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Guide By: E vee dub
There are 41 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline achievements: 41 (1250 )
- Online achievements: 0
- Approximate time for 1000 : 7-10 hours (for 1000) + 1-2 hours (for 125 in Beneath The Ashes + 2-3 hours (for 125 in Lara's Shadow)
- Minimum number of playthroughs required for completion: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 6 (Master Swan Diver, Master Speed Demon, Grenadier, Master Grenadier, Weapons Expert, Master Weapons Expert)
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes

Welcome to Tomb Raider Underworld. This iteration of Tomb Raider ties up storylines in from the previous two titles following the reboot of the franchise, so it's highly recommended you pick up at least Tomb Raider: Legend if you want to be up to date on the story. In addition, there is no training level (usually Croft Manor) in this version, so if you're new to the series, take some time during the prologue and first level to adapt yourself with Lara's moves; players of Anniversary or Legend will find the controls nearly the same.

To obtain 1000 gamerscore, you can obtain it all in one playthrough by starting on the Master Survivalist difficulty. There are 2 level packs available as DLC, each adding 125 The combat isn't too difficult and there is no penalty for dying, so there's nothing to worry about. Upon completing the game, you unlock Treasure Hunter mode, which allows you to revisit locations and pick up any missed treasures or relics.

Cheats are available in this game from the beginning, though they're not really necessary. To activate them, while in control of Lara, press the following:

Bulletproof Lara: Hold , press
One-shot Kill: Hold , press
Show Enemy Health: Hold , press

Step #1 - Master Survivalist Playthough
Should you wish to use a full walkthough, use the one located (LINK).

When you start up a new game, make sure to select Master Survivalist. As you play, try to get as many treasures and relics as you can, and check those off against the master list (LINK).

While you are able to go back and collect them later, if you loose track of what you have already picked up, you will end up having to check all the locations again anyways. Treasure and relics save automatically and will remain even if you die or don't finish the level. They do, however, have to be obtained in one Playthough (including the Treasure Hunt).

There are two sets of achievements you want to make sure to get as you pass through the areas they're located in. Both the Master Swan Diver and Master Speed Demon achievements require all 3 tasks to be done within the same Playthough. So if you miss the first, but do the other two and reload a save to do the first, it will not count. The first half of the game, you will want to make note of the 3 swan dive locations (LINK).

For the second half of the game, you will want to make note of the 3 speed runs involving the motorcycle.

In addition, there are three sets of combat achievements that may end up being missable. In Treasure Hunt mode, enemies you kill in the normal game don't seem to respawn, so if you haven't gotten either of the Grenadier achievements, Weapons (headshot) achievements, or Road Killer achievements, you will have to reload an older save.

Other than that, the rest of the achievements should come by completing the main storyline.

Step 2: Beneath The Ashes [+125/DLC Only!]
If you purchased the first DLC pack, Beneath The Ashes, it can be accessed from the main menu or the pause menu. Select 'Downloadable Content' on the bottom left, then 'Play Mission' on the top right. This is a fairly straightforward level that takes place after events in the main storyline. All you will have to do is complete the level and find all the collectibles (1 relic and 28 treasures). If you have any problems, consult the walkthrough (LINK).

Step 3: Lara's Shadow [+125/DLC Only!]
The second DLC pack loads up the same way Beneath The Ashes does and intertwines with the main story and Beneath The Ashes. The controls are slightly different, but luckily you start right out in a tutorial area. Once again, you will have to do some treasure hunting, this time it’s 1 relic and 20 treasures. Lara’s Shadow also introduces the return of the speed runs. There is no given goal time, so you will have to work as fast as you can. Both of them can be obtained on your second pass through the level and it’s been reported you can obtain the first speed run on your first pass of the level. If you have problems, consult the walkthough (LINK).

[x360a would like to thank jukkakhan for this Road Map]

Complete the Prologue    
-This will be the first achievement you get. You get this after you learn the controls in the introductory stage. (Story line)
Master Survivalist100
Complete the game on hardest possible settings     

It's a good idea to play through the game twice. First, on easy to get all collectibles, speed demons, swan dives, grenadiers, etc. and familiarize yourself with the puzzles.

Then play the hard difficulty. Skip past some enemies and do not worry about the other achievements. You'll breeze through the puzzles, too. If you play through on easy and get all collectibles, you will still have those when you start on Master Survivalist. So your health bar is maxed from the start.

Treasure Collector30
Find 10 Treasures    
-See "Master Treasure Collector".
Skilled Treasure Collector40
Find 50 Treasures    
-See "Master Treasure Collector".
Dedicated Treasure Collector50
Find 100 Treasures    
-See "Master Treasure Collector".
Master Treasure Collector60
Find all 179 Treasures    
-Refer to THIS THREAD for all the locations.
Relic Collector30
Find a Relic    
-See "Master Relic Collector".
Dedicated Relic Collector50
Find 3 Relics    
-See "Master Relic Collector".
Master Relic Collector70
Find all 6 Relics    
-There is one relic per area, for a total of 6 relics.
-Refer to THIS THREAD for locations.
Swan Diver I10
In one adventure, swan dive off one of the three highest points over water in the game   
-This is in the room with the Kraken.
-Refer to THIS THREAD for description and pictures.
Swan Diver II10
In one adventure, swan dive off two of the three highest points over water in the game   
-This is on Natla's first cargo ship
-Refer to THIS THREAD for description and pictures.
Master Swan Diver10
In one adventure, swan dive off the three highest points over water in the game    
-This is at the beginning of Coastal Thailand.
-Refer to THIS THREAD for description and a picture.
Execute a chimney jump of at least 2 wall kicks    
-See "Master Climber".
Master Climber10
Execute a chimney jump of at least 4 wall kicks    
-There are ample places throughout the game where you can wall jump 4 times. I used a gap in the wall behind the kraken.

To wall jump, jump towards a wall and press . When Lara connects with the wall, quickly press . Lara will jump back off the wall. Press repeatedly to have Lara bounce upward between the walls.
Speed Demon I5
Drive into Xibalba in under 45 seconds   (1) 
--Southern Mexico
-Save your game before you align the second calendar.
-You attempt this as soon as you align the second calendar.
-Have your bike parked outside the opposite side of the door your enter. You'll jump through this hole in the wall to exit.
-Align the calendar, watch the cut scene, mount your bike, maneuver the curves and turn Left at the intersection.
-This isn't too hard. Just don't bump too many walls, stall out, or fall in the pit.
-Press or for speed boost while holding , best used at start up or while catching air.
Speed Demon II5
Drove from the top of Valgrind to the bottom in under 50 seconds   
-- Jan Mayen Island
-A cut scene will show you the spiral path downward. Use the outside edge to avoid the various sized holes. Ignore enemies.
-I actually fell down one of the holes (on easy), survived and got there faster than intended.
-If you are collecting everything for your first play through, grab the treasure to the right, then dive over the edge to die on purpose to reset the time. You'll start back up top to retry your challenge.
-Again, not too hard. Just don't let obstacles slow you down.
Speed Demon III5
Drive through the Valhalla Maze in under 40 seconds   
--Jan Mayen Island
-After the aligning the symbols on the cylindrical column, open the door and get on your bike. Ignore all enemies and collectibles.
-The directions are: Through the door - Right - Left - Right - Left - Left - Right
-This should unlock when you reach the point between the two poles you pull down. If it did not unlock, then at least one of your runs were too long.
Master Speed Demon10
Beat all three Speed Demon challenges    (2) 

-Try and get these on your first play through. This doesn't unlock just because you have the other three Speed Demon achievements unlocked, they need to all be done in one game.

- This works just like the Swan Diver achievements. You have to get them in one succession. If you don't get it, then reload the save "Southern Mexico Xibalba" and play until you finish the Valhalla maze. It will take about 45 minutes (skipping collectibles) to get to all three challenges and should unlock when you pass the two poles in the maze.

-Do the times quickly since there's no indication that you finished in the set time.

Note: Reloading the save on your first play through will save over the previous auto saves, so you'll have to grab all the collectibles again.

Kill an enemy by running over it with the motorcycle   
- You can run over a panther at the beginning of Southern Mexico.
Master Roadkiller10
Kill five enemies by running over them with the motorcycle    

-Only have to kill five enemies. Run over anything you can. You can hit the panthers and have this in no time.

-( + ) or ( + ) and steering L or R makes Lara do a doughnut. While she does this, panthers, spiders, etc. will kill themselves running at you.

Kill two enemies with one grenade    
- See "Master Grenadier".
Master Grenadier10
Kill three enemies with one grenade   
- Easy on a group of attacking spiders, but can be used on other enemies. When 3 or more come at you, throw your grenade with .
Weapons Expert5
Execute an Adrenaline Attack headshot on an enemy   
-See "Weapons Master".
Weapons Master10
Execute ten Adrenaline Attack headshots   

- This will come with little practice and is similar (yet different) to the adrenaline head shot in Tomb Raider: Anniversary. General combat will gradually increase the adrenaline level. It must reach the top before Lara can perform an Adrenaline Head shot. At the beginning of some battles, the gauge will already be full. Use this to your advantage.

Fill the adrenaline gauge, (the smaller silhouette of Lara in top left of HUD). Press when the enemy draws close. Slo-mo will engage and you must quickly move your red reticule into the shaded gray area on an enemy's head. Then shoot with .

A quick and early way to get this is during the beginning of the Coastal Thailand area (level 3). You climb up a cliff side and are attacked by some tigers along a river. After dispatching this first group, you then need to climb some ruined columns to reach an upper area. Once on top, you will get a message about using the adrenalin headshots.

The message will continue as you make your way under some branches and shimmy across a ledge. As you come out on the other side you will be attacked by 3 tigers. Immediately kill the first one with the adrenalin headshot. Now try to build your adrenalin meter up again by shooting at the other 2 tigers. It is possible to fill the meter 1 more time before killing them both so you can get a maximum of 2 adrenalin kills at this one location.

Once all three tigers are dead, jump off the cliff you entered the area from and kill yourself. You will restart right back at the top and can do it all over again. If you can manage 2 adrenalin kills per attempt, it will only take 4 more tries to get your 10 total kills. If you can only manage the first kill on each attempt you will replay this section 9 more times. Either way, the achievement can be yours within 10 minutes and then you don't have to worry about adrenalin kills for the rest of the game.

Beneath the Ashes50
Complete the Beneath the Ashes Mission    
Master Collector50
Find the Hidden Relic and all Treasures in Beneath the Ashes     
Find the Hidden Relic in Beneath the Ashes     
Treasure Hunter10
Find all Treasures in Lara's Shadow     
Relic Hunter10
Find the Hidden Relic in Lara's Shadow     
Master Reward Hunter25
Find the Hidden Relic and all Treasures in Lara's Shadow     
Lara's Shadow50
Complete the Lara's Shadow Mission    
Refinery Speed Run10
Complete a timed speed run from the first slope in the Refinery to the back platform without saving    (4) 
Right of Passage10
After destroying the Transformer, beat a timed speed run through the unstable passage without saving    
Shadow Combat Master10
Complete the combat tutorial in Lara's Shadow    
Secret Achievements
Mediterranean Sea Expedition50
Mediterranean Sea Expedition successfully completed    
See Arctic Sea Expedition for more info.
Coastal Thailand Expedition75
Coastal Thailand Expedition successfully completed    
See Arctic Sea Expedition for more info.
Croft Manor Expedition25
Croft manor Expedition successfully completed    
See Arctic Sea Expedition for more info.
Southern Mexico Expedition100
Southern Mexico Expedition successfully completed    
See Arctic Sea Expedition for more info.
Jan Mayen Island Expedition50
Jan Mayen Island Expedition successfully     
See Arctic Sea Expedition for more info.
Andaman Sea Expedition25
Andaman Sea Expedition successfully completed    
See Arctic Sea Expedition for more info.
Arctic Sea Expedition100
Arctic Sea Expedition successfully completed    
All the secret achievements are simply story related and can not be missed. If you are stuck at any point, refer to this walkthrough.

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Crystal Dynamics


Japan January 29, 2009

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