Tornado Outbreak

Tornado Outbreak Achievement Guide

Guide By: CrustyDirtDemon
There are 35 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Green Eggs And…20
Complete Chicken Con Carnage 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed”

Taking Out The Trash20
Complete Double Wide Damage. 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed”

Tanks For The Cleanup20
Complete Military Mayhem 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed”

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner20
Complete High Roller Blowout 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed”

Coaster Toaster20
Complete Carnival Chaos 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed”

Just-In-Time Tea-Time20
Complete Ringling Village (1) 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed”

Chivalry is Dead20
Complete Camelot Falls 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed”

Tsunami Envy20
Complete Coastal Calamity 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed”

Mix Masta Pounce20
Perform a Stone Stomp that destroys 10 objects 

During the Carnival Chaos Zone 1, you will be introduced to a Rock like character that teaches you how to “stone stomp” You use the “stone stomp” function by pressing the “A” button. When you use the move it destroys instantly what you land on as long as you are at a big enough size. In the very first zone you learn this move there is a central area with a circular foundation and allot of flowers. Attempt a “stone stomp” in this area at around a category 4-5 tornado size, and you should have no problem destroying 10 objects. If for some reason your attempt fails there are numerous spots throughout the rest of the game to obtain this achievement.

Adequate Storm10
Complete a Vortex Race with a bronze medal. 

“Refer to “Perfect Storm” Achievement for description”

Moderate Storm20
Complete a Vortex Race with a silver medal. 

“Refer to “Perfect Storm” Achievement for description”

Perfect Storm30
Complete a Vortex Race with a gold medal. (1) 

Unfortunately these achievements DO NOT stack.

A “Vortex Race” is after finishing the 3rd Zone of an Area, excluding the tutorial levels. In the vortex race you pass through gates of wind, and when doing so successfully you speed up progressively. All the “Vortex Races” are very simple, so don’t be worried.

  • To get a Gold Medal you must MISS ZERO GATES
  • To get a Silver Medal you NEED TO MISS 2-3 GATES
  • To get a Bronze Medal you NEED TO MISS 4 GATES
Ginormous Slalom30
Miss 20 gates, but still complete the race 

As the description states you must miss 20 gates and still complete the race. This is done best by purposely going through one gate and then missing the very next one. “Like Slaloming” Do this twenty times and then continue through the gates as usual until you finish the race. If you get greedy and try and skip two gates at a time you may end up failing and having to restart. If this happens you will need to re-miss however many gates you missed prior to being reset.

Apt Pupil20
Absorb all 50 Fire Flyers within the last zone of the campground (4) 

At the end of the “Chicken Con CARNAGE” levels you will be taught about Fire Flyers and how to catch them. After the quick tutorial, the game requires you to Absorb 25 Fire Flyers. After doing so you are given the option of leaving or staying and absorbing the last 25 Fire Flyers w/ in the remaining time limit. Absorb the remaining Fire Flyers and leave the area w/in the time limit and the achievement will unlock.

Passive Aggressive30
Reveal 15 Fire Flyers at once without grabbing 

This one can be tricky and it is easiest once you have the “stone stomp” move so that you can quickly jump from on spot to the next while breaking open the Fire Flyers hiding spots. The level I obtained it on was Zone 2 of the “Double Wide DAMAGE” area. Begin the level destroying objects and growing until you get to a category 8 Tornado. You will want to leave the houses and cars in the lower back left corner b/c this is where you will attempt to reveal 15 at once. Once you are around a size 8 category tornado jump from house to house destroying everything in your way. You will need to be quick since you can’t hold Right trigger to grab them and will only have a 2 second or so window before the Fire Flyers are automatically absorbed. The achievement will pop right when you have 15 flyers flying around you at the same time. If you fail at your attempt like I did, just press start and retry the Zone.

Sprite Slaughter House100
Absorb 100 Fire Flyers at once 

This is by far the hardest Achievement in the game, but once you figure out the proper pattern of the level it’s actually not that bad. I was able to successfully obtain this achievement on Zone 3 of Carnival Chaos. There are only 100 Fire Flyers in a level so your attempt must be perfect. I can tell you that when I did it I would start off by getting up to a level 3 category size and then go and suck up the people on rafts in the pool in the middle of the level. This will get you up to a level 5 category size. Then you will want to destroy enough objects to get to a category 6 size. Also I would recommend you wait until you have the “B” button move so you can dash and avoid grabbing unwanted Fire Flyers until you are ready to attempt your 100. Once I was at a category 6 I would race to the hill where you would exit the level and begin grabbing fire flyers. I went in a CLOCKWISE rotation around the perimeter. You will need to destroy all objects around the perimeter along with leaving at least two spots with the flyers near the inner perimeter untouched for once you are destroying the water slides you will be low on your combo meter so this is where the ones you left come in handy. This achievement truly isn’t that bad nor is it impossible like some have been saying. Once you know your pattern it comes down to a race against the clock. In fact when I grabbed my 100th Fire Flyer and absorbed them all I only had 2 seconds left before the level would’ve been restarted.

Sprite Cowboy50
Absorb 75 Fire Flyers at once 

“Refer to “Sprite Slaughter House” for achievement description”

Sprite Herder25
Absorb 50 Fire Flyers at once 

“Refer to “Sprite Slaughter House” for achievement description”

Played Nice20
Play in a local multiplayer session 

Press start on a second controller during any level and the achievement will unlock immediately.

Friends Till An End30
Release an Orb in multiplayer 

You release an Orb after destroying the Totems at the end of an area, excluding the “Chicken Con CARNAGE” level. This can be attempted as early as “Double Wide DAMAGE”. Play single player until you’re at the section of the level where you need to destroy the three totems. Press start on a second controller and with controller one make your way to the totem destroying the first one. After the first totem is destroyed the 2nd controller will be in control of the tornado, so now destroy the 2nd totem. After the 2nd totem is destroyed, controller one will be in control the tornado once again, simply destroy the third totem which will release the orb and net you the achievement.

I predict that you could wait until you need to destroy the third totem and then press start on the 2nd controller, and destroy the 3rd totem while in co-op and still get the achievement, but will need to test the theory before 100% sure if this shortcut would work.

The Boss's Boss30
Release an Orb without losing a Wind Warrior during a Totem approach 

This can be attempted as early as “Double Wide DAMAGE” When reaching the end of a level; you will be presented with 3 totems that you need to destroy. On the side of your screen you will have 5 pictures of the Wind Warriors which represent your health for this area. The totems will shoot out rocks at you which you will need to avoid or use the Right Trigger to use your shield ability. Also you will need to avoid the patches of light or you will lose wind warriors. Simply destroy all three totems while never loosing a Wind Warrior and the achievement will unlock right when the orb is released. If you happen to get hit once just intentionally die so that you’re forced to restart, and you will still be able to get the achievement if you destroy the remaining three with out being damaged.

Absorb 1300 Fire Flyers 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed”

However you are guaranteed this by the end of the game, I unlocked the achievement before even completing “Carnival Chaos” even though it didn’t feel as if I was even close. So I’m assuming that the game counts fire flyers even when you fail a level and have to restart. Either way you will get this before the games complete.

Old McDonald5
Absorb 50 chickens 

The chickens are on the “Chicken Con CARNAGE” level. You will need to be at least a level 2 category size tornado to absorb the chicken and send it flying through the air. On the very first level of “Chicken Con CARNAGE” there are enough chickens to get the achievement. Just destroy everything in the level and you’re guaranteed this achievement.

Tornado Without A Cause40
Destroyed 100 things without absorbing any Fire Flyers 

This is simple enough; just destroy any 100 objects in any level before absorbing any Fire Flyers. I got this achievement on the very first zone of “Double Wide DAMAGE” but can be obtained on nearly any level of your choice…

Absorb the minimum number of Fire Flyers in a non-tutorial level (non multiplayer) 

For this achievement to unlock you must finish a complete area “zones 1-3” with the exact minimum amount needed to clear each zone. For example, on zone one of a level you are required to absorb 50 Fire Flyers before you can leave the level. Once you do so you can either grab the other 50 or leave. You’re going to want to exit the level once you have absorbed the exact minimum amount of Fire Flyers. If you accidentally absorb a Fire Flyer that puts you over the minimum just press start and retry the Zone. Do this on all zones of any level from “Double Wide DAMAGE” and on. The achievement will unlock right at the end of level when the statistics screen pops up.

Silent But Deadly40
Military Mayhem Zone 1: Absorb 17 scientists before growing 4 times (non multiplayer) 

You start the level at a size two category tornado. So if you get to a size 6 you will need to restart the zone. The scientists are scattered on the lower are of the level and can only be absorbed starting at a size 3 category tornado. The scientists are the characters in the white lab coats, and their faces look just like the achievement pictures. A few attempts should net you this fairly easy achievement. The achievement unlocks as soon as you absorb the 17th scientist.

Who Are You Trying To Please?40
Hold at least 20 Fire Flyers before destroying 25 things  

This can be gotten fairly early on. The best place to attempt this is at the end of “Chicken Con CARNAGE” where you’re required to absorb 25 Fire Flyers. You will need to grab and hold onto them and move quickly through the campground while avoiding unnecessary objects so that you don’t destroy 25 objects. It tells you how many Fire Flyers you’re holding in the blue timer like symbol that appears when grabbing and holding Fire Flyers. The achievement description is a little off however since the achievement does not unlock until you absorb those twenty. If it does not unlock that means you destroyed 25 objects before grabbing and absorbing 20 Fire Flyers. If this happens just let the time run out since you can restart this zone in the start menu, and once the timer runs out you will be forced to restart this section and can have as many attempts at the achievement that you need.

You're A Loose Cannon5
Destroy a cannon 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed”

There's Waldo5
Unlock first bonus material 

“Refer to “Waldo’s Daddy” for achievement description

Waldo's Daddy30
Unlock all bonus materials 

The bonus materials are unlocked by fulfilling certain criteria. This is where you will replay most of your levels since you can’t get some of the collectables until you unlock a specific ability. Some bonuses don’t require an ability. Such as the bonus that you get when you finish an area with all Fire Flyers Absorbed, or the bonus that you get for obtaining a Gold Medal on a Vortex Race. Those can all be done on your initial play through. The Stone Golem like characters and the Water characters trapped inside blue orbs cannot be collected until later levels. The stone ones can be collected as early as “Carnival Chaos” and the water like ones can start being collected as early as “Camelot FALLS” Once you unlock the ability to get these collectables you will need to go back and replay levels that you weren’t initially able to grab them on. At the end of a level it will show you what bonuses you have gotten and if any you have missed.

I recommend playing the levels on your initial run through of the game and absorbing all Fire Flyers on your first go. That way once you have the ability to collect the collectables you will only need to absorb the minimum amount of Fire Flyers to complete the level.

If you fail absorbing the minimum Fire Flyers on a particular level before time runs out it will restart you at the beginning of that zone, if this happens you will need to re-grab what you had collected prior to having the zone restart..

You also need to get a Gold Medal in the Overall score for each Area, this is by far the most time consuming and annoying achievement in the game.

Scores need for Gold Medal

  • Chicken Con Carnage: 900,000+
  • Double Wide Damage: 1.5 Million or higher
  • Military Mayhem: 2.4 Million or higher
  • High Roller Blowout: 2.5 Million or higher
  • Carnival Chaos: 2.4 Million or higher
  • Ringling Village: 2.5 Million or higher
  • Camelot Falls: 2.2 Million or higher
  • Coastal Calamity: 1.9 Million or higher

Now please keep in mind these are the scores I achieved, and when doing so received a Gold Medal for the overall score of the level. This is the best estimate that I can give, since at NO POINT does the game EVER tell you what score is needed to obtain a GOLD medal. But if you can get what I have gotten or Higher you’re guaranteed a GOLD overall medal.

Once having collected all collectibles, absorbed all fire flyers on each level, obtained a gold medal on all vortex races, obtained an overall points gold medal on all levels that have the film bonus, then…re-played the last level and after the credit “Waldo’s Daddy” achievement will unlock.

Secret Achievements
Godzilla Would be Proud20
Completed Showdown with Omegaton 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed”

Red, White, And Bruised30
Completed all levels in the United States. (1) 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed”

God save the Queen!40
Completed all levels in the United Kingdom. (1) 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed”

I Think I'm Turning Japanese50
Completed all levels in Japan. 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed”

A Bad Plan50
Disrupted the bad man's bad plan 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed”

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Loose Cannon


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