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Tony Hawk: Ride Achievement Guide

Guide By: TuSeMorte
There are 26 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Ready To Roll15
Complete the Training Test challenge in Street Training   
Game Mode: Road Trip

Start a new game and create your skater. You should get this Achievement after finishing the Casual Difficulty level of training.
Don't Be Nervous100
Unlock Tokyo in Casual      
See It's Show Time.
Game Show Awaits100
Unlock Tokyo in Confident      
See It's Show Time.
It's Show Time110
Unlock Tokyo in Hardcore      
These achievements are stackable so complete Road Trip mode on Hardcore Difficulty first to prevent multiple playthroughs. Once you have unlocked the next city/level, just move on.
One Trick Pony15
Venice Beach, Trick Session: Score 10,000 Points in one Combo   
Game Mode: Exhibition or Road Trip
City: Southern California
Level: Venice Beach
Mode: Trick Session

Manuals and Varial Flip combos are key to getting this achievement. From the beginning, grind the rail directly in front of you. While grinding the rail, attempt as many ollie flip tricks as you can. Next, manual up the large ramp in front of you and then flip trick to grind combos again. This should net you well over 10,000 points in a combo but if, not just continue the manual while flip tricking until you get enough points.
LA River, Speed Session: Complete in under 1:30 without jumping   
Game Mode: Exhibition or Road Trip
City: Southern California
Level: LA River
Mode: Speed Session

Just complete this run without performing an ollie. Hit as many speed boosts as possible. This may take a few tries but it is perfectly doable.
Manual Mover15
Lower Wacker Drive, Speed Session: Complete in under 1:00 with 200 ft of Manuals   
Game Mode: Exhibition or Road Trip
City: Chicago
Level: Lower Wacker Drive
Mode: Speed Session

Follow the path along the left side of the Lower Wacker Drive Speed Session and manual as much as you can. Performing a manual from the starting area to the finish line should net you the Stride Long Lasting Manual achievement as well.

If you are having a hard time performing manuals, just put a chair behind you and rest your hand on it to help you balance. You can also just use your hands on the board instead of your feet.
Monumental Task30
Loop Plaza, Challenge Session: Activate Signature Moment during Challenge #3   
Game Mode: Exhibition or Road Trip
City: Chicago
Level: Loop Plaza Challenge Session
Mode: Challenge Session

Pick Challenge #3 in the Loop Plaza Challenge Session. Perform flip or tilt tricks to manual combos until you get close to the required grinding area. Grind the rail and then just ollie flip trick back to grind as much as you can. On the Quarter pipe, do a Christ Air (Push Front foot past the sensor on the front of the board.) Once the Style meter is full execute a Signature Moment by covering the rear sensor on the board. You do not have to complete the challenge, just trigger the Signature moment.
Central Park, Speed Session: Collect 60 seconds worth of Time Bubbles   
Game Mode: Exhibition or Road Trip
City: New York
Level: Central Park
Mode: Speed Session

Skate like normal until you come to an area with 3 or 4 pink and purplish blue pipes. Once you find the area, look around for the 3, 4, and 5 second time bubbles. After collecting all of these, go to the next area below and look for a jump over a mud pit with a 5 second bubble in it. Get all of these you can then precede to the Bowl area. There are several 2, 4, 5 and a 7 second bubbles here. The achievement should pop while you are skating around, if not, keep collecting bubbles until it does. This method took me 4 or 5 minutes but it works.
Successful Matador90
Barcelona, Challenge Session: Complete all Challenges without bailing   
You must complete all 5 of these challenges without bailing. If you miss a trick but don’t fall, just pause the game, select Challenges and then reselect the one you are working on.

Thanks to cbon11 from True Achievements for this:
1. Settings
Game Mode: Exhibition
City: Spain
Level: Bracelona Plaza
Mode: Challenge

2. Practice them all first.

3. If you can’t do them using your feet, then use your hands on the board instead.

4. Do them in this order: 2, 5, 4, 1, 3 or start with the one hardest to you.

5. Adv. Flick And Flip Tricks Require the Rear Sensor to be Covered.
Highlight Reel30
Toledo, Trick Session: Score 20,000 Total Points in the Camera Spots   
Game Mode: Exhibition or Road Trip
City: Spain
Level: Toledo Streets
Mode: Trick Session

To get this achievement, you need to score 20,000 total points in the camera zones in the level. A camera zone is the Camera Shaped Icon. I went for mostly the blue ones as they were in a good line for high combo tricks. Again, fill the style meter up and try to fire off the Signature Moment before each one of the camera icons. Ollie airwalk nets you about 6000 to 8000 per camera so that is what I did. To perform an airwalk, Ollie, then cover the nose sensor.
Terminal Velocity30
Frankfurt Terminal, Speed Session: Complete in under 1'45 without collecting any time bubbles   
Game Mode: Exhibition or Road Trip
City: Frankfurt
Level: Frankfurt Terminal
Mode: Speed Run

You cannot collect the green time bubbles, but if you hit a red or 2 you should be fine. Best strategy for this is hit as many boosters as possible and avoid launching off ramps if you can. After you play the level 2 or 3 times, you should be able to get this one no problem.
Handy Man30
Venice Half-Pipe: Score 10,000 points worth of grabs   
Game Mode: Exhibition or Road Trip
City: Southern California
Level: Venice Beach Half Pipe
Mode: Trick Session

To get this, you need to complete a total of 10,000 points in grab moves. The easiest way to do this is to fill up the style meter and trigger Signature Moment and then go for a Christ Air by covering the front sensor after leaving the coping. You should be able to get this in one or two tricks.
Quick Style15
Boom Boom Huck Jam: Fire off the Signature Moment within 20 seconds of session start   
Game Mode: Exhibition or Road Trip
City: Chicago
Level: Boom Boom Huck Jam
Mode: Session

To get this, drop in and do a varial/flip trick. Then go BIG with a Christ Air (Push front foot past the sensor on the front of the board) or something. Next, I did Tail Grab and another Christ Air. That should have your meter fully charged up in under 20 seconds. Now, cover the tail sensor of the board while in the flats and you should get the achievement.
Heavy Lifting15
Central Park Half-Pipe: Perform 10 Inverts   
Game Mode: Road Trip
City: New York
Level: Central Park Half-Pipe
Session Type: Free Skate

To get ten inverts, roll in and right before the coping of the ramp and cover the front sensor. The invert controls are dodgy at best. If you bail, don't worry, just roll in again and repeat this process until you have 10 registered inverts. The achievement will pop right after you complete the last registered invert while still skating in the level.

To do an invert, cover the front sensor on the board based on the direction you are going up the ramp just before getting to the coping. If you are having trouble, pause the game and go to Training Videos>Vert – Inverts.
Certified Chiropractor15
Barcelona Half-Pipe: Perform 5 Spine Transfers   
Game Mode: Road Trip
City: Spain
Level: Barcelona Half Pipe
Session Type: Free Skate

To get this achievement, simply drop in and shift your weight to the nose of the board (like a nose manual) as you are going up the transition of the ramp to the coping near the spine and you should get a Spine transfer. Repeat this 5 times and the achievement will unlock.

The Training video says to Ollie at the top of the ramp, then shift the weight to the nose. This is a very difficult way to do these. The easiest method I found was to approach the spine as normal and then just put my weight forward on the nose without performing an Ollie right as I was approaching the edge of the ramp or coping.
Stalls with Style15
Quiksilver 80s Vert: Fire off the Signature Moment using only Stalls   
Game Mode: Road Trip
City: Frankfurt
Level Quicksilver 80’s Vert Challenge
Session Type: Trick

The easiest way I found to do this is to push down on the end of the board that is going towards the coping. This should initiate a nose stall if done right. Just keep repeating these steps 5 or 6 times without doing any tricks. Once the gauge is full, cover the tail sensor with your toe while in the flat area between the ramps and it should start a Signature Moment. The achievement will pop during this moment or right after it ends. This did not work in Free Skate mode for me so do it in Trick Session.
Channel Surfing15
Quiksilver 80s Vert: Channel the Gap 5 Times in one session   
Game Mode: Road Trip
City: Frankfurt
Level: Quicksilver 80’s Vert Challenge
Session Type: Free Skate

In case you do not know what the channel is on a half pipe, it is the gap between the copings that you roll in from on this ramp.

This is not hard but it can be irritating. If you are having trouble turning on the ramp, then loosen the trucks in the options menu. Basically, just roll in the channel and air off the other side of the ramp to gain speed for the Channel Gap. Approach the Channel Gap at a fairly steep angle and Ollie over the channel. You have to clear the gap cleanly 5 times. Just keep doing this until the achievement pops. Unfortunately, this game does not tell you it is a channel gap.
Vert Master30
Boom X2 Vertical U-Ramp Go: Complete level without bailing   
Game Mode: Road Trip
City: Tokyo
Level: BoomX2 TH Vertical U-Ramp

The easiest way to pull this off is to just drop in and immediately lift the nose like a manual inducing a stall. Do this for 3 minutes and this one is yours.
All Four One15
Vans Downtown Showdown: Complete level successfully   
Game Mode: Road Trip
City: Southern California
Level: Vans Downtown Showdown

Simply complete Vans Downtown Showdown in Road Trip Mode.
*Note: I scored 23225 points overall, not sure if that is a factor.
In the Bank15
Back to the Banks: Complete level successfully   
Game Mode: Road Trip
City: New York
Level: Back To The Banks

Just complete your three runs on Back To The Banks Level.

Use a lot of Flip Tricks To Manuals Combos to fill up the style meter.
Trigger the Signature Moment by covering the back/tail sensor with your foot.
Spelling Bee90
Party Mode, ├ęS Game of SKATE: Over 15 letters given out in one game.   
Thanks to cbon11 from TrueAchievements:

Go into Party Mode and make a party with 4 players or more. Next, select the Session Type as Competition, Level as eS Game of Skate and the difficulty as Casual. You don’t need to be the only one giving out the letters, as long as 15 total are given out before the end of the match.
The achievement will pop once 15 total letters have been given out.
Stride's Long Lasting Manual30
Do one continuous Manual for 400 feet   
See Manual Mover.

If you can’t manual well, put a chair behind you and rest your hand on it for balance or just use your hands to control the board.
T-Mobile Sidekick Grab 515
Half-Pipe: Do 5 different Grab Tricks in one session   
See Handy Man.
Perform 5 different Grab tricks at the same time you are working towards your Handy Man achievement.
Secret Achievements
The Chosen One90
Boom X2 TH Go Show: Get to the end without bailing   
Game Mode: Exhibition or Road Trip
City: Tokyo
Level: Boom X2 TH Go Show

The easiest way to get this is to set the difficulty to casual and just stay straight on all the paths. After the Paper, Rock, Scissor doors, you will have 2 objects to Ollie, then just cruise doing as little as possible until you reach the miniature city of Tokyo area. Once there, Ollie up the freeway ramp. You will then have to perform 3 Ollies in rapid succession to clear some trolley cars blocking the road. After that, you will have to grind and transfer 3 or 4 rails. Transfer to the Left, then Right, then Right again. After that, just Ollie through the dragon's mouth. Just take it easy until the end and you will have this achievement.
Last One - I Promise15
Multiplayer, Local or Online, Challenge Session: Rematch 10 times   
To set this up, go to Main Menu>Party Mode
Session Type: Challenge
Level: Venice
Difficulty: Hardcore

You do not have to do all 10 rematches in one sitting. Keep in mind you have to play one game and then after that match, select play again and that is the first rematch of that series. For the sake of time, do these in one sitting. Each match takes about 6 to 8 minutes. Just complete part of a challenge with one skater to score a few points and the rest of the rounds just turn the skater out of bounds.

*Some tips for speeding this up*
Instead of tapping the start button on the side of the board and Ollieing to continue, just press on your controller and then for regular foot or press then for goofy foot. As the 11th or the 12th match starts, this should pop.

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US November 17, 2009
Europe November 20, 2009

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