Tom Clancy's EndWar

Tom Clancy's EndWar Achievement Guide

Guide By: Blue Radium
There are 60 achievements with a total of 1220 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10 (Prelude to War is heavily skill based)
Offline: 17 [315]
Online: 32 [655]
Approximate time: 120-160 Hours 
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 playthroughs (1 as each faction) 
Missable achievements: No
Does difficulty affect Achievements: Yes
Unobtainable/glitched Achievements: Yes (Dog of War is confirmed as unobtainable)
Extra equipment needed?: No (a headset is required for voice commands if you choose to use them, Kinect is not supported for voice)
Is there DLC? Yes

  • Escalation Expansion Pack
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 22050+ Hours
    • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable: None


Tom Clancy's EndWar is a squad based RTS with optional voice commands, based around a simple combat triangle where transports defeat gunships, gunships defeat tanks, and tanks defeat transports. There are three single player campaigns to go through, but the vast majority of the time and achievements will be spent in the Theater of War mode (ranked multiplayer). Some of the achievements can be unlocked in either single player, skirmish, or multiplayer, but tend to be much easier to obtain with a partner in multiplayer. Dog of War is confirmed broken and will not be patched. 

Note that if you plan to get the 1190 as efficiently as possible, download the Escalation Expansion DLC prior to starting any of the multiplayer.


The first step is to complete the training mission for Voice Command Trainer. At that point you can start Prelude to War (PtW) which is the scripted part of the campaign. If you are good at RTS in general, you will want to play on Hardcore to avoid an unnecessary playthrough of that faction later. On the other hand, the later missions in PtW are by far the most difficult in the game, so you may want to go through it once on an easier difficulty level to master the combat system.

At the end of PtW, you are then in a global conquest mode where you can choose from a variety of missions to achieve your ultimate goal of capturing an opposing capital. Use the approach detailed in this thread for the fastest - and easiest - victory. The key to success is to use two save files for each faction so that you have a fallback in case a wrong decision is made, and always reload if you lose a battle (especially when capturing a capital for the first time). At the end of the campaign, keep your save file for each faction as you may need to repeat the last battle on each faction to unlock OpFor.

You don't actually pick your faction at the start of PtW, but when changing which faction you are working on you DO have to completely start PtW over or it will invalidate OpFor. This is why it is critical you use different save slots (you only have six) for each faction. In case this isn't clear, each play through on Hardcore requires playing PtW, selecting the faction, and then winning the game in the conquest mode.

When OpFor unlocks, you should have 315  and will be done with the single player portion of the game.


A fair number of achievements can be unlocked in the campaign, skirmish against the AI, or online against human opponents. Given the number of online matches required, I recommend you focus on getting them all online.


The online absolutely requires three dedicated boosting partners and will likely take close to 100 hours. Note that you can quit out of the match by evacuating your units, which counts as a win for your opponent. However, there are a lot of achievements you need to earn before you start just grinding through the remaining wins. Also, the online play does appear to still have dedicated players and is done through ranked matchmaking, so you may need to be flexible in order to find a time with fewer players online. If you and your partner have multiple Xbox's and Gold LIVE accounts, it is possible to do this with only two people as you are not having to manipulate multiple controllers at any given time.

The online achievements are straight forward as a rule. You and your partners have to be in different factions so that you can fight each other. Urban Operations is only rarely obtainable as it requires fighting in a capital and the availability of that is determined by the entire community, so it may be worthwhile to have one of you change factions to ensure you can play on that map if one comes up for a different faction. Read the description for Down to Size before doing this however.


Escalation Expansion Pack (DLC)


All of the achievements in the DLC can be done with a partner using the multiplayer in the Theater of War (ranked) game mode. Down to Size is a bit finicky in how it unlocks, but the guide gives specific and accurate information on how to avoid that. Gates of Fire is similar to Urban Operations in that it requires a capital map to be available, but other than that the achievements largely mesh nicely into the requirements for the original 1000. 

Overall, the DLC is straight forward and and obtainable without any noticeable difficulty, presuming you have a dedicated partner.


EndWar is a lot of fun to play, although the sheer number of matches required can be daunting. The requirement of coordinating 4 profiles in a ranked environment is one of the hardest parts of the game, especially when going for win streaks. The single player has a few very challenging missions, but using the strategies in the guide it is quite achievable. Overall, this is one of the better strategy games available on Xbox 360 and is well worth playing.

[x360a would like to thank Creech and Eternal for this roadmap]

Communication Officer5
Complete the Voice Command Trainer.   (3) 
Before you can begin the single player campaign, you will be asked to complete the Voice Command Trainer. This system simply calibrates your voice by having you go through a few simple voice commands. Everything you need to know will be explained to you in great detail while going through the Voice Command Trainer.
First Command10
Win the Warning Signs mission.    
Warning signs is the first mission you will complete in Prelude to War. In this level, all you do is get familiarized with the camera and voice commanding as you have a few gunships destroy some tanks. This is a training level, so everything you need to know to finish it will be explained to you in detail. It shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes or so.
Combat Chain Master15
Defeat Tanks with Gunships, Gunships with Transports and Transports with Tanks. 
This achievement branches off of the combat triangle. This is the game of rock, paper, scissors between gunships, transports, and tanks. As long as you play the game for more than an hour you just about have to get this achievement naturally, it would be hard to avoid. All you have to do is have a gunship unit destroy an enemy tank unit, a tank unit destroy an enemy transport unit, and a transport unit destroy an enemy gunship unit.
Won Finishing Move without any units being defeated.   
Finishing Move is the level in Prelude to War where you are the Russians pretending to be terrorists at night. It is the level before you choose your single player campaign faction. All you have to do is make sure that none of your units die while doing this mission. You should play this level on normal, as on the other 2 difficulties it is much harder to keep your units alive.

To start, send 2 of your riflemen to Whiskey and all of your other units to sierra. At Whiskey, have your riflemen kill the engineers that are hiding inside the barracks, while having all of your units at Sierra destroy the engineers hiding in the guard tower. Once you clear out an area, have a ground unit take Whiskey and Sierra as they become available. Once they are taken, be sure that you upgrade them both with air support, as it becomes useful for holding out at Alpha later on.

Once both Uplinks are upgraded, have all of your units move to Alpha. Take advantage of the combat triangle on the way there to make sure that your tanks and transports do not die. Remember, any command points you have should be used for air strikes, because as long as none of your units die you won’t be able to call in reinforcements. When all of your units are at Alpha, have your tanks and transports take position at the area that the enemy armor always enters from. Have one of your riflemen capture and upgrade Alpha, while having your other ground units enter buildings nearby. Once Alpha is captured and upgraded, have your last remaining ground unit enter a building.

At this point it should be easy to hold off the enemy. Call in air strikes as is convenient, and wait for the 5 minute timer to run out.
Win one match in each mode (Conquest, Assault, Siege, Raid).     
The fastest way to do this achievement is to go into Single Player Skirmish mode. Once there, press Start to enter Mission Options. Under mission type, you will find the 4 match types required to complete the achievement. Every other option does not have to be set in a specific way. From here, proceed to select the first game type (conquest) and start the match. As long as the AI difficulty is set to normal, the enemy should put up little resistance. To change your AI difficulty, press start while in the Skirmish mission menu, then scroll down to difficulty.

You are almost guaranteed to get this achievement while naturally playing the game, but if you want to unlock this achievement as fast as possible, this is how you should do it.
Road to War15
Complete "Prelude to War" on any difficulty.    
You may unlock this achievement on any difficulty setting. Prelude to War is the game’s tutorial, and must be completed to play the single player campaign. To unlock this achievement, play through Warning Signs, Freedom’s Guardian, Gas Pains, Ruse De Guerre, Going for Broke, Finishing Move, Opening Move and the Retaliation mission as your selected nation. The nation that you choose after Finishing Move will be your nation for Opening Move and your Retaliation mission.
World in Flames20
Complete "Prelude to War" on Hardcore.     (1) 
Complete the same steps that are required to unlock Road to War, except complete them on the Hardcore difficulty setting.
Weapon Master10
Use Secondary Attack for the first time.    (1) 
To unlock a secondary attack, you must first upgrade and rank up a unit to a point that they meet every requirement to use a secondary move. Most units unlock their special attack when you upgrade their attack to grade 3, which requires 900,000 CR to buy, and a rank 3 (hardened) unit to use on the battlefield. This is not the case for all units. For example, Russian tanks unlock their secondary attack, Flame Thrower, at attack grade 2, which requires a rank 2 (regular) unit to use. Once you have unlocked a unit’s secondary attack and ranked up the unit to the required rank, use the unit’s special attack on an enemy by pressing Y. As soon as you use the attack, the achievement should unlock.
Hardened by War20
Win 15 missions in the Solo Campaign.   
During the solo campaign, win a total of 15 missions of any game type. Prelude to War missions do count towards unlocking this achievement.
No Stone Unturned25
Win 5 missions without using Mission Support in "World War III".   
Mission supports are the special abilities (air support, force recon, electronic warfare) that you unlock by upgrading your uplinks. To unlock this achievement, don’t upgrade/use any mission supports for 5 full winning rounds during your single player campaign.
Call of Booty20
Win a mission by deploying infantry units only.    (1) 
This achievement can easily be unlocked during Prelude to War. Simply allow one of your units to die, and replace them with a ground unit. If you are playing on normal, you probably will never have to reinforce your army during Prelude to War, with the exception of your faction’s Retaliation mission. To solve this, just do something dumb like having a single riflemen unit run out in front of a tank. Once the unit is dead/evacuated, replace him with another rifleman unit, and continue the mission until it is complete. I unlocked this achievement during the 6th Prelude to War mission, Rotten in Denmark, but I assume it can be as easily done on any other Prelude to War mission besides your faction’s Retaliation one.
Lightning War20
Finish "World War III" in less than 15 turns.   
When the description says “World War III,” it is referring to the second portion of the single player campaign, and has nothing to do with Prelude to War. I found that the best way to unlock this achievement is to play on the normal difficulty, without focusing on enemy capitals. I was able to win a full war in 8 turns as the United States by simply doing any attack mission available.
Capture an enemy Capital in only 3 turns in "World War III".   
This description can be very deceiving. It is in fact impossible to reach any enemy capital by your 3rd turn, let alone capture it. What this achievement is referring to is the way that you must have 3 consecutive victories on the same enemy capital to capture it. You just can't lose a battle during any of the 3 battles required to fully capture an enemy capital. As the United States, I was able to reach Paris on my 7th turn, having it captured on the 10th turn. You must win a conquest, assault, and siege mission in any enemy capital consecutively to unlock this achievement. Once you complete your siege victory, the achievement should unlock when you are returned to the war map.
Tour of Duty10
Finish "World War III" on Normal.      
Straightforward and very easy to do, complete the single player campaign on the Normal difficulty setting. The enemy AI is dumb on this difficulty, with the odds stacked against them. It is suggested that you do this first thing to get familiarized with the game.
True Patriot20
Finish "World War III" on Expert.      
To unlock this achievement, complete the single player campaign on the Expert difficulty setting. This difficulty is slightly challenging, but shouldn’t be much of a problem as long as you use the combat triangle to your advantage. It is suggested that you save after every victory so that you can exit to the main menu and reload your game if you happen to lose a match.
Ready for Theater of War30
Finish "World War III" on Hardcore.     
The Hardcore AI, for the most part, is extremely hard to defeat. They start out with more units than you do, they always seem to call your moves correctly, and they always seem to have better upgrades and unit ranks than you do. There is no foolproof way to unlock this achievement. Use artillery wisely, and make sure that you are never left open to any part of the combat triangle. It is highly suggested that after every win your save your game, so that you can reload the game to your last win if you ever fail a battle.
Finish "World War III" with all 3 Factions on Hardcore.    
This achievement requires you to finish the single player campaign as every faction, each on the Hardcore difficulty. See Ready for Theater of War for a rundown on the Hardcore difficulty. This achievement has apparently been giving people trouble. The most common problem, by far, is that people are not finishing the Prelude to War with their factions. You must complete the Prelude to War on each of your 3 Hardcore playthroughs. If you have already done all three campaigns, but didn't do the Prelude to Wars, it has been reported that simply resetting your cache should do the trick.
Training Simulator10
Play 20 Single Player Skirmish matches.   
To begin, enter skirmish mode from the main menu. Select single player from the following menu, then press A a few times to begin the match. As soon as the match begins, issue a “calling all units, evacuate” for you to automatically end the match. Once the match is over (you will have lost) continue by beginning another match, and repeating the steps above. Once you have done this 20 times, the achievement will unlock. Note that when you do this to boost matches quickly in Theater of War, neither side will receive CR for the round. A match must last 3 or more minutes to obtain the round’s CR, so keep that in mind if you want to boost unit ranks along with achievements.
Together We Stand20
Win 10 2 vs. 2 multiplayer Skirmish matches.    (1) 
You are going to need to find a person to boost with to unlock this achievement. To begin, set up a 2 vs. 2 public Skirmish match. Now, simply follow the same steps as in Training Simulator to finish your matches quickly. Once your have a total of 10 rounds played, the achievement will unlock. This achievement will take a total of 10 rounds to unlock for all parties involved. You don't actually need 4 human players to unlock this achievement. You also don't need to win, as the description states. Simply play 10 2 vs. 2 multiplayer Skirmish matches, and the achievement will unlock.
Always Attack15
Win 3 missions in a row in Theater of War.  (1) 
To unlock this achievement, win 3 matches in a row during online multiplayer within Theater of War. It is possible to boost this achievement by having a boosting partner on an opposite faction. To begin, pick a map that you and your boosting partner can both play on, with conditions that are good for the current achievements you are trying to unlock. Have one party member search for a game. If you are this party member, and are hosting a game after you search (you don’t find a host,) tell your partner to search for the same game. If you find someone else, you can exit directly to the dashboard to end the matchup. Your winning streaks are not ended if either of you dashboard out before the match starts, so feel free to do so to keep your boosting match streaks going. If your boosting partner finds someone else, have him exit to the dashboard, with you pressing B to exit your current hosting session. Repeat until you are matched with your boosting partner.

From here, just have your partner let you win. He can evacuate, you have him make 3 gunships to suicide run 3 of your transports, anything works. Once you win 3 times in a row, the achievement will unlock.
Role of Honor20
Win 30 missions without killing a unit in Theater of War.  (1) 
This achievement is unlocked when you win 30 full Theater of War matches without killing any enemy units fully. You can get enemy units down to 25% health to knock them out of the battle, but as long as you do not permanently kill them, and you win the match, your win will count towards this achievement. Win 30 times in this way, and the achievement will unlock. You can have a boosting partner immediately evacuate his entire army to let you win some matches if you want this to go faster.
Urban Operations20
Play 30 missions in Theater of War city maps.  (3) 
City maps are the 3 capitals, Washington D.C., Paris, and Moscow. You must first wait for the war map to allow a battle for your faction within a capital. This may or may not be possible at the current time, depending on how the current Theater or War is going. Once you play through 30 full Theater of War matches in city maps, the achievement will unlock. You can have your boosting partner immediately evacuate his entire army to let you win the match if you want this to go faster.
Breach and Clear15
Disarm 10 minefields in Theater of War.  (1) 
To unlock the ability to disarm minefields, you must first upgrade your engineers to ability Grade 4. Only Rank 3 (hardened) and above engineers have the ability to disarm minefields. You simply have to lay down 10 of your own minefields, then disarm them. You could also disarm your opponent's minefields, if you wanted to. This achievement would be easier boosting partner, as nobody will be trying to fight against you.

To begin, set up a match. Have your partner make 10 minefields (process explained in the BOOM description), if you are boosting, or make 10 for yourself. Once all of the minefields are made, have your partner retreat from the minefields. You will be able to see the minefields far before your reach them with your engineers if your partner laid them, so don’t worry about running into them. Once you spot the minefield, have your engineers disarm the mines by pressing with your cursor over the minefield. Your engineers will then disarm the mines. Repeat for all 10 minefields, and the achievement should unlock.
Have one unit fight and survive for 10 missions in Theater of War.  (1) 
If you are boosting consecutive matches, it should be easy to get this achievement without much effort. All you have to do is deploy a unit during a battle, making sure that the unit gets out of the battle alive 10 times. A unit is considered dead if they are killed fully. This means that someone got your unit down to 25% health, incapacitated your unit, then continued to destroy them until they reached 0% health. If you can’t boost this, you can deploy a unit at the beginning of a Theater of War match, having that unit evacuate as soon as the battle begins. Doing this will count as 1 survived battle for that unit. Repeat 10 times, and the achievement will unlock.
Deploy 20 minefields which successfully damage enemies in Theater of War.  
To deploy minefields, you must first have bought the level 2 ability of engineers. Your engineers must also be rank 2 (regular) to be qualified to make minefields. If you meet the requirements, simply press Y while the camera is focused on your engineer unit, pick a spot, and plant the minefield by pressing A.

This achievement is very easy to boost by having a boosting partner run into your minefields. To set this up, make your 20 minefields in a strait line. Now just have your boosting partner hit each of the 20 minefields with an assortment of about 10 different units at least once. Once s minefield is hit once, it will no longer count towards the achievement for every hit after. This meaning that you must have 20 different minefields hit 1 or more times for the achievement to unlock. You can’t have 1 minefield, then have your boosting partner run into it 20 times.
Mass Murderer5
Kill 500 units in Theater of War.  
You are going to either have to be very heartless, or have a dedicated boosting partner to unlock this achievement. To unlock it without boosting, you have to fully kill 500 enemy units during Theater of War. This means that you remove all rank that your enemy has built up on his units. Beware, for once you start killing units your enemy is likely to do the same. Once your unit is killed to 0% health, they are rank 1s (recruits) again, and need to rank up to take advantage of the upgrades you have bought them. To kill a unit fully, just kill it as your normally would. But, once the unit is at 25% health and it stops attacking, order your units to continue attacking the enemy until it is fully destroyed. Every time you do this, it will count as one killed unit.

If you don’t have the heart to kill off 25 battle’s worth of progress for hundreds of people, you can also boost this achievement quite easily. The best way I have found to boost this achievement, is to play a conquest map with both you and your boosting partner spawn camping each other’s drop zones. For this to go as quickly as possible, have each party involved send 4 or so transports to the other player’s drop zone. Now all you both have to do is call in gunships one after the other, allowing each of your transports to make short work of the other’s gunships. Once you are both out of reserves, you can take turns evacuating your transports at the end of the matches so that you can both gain an equal amount of CR while boosting this achievement. Repeat for 500 kills and the achievement will unlock.
Win 5 missions in a row on the same territory in Theater of War.  
The best way to do this achievement is to have you and a boosting partner immediately evacuate your armies to let the other person win 5 times in a row. If you don’t want to boost it, hope that you get pitted against some newer players. Once you achieve 5 wins within the same territory, the achievement will unlock.
Win a Conquest by securing all Uplinks on a map in Theater of War.  
This achievement is very easy to boost, but extremely hard to get legitimately. To boost this achievement, set up a boosting session with your boosting partner, then have him hide his units in a distant corner of the map. Now secure all of the map’s Uplinks. The round will automatically end, and the achievement will unlock. I can’t quite say how you can get this one legitimately. You are going to need a combination of dumb luck coupled with an even dumber opponent to get this one without boosting.
Point of Attack20
Win 40 missions as Attacker in Theater of War.  
Within Theater of War, you will be able to see if a match is attack or defense for you at the bottom-left corner of the war map. You will see a duel colored bar with the faction colors of your faction and the enemy faction at that location. Next to your faction’s name, the phrases either “[Attacker]” or “[Defender]” will be displayed. If [Attacker] is next to your faction’s name, any win your achieve on this map at this time will count towards this achievement. Win 40 rounds as an attacker and this achievement will unlock. You can have a boosting partner immediately evacuate his entire army to let you win 40 matches with you as an attacker to make this achievement go quicker.
Dog of War30
Win a Theater of War Phase as each Faction; you must have played as that Faction in 10 missions.  
This achievement is unobtainable. Ubisoft has confirmed that the achievement will not unlock and that they will not be patching the game to fix this.
Air Defense30
Intercept 5 incoming Air Strikes with Electronic Warfare.    
As hard as this achievement sounds, if you dedicate a skirmish match with a boosting partner to it, you shouldn’t have any problems. Me and my boosting partner used Uplink Lima in Washington D.C., but any area/map/target will work. To begin, both of you have to upgrade an Uplink with both electronic warfare and air support. This will require a total of four Uplinks, two for each of you. Once this is done, choose a target area on the map.

This is all trial and error, as you are going to need to find a way to get the jets from one of your air strikes to pass through the other player's electronic warfare attack. The best way to do this is to get timed counting system going. Me and my boosting partner did 1 … he fired air strike, 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … I fired electronic warfare strike. The system is going to have to be different from map to map and from target to target. You are also going to have to find a new sequence when it is time to switch up who fires air strikes and who fires electronic warfare. After five successful attempts the achievement will unlock.

If you would rather just watch a video:
War is Heck30
Win 5 missions in a row without losing health in Theater of War.  
This achievement is either going to require 5 easily boosted rounds, or 5 sequential acts of divine intervention. To unlock this achievement by boosting, simply have your boosting partner immediately evacuate his units for 5 boosting matches. I see no possible way to unlock this achievement without boosting, but if you think that you can, go for it.
Destroy 100 Critical Buildings in Theater of War.  
Critical buildings are only available as the attacker with a raid mission type. You are required to destroy over half of the enemy’s critical buildings to win the match, so as long as you are playing as the attacker on a raid mission you have to work towards unlocking this achievement to win the match. Destroy a total of 100 critical buildings within Theater of War, and this achievement will unlock.
Fast and Furious15
Win a mission within 5 minutes in Theater of War.  
You can easily unlock this achievement by having a boosting partner evacuate all of his units as soon as a match starts. You can also have a lucky round playing normally. As long as the round is less than 5 minutes long, this achievement will unlock.
Total War20
Play 100 2 vs. 2 Theater of War missions.  
You can access 2 vs. 2 matches by entering the mission select screen, then pressing start to access the mission options. Number of players is the only option available. Change it from 1 vs. 1 to 2 vs. 2 matches. From here, just play 100 2 vs. 2 matches, and this achievement will unlock. You don’t have to win. As long as you play through the entire match it will count towards this achievement.
Command from the Front20
Kill 10 units with the Command Vehicle's sentry units.    
This achievement is hard to do without boosting, as you have to fully kill the unit, not just incapacitate them. The way I boosted this achievement was by setting up a 1 vs. 1 skirmish match with a boosting partner. We both made a command vehicle, then set them close to the other player’s spawn location. Next, we made artillery to feed to the other’s command vehicle kills. We used artillery because they don’t automatically fight back while they are being attacked, meaning that your command vehicle can hold up for 10 non-stop kills. You must fully kill the enemy units, meaning that once they reach 25% health, becoming inactive, you must order your command vehicle to fully kill the enemy unit. The kills do not have to be with the same command vehicle, or in the same match. Once you reach a total of 10 kills using the sentries of your command vehicle, this achievement will unlock.
Turning Point20
Win a match after the enemy has triggered DEFCON in Conquest.    
You can get this achievement without trouble against the AI. Once your opponent has either used a WMD on you or crashed an uplink, continue to win the match. This can be done on any map with the conquest variant, and would be easiest with a boosting partner.
Field Intelligence20
Upgrade 100 Uplinks in any game mode and any Mission Type.    
To upgrade an Uplink, you must first capture it. If you are World War III or Theater of War, you must have air support on the map you are playing on. If you have air support on a specific map, you will see a little jet popping out of the top-left corner of the map tile within the World War III and Theater or War mission select map. If you are playing a skirmish battle, upgrades are always available. Once the Uplink is yours, you just click on it again using A to upgrade it. Choose any of the available upgrade types, then wait for the upgrade to be completed. Repeat 100 times, and this achievement will unlock. Note that you can’t change the upgrade on an Uplink over and over again to unlock this achievement, you must give 100 individual Uplinks upgrades.
Kill 15 enemy Command Vehicles.    
This achievement is difficult to do without boosting, as command vehicles tend to be well-guarded, and have too much health for a single unit to get the full kill by itself. The best way to get the 15 kills is for you and a boosting partner to send 15 of your command vehicles into hordes of enemy units waiting to get the kills. You must fully kill the command vehicles, meaning that once you incapacitate them, you must order your units to continue attacking to get the full kill. Please note that kills with supports will not count towards your 15 kill count. This includes WMDs, air strikes, etc. Once you kill a total of 15 command vehicles, the achievement will unlock.
Total Warrior20
Win 30 missions in any game mode.    
You will most likely unlock this achievement while naturally playing the game, as any win in any game mode counts towards this achievement. If you just have to get it as quickly as possible, you can make short work of normal difficulty AI in skirmish. To get it even quicker, have a boosting partner evacuate all of his units as soon as a battle starts to get you some quick wins.
Command & Control30
No Uplinks recaptured by hostiles for 10 consecutive Conquest victories.    
This achievement will unlock while facing a computer player or a boosting partner in skirmish, Theater of War, and World War III. It would be easiest against a boosting partner in skirmish. To unlock this achievement, simply play 10 conquest rounds in a row where your opponent never captures any Uplinks that you have already captured. You can easily do this by playing 10 rounds with a boosting partner where your boosting partner evacuates his entire army as soon as a rounds begins 10 times in a row with a conquest game type. If you want to do this without boosting, make sure you keep an eye on the Uplinks you have already captured while fighting the AI. If fighting the AI, it would be easiest to play against them on the normal difficulty setting.
Retake a Critical Uplink within the 3-minute timer in a Siege match.    
Siege matches can only be played within capital city maps. This achievement is much easier with a boosting partner than it is to go against the AI. With a boosting partner, have your partner directly assault Uplink Alpha while you send your units to the side. Once he captures Alpha, the 3-minute timer begins. Once the timer begins, have your partner retreat all of his units, while you re-take Uplink Alpha. Once Uplink Alpha is under your control, this achievement will unlock.

If you want to do this by playing against the AI, you will follow the same basic concept. The only difference is that you are going to have to fight the AI as the 3-minute timer is running so that you can re-take Uplink Alpha. Harder, but not impossible.
Kill an enemy troop without being spotted.    
The only way you can do this is by using a rifleman unit with the sniper upgrade, or an artillery unit. I personally found using an artillery unit easier. All you have to do is kill a distant enemy before they spot your artillery unit. This is done easiest by spotting a ground unit with a gunship, then having your artillery bombard the ground unit until it is dead. As long as you were far enough away and the enemy didn’t have your artillery pop up on his radar, this achievement will unlock. It is slightly easier to do this with a boosting partner for the reassurance of your artillery not being spotted, but you should have no problems unlocking this against the enemy AI.
Defeat 6 hostile units with a single unit.    
To unlock this achievement, you must have a single unit incapacitate 6 enemy units. It is easiest to do this with artillery heavily defended by transports, tanks, and gunships, to make sure that the artillery doesn’t die. Have a gunship spot for the artillery, and open fire on any enemy you come across. Once the artillery gets 6 kills, this achievement should unlock. You can do this with a boosting partner by having him send 6 artillery to their doom against a gunship of yours, but it shouldn’t be necessary.
Do or Die30
Win a Conquest mission by Annihilation after the DEFEAT counter was under 30 seconds.    
This is easiest to do with a boosting partner, and can be difficult against AI. To do this achievement against AI, whittle down your enemy’s reserve count until your announcer person says something along the lines of “the enemy has no more reserves.” At this point, the enemy can no longer call in reinforcements. Now, use a gunship to look around for enemies, killing every enemy except a single rifleman/engineer unit. If he hasn’t already, let the infantry unit capture enough Uplinks for you to be in Defcon, with the defeat timer going. When the timer reaches about a minute, have your gunship fly over the 1 remaining unit. Just use your WMD with 30 seconds or less on the clock for the achievement to unlock.

The easier way of doing this with a boosting partner is to have your partner make about 4 riflemen, capturing the majority of the Uplinks. Then he should just crowd them all together, waiting for the timer to reach 30 seconds left. At this point, WMD his entire group for an annihilation win.
Win a Skirmish mission and lose no health.    
Nearly impossible against the AI and extremely easy with a boosting partner, just have a boosting partner evacuate all of his units as soon as a battle begins to unlock this achievement. You must do this in skirmish. I would suggest finding a boosting partner for this one, as trying to not lose any health at all, even against a normal AI, would be extremely hard to do.
Angel of Death20
Kill 10 enemy Evacuation Helicopters.    
I was able to easily get this achievement against the normal AI in a single round. To begin, make about 4 transports, then have the transports rush the enemy. Reinforce the transports with gunships as the battle goes on. Have the transports focus on single units at a time, incapacitating them. When the unit’s evacuation helicopter arrives, focus all of your fire on it for an easy kill. When you can bring in reinforcements, have some gunships help the transports in case a tank arrives. I was able to unlock this achievement in a single round, however 1 or 2 more may be required.
Kill 30 enemy regular units.    
To unlock this achievement, just fully kill 30 units. See “Mass Murderer” for an explanation on killing units fully. You can kill the units for this achievement in any mode on any game type.
Army of One20
Win 20 1 vs. 1 matches in Theater of War.  
This achievement can be obtained by winning 20 normal 1 vs. 1 matches within Theater or War. As long as you are half decent at the game, this shouldn’t be all that hard to do. If you want to boost this achievement, you and a boosting partner can take turns evacuating all of your units as soon as a battle starts to boost wins for this achievement. Remember though, Theater of War rounds must last at least 3 minutes for you to receive CR for the round. CR has nothing to do with the achievement, but if you want to boost unit ranks and upgrades along with achievements, keep that in mind.
Achieve a 100% Command Rating in one mission in Theater of War.  
Unlocking this achievement normally is very hard, as there are no defined rules for what constitutes a perfect win. You can play a lot online, and you will eventually unlock this achievement. However, if you want to boost this achievement, have a boosting partner make 3 artillery, with your making 3 gunships at the beginning of a battle. Just fly over, kill the artillery, and get the annihilation win. This will count as a 100% victory, netting you the achievement.
DLC: Escalation Expansion Pack
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 10 Points: 220
Stormbringer 15
Storm 10 enemy buildings.    
Despite what you may think, all storming a building does is give your riflemen an attack bonus while they shoot at the building. Afterward, they enter the building. To get this achievement with a boosting partner, have your partner place infantry within a building, having you use your riflemen's storm building ability on that same building. To enter a building press while your camera is following an infantry unit, with your camera focused on a building. To use your storm building ability, press while your camera is following an infantry unit, with your camera focused on a building occupied by an enemy infantry unit. Repeat 10 times against 10 different enemy units, and the achievement will unlock. Trying to unlock this achievement against a computer will be a lot more up to luck than anything. All you can do is hope that your enemy puts his units in buildings so that you can attack them. Don't attack the building until your riflemen arrive, to storm the building, and hope that the AI doesn't pull his units out of the structure before you get them.
Gates of Fire20
Defended Capital in Siege 20 times in Theater of War.  
This achievement will be circumstantial for the most part, as a siege mission only happens in Theater of War for 1 turn maybe every 20 turns. Once that day is up, the capital is taken or the attackers will have to make another attempt, which could take a lot of turns to happen. If your faction has basically lost the war, you will be at this point. If your faction is experiencing a defensive siege, jump on the opportunity. You can either boost an easy 20 wins with a boosting partner, or play against an actual enemy. Win 20 rounds as a defender during your capital's siege match, and this achievement will unlock.
Lonely at the Top 30
Win 100 missions in Theater of War.  
Simply win 100 rounds for this achievement to unlock. You can win rounds quicker while boosting, but if you are dedicated to the game you shouldn't have much trouble unlocking this one while naturally playing. Win a total of 100 matches in Theater of War, and you will unlock this achievement.
Under Cover 30
Defeat 50 enemy units with infantry in cover.    
To enter cover, press while your camera is following an infantry unit, with your camera focused on an area you can take cover in such as trees, medians, cars, and barriers. Now, with your infantry in cover, defeat 50 enemy units. This would be easy to boost in skirmish matches, as your boosting partner could send 50 engineer units to their doom trying to fight a group of your riflemen. Fighting against the AI, you could hold out at various Uplinks, using the Uplink's barriers as cover for your units, killing the enemy units as they try to attack your Uplinks. Defeat 50 enemy units with your infantry units while they are behind cover, and this achievement will unlock.
Unit of Action 15
Play 30 2 vs. 2 matches in any game mode.    
This achievement can be unlocked in any game mode, with any game type. The quickest way to unlock this achievement would be to use the quick game boosting method found in Training Simulator. If you want to unlock Total War, you can easily get this achievement along the way by default.
Super Soldiers 20
Have 12 units in your Battalion promoted to Legendary Rank in Theater of War.  
Legendary units have reached the highest rank possible, and are represented by three stars. It is going to take a lot of battles, with a lot of kills to get 12 units to Legendary. If you are playing Theater of War naturally, it is extremely difficult to get to Legendary while playing normal opponents, as your units can and probably will be killed before they are able to reach legendary status. To boost this achievement, set up rounds the same way as in Mass Murderer, where you allow each other to defeat or kill the other player's units by spawn camping. It may be necessary, as people online are most likely going to kill your units before they gain the massive amounts of games and kills required to reach the rank of Legendary.

From this point, you are going to need to grab a boosting partner, beginning a Theater of War match. Call in all 12 of your Legendary ranked "super soldiers" at the same time. Yes, they must all be out at the same time. Now have your boosting partner evacuate. The achievement should unlock at the end of the match.
Oppenheimer 20
Defeat 6 Hostiles with one WMD.    
You are either going to have to get lucky against the normal AI or have a boosting partner for this achievement. To boost, begin by having your partner capture over half of the map's Uplinks. He should have 6 or more of his units gather at a single point as he is doing this. When he captures his last Uplink putting you into Defcon, destroy his large gathering of units with your WMD to unlock this achievement. If you want to do this against the AI, hope that they make the very stupid move of having 6 or more units close to each while you have a WMD waiting to go.
Casualties of War20
Kill 200 units in multiplayer matches.    
See Mass Murderer for an explanation on killing units. This achievement is an add-on to Mass Murderer, unlocking when you reach the benchmark of 200 kills. This is 300 kill less than the 500 required to unlock Mass Murderer.
Down to Size 20
Purchase 60 unit upgrades in Theater of War.  
To purchase upgrades, all you need is CP. Upgrades are the various abilities and powers you can give to your units. You can buy attack, defense, mobility, and ability upgrades for all of your unit types. Each level of upgrade purchased will count towards this achievement. To efficiently gain a large number of upgrades, go through the various unit types, and buy the cheapest upgrades available. This is still going to require a massive amount of CP, and will take a lot of time. However, you will most likely obtain this achievement naturally as you unlock your Theater of War achievements. There is no point in focusing on this achievement, as you still gain CP for everything you do in Theater of War. Give it time, and you should reach 60 unit upgrades purchased. The achievement should unlock as soon as you buy your 60th vehicle upgrade.

This achievement is glitched, however there is a way to avoid it. You are required to save up an absolutely massive amount of CP. You must then buy all 60 upgrades in a single go. So get out there, erase all of your current progress by switching sides, and commence the grind. The JSF, at 100% efficiency, should cost about 25 million CP to reach 60 upgrades, making it the cheapest faction. Russia, on the other hand, costs roughly 34 million CP at 100% efficiency, being the most expensive faction. To be fully safe, I would suggest getting around 2-5 million more CP than the bare minimum... you don't want your hard work to go to waste. Only vehicle upgrades count, so be sure to not buy any air strike upgrades, electronic warfare upgrades, etc. There are rumors that command vehicle upgrades also don't count towards the achievement, so to be absolutely safe I would steer clear.
Rorke's Drift 30
Win 20 missions without calling reinforcements in any game mode.    
Easy to boost, but will be difficult against AI. To boost, just have your boosting partner quick leave 20 skirmish matches without you calling in any extra units for the achievement to unlock. Against the normal AI, you are probably going to have to cleverly use level 3 air strikes while holding 3 Uplinks with only a few units if you want to unlock this achievement. It will be difficult. Win 20 full matches without calling in any reinforcements, and this achievement will unlock.

Game Info
Ubisoft Shanghai


US November 04, 2008

Resolution: 1080i
Sound: Dolby 5.1 Surround
Players: 1-3
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