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Guide By: MAIDENRULE, FreeFool
There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4-5/10, maybe more depending on your skill at the game
- Offline: 32 (805 )
- Online: 8 (195 )
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : ~ 30-40 Hours, again maybe more depending on your skill
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched/unobtainable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No


In Top Spin 4 the most difficult achievements are online. There are some very good players out there online and it may be difficult for less experience players to obtain the online achievements.

Step #1 - Top Spin Academy - This is the best place to start for any player of Top Spin 4. Whether you have played all the other Top spin games or none, the Top Spin Academy will teach everything about how to play the game. It is different from other tennis games so here is the best place to start. After completing all training in the Academy you should have 'A good start' and 'Teacher's Pet'.

Step #2 - Career - Once you have got to basics with how to play the game, i would recommend starting your Career. By doing this you can work towards netting your self all the Career achievements, and you will be building up your player to a high standard so you can stand more of a chance when you go Online. Also, by leveling your player up you will be working towards achieving 'Completely Developed' which is getting to level 20. Once you have achieved Level 20, you can work towards 'Greatest' which does take a bit of time because there are quite a few requirements to get this. With perseverance, 'Greatest' can be achieved within 20 Hours of play time.

Step #3 - Online - I would recommend that you have your own player at, at least level 15 before you go Online. The majority of people who play Online now will be level 20 and if you are any lower than 15 you may struggle to beat your opponent. Only one online achievement should prove difficult which is Winning the Grand Slam. It may take some people weeks, it may only take a day or two, it depends on who you get put up against and obviously how good you are at the game. To gain the 'Gender Equality' achievement you will have to create the opposite sex player to what you have created, then go online and play 20 matches with them.

Step #4 - Clean Up - The rest of the achievements will be for doing certain things in King of the Court, certain shots, beating the player roster, and unlocking 75% of the game unlockables. Alot of the unlockables will come from playing Career, maybe 50% - 55%, the rest will have to be done by using a specific player to beat another player. These should not take too long if you play on a difficulty you are comfortable with.

First step of the tournament20
WORLD TOUR - You've won your first Tournament match.   (2) 

There are 7 tournaments for you to choose from throughout the week. Some only have 2 rounds to win; some have 3 and 1 has 4. The best option to get this is to go for a tournament with less rounds in first.

Warming up10
WORLD TOUR - You've won your first Quick match.   (1) 

You have to play and win a quick match located below the tournaments in the online WORLD TOUR.

The Undisputed king20
KING OF THE COURT - You won a King of the Court game without losing any sessions.   

This achievement and the previous are very easy to obtain. Go to King of the Court under game modes, set the difficulty of the AI players to easy or very easy, set the amount of points to win at 3 and the matches to win at 3. Now win all 3 matches against the AI and will have both achievements. Simple.

For the Flag20
CAREER - You won a match in International Competition.     

This will come when you are at level 20 and are Number 1 for your country. You will be called for an international event. All you have to do is win a match.

King of the Court10
KING OF THE COURT - You've played the King of the Court.   

See 'The Undisputed King'

Less than 24 hours35
WORLD TOUR – You played a match less than 24h before end of season when you were in Season top 100.   (6) 

This sounds quite hard but can be very easy. The way I did it was have a level 20 female character and play an online quick match or tournament on the last day of the season (Sunday). As fewer people use female characters, it is a lot easier to get into the top 100 of a female season. By winning a few games as a female character you will get this achievement.

No pain, no gain30
WORLD TOUR / CAREER - You've completed 20 Special Objectives in Sparring Partner Trainings.    (1) 

When playing through career you can choose to play against a sparring partner. During the match, your coach will set you an objective just for that game. To the achievement you have to successfully complete 20 of these objectives.

Gender equality30
WORLD TOUR - You played 20 matches or more in each version of the WT.   (1) 

In WORLD TOUR mode online, you can choose to play either as a male or female. To gain this achievement, you have to play 20 matches with each. You do not have to win the matches.

Always better the first time40
WORLD TOUR - You've won a Grand Slam tournament.   (19) 

This achievement could be quite tricky to get. Each week a set of tournaments is put up for people to try and win. If you lose a match then you are out of that tournament for that week. In order for you to gain this achievement, you have to win the Grand Slam tournament. There is only one Grand Slam each week and there are 4 round which you have to go through before you win. This could be difficult for less experience players. There is no real help I can give you for this apart from try and play the best that you can. If you get knocked out in one week you will have to wait until the next to try again.

You're not kidding anymore40
WORLD TOUR - You've reached a grade of 15.   

When playing quick matches, you gain XP towards your grade online. Just keep winning matches online to gain this achievement. A boosting partner may be used to do this but it could be tricky getting into the same game.

New Talent15
CAREER - You're now a New Talent.    

See 'The Greatest'

Young Gun20
CAREER - You're now a Young Gun.    

See 'The Greatest'

CAREER - You're now a Rookie.    

See 'The Greatest'

A good start10
TOP SPIN ACADEMY - You completed all the Basic Lessons.   

See 'Teacher's Pet'

Teacher's pet25
TOP SPIN ACADEMY - You completed all the lessons of the Top Spin Academy.   (4) 

Located in the game modes section is the Top Spin Academy. Here is where you can learn all about how to play the game. By completing all the lessons in the academy you will gain the 'A good start' achievement for completing the basic lessons and 'Teacher's Pet' for completing all the lessons.

CAREER - You're now a Legend but it's not finished yet…    

See 'The Greatest'

Dream match30
CAREER - You won a Dream match.    

A dream match will be obtained naturally through progression in career. These are matches against old superstars. All you have to do is win one of these matches. You play a Dream match through the 'Special Event' selection in career.

CAREER - You're now a Superstar.    

See 'The Greatest'

Rising Star25
CAREER - You're now a Rising Star.    

See 'The Greatest'

CAREER - You're now a Star.    

See 'The Greatest'

You scored 30 winners with an inside-out shot.    (3) 

An inside-out shot is when you hold so your player will switch to the opposite side of the ball. This is used when you are better at using your forehand or backhand over the other. Pretty simple achievement, just win 30 points with this shot.

Real tennis format25
You won a singles match in 5 sets / 6 games / No Super Tie-break.    

Now this achievement is not hard but just time consuming. This achievement can be done through exhibition mode and setting the match to 5 sets/ 6 games/ with No super tie-break. If you are worried about whether you be able to get this, just play the match on a difficulty you are confident on.

Drop shot artist20
You scored 20 winners on a drop shot.    

Drop shots can be a little tricky to do but are not that hard. The more you practice at doing them the better you will be at getting the timing right. You have to win 20 points by doing a drop shot.

Volley master25
You scored 150 winners at the net.    

You have to win 150 points while at the net. Easiest way to do this is, hold so your player will run to the net after a mid court or baseline shot, and then make sure you finish the point from there.

Love the games to love20
You won 25 games to love.    

All you have to do is play and win 25 games without losing a point.

More unlocks!50
You've unlocked 75% of the game.    (1) 

On the main menu of Top Spin 4 you will find 'Unlock Overview'. Here is where you can find all the challenges that you have to do throughout the course of playing the game. Each one will give you a reward for completing it. A lot are done in career by playing tournaments with a certain sponsor. There are also a fair few that have to be done in exhibition with certain requirements to complete them. In order to obtain this achievement just complete 75% of the challenges. Your percentage unlocked can be found at the top of the 'Unlock Overview' screen.

Rise of the Ball Machines10
You've played 50 balls in a row in the Practice Ground.   (1) 

Very easy achievement, at the start of the game you will be in a practice ground using Roger Federer. All you have to do is play 50 balls straight at any one time and 10 is yours.

You won a point on a let.    (5) 

This has proved to be a very tricky achievement. It is one that is likely to come naturally through playing the game but, the way I did it was to be in the middle on the court when I received the ball and to aim diagonally down at either corner. There is no sure fire way to gain this achievement.

You won a rally of 8 strokes or more with only good and perfect timing.    

Another that is likely to come through natural play. This is obtained by winning a rally consisting of only good and perfect timing shots. The server DOES count towards this achievement, it is just about a matter of timing. the more you play the game the better feel you will get for it and are more likely to get it.

Completely developed25
You've fully developed your character.   (3) 

After each match in career you will gain XP, to be able to fully develop your character you need to upgrade him or her 20 times. This is a lot easier than it sounds. XP can also be gained by playing online and using your created played in exhibition matches.

Someone else?30
You beat the 25 licensed players.    (2) 

Very easy achievement, all you have to do is beat every player in the game. To make it quicker, you can go into King of the Court mode and select 3 players, put the settings to 3 points to win and win 3 matches. Should only take about half an hour to get the achievement.

Golden boy30
You've unlocked all the skills of a Gold Coach.   

As you progress through career, you will get opportunities to be trained by better quality coaches. Once you have unlocked the chance to be trained by a gold star coach, you have to complete the 4 objectives that they set you. Some are easier than others, but once all objective are done 'Achievement Unlocked'.

It's alive!!10
You've created a player.    

You gain this as soon as you start your career. Once you have created your player you will get this.

White board10
You're now working with a coach.   

At the start of your career, you will be on your own but after you level up once or twice a coach will offer to train you. Accept his or her invite and this achievement will pop up.

Tennis elbow0
You lost an online singles match without winning a game.   (9) 

The same settings apply for this achievement but instead of winning each game you have to lose each game.

You won 2000 points.   (2) 

This is another achievement that will come naturally. Just keep playing the game and most importantly, keep winning points. By going through the Career, playing online and doing the other achievements, this will pop up in no time.

Tennis teacher20
You won an online singles match without losing a game.   (4) 

This has to be done in a 3 set/ 3 game match. These are found in tournaments so, by playing a tournament match you have to win every game.

"Tennis for two"20
You won a doubles match.    

This can be easily achieved by winning a match in exhibition, but, can also be obtained by winning a doubles match in career.

True Top Spin geek50
You played 250 matches.    (2) 

This is done across all game modes. You do not have to win the games, just play 250. Again, by playing the career and online you will soon get it. A quick way to boost this achievement would be to do the King of the Court technique used to help with 'Someone Else'. Put the settings at 3 points to win and win 3 game. After completing career you should not have many more games to play.

Secret Achievements
The Greatest50
CAREER - You're now the Greatest player in tennis History.    (10) 

These are all career based achievements and will come through natural play through of the career. The achievements are different ranks that you go through, and this achievement 'The Greatest' will be the final rank one to get.

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US March 15, 2011
Europe March 18, 2011

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