Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Achievement Guide

Guide By: BiggD
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 35/50 - 750
- Online: 15/50 - 250
- Minimum time for 1000: 15-20 Hours Story & 15+ Hours Multiplayer [With Boosting]
- Minimum playthroughs needed: 1
- Cheats affect achievements: No
- Difficulty affects achievements: N/A
- Missable achievements: 1
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: No

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is a beautifully vamped up edition of the 2013 hit title, Tomb Raider. The story in this game dives into the origins of a young Lara Croft and molds her into a hardened and experienced survivor. Achievement wise, the list is identical to that of the Xbox 360’s and overall, the achievements themselves are quite underwhelming. There a very few story progression achievements, and far too many for obtaining collectibles and dipping your toes in the Multiplayer Mode. All of the achievements can be unlocked in a single playthrough of the Story, but be warned that there is one missable achievement and a few other that are best done as soon as possible!

Story Playthrough:
Playing through the Story will net you a substantial amount of achievements; most will be through finding collectibles while others are for smaller tasks. Make sure to focus on the simpler achievements such as killing ten different animals of each type – flying, small, and big – killing a certain amount of enemies with all four different weapons, finding all the collectibles, clearing out all the tombs, completing all the challenges and a few more miscellaneous achievements. There is only one story progression achievement, "A Survivor is Born", which unlocks after completing the entire game. Be aware that you should also really focus on "Epic Fumble", "Get Over Here!", "Down and Dirty", "Dead Eye", "Former Adventurer", and "Boom Goes the Dynamite" throughout the course of this playthrough. These achievements are best done early and planned ahead of time, since they can be VERY hard to obtain post-game.

Also take note of the "Chatterbox" achievement as this is the one true missable achievement that will force you to replay the entire game if you do not follow its criteria from the start. As a general tip, you can utilize the Fast Travel feature via a Base Camp in order to move around the island quickly while working on any of the mentioned achievements. Additionally, once you have obtained an achievement for getting kills with a specified weapon (i.e. Shotgun), start using the next weapon right away!

The Multiplayer Mode in this game is far from perfect, in fact, it’s a rather dull and horrible experience. Fortunately, boosting the Multiplayer achievements is quite easy! Nearly all of them can be done with just one other partner in a Private Match. However, "Good Samaritan", "Sole Survivor", and "Master Blaster" require at least three players to be present. Additionally, there is one achievement, "I’m all that!", for winning a match of all four ranked game types. This will be the hardest achievement to obtain. As far as reaching Level 60 and buying everything from the shop, make sure to refer to the guide below for great strategies on these two achievements!

There are several collectibles in this game in the forms of documents, relics, and GPS caches. Each collectible has two achievements tied to them, plus an overall achievement for finding every collectible in the game. Each collectible is scattered across the various regions of the island and you will find that some are well hidden, while others can be spotted easily. It is highly suggested to come back to the collectibles post-game, as some cannot be retrieved unless you have certain upgrades or equipment. Remember, you can utilize the Fast Travel Camps in order to move around the map quickly while working on the collectibles.

Overall, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is a great experience for those who have not had the chance to play Tomb Raider on the Xbox 360. The graphics in this edition are sharp and beautiful, and replaying the adventures of Lara is a joy, even for those who have played the game last year! The achievement list isn’t necessarily difficult, it’s just very dull and features too many mindless tasks. The Multiplayer Mode is also a let-down, but with a partner, it can be completed quite quickly. Enjoy the game and be ready to embark on a grand journey with Miss Croft!

[XBA would like to thank BiggD for this roadmap]

25% of all documents found.    

Within the game, there are a total of 54 documents that must be collected. Here, you will have to collect at least 40. Fortunately, these documents are almost always stowed away in areas that you will naturally stumble upon, so you shouldn't have too much trouble in finding them. Remember, each time you complete a Tomb for a specific region of the island, you will be rewarded with a Treasure Map that reveals all the locations of collectibles in that same region. Likewise, if you purchase the Orienting skill in the Survivor skill tree, collectibles can be seen through walls by using the Instinct ability.

75% of all documents found.    

This achievement will unlock after collecting 13 of the 54 documents scattered across the game.

Please refer to "Historian" for more information regarding the documents.

Relic Hunter10
25% of all relics collected.    

This achievement will unlock after collecting 10 of the 42 relics scattered across the game.

Please refer to "Archaeologist" for more information regarding the relics.

75% of all relics collected.    

Within the game, there are a total of 42 documents that must be collected. Here, you will have to collect at least 31. Fortunately, these relics are almost always stowed away in areas that you will naturally stumble upon, so you shouldn't have too much trouble in finding them. Remember, each time you complete a Tomb for a specific region of the island, you will be rewarded with a Treasure Map that reveals all the locations of collectibles in that same region. Likewise, if you purchase the Orienting skill in the Survivor skill tree, collectibles can be seen through walls by using the Instinct ability.

Looking for Trouble10
25% of all GPS caches found.    (1) 

This achievement will unlock after collecting 19 of the 75 documents scattered across the game.

Please refer to "Bag Full O’Cache" for more information regarding the GPS caches.

Bag Full O' Cache15
75% of all GPS caches found.    

Within the game, there are a total of 75 GPS caches that must be collected. Here, you will have to collect at least 56. Unlike the other two sets of collectibles, these GPS caches are usually very well hidden and will require some extra exploring in order to track down. Remember, each time you complete a Tomb for a specific region of the island, you will be rewarded with a Treasure Map that reveals all the locations of collectibles in that same region. Likewise, if you purchase the Orienting skill in the Survivor skill tree, collectibles can be seen through walls by using the Instinct ability.

No Stone Left Unturned50
All documents, relics, and GPS caches found.    (13) 

This will be the final collectible-related achievement you will obtain within the game. As mentioned before, there are a total of 54 documents, 42 relics, and 75 GPS caches to be found around the island. While their locations are not directly noted on the map at first, completing the optional Tombs in each area will net you a Treasure Map for that particular area of the island. This will then mark the collectibles on the map and finding them should be quite simple.

Remember, you can always come back to the game after completing the main storyline, so do not feel compelled to snag all collectibles before finishing the story. In fact, many of them will be unobtainable for some time until you progress through the story and obtain new gear or equipment.

As always, utilizing the Fast Travel Camps will help you move around the map quickly, if you choose to hunt down these collectibles post-game. In the Fast Travel Menu, you will also be able to see how many collectibles you are missing per area of the island.

5000 pieces of salvage collected.   

Throughout the course of the game, you will notice small wooden crates and reddish containers scattered around the island. If you tap while near one these containers or crates, you will be able to loot any of the salvage within. This can always be done while standing over a dead body of a Solarri soldier.

Overall, this achievement is cumulative and will most likely unlock in the last third of the game. Do not worry about having to hold 5000 pieces of salvage all at once. You may spend your salvage whenever you want and it will not effect the achievement.

200 enemies looted.   

As mentioned above, you will always be able to loot an enemy solider by pressing over their dead body. There are more than enough enemies within the game, so do not worry about this too much as it should unlock near the middle of the game if you loot casually. Remember, you can always use your Instinct ability to see which enemies you have not looted yet. Their bodies will glow yellow in comparison to those who have already been looted.

Clever Girl25
Purchased all skills in one category.   

Please refer to "Lethal" for more information regarding the skills within the game.

Purchased all skills in all categories.   (1) 

Throughout the Story, Lara will gain XP through various tasks, such as killing enemies, looting salvage, completing challenges, and clearing out Tombs. When your XP progress bar fills up, you will earn a skill point! Now, while sitting at any of the Base Camps, you will notice that you can unlock a new skill by using these skill points.

There are three different categories of skills to choose from: Survivor, Hunter, and Brawler. The Survivor skills deal with upgrading your Instinct ability and looting skills for arrows and salvage. The Hunter skill trees focuses on mastering executions with all four weapons and increasing ammo capacity. Lastly, the Brawler skill tress places an emphasis on melee counters and executions.

Overall, the first skill tree you will want to max out is either the Survivor or Hunter tree. Do NOT max out the Brawler tree until the "Former Adventurer" achievement unlocks because the final two skills will void the Dodge Counter skill and you will miss said achievement.

Now We're Getting Serious25
One weapon fully modded and completely upgraded.   

Please refer to "The Professional" for more information regarding the upgrading process of weapons within the game.

The Professional50
All weapons fully modded and completely upgraded.   

Upgrading weapons within the game can be a little confusing. First off, you will need to collect salvage in order to actually purchase weapon attachments and modifications. Most of these modifications usually range from 250 to 600 pieces of salvage.

However, many of modifications are only unlocked slowly overtime. Opening salvage containers or crates and looting dead enemies will yield weapon attachments, but since the attachments are randomized across the different regions of the island, you will simply need to loot almost everything you see.

With this in mind, don't leave anything unattended throughout your playthrough. Now in order to actually upgrade your weapons, you will need to do this through the Base Camps. Remember, most of these modifications are only unlocked if you do a lot of looting, so you may need to return to the island post-game and search for more salvage crates in order to unlock all of the mods for purchase.

Big Game Hunter15
10 large animals killed and looted.   (1) 

Please refer to "Feather Duster" for more information regarding the killing and looting of animals.

Tastes Like Chicken!15
10 small animals killed and looted.   

Please refer to "Feather Duster" for more information regarding the killing and looting of animals.

Feather Duster15
10 flying animals killed and looted.   

Throughout the course of your playthrough, you will often come across wild animals during specific sections of the island. Killing and looting these animals is beneficial, because they will give you a decent amount of salvage depending on what type on animal they are. Large animals are usually very easy to track down and kill, however smaller animals and flying animals can be a little annoying because they flee very quickly if your first shot does not kill them. Regardless, refer to the list below to see which animal counts for which achievement.

Large Animals

  • Dear
  • Wolf
  • Boar

Small Animals

  • Hare
  • Rat
  • Chicken
  • Crab

Flying Animals

  • Segulls
  • Crows

If for whatever reason you lose track of the animal once it is wounded or even dead, remember you can use your Instinct ability by tapping to highlight the animal. Once you have killed and looted ten of each animal type, the achievements will then unlock.

Sharp Shooter15
50 headshot kills performed in the single player campaign.   

During your playthrough, you will always want to aim for getting headshots on the Solarri enemies as it will not only kill them quicker, but make this achievement unlock sooner, rather than later. Other than that, this achievement is very straightforward and it will most likely come naturally, so long as you pick you shots carefully and do not carelessly empty your entire clip into an enemy’s center mass.

50 enemies killed with the bow.   

Your first weapon in the game will be the bow, so this achievement will naturally unlock before the others. While using the bow, make sure to aim for the head for quick kills, as it can usually take up to three or four body shots before a Solarri solider dies.

Please refer to "Gunslinger" for more information on the four weapon-related achievements.

75 enemies killed with the rifle.   

The assault rifle is the third weapon you unlock during the story.

Please refer to "Gunslinger" for more information on the four weapon-related achievements.

40 enemies killed with the shotgun.   

The shotgun is the fourth and final weapon you unlock during the story.

Please refer to "Gunslinger" for more information on the four weapon-related achievements.

35 enemies killed with the pistol.   

The pistol is the second weapon you unlock during the story and will become available shortly after dealing with the Russians once Whitman and Lara are separated.

In terms of each of the four weapon-based achievements, none of them should be too difficult in obtaining as they are all relatively straightforward and none of the weapons are missable. As a general reminder, make sure that as soon as, say, the shotgun achievement unlocks, to stop using the shotgun and move onto another weapon. This will reduce the risk of missing any of these achievements – although that shouldn’t happen anyways.

Epic Fumble15
Forced an enemy to drop dynamite that killed two people.   (5) 

This achievement can prove to be very difficult so make sure to be patient whilst working towards it. Furthermore, the achievement is also somewhat missable due to the fact that there are only certain areas in the story where the Solarri will be throwing dynamite at Lara during firefights. Make sure to utilize one of the two instances mentioned below so you do not miss the achievement!

With all this in mind, the earliest you can obtain this achievement is in Shantytown, directly after the cutscene where Lara attempts to climb a ladder to reach Grimm, but is ambushed by a squadron of Solarri soldiers. Here, you will notice that a few of the soldiers that are taking cover behind the boxes on the rooftops ahead begin throwing dynamite at you. There are usually three of them on the lower half of the roof, while a fourth sits at the very top near a satellite relay.

Once you have spotted the dynamite-wielding soldiers, equip your bow! Now, you can usually tell when an enemy is going to throw dynamite as they will pop their head out of cover for an extended period of time and prime the dynamite before tossing it away. You will need to be very quick is shooting an arrow at the solider in order to force him into dropping the stick of explosive. If done correctly, it will fall out of his hands and the explosion should kill both him, and at least one solider nearby on the rooftops.

This method sometimes fails because the enemies a little too spread out. If this happens, you can always die in order to restart your checkpoint, or wait to work on this until a little later on, when you are escaping a burning palace. There is a brief moment during that sequence where after you use a zipline to cross a gap in the rooftop, two soldiers on a roof opposite of you will attack. One of these soldiers has a stick of dynamite and since the other is so close to him, it’s nearly impossible to miss the achievement here.

Yet, another alternative is shown in the video below, if you desire a visual representation.

Get Over Here!20
5 enemies rope pulled off edges.   

About a third of the way into the story, Lara will retrieve Rope Arrows shortly after a small cinematic where she gets ambushed and falls into a rope trap. From this point on, you will now be able to utilize your own Rope Arrows by pressing and holding down the button while your bow is equipped.

Now, you will want to work on firing these arrows at enemies who are perched up on ledges and pulling them off. As soon as you obtain the Rope Arrows, you should be able to get at least two or three enemies pulled off the ledge that they are ambushing from. Furthermore, the next earliest section you can continue working on this achievement will be in Shantytown. Just make sure you get this achievement done sooner, rather than later, as the enemies that spawn on the island post-game do not present the most ideal opportunity in obtaining this achievement.

25 unaware enemies killed.   

Over the course of your playthrough, there will be plenty of opportunities in which you can take down enemies without ever being spotted. The most obvious way in doing this would be to use your bow, as it is a silent weapon and can take out a Solarri soldier with a quick headshot.

Most of the times however, the soldiers will be grouped up in packs of two or three. If you wait long enough, they will usually disperse and you can take them all out quietly with your bow. Alternatively, once you learn how to perform a stealth attack with the bow – which is done by pressing when behind an enemy – you can also use this method while working on this achievement. Overall, this achievement will most likely come naturally over your playthrough, so do not worry about it too much.

Down and Dirty15
15 finishers performed.   

In order to perform a finisher on an enemy, you will need to injure them just enough so that they collapse over and are staggered on their knees. At this point, you will notice that there is a button prompt above their head. You will then want to run up to them and tap in order to execute the finisher move.

The best method in obtaining this achievement is to close the gap between Lara and her enemies, and shoot at their legs until the fall over and the prompt appears. Do this a total of 15 times throughout your playthrough and the achievement will unlock in no time.

10 enemies shot off zip lines.   (5) 

Throughout the course of the game, you will notice that many sections of the island feature instances where the Solarri soldiers are using ziplines to close in on Lara during a firefight. For this achievement, you will want to use any weapon – assault rifle is highly recommended – to shoot an enemy off the zipline while they are using it.

There are many instances in which you can work on this achievement, however Shantytown and the “gondola” sequence a little later on are the best opportunities in getting this done. Once you have shot off a total of ten enemies off a zipline, the achievement will unlock.

Former Adventurer20
25 enemies incapacitated with dodge counter.   (10) 

In order to begin working on this achievement, you will first have to unlock and purchase the Dodge Counter perk from the Brawler Skill tree. Upon purchasing this perk, the game will show you a tutorial on how the move is execute: simply press to dodge an enemies melee attack, and then tap at the correct moment when the button prompt shows up. This counter move will allow Lara to stab the enemy in the knee with an arrow. You will have to successfully perform this action a total of 25 times throughout your playthrough before the achievement finally unlocks. Also take note, that this counter will only count towards the achievement once the enemy is staggered on their knees and the finisher prompt appears over their head.

Be very careful with this achievement, as if you purchase the Dodge Kill and Dodge Kill Mastery perks, they will void the Dodge Counter ability and you can miss the achievement.

One Smart Cookie20
One optional tomb completed.   

Please refer directly below to "Intellectually Superior" for more information regarding the Tomb within the game. Do take note however, that the game will hint at you through in-game prompts of the first Tomb in the Mountain Village area during the night.

Intellectually Superior50
All optional tombs completed.   

In total, there are seven Tombs scattered around the island. Their locations may not always be noticeable or even obvious, so tracking them down can be tough. They can usually be found by noticing white chalk markings scratched on the rocks and cliffs of the island – this means that a Tomb is nearby. Alternatively, purchasing the Cartography skill in the Survivor Skill tree will also reveal the locations of all the Tombs on the island. Take note that you will need to purchase the Specialist skill before purchasing Cartography

Overall, each Tomb will essentially be laid out as a puzzle, where the reward is a grand Treasure Map that shows all collectibles for a specific area of the island. It is up to you to figure out how to proceed through the Tomb by using your Instinct ability and solving these puzzles.

Below, you can reference the list of Tombs and all there general locations, as well as a video of each Tomb’s puzzle. Take note however that through the Definitive Edition, the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer is new, so it is not featured in the video below.

  • Costal Forrest – Tomb of the Lost Adventurer (Night)
  • Mountain Village - Tomb of the Unworthy (Night)
  • Mountain Village - Halls of Ascension Tomb (Day)
  • Shantytown: Well of Tears Tomb
  • Shantytown: Chamber of Judgement Tomb
  • Summit Forest: Stormguard Sanctum Tomb
  • Shipwreck Beach - The Flooded Vault Tomb (Day)
  • Shipwreck Beach - Temple of the Handmaidens Tomb (Night)

Unfinished Business20
One challenge completed.   

Please refer to "Inconceivable!" for more information regarding the challenges.

All challenges complete.   (7) 

Throughout the course of the game, you might notice upon experimentation and exploration that there are several different challenges within each region of the island. In total, there are 13 challenges you must complete for this achievement.

A bulk of these challenges require hunting down and either shooting, collecting, or burning a set amount of items that are unique to their location on the island. Such items range from shooting mines to collecting egg and burning banners.

Most of these items for each challenge are very well-hidden around the island, so it is in your best interest to follow the guide embedded within the link below in order to save you a lot of trouble.

For the full guide on each Challenge within the game, be sure to visit THIS THREAD for more information.

A Survivor Is Born75
Game completed.    (2) 

This is unfortunately the only story-progression related achievement in the entire game. It is unmissable, and will unlock during the final cutscene once the game is completed. Remember, the difficulty that you choose from when starting a new game does not matter for this achievement.

Played a match to completion in all multiplayer modes.   (8) 

This achievement can be earned through Private Matches and can be obtained on your own. There are only four game types in the Multiplayer – refer to "I’m all that!" – so this shouldn’t take too long. In the pre-game lobbies, simply set the time limit of each match to five minutes, and when the match starts, since you are playing alone, just allow the timer to expire.

Take note however, that standing idle will get you kicked out of the match, so make sure to be moving around, preferably collecting salvage!

20 enemy players killed with a turret in multiplayer.   (37) 

This achievement will require at least two players and is best done on the Beach map in a Free-For-All Private Match. When the match starts, both players will want to meet in the middle of the map, where a machine gun turret can be found atop a small rock structure. Now simply mount yourself on the turret by tapping and kill your partner a total of twenty times.

These kills will be cumulative, so do not worry if the timer runs out and you only achieved a portion of the twenty kills. The achievement will unlock immediately after you have earned your twentieth turret kill.

Down Boy!10
Zip-lining enemy killed in multiplayer.   (16) 

This achievement will require at least two players and is best done on the Beach map in a Free-For-All Private Match. When the match launches, simply meet each other at the zipline near the large metal lift in the center of the map. At the base of the zipline, one player will need to tap to grab the line - do not use the Rope Ascender to shoot up the line, simply stay put. The second player just has to shoot them and kill them while they are still hanging on for the achievement to unlock.

Using an assault rifle or pistol will usually only chip away at their health and knock them off the zipline. If this happens, simply drain their health until they are near death, then attempt the achievement again. Alternatively, using the bow and aiming for their head will instantly kill them, so either method works fine!

Trapped an enemy in multiplayer.   (10) 

This achievement requires at least two players to be present and can be done on any game mode or any map in a Private Match. When the match begins, both players will want to locate a circular rope laying flat on the ground. If one player stands over the rope, you will be able to tap in order to “set it up” as a trap. After the rope is prepped, have the other player walk over the rope and it will catch their foot and hang them upside down.

Once the player is caught, the achievement will unlock. Make sure to shoot yourself down from the trap and repeat this process with a different rope trap for the other player.

Survived 10 explosions in multiplayer.   (7) 

This achievement can be done solo, unless you have a partner that wants to get it done as well. Simply load up a Free-For-All Private Match and choose whichever map you prefer. Make sure you are playing as a Survivor and have the Grenade Launcher equip.

When the match begins, you will want to take out your Grenade Launcher and shoot it at the ground a little ahead of you – you can also opt to stand a little further away from a wall and shoot the wall instead. If done correctly, the explosion will knock you down or back, and chip away at your health. Once this happens, wait until your health regenerates and this counts as one explosion survived. Now, run around the map and find a salvage crate in order to restock your Launcher. Once you are armed with more ammo, repeat this process nine more times and the achievement will finally unlock.

Good Samaritan10
Revived a teammate in a multiplayer match.   (14) 

This achievement will require at least three players to be present and must be done in the Rescue gametype in a Private Match. In the pre-game lobby, have one player reside on the Solarii team, while the other two situate themselves with the Survivors.

Once the match has started, meet up anywhere on the map, and have the one Solarri player shoot and down one of the Survivors. The player will enter a “last stand” state, and their partner will have to revive them. Press to revive your teammate and the achievement will unlock! Repeat this same method for the other Survivor before quitting out of the match.

I'm all that!25
Won a ranked match in every multiplayer mode.   (240) 

This is the only achievement that cannot be boosted, however, you can still invite your friends to your match if there is room in the pre-game lobby. There are only four gametypes that must be won. These are listed below:

  • Rescue
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Cry For Help
  • Free-For-All

Overall, none of these gametypes should pose as a threat in gaining a victory. Free-For-All will be quite easy, as you could always opt to have your partners allow you to kill them. The other three team-based modes are quite simple if you communicate with your teammates effectively and do not stray away from the objective.

As a note, if it so happens that you get into an empty lobby and have filled the match up with all of your boosting partners through invites, you can have the other team quit out once the match starts, and it will still count as a win.

Sole Survivor15
Sole survivor on your multiplayer team.   (8) 

This achievement will require at least three players so be present. Once all the players are ready, load up a Team Deathmatch Private Match, and have it set up so that it’s two players against one player. You will now want to meet at a central location and have the sole player kill a player on the opposing team.

The player who remains alive on the team with two players will be deemed as the “sole survivor” and will unlock the achievement right away.

Lights Out15
10 multiplayer enemies killed with the melee attack.   (8) 

This achievement only requires two players and can be done in any gametype within a Private Match. Once the match starts, meet up with your partner at a central location and simple press the when you are behind them to insta-kill them with a fierce melee attack.

Once they spawn, you will want to continue meeting up and obtaining your melee kills until the achievement unlocks.

Master Blaster20
Two multiplayer enemies killed with one explosive.   (63) 

This achievement will require three players and is best done in a Free-For-All Private Match. Once the match starts, have all three players meet near a red gasoline barrel. Two players will want to stand near the barrel, while the third player stands back to shoot the barrel with any weapon. Once the barrel explodes, it will kill both players and the achievement will unlock.

Alternatively, if you are playing as a Survivor and have the Grenade Launcher equip, you can simply use this weapon as a means of taking out both players simultaneously with a grenade explosion.

Monkey Around15
Survived 3 times in multiplayer by using the rope ascender.   (19) 

This achievement requires as little as two players. Load up a Free-For-All Private Match on Beach, and have both players meet near one of the ziplines – preferably the line located near the metal lift in the center of the map.

The player that is NOT going for the achievement will want to shoot their partner just enough times to that their health drops to a critical state. The player that is going for the achievement will then want to jump onto the zipline and press to use the Rope Ascender. This will shoot you to the top of the zipline rapidly.

Once you reach the top, allow yourself to regenerate your health, then return to the base of the zipline and repeat this twice more, thus unlocking the achievement.

New character purchased.   

Please refer to "Shopaholic" for more information.

On My Way Up10
Multiplayer level 10 attained.   

Please refer to "True Commitment" for more information.

Purchased all upgrades and characters in multiplayer.   (49) 

In order to unlock every character and weapon upgrade in the Multiplayer Mode, you will need to reach level 60 and amass around 200,000 salvage. As a general note, make sure to understand that through the Definitive Edition, there are three new characters and a new array of Hitman: Absolution weapons to unlock: two shotguns, two assault rifles, and two pistols.

You will generally unlock a new character - whether it is a Survivor or Solarri - every four levels. Their salvage costs range from 250 to 5,000 pieces of salvage. On the other hand, weapon upgrades are available as soon as a weapon is unlocked. Almost all of the weapons have six attachments; some are a mere 250 salvage to unlock, while some of the more powerful weapons have attachments that cost upwards to 5,000 and 10,000 pieces of salvage.

As one last note, if you still need a decent amount of salvage even after having reached level 60, there is a simple, yet very boring method you can utilize. Simply load up a Private Match of Free-For-All on the Underground map. Set the time to 20 minutes - the faction does not matter, although you will want to be playing alone for this method.

When the match starts, run circles around the entire map, collecting all five crates of salvage. At this time, you should know where they are all located: two near the front of the sub, one near the back, and one on each docking side of the sub. By the time you finish one "lap," the next set of salvage will have spawned almost immediately. If you are dedicated and focused enough while collecting all the salvage for 20 minutes straight, you should be able to collect about 16,000 to 19,000 in a single match.

In the end, once EVERYTHING in the Multiplayer Store is purchased, the achievement will finally unlock.

True Commitment30
Multiplayer level 60 attained.   (67) 

In order to reach level 60, you will need to amass around 1.8 million XP. This might seem like a daunting task, but luckily, you can opt to boost your ranks in a Private Match, either alone or with one other boosting partner. Boosting your rank in Private Matches is the easiest way in obtaining this achievement, as the Multiplayer is rather dead and it will both time consuming and difficult to find full matches.

With the Solo boosting method, you will want to load a 20 minute match of Rescue on the Beach map, choose the Survivor faction, and set the point limit to 20. All you have to do in this match is collect the kits around the map and return them to the drop-off zone. On your way to each kit, make sure to grab any salvage that is on the way.

In terms of the Co-Op boosting method, you will want to launch a 20 minute Free-For-All match on the Underground map. Make sure both players are playing as a Survivor and have a Grenade Launcher equip. Here, both you and your partner will want to meet in the center of the map on top of the submarine and stand a few feet apart. Now fire your Grenade Launcher at each other at the same time. Both of you will die, and when you spawn back, keep repeating this process for the entire match. Remember to collect any salvage on the way back to submarine!

for a visual representation of both boosting methods, be sure to utilize the links below:

Secret Achievements
Boom Goes the Dynamite10
Bundle of dynamite shot out of the air.   (1) 

This achievement may seem like a relatively simple task, but during your playthrough, you will notice that only a few fights involve enemies throwing dynamite at you. One of the earliest and easiest locations you can first obtain this achievement is shortly after Shantytown and finding Grimm. Lara will be ambushed by a horde of Solorri soldiers, some of which will begin to toss dynamite near her cover.

You will want to either use the Shotgun or Assault Rifle when attempting to shoot the stick of dynamite in mid-air. I personally recommend the Shotgun, as it’s pellet spread will be sure to hit the dynamite. Regardless of which weapon you use, this may take a couple tries, so just make to not kill the solider throwing the dynamite until you get the achievement.

Crab Cakes5
FeeFee the crab killed.   (3) 

This is a very easy achievement that can be quickly obtained once you arrive to the Shipwreck Beach Base Camp area after leaving Shantytown. Once you’re on the beach, you will spot some crabs crawling around on the sand near the shipwreck. Simply pull out a weapon, and kill any of the crabs in order to unlock this achievement.

All conversations with the Endurance crew completed.    (13) 

The Endurance Crew consists of the following characters: Whitman, Roth, Sam, Jonah, and Reyes. In order to obtain this particular achievement, you will need to speak to each of these characters at specific times during the Story. You will notice a speech bubble above their head, along with an prompt, when you are able to speak to them. They usually all have about three conversations and you can tell when you've successfully exhausted their conversations because the "TR" saving icon will appear on the bottom right hand of the screen.

Below, you can find a list of the different occasions in which you will need to speak to each character. Remember, this achievement is missable, so be sure to follow this guide!

  • Before upgrading your Pry Axe in the Costal Forrest, speak with Whitman.
  • After Roth gives you his Climbing Axe in the Mountain Village, speak with him.
  • After meeting back with Roth on your way to the smoke beacon, talk to him near the campfire before going down the mountain.
  • Once you are on the Shipwreck Beach, make sure to talk to Reyes, Jonah, and Sam before going to the Galleon to retrieve the block and tackle.
  • On the Shipwreck Beach again, before going to the Endurance to find Alex, you will need to talk to Jonah, Sam, and Whitman at the campfire and Reyes, who is back on the boat installing the engine.
  • When you return to the Beach camp at night, make sure you talk to Jonah, Reyes, and Whitman before heading up to the research base. Sam will be asleep so don't worry about her.

Take note that some players have reported that speaking to Whitman in the beginning in the game is not necessary for this achievement. This is only semi-confirmed, so proceed with caution!

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