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TMNT 1989 Arcade Achievement Guide

Guide By: Smokez
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10 [Solo] 3/10 [Co-op Play]
- Offline: 10 [145]
- Online: 2 [55]
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 2-8 Hours [Due to Missable Achievements]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: 10 [Unable to Replay Levels]
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Gameplay Help
· Use Raphael or Donatello.
Raphael and Don are in my opinion, the best characters. Don’s long reach with his stick is very effective against enemies and Raphael’s jumping attack also proves to dispatch the AI quickly.
· Play in Co-op.
Although Co-op play is only needed for two achievements I would suggest gaining them all with a buddy. This will make a lot of the achievements much easier as defeating bosses without dying/losing health is extremely difficult on your own.

Originally a 1989 classic arcade game the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been brought forward two decades and have been placed on the Xbox Live Marketplace for everyone to experience again and again without inserting any of your coins to carry on playing. This is quite a fun game that has a nice set of achievements and plays pretty smoothly, it also supports 4-play local and Live co-op. The game has no glitches but there are a lot of achievements that can be missed, causing you to replay the whole story mode again.

Step 1 – Story Mode
First off you should start the story mode, it only has a handful of levels and can be completed in 1 Hour to 1½ Hours. However, no achievements are connected with completing the game, bar two achievements. The majority of achievements are unlocked for doing random things in each level, these are usually defeating bosses without dying or losing a set amount of health. To stop yourself playing the whole game again I would suggest reading the achievement guide thoroughly and knowing the best places to net all the achievements as well as some good tricks to defeating the bosses. Try your best to get them all in one Story Mode playthrough if you can.

The achievements that are not linked to boss battles are "Deep Freeze", "Ninjitsu", "Superhero". These need you to not get frozen whilst in the factory, kill three enemies in one attack and break every object in the game. Check the achievement guide out for detailed help on how to get these achievements.

Here is the general order you should unlock the achievements in:
1. "Lofty Goal"
2. "Lickity Split"
3. "Fire hazard"
4. "Evade"
5. "Deep Freeze"
6. "Strategy"
7. "Turtle Soup"
8. "Superhero"

The achievements "Ninjitsu" and "In the Dark" can be unlocked at any time in the game.

Step 2 – Online Co-op Achievements
There are only two achievements which require you to play online and they will get you the remaining 55 . For these you will need to defeat Shredder/Complete the game in online Co-Op play and also have each player gain 250 points. These achievements are named "Real Ultimate Power" and "Slice and Dice" respectively, see the achievement guide for details. I would also suggest visiting the forums to find a partner as the online community is as dead as the dodo.

If you have been following the roadmap closely then at this point you should be sitting on 200 . However, there a fair amount of missable achievements so chances are you’re missing a few. The only thing you can do is replay the whole story again as you cannot replay levels/missions. If you are missing an achievement which you need to be on Live for then just go to ‘Multiplayer’ at the main menu.

[XBA would like to thank Agent Aero for this Roadmap]

Defeat three opponents with a direct attack.   (3) 

On the 2nd level when you see the little white robots jumping outta the wall, wait for 3 to come out and hit and you should get it.

Lofty Goal10
Clear out April's Loft, losing 10 health or less, in a Local game.   

When you get into the same room as April, kill the Foot Soilders without being hit and then attack the boss. While attacking him make sure you dont stop hitting him until he falls or 4 times depending on how fast you can hit him. Once he falls back away and walk to the bottom of the screen. Hit him and go up and down since he cant shoot you unless your standing infront of him not attacking.

Lickity Split10
Clear out the Apartment and April’s Loft in 2:00 minutes or less.   (1) 

Once you get into the room where April is you have 2 minutes to kill all the foot soldiers and Rocksteady.

Fire Hazard20
Rescue Master Splinter without being burned by the flamethrower.   (3) 

Use Raphael and use his + combo and you'll kill him while never getting hit (Thanks To Razzleson)


You hide in a corner while ur friend kills the boss while making sure you dont get hit by the the flamethrower.


Use the Up and Down method up close and he will only melee you and shouldnt shoot fire at you unless ur far away.

Defeat General Traag in the Technodrome, losing 20 or less health.   

Use Raphael and stand right below him, if you stand in the right spot you can hit him and he won't be able to hit you. (Thanks To Razzleson)


Have your friend kill him while you hide in the corner or die and once he is almost dead come back alive.

Deep Freeze15
Get past the freezing trap in the Technodrome, without being frozen.   (2) 

You'll see these pull type things poping outta the ground shooting mist. Avoid them by jumping over them.

Defeat Krang's robot, losing 10 health or less.   

Defeat Krang's robot while using Donatello and either us the Up and Down method


Play online or with a 2nd controller and have really low health before you enter the room, then hit him once and let him kill you. Then once he is almost dead come back into the game.

Turtle Soup25
Defeat Shredder without being turned into a regular turtle.   (15) 

Step by Step guide on how to get Turtle Soup: Thanks to Chewy

1) This method only works in single player and you must have 2-4 players start the game. In the first level have three of them die, including the account(s) that you want to get the achievement with. Don't kill anyone with the account(s) you want to get the achievement.
2) Progress through the game until you get to Krang with one player. When Krang is near death bring back all the turtles and kill krang. Try to get the turtle/account(s) that is/are getting the achievement close to death before you kill krang.
3) Upon killing krang make sure that all the turtles are alive when shredder comes through the portal.
4) He will split into 6 clones of himself. Immediately allow the turtle/account(s) that is/are getting the achievement to be killed without being shrunk
5) Proceed to kill all of the clones with the other turtles that are not getting the achievement, this is done easiest with only one turtle alive playing as leonardo or donatello
6) When it is just you and the real shredder keep attacking him until his helmet comes off.
7) Once his helmet is off bring back all the turtles, his helmet must be off because when it is he will not use the shrink ray
8) Once you bring back all the turtles he will again split into 6 duplicates of himself but they will now all have their helmets off and not use the shrink ray
9) you may now kill the real shredder, but not with the account(s) who are getting the achievement.

Destroy all Parking Meters, Pylons, Barrels, and Speed Signs in the game.   (3) 

Smash as many objects as you can while playing.

Slice and Dice25
Earn 250 points, individually, in an Xbox Live CO-OP game.   (22) 

Beat the game with another player and you should be able to get this mid-game.

Real Ultimate Power30
Defeat Shredder in an Xbox Live CO-OP game, and live to tell the tale.   (61) 

Defeat all 5 of him and you will get this.

Secret Achievements
In the Dark0
Fall into a manhole 5 times.   (7) 

As soon as the 2nd level starts let fall down the first Sewer Hole 5 times in a row (Thanks to Mollywhopper)

Key Note : The COOP achievements need to be in a custom match and not private

Game Info
Digital Eclipse


US March 14, 2007
Europe March 14, 2007
Japan March 14, 2007

Resolution: 720p
Sound: Dolby 5.1 Surround
Players: 1-4
Online Players : 2-4
ESRB: Everyone 10
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