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Weapons Master

Execute ten Adrenaline Attack headshots

- This will come with little practice and is similar (yet different) to the adrenaline head shot in Tomb Raider: Anniversary. General combat will gradually increase the adrenaline level. It must reach the top before Lara can perform an Adrenaline Head shot. At the beginning of some battles, the gauge will already be full. Use this to your advantage.

Fill the adrenaline gauge, (the smaller silhouette of Lara in top left of HUD). Press when the enemy draws close. Slo-mo will engage and you must quickly move your red reticule into the shaded gray area on an enemy's head. Then shoot with .

A quick and early way to get this is during the beginning of the Coastal Thailand area (level 3). You climb up a cliff side and are attacked by some tigers along a river. After dispatching this first group, you then need to climb some ruined columns to reach an upper area. Once on top, you will get a message about using the adrenalin headshots.

The message will continue as you make your way under some branches and shimmy across a ledge. As you come out on the other side you will be attacked by 3 tigers. Immediately kill the first one with the adrenalin headshot. Now try to build your adrenalin meter up again by shooting at the other 2 tigers. It is possible to fill the meter 1 more time before killing them both so you can get a maximum of 2 adrenalin kills at this one location.

Once all three tigers are dead, jump off the cliff you entered the area from and kill yourself. You will restart right back at the top and can do it all over again. If you can manage 2 adrenalin kills per attempt, it will only take 4 more tries to get your 10 total kills. If you can only manage the first kill on each attempt you will replay this section 9 more times. Either way, the achievement can be yours within 10 minutes and then you don't have to worry about adrenalin kills for the rest of the game.

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Japan January 29, 2009

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