship area, hide in a bulding or some bushes nearby until just before it will take off, then activate your cloak and jump inside.

Epilogues are present in the Attrition, Capture the Flag, Pilot Hunter, and Hardpoint game modes.

I Like A Challenge50
Completed all challenges for a single weapon (8) 

For this achievement, you will need to complete every challenge set for at least one weapon. Since I'd suggest unlocking all attachments for the guns during your first Generation, you'll likely be close to this for a few guns by the time you unlock that achievement. Plus, the Generations after the first require gun-specific challenges to be completed before Regenerating and have accelerated leveling, so you may not have the luxury of sticking with one gun long enough in any of them.

The Archer Heavy Rocket and Mag Launcher anti-Titan weapons are by far the easiest weapons to use to unlock this achievement. Both only have one challenge:

  • Kill 10 Titans

The R-101C Carbine is probably the most user-friendly primary gun in the game, and the challenges are fairly simple as well. This would be the next easiest gun, though it will take much longer than the Archer or Mag:

  • Kill 75 Pilots
  • Kill 100 Spectres
  • Kill 200 Grunts
  • Kill 200 Enemies
  • Score 75 Headshots
  • Use for 3 hours total
IMC Pilot50
Completed the IMC campaign (6) 

See "Militia Elite Pilot" for more info.

Militia Pilot50
Completed the Militia campaign (2) 

See "Militia Elite Pilot" for more info.

My Generation50
Became a second generation Pilot (11) 

To perform your first Regeneration, you simply need to reach Level 50 and choose the option to Regenerate (this Generation has no challenges tied to it). Make sure you earn "All the Hardware" before regenerating, as doing so will reset all of your unlocks and give you more work down the line. You earn experience and credit toward challenges in every game mode, including Campaign. I personally get the most points in Hardpoint matches, picking a spot and defending/retaking it the entire match.

IMC Elite Pilot25
Won every Campaign level as an IMC pilot (15) 

See "Militia Elite Pilot" for more info.

Militia Elite Pilot25
Won every Campaign level as a Militia pilot (24) 

The IMC and Militia campaigns consist of nine chapters (aka matches) and you will need to win each of them for the "Elite Pilot" achievements, while simply finishing them will unlock "Pilot" achievements. The chapters are below, and the game types you play in each are also listed. The campaign is basically regular MP matches with some story and cutscenes woven in.

  • The Refueling Raid (Hardpoint)
  • The Colony (Attrition)
  • The Odyssey (Attrition)
  • Get Barker (Attrition)
  • Assault on the Sentinel (Attrition)
  • Here Be Dragons (Hardpoint)
  • The Three Towers (Attrition)
  • The Battle of Demeter (Hardpoint)
  • Made Men (Hardpoint)

After completing both sides of the campaign, you will be able to choose a specific chapter to play. The side you get will be random, and it is rare to get Militia for some reason. Just quit and search again if you don't get the side you need.

To check your status for these, at the chapter select screen for Campaign, you will see the faction icon on the map if you've completed it and a gold trophy if you've won on it.

Death From Above25
Killed 5 enemies by dropping a titan on them (14) 

See "Titanfall" for more info on earning a Titan. Once you have a Titan ready, you'll drop it by pressing Down on the D-Pad. It isn't easy to target Pilot or enemy Titans with this, but it can also be done on AI which mostly stand around for slaughter. The achievement is cumulative, so you can kill one enemy each with five different Titanfalls to unlock the achievement.

You can also use the Tier 2 Kit item "Warpfall Transmitter" unlocked at Level 14 which speeds up how quickly your Titan drops from the sky to help with this, as it will give enemies less time to move out of the way.

Build Yourself15
Created a custom pilot loadout (4) 

Custom Pilot Loadouts are unlocked at Pilot Level 5. In between matches you will have the option to edit any of your loadouts, including custom ones. Simply change at least one option and save the loadout to unlock the achievement.

Customize Your Ride15
Created a custom titan loadout (3) 

Custom Titan Loadouts are unlocked at Pilot Level 10. In between matches you will have the option to edit any of your loadouts, including custom ones. Simply change at least one option and save the loadout to unlock the achievement.

Halfway There25
Reached level 25 (1) 

See "Maxed Out" for more info.

Maxed Out50
Reached level 50 (2) 

Level 50 requires 900,000 XP. The leveling in Titanfall is relatively fast compared to most shooters, and experience can be earned in every game mode including Campaign. Completing challenges will offer bonus experience (10,000 for a Tier V challenge), so if you've maxed out a gun, it will be beneficial to switch to a new one and work on new challenges. This will also help toward "All the Hardware."

Flag Runner25
Won 50 Capture The Flag matches (15) 

Capture the Flag in Titanfall uses "classic" rules in that your flag has to be at its base to score. There are two rounds in each match which will each end once a team has scored three times, or time runs out. You will switch sides after the first round.

I Wore 'Em Down25
Won 50 Attrition matches (4) 

Attrition is basically Team Deathmatch, but with the added caveat that AI and Titan kills will contribute to your team's score. The first team to score 300 points wins. An AI kill is worth 1 point, Pilots are 4, and Titans are 5. Killing tons of AI can effectively win the match, so don't ignore them!

Pilot Hunter25
Won 50 Pilot Hunter matches (5) 

Pilot Hunter is another version of Team Deathmatch, except this one is more "pure" as only Pilot kills will increase your team's score. Each Pilot kill is worth one point. The first team to 50 points wins.

Captured Everything25
Won 50 Hardpoint matches (5) 

Hardpoint is basically Territories. As you control a point, it will begin to add points to your team's score. A good way to defend a point is with a Titan in auto-mode on one end of it, and yourself on foot on the other end. The first team to reach 400 points wins the match.

I Stand Alone25
Won 50 Last Titan Standing matches (8) 

Last Titan Standing mode spawns everyone inside a Titan right away. You can use the Titan to fight, leave it towards your spawn, or set it to follow you and fight on the ground near it. The team that is able to blow up all the enemy Titans with at least one Titan left functioning on your team wins the round. The first team to win 4 rounds wins the match.

I've Seen It All25
Played every gameplay mode on every map (39) 

For this achievement, it will be best to focus on one mode at a time. Select a mode and play through the map rotation until you've seen all 15 maps and it starts to repeat. Then switch modes until you've done all 5 modes on all 15 maps. The maps are on a standing rotation, so if you can play a full 15 matches in one sitting for each game mode that will be the easiest way to know you've hit them all. Just be warned that if the other team quits, it will find a new match, and could possibly return you to the map you started your rotation on. Matches will count if you join halfway through, but not if you drop halfway through. You simply need to finish.


  • Attrition
  • Capture the Flag
  • Hardpoint
  • Last Titan Standing
  • Pilot Hunter


  • Angel City
  • Fracture
  • Lagoon
  • Colony
  • Relic
  • Airbase
  • Boneyard
  • Corporate
  • Outpost 207
  • Rise
  • Smugglers Cove
  • Overlook
  • Nexus
  • Demeter
  • Training Ground

To check your progress for each map, go to Person Stats > Levels, and you can scroll through each map to see if you've successfully completed the map in each different game mode.

Ride 'Em Cowboy25
Rodeo-killed a Titan (8) 

To "Rodeo" an enemy titan, you simply need to jump at it. If you are close enough, you will automatically climb onto its back and open a hatch to reveal its weak spot. Using your primary weapon, fire repeatedly until the titan goes into its "doomed" state at which point you can jump off and wait for it to explode. Don't use an anti-Titan weapon while mounted, you'll die! The Charge Rifle is the exception to that rule.

You do not have to take off the entirety of a Titan's life for this achievement, only "doom" it, so look for weakened Titans that are preoccupied fighting your teammates, or Titans in guard mode that have been left by themselves. Using Stim in your Pilot loadout will allow you to heal through a smoke counter-attack, and using the Spitfire LMG with the Slammer mod will destroy even an Ogre Titan quickly.

Like A Vacation25
Completed training (3) 

Before competing in any actual multiplayer matches, you should be forced to enter a training mode to orient you with the controls of Titanfall. It only takes about ten minutes to run though. If you choose to skip it or it does not load for some reason, you can find it at any time from the main menu under "Training."

Look Around10
Snapped the necks of 10 Pilots (2) 

To snap an enemy pilot's neck, you will need to sneak up behind them and click in the right thumbstick for a quick execution move while the prompt is active on-screen. If you click it too early, you will only perform a kick which will still kill the enemy, but is not what you want for this achievement.

All The Hardware50
Unlocked everything (39) 

To unlock everything in Titanfall, first you want to complete both sides of the campaign. Doing so will unlock the Ogre and Stryder Titans. The game does not seem to recognize they were unlocked until you actually equip them to a Loadout and drop them in a match.

Then, you need to be at least Pilot Level 49. After that you will have access to every gadget and weapon. From there, you need to unlock additional attachments and mods for each of the guns, as follows:

R-101C Carbine

  • HCOG - Kill 25 Grunts
  • Holosight - Kill 50 Grunts
  • AOG - Kill 200 Enemies
  • Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Spectres
  • Suppressor - Kill 100 Enemies

R-97 Compact SMG

  • HCOG - Kill 50 Grunts
  • Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Spectres
  • Scatterfire - Kill 15 Pilots
  • Suppressor - Kill 25 Enemies

Smart Pistol Mk5

  • Enhanced Targeting - Kill 15 Pilots
  • Extended Magazine - Kill 50 Spectres
  • Suppressor - Kill 25 Enemies

EVA-8 Shotgun

  • High-capacity Drum - Kill 25 Spectres
  • Leadwall - Kill 15 Pilots
  • Suppressor - Kill 25 Enemies

Longbow-DMR Sniper

  • AOG - Kill 5 Grunts
  • 4.5x Zoom Scope - Kill 25 Enemies
  • Extended Magazine - Kill 5 Spectres
  • Suppressor - Kill 10 Enemies
  • Stabilizer - Kill 5 Pilots


  • HCOG - Kill 50 Grunts
  • Counterweight - Kill 15 Pilots
  • Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Spectres
  • Suppressor - Kill 25 Enemies

Spitfire LMG

  • HCOG - Kill 50 Grunts
  • Holosight - Kill 25 Grunts
  • AOG - Kill 50 Enemies
  • Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Spectres
  • Slammer - Kill 15 Pilots

G2A4 Rifle

  • HCOG - Kill 50 Grunts
  • Holosight - Kill 25 Grunts
  • AOG - Kill 50 Enemies
  • Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Spectres
  • Suppressor - Kill 25 Enemies
  • Match Trigger - Kill 15 Pilots

Hemlok BF-R

  • Holosight - Kill 50 Grunts
  • AOG - Kill 25 Grunts
  • HCOG - Kill 50 Enemies
  • Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Spectres
  • Starburst - Kill 15 Pilots
  • Suppressor - Kill 25 Enemies

Krabr-AP Sniper

  • Extended Magazine - Kill 1 Spectre
  • Stabilizer - Kill 1 Pilot
  • Suppressor - Kill 5 Enemies
  • AOG - Kill 5 Grunts
  • 4.5X Zoom Scope - Kill 15 Enemies

Titan 40MM Cannon

  • Burst Fire - Kill 20 Titans
  • Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Enemies

Titan XO-16 Chaingun

  • Accelerator - Kill 20 Titans
  • Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Enemies

Titan Quad Rocket

  • Rapid Fire - Kill 20 Titans
  • Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Enemies

Titan Arc Cannon

  • Capacitor - Kill 20 Titans

Titan Plasma Railgun

  • Instant Shot - Kill 10 Titans
  • Extended Magazine - Kill 15 Enemies

Titan Triple Threat

  • Mine Field - Kill 20 Titans
  • Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Enemies

For Grunt kills, play the fourth campaign mission, Chapter 4: Get Barker. Spectre kills, use the final campaign mission, Chapter 9: Made Men. Pilots, play Pilot Hunter or defense on CTF. Titans, Last Titan Standing.

WARNING: DO NOT Regenerate until you have unlocked this achievement! Regenerating will reset all of your unlocks, causing lots of rework in a future Generation.

Vortex Volley15
Caught a projectile shot from a vortex with your own vortex (5) 

To employ your Vortex Shield, hold down the Left Bumper (assuming it is your equipped power). To earn this achievement, keep your distance while fighting an enemy Titan and wait until you see an them use their shield as you shoot them. Watch closely to their shield and as soon as it drops, employ yours to catch the bullets/rocket that they've flung back at you.

Frequent Flyer50
Played 50 Campaign matches (2) 

The campaign matchmaking begins by forcing you to play each chapter consecutively. Since you can't simply replay a chapter until you win, make sure you keep track of which chapters you win for the "Elite Pilot" achievements. Once you've played through each side once, you can then choose any chapter you want to redo until you've played 50. Each chapter counts as one match, and they all last about 15 minutes each with cutscenes and load times.

I Killed Them All25
Killed all pilots during the evacuation single-handedly (725) 

This one will take some luck and/or skill. During the evacuation at the end of a match, you would need to kill every Pilot left on the other team. Presumably this would be six enemies, but if a number of people dropped during the match it will still unlock. Your best bet would likely be getting the kill shot on the losing team's ship with a full crew, or after having killed a few on the ground. When the match ends, hopefully you have a Titan and can rush to where the ship will appear. As the other team rushes to escape, pick them off as you see them and then work on blowing up the ship. Save your Titan ordanance for just before it dies so you can take the last chunk of its health.

See the Road Map for a boosting method.

Wallran for 5 kilometers (9) 

To wallrun, you simply need to jump at any wall at an angle. You will then begin to run along the wall, though you will start to drop after a short distance. You will use this skill often to traverse the maps (or you should, anyway) so running a 5k will only be a matter of time as you work toward the 250 MP matches. You can use the Enhanced Parkour Tier 1 Kit to increase the time you will wallrun, and you can find a corner of the map and just run for entire matches if you want to grind this quickly (see video below).

This achievement does not reset if you Regenerate, it is tracked separately as "Distance" in the menu and not as part of the "Ninja Warrior" challenge.

Gen 100
Reached the highest Pilot generation (59) 
Every time you reach Level 50 and complete the accompanying challenges for the Generation you are on, you are given the option to Regenerate, which will reset your player level, all challenges, and any unlocks. You do get to keep your Burn Cards though.

Because the various Generations have specific challenges tied to them (except Gen1), be aware of which challenges you should be working on as you level up inside a Generation. You don't want to reach Level 50 and then realize you have hours of work left before you can Regenerate because you hadn't used that weapon/Titan/tactic before. Every time you Regenerate, you earn experience faster, making the next set of levels go by more quickly, as seen below.

Generation 1
  • No XP Bonus
  • No Challenges
Generation 2
  • 1.1x XP Bonus
  • EVA-8 Shotgun: 200 Enemy Kills
  • EVA-8 Shotgun: 75 Pilot Kills
  • Titan 40mm Cannon: 200 Enemy Kills
  • Titan 40mm Cannon: 50 Titan Kills
Generation 3
  • 1.2x XP Bonus
  • R-97 Compact SMG: 200 Enemy Kills
  • R-97 Compact SMG: 75 Pilot Kills
  • Titan Plasma Railgun: 100 Enemy Kills
  • Titan Plasma Railgun: 50 Titan Kills
  • Satchel Charge: 50 Pilot Kills
Generation 4
  • 1.3x XP Bonus
  • Longbow-DMR Sniper: 150 Enemy Kills
  • Longbow-DMR Sniper: 50 Pilot Kills
  • Titan Quad Rocket: 200 Enemy Kills
  • Titan Quad Rocket: 50 Titan Kills
  • Charge Rifle: 30 Critical Hits
  • RE-45 Autopistol: Kill 50 Pilots
Generation 5
  • 1.5x XP Bonus
  • R-101C Carbine: 200 Enemy Kills
  • R-101C Carbine: 75 Pilot Kills
  • Titan Arc Cannon: 200 Enemy Kills
  • Titan Arc Cannon: 50 Titan Kills
  • Sidewinder: 10 Titan Kills
  • Gooser: Kill 5 Ejecting Pilots
Generation 6
  • 1.8x XP Bonus
  • Spitfire LMG: 200 Enemy Kills
  • Spitfire LMG: 75 Pilot Kills
  • Titan Triple Threat: 200 Enemy Kills
  • Titan Triple Threat: 50 Titan Kills
  • Mag Launcher: 10 Titan Kills
  • Rodeo: 50 Titan Kills
Generation 7
  • 2.1x XP Bonus
  • G2A4 Rifle: 200 Enemy Kills
  • G2A4 Rifle: 75 Pilot Kills
  • Titan XO-16 Chaingun: 200 Enemy Kills
  • Titan XO-16 Chaingun: 50 Titan Kills
  • Titan Charge Rifle: 10 Titan Kills
  • Stryder Titan: 25 Executions (example)
Generation 8
  • 2.5x XP Bonus
  • C.A.R. SMG: 200 Enemy Kills
  • C.A.R. SMG: 75 Pilot Kills
  • Atlas Titan: 25 Executions (example)
  • Archer Heavy Rocket: 10 Titan Kills
  • Wins: 100 Matches (any mode)
  • Titanfall: 50 Enemy Kills
  • Titan 40mm Cannon: 75 Critical Hits
Generation 9
  • 2.9x XP Bonus
  • Smart Pistol Mk5: 75 Pilot Kills
  • Hemlok BF-R: 75 Pilot Kills
  • Krabr-AP Sniper: 25 Pilot Kills
  • Ogre Titan: 25 Executions (example)
  • General: 50 MVP Awards
  • Cloak: 200 Enemy Kills
  • Mobility: 75 Kills After Ejecting
  • Titan Plasma Railgun: 50 Critical Hits
  • Titan XO-16 Chaingun: 400 Critical Hits
Generation 10
  • Achievement Unlocked!
  • 3.5x XP Bonus
  • No More Challenges or Regenerations
  • Enemy Kills - This counts everyone including AI. Run around the map and blast away anyone and everything.
  • Pilot Kills - Pilot Hunter will last the longest for this, while CTF on defense is also good.
  • Titan Kills - Last Titan Standing offers a maximum of 20 kills per match, though you'd obviously have to be pretty good/lucky for that to work out. Remember, you only need the kill shot with the weapon in question, so use your ordanance and smoke to bring them down to nothing, then finish them with the appropriate weapon.
  • Satchel Charge - Play CTF and plant these on your flag. Blow the charge as soon as your flag is taken and you should kill the thief.
  • Critical Hits - This video explains how these work.
  • Gooser - Boosting these is the easiest option, but legit Last Titan Standing gives the best chance. Hang back away from the action, look to the sky and use the Chaingun or Plasma Railgun for best results.
  • Rodeo - Don't bother getting on a Titan at full health. Either they will smoke you to death or jump out and shoot you. Instead, target a Titan in a fight with little health left and jump on that.
  • Executions - Last Titan Standing here as well. Get in close, unleash all your ordanance and punch as soon as they go into their doomed state, otherwise the Pilot will eject and you will miss your chance.
  • Titanfall - These count AI as well, so don't worry about aiming for Pilots/Titans. Just find a group of soldiers, and use Warpfall Transmitter on your Tier 1 Kit to speed up the drop.
  • Kills After Ejecting - Just equip the Nuclear Explosion. You'll generally catch a Titan or Pilot and a few AI with each explosion. You can sacrifice yourself if you want and just keep in close and try to trap another Titan in a corner.
  • Cloak - Again, AI counts. Just pop your cloak, kill a group of AI, rinse and repeat.
  • MVP - I find Hardpoint the best for this. Pick a base and stick to it rather than trying to run from base to base. Defend that one with you on one end and an Autotitan on the other. You'll rack up the points easy this way. If you get a map with a base that allows for a Titan to be inside of it (the hangar on Boneyard, for example), that is your best option.
Superior In Every Way25
Killed 1000 AI soldiers (2) 

AI soldiers can be found littering the maps during every match. They will respawn via drop pods a short time after they are killed, so there are dozens available to kill during every match. Throw a rocket volley at them while in a Titan to quickly take out a few at once. If you do this every time you're in a Titan, you'll earn this on your way to your 50 wins in every mode.

Called in your Titan 25 times (1) 

Every three minutes during a match you will have the option to call in a titan. Simply press Down on the D-paid to do so. Your "build time" for a titan will decrease as you kill enemies or do other actions to help your team win (such as point captures in Hardpoint Domination). There are also Burn Cards available that will lower build times.

  • Decisive Action (40 seconds off build time)
  • Pull Rank (80 seconds off build time)
  • Outsource (extra build time for all actions)
  • Most Wanted List (hits on Pilots reduces build time)
  • Thin the Ranks (hits on Grunts reduces build time)
  • Urban Renewal (hits on Spectres reduces build time)
  • Titan Salvage (hits on Titans reduces build time)
  • Atlas Refurb (automatic Atlas drop)
  • Reserve Ogre (automatic Ogre drop)
  • Spare Stryder (automatic Stryder drop)
DLC: Expedition
Cost: $9.99 USD Achievements: 12 Points: 200
Swampland Victor5
Win a match on Swampland 
Swampland Connoisseur10
Play every game mode on Swampland (2) 
It's Safer Here20
Don't touch the ground for 60 seconds on Swampland (8) 
Tree Runner30
Be airborne for 500 Meters on Swampland (21) 
Runoff Victor5
Win a match on Runoff 
Runoff Connoisseur10
Play every game mode on Runoff (2) 
Side Pipe20
Kill 25 enemies while wall running on Runoff (9) 
Blood Water30
Kill 200 enemies on Runoff (4) 
War Games Victor5
Win a match on War Games 
War Games Connoisseur10
Play every game mode on War Games (2) 
Kill 12 Pilots in a single match on War Games (9) 
Super Faded35
Kill 100 Pilots on War Games (6) 
DLC: Frontier's Edge
Cost: $9.99 USD Achievements: 12 Points: 200
Haven Victor5
Won a match on Haven (4) 

Self explanatory. Any gametype, just win.

Haven Connoisseur10
Played every game mode on Haven (8) 

Simply play each of the five game modes on this map. Winning is not required, and JiP matches count: Capture the Flag, Attrition, Pilot Hunter, Hardpoint, Last Titan Standing.

Executed 2 titans in a single match on Haven (14) 

For those unfamiliar, in order to execute a titan, you must melee a doomed titan with the pilot still inside to preform your chassis specific execution. Do this two times in a single game and it will pop. I recommend LTS, but whatever you prefer.

Killed 15 titans while you had a Titan Burncard active on Haven (9) 

This can be done across multiple matches. Only the new burncards added in TU4 count as Titan burn cards. The cards are as follows:

  • Turbo Engine
  • Amped Particle Wall
  • Amped Electric Smoke
  • Amped Vortex Shield
  • Amped Rocket Salvo
  • Amped Slaved Warheads
  • Amped Cluster Missile
  • Amped Missile Targeting System
  • Amped 40MM Cannon
  • Amped XO-16
  • Amped Quad Rocket
  • Amped Railgun
  • Amped Arc Cannon
  • Amped Triple Threat

Doom 15 titans with any of these equipped and it will unlock. 

Export Victor5
Won a match on Export (5) 

Self explanatory. Any gametype, just win.

Export Connoisseur10
Played every game mode on Export 

Simply play each of the five game modes on this map. Winning is not required, and JiP matches count: Capture the Flag, Attrition, Pilot Hunter, Hardpoint, Last Titan Standing.

It's a Trap!20
Killed an enemy with the trap on Export (26) 

In the center of the map towards to ocean facing side there is a multi story building Domination point B. Inside you will see a large exposed wire coil that may or may not be glowing bright red (depending on its status). When it is glowing, you can shoot it and activate the trap, at which you will gain a little camera in your upper right hand corner that shows the path of electricity travel across the bridge and into Domination point A. The current will deal periodic aoe damage to titans, pilots, and ai units caught in the caged area or along the bridge. Simply get a kill with it, will read [Electricution], and the achievement will pop.

Hidden Export30
Killed 25 enemies while cloaked on Export (8) 

This can be any combination of Pilots and/or AI. Simply create a loadout with the cloak ability and go to town. I recommend using arc grenades or satchel charges as they do not break stealth.

Dig Site Victor5
Won a match on Dig Site (5) 

Self explanatory. Any gametype, just win.

Dig Site Connoisseur10
Played every game mode on Dig Site 

Simply play each of the five game modes on this map. Winning is not required, and JiP matches count: Capture the Flag, Attrition, Pilot Hunter, Hardpoint, Last Titan Standing.

Dirt Nap20
Killed 12 pilots in a single match on Dig Site (13) 

Capture the Flag and Hardpoint are good modes for this. Post up at an objective and defend it from attacking Pilots. If you want to be really cheap, camp it with an unlimited satchel Burn Card. Marked for Death has also worked wonders for me if you just go for everyone but the marked targets.

Killed 50 Pilots on Dig Site (3) 

This is cumulative, so just play to win each time you're on this map and it will come in time. Note that this one requires Pilot kills, AI will not count.

DLC: IMC Rising
Cost: $9.99 USD Achievements: 12 Points: 200
Backwater Victor 5
Won a match on Backwater  
Backwater Connoisseur 10
Played every game mode on Backwater  
Rejected! 20
Killed an enemy with AMPed vortex shield deflection on Backwater (14) 
Predator 30
Melee killed 15 enemies while cloaked on Backwater  
Sand Trap Victor 5
Won a match on Sand Trap  
Sand Trap Connoisseur 10
Played every game mode on Sand Trap  
Cold Desert 20
Killed 10 Pilots while Active Radar Pulse was active on Sandtrap (1) 
The Bigger They Are 30
Killed 2 Titans as a Pilot in a single match on Sandtrap (1) 
Zone 18 Victor 5
Won a match on Zone 18  
Zone 18 Connoisseur 10
Played every game mode on Zone 18  
Swift Justice 20
Killed 10 Pilots while stim was active on Zone 18  
Easy Targets 35
Killed 10 Pilots as a Titan in a single match on Zone 18 (9) 
DLC: Title Update #8
Cost: Free Achievements: 17 Points: 400
High Roller50
Earn 500,000 Black Market Credits (6) 
Big Spender20
Purchase 100 items from the Black Market (2) 
I'll Take Cash10
Discard 100 Burncards in exchange for Black Market Credits 
The Voices Are in My Head10
Purchase all Titan OS Voice Packs (1) 
All Day Every Day40
Complete 100 Daily Challenges (2) 
For We Are Today10
Complete all Daily Challenges for the current day (7) 
Two's Good, but I Want Three30
Earn at least 2 stars on 15 different maps in Frontier Defense (1) 
I've Got a Name for That One10
Rename a custom loadout 
That’s Quite a Collection40
Unlock 50 Titan Insignias 
I Could Get Used to This10
Use 5 Titan Burncards 
Stars Shine Brightest10
Earn 3 stars for a single map and mode (1) 
In the Darkest of Night50
Earn a total of 50 Stars 
Hitting My Stride20
Achieve a 5 game winstreak (1) 
I'm on Fire30
Achieve a 10 game winstreak (32) 
Going Pro10
Play a ranked match (10) 
Stay Gold50
Earn 50 Battlemarks in Ranked Play 
Too Legit to Quit0
Earn Gen 10 without using a Forged Certification on a regen challenge (12) 

Game Info
Electronic Arts


US March 11, 2014
Europe March 13, 2014

HDD Space Required : 16.39 GB
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