TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-shelled

TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-shelled Achievement Guide

Guide By: SetsunaFSeiei, Condemn3dElite
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline : 200 (12)
- Online 0
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 5+ hours (depends on skill)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4
- Number of missable achievements : None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes

This game isnt difficult however most players will become frustrated from multiple Survival Attempts.

This is TMNT: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled, a 3D remake of the classic SNES version of the game. For those whom have played the classic version you will notice alot of differences that you may dislike however it is still a fun game overall. The Achievements are easy however 2 of them can be a bit time consuming.

Playing Online is not needed for a full 200 however it is far more entertaining to play with your friends.

Step#1 Story Mode
Your be going through Story mode 3 times. The first time will be on Normal for "Turtle Power" & hopefully "Lean, Green and Mean" if you dont die and killed every enemy in your way. Afterwords you can breeze through story 2 more times on easy (each time with a different turtle) and get any Misc. Achievements you might have missed, which will be discussed more in the next step

Step#2 Quickplay (Mop Up)
This playthrough isnt required if you got all your misc achievements in Step#1, however if you missed an you can go straight to the level in this playthrough and finish up any of those achievements you missed.

Step#3 Survival
This will be your most frustrating playthrough yet, you must go through Survival on Normal and pretty much beat the game without dying once. Use the last remaining turtle you didnt use in Step#1 You can view Boss Tips Here. Take your time and dont rush into battle so easily. Since you already played through it 3 times you should have an idea of the traps you should expect.

This game isnt hard at all. Most gamers can get 170 in a matter of time however those with skill and the heart of a completionist will accomplish a proud 200 in a couple hours of survival attempts. This game is fun and you may find yourself playing it with your friends every now and then if you dont care too much about achievements.

[x360a would like to thank Condemn3dElite for this roadmap]

The Inflatable Reptilian Hero 5
Get flattened by any trap.   (1) 

You must get flattened for this achievement, the following areas in the game where you can get this are:

  • Big Apple, 3AM (Level 1) - Go under any of two wrecking balls
  • B.C.2500000000: Prehistoric Turtlesaurus (Level 4) - When fighting Cement Man, if your too close he can flatten you with his smash attack
  • A.D.2100: Starbase (Level 8) - During the long blue hallways large Boulders will roll at you
  • A.D.2100: Starbase (Level 8) - Against Krang when he does his smash attack


Seen My Bones?5
Get zapped by any laser traps or attacks.   (1) 
You must get shocked and see your bones for this, the following areas in the game where you can get this are:
  • Big Apple, 3AM (Level 1) - Run into the lasers from Krangs eyes
  • A.D.2100: Starbase (Level 8) - There will be rockmen with laser guns in hand
  • A.D.2100: Starbase (Level 8) - The Last Hallway will have lasers shooting from them
Complete a level without having to use a single Power-up.   (2) 
Power-Ups are Pizza's in the game so do not touch any of them. I recommend you do this on Big Apple, 3AM (Level 1) since it is relatively short and has only 2 Power-Ups in the level.
Turtle Tantrum! 5
Destroy more than 5 enemies using a destructible object.   (4) 
Crowd 5 enemies around the destructible object, hit it and let it explode, more enemies appear in harder difficulties. In the middle of the following stages there will be a destructible object in it:
  • Big Apple, 3AM (Level 1) - There will be a Explosive Barrel (This is the easiest to attempt, on Hardcore)
  • Alleycat Blues (Level 2) There will be a Explosive Barrel
  • Skull and Crossbones (Level 5) There will be a Box of Firewords
  • A.D.1885: Bury my Shell at wounded knee (Level 6) - There will be a Box of Fireworks
Slow as a Turtle10
Complete a level in under 3 minutes.    (3) 
This can easily be done on Big Apple, 3AM (Level 1) with the difficulty set to easy. Kill the enemies quickly, once your able to proceed, do so. If your having trouble with this i recommend using a fast Turtle like Raphael or Michelangelo
Lean, Green and Mean20
Achieve more than 8,000 points.   (1) 
You can earn this in Story Mode or Survival. I recommend you go through Solo Story Mode on Normal or Easy (Normal if its your first playthrough), make sure you kill every enemy that you run into, if you find yourself short a couple points against Krang, just let him release his little robots and mooch points off him until you get 8000. Each lost life in story mode deducts 100 points.
Toe Be or Not Toe Be?20
Avoid all traps in Level 3.   (6) 
The only traps you must avoid are the Red spikes in the water, it doesn't matter if you get hit by the gate. Do this on easy (where there are less enemies) and stay on the bottom part of screen, only 3 or 5 red spikes can hit you from there, jump over those and you should be clear. Watch out for enemies and Pizza Monsters attacking off screen from behind you.
Ice, Ice, Turtle20
Avoid Ice Ray traps in Level 8.   
You will encounter the Ice Ray traps near the end of the level. First slowly clear off the enemies on screen, make sure you do not accidentally dash into the traps. Once they are gone, slowly proceed through the top or bottom gaps in between every other Ice Ray. Once you've crossed unharmed, finish the level to get your achievement.
Staying Alive25
Defeat the Final Boss without dying.   (3) 
Follow the tips Here to Beat Shredder easily. Also if your still having trouble, Take a Second Controller or find a partner online and play the fight on Quickplay. Have your account hide in the corner near the Pizza (In Case Shredder does too much damage) while the other player (Online Partner or your second controller) fights Shredder for you.
Turtle Power25
Complete the game in Story Mode. (Normal difficulty onwards).      
Just play through on Normal, You only have 9 lives however if you lose them all you get to continue from the start of the last level you were on. If your playing online co-op for this you will not unlock this if you are dead when shredder is defeated.
I Will Survive30
Complete a Survival Mode game. (Normal difficulty onwards)     (66) 
Survival will be the most frustrating for you. I recommend that you do this in Solo Survival since there will be less enemies and you'll get all the power ups to yourself. However if your not that skilled you can play an online co-op with other players. If your entire team is going for the achievement work together against bosses and allow whomever needs health to get it. If the other players don't need the achievement let them do all the work.

Remember if you die during a co-op survival it will not count for you. Look Here for Tips against the Bosses.
Heroes in a Half Shell30
Complete the game with all 4 Turtles.    (4) 
You must playthrough the story mode as each Turtle once. You can complete it through solo story, solo survival or online co-op modes. As long as you complete the whole game beating it with each turtle. If you die in a co-op game while shredder has been defeated you will not unlock this achievement.

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US August 05, 2009

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