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Tower Bloxx: New York Achievement Guide

Guide By: xandermacleod
There are 5 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 5/5 (200)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 4-5 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: One, plus replays if necessary.
-Number of missable achievements: None.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No known cheat codes.
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No.
-Glitchy achievements? No.
-Unobtainable achievements? No.
-Extra equipment needed? Windows Phone 7 and game download ($3.49 CAD, $2.99 USD).

This is a simple yet extremely fun game involving building towers by dropping the next piece on top of the tower. There are only five achievements to be earned in these game, each giving you a reasonable 40.

There are multiple game modes although only two are required for earning achievements: Board Game and Quick Game. Try to drop the blocks as accurately as possible or your tower will start to sway making it harder to accurately drop blocks.

There are powerups that can be used to freeze the tower's sway, grant an extra life, add a combo multiplier or add fifty happiness to the tower. Pressing the combo symbol on the right hand side (if available) will trigger the combo block which will have the four symbols corresponding to the four powerups cycling. You can choose what powerup you want; when you press the screen to drop the block the powerup will be set as whatever it was when you tapped it.

You start each tower with three lives, one of which will be lost each time you miss with a block. Lose all your lives in Board Game mode and your tower will be placed on the board unfinished, lose all your lives in Quick Game and you will have to start over from the beginning or previous checkpoint.

Board Game:
In Board Game your goal is to rebuild a portion of Manhattan while trying to achieve a set amount of happiness in your towers. There are five different areas to build in, each one unlocking after completion of the previous area. For "Super Hero" you will need to get a gold medal in each area, achieved by reaching the happiness goal provided at the start of each area. You will have a deck of cards from which one card will be drawn each turn. These cards will allow you to build a new tower, upgrade a tower, free up new land, attempt a challenge, add happiness to your city, etc. You will unlock Super Hero and Super Challenger in this game mode.

Quick Game:
Freedom to build the biggest tower you can reaching checkpoints along the way to save your progress so that you can retry if you lose all your lives. Powerups are available in this game mode as well. You will unlock No, Thanks!, Perfectionist and Total Euphoria in this game mode.

Overall this game should not give you too much trouble although you may find yourself replaying areas in Board Game to get the gold medal in each.
[x360a would like to thank xandermaceod for this Road Map]

No, Thanks!40
Build a 200-block high tower in Quick Game without Power Ups.   

Play in a Quick Game and begin building your tower. You can do this one of two ways. You can use powerups and after reaching your 200-block milestone, die and reload at the last checkpoint. Or, you can choose not to use powerups at all, just be careful not to accidentally tap the powerup symbol. Both of these methods unlock the achievement.

In Quick Game there are checkpoints along the way. So, you can restart at the last checkpoint and keep trying, if you lose all your lives.

Drop 15 blocks perfectly in a row   

It is easiest to do this in Quick Game although there is no reason you can't do it while playing Board Game. The best way to do this, unless you want to try potentially hundreds of times, is to drop the first block as far to the left or right as possible, basically at the highest point of the block's swing. Do this with each subsequent block and they should land perfectly. With this method, expect to get the achievement in just a few tries.

Thanks to Gizm0 the Great for the following video showing this method:


Super Challenger40
Win all challenges in Board Game mode   

Do not confuse this with Challenge Mode! As you progress through Board Game mode certain cards will give you the option of completing a challenge. The challenges involve building x-block high towers in x seconds or renovating x-block high towers in x-seconds (slide the blocks left and right to make the building vertical during renovation). By my count there were ten different challenges prior to the achievement unlocking.

Just complete every challenge as it comes and you should get this achievement. Each challenge can be retried as many times as necessary until you complete it successfully.

Super Hero40
Get Golden Medal in all Areas   

In Board Game mode you must get a gold medal in all five areas. Each area has a different happiness target you must reach or surpass. The target is clearly indicated. There are four different types of towers to build:

Residential (blue):
These towers are the first you can build and will be your primary source of happiness.

Commercial (orange):
The second tower you can build. These towers should be placed next to residential towers as they will increase the happiness of residential towers by a base of 1.5x. A trophy roof upgrade can raise this to 2.5x based on how accurately it is placed. Other upgrades can increase this multiplier to a maximum of 2.8x.
NOTE: A commercial tower will only give this multiplier to the towers directly above and below it and to its immediate left and right; it will not work on diagonals. Also, if two commercial towers are touching a residential tower the residential tower will still only receive one bonus.

Monuments (yellow): These are the third tower you can build. Personally, I never bothered with them as I did not feel they greatly increased the happiness. Monuments will give additional happiness each turn based on how well constructed (how close to perfect) they were.

Skyscrapers (green):
The final building type. These MUST be built on upgraded land (land can be upgraded and coloured based on specific towers, said tower type will then receive an upgrade however a skyscraper can only be built if the land has been upgraded and made green). Skyscrapers are forty blocks high giving you increased potential for happiness if you build the tower well and they will provide a happiness bonus to each other if placed in groups.
NOTE: A skyscraper placed directly beside a residential tower will reduce the residential tower's happiness to zero.

Tips for increasing happiness:

1. Perfectly placed blocks give more happiness.

2. A perfectly placed block will trigger a combo multiplier. This multiplier will increase with each subsequent block dropped. A non-perfect drop will increase the multiplier but not refill the combo time whereas a perfect drop will increase the multiplier and extend the combo time. When the combo time runs out you will get the bonus happiness for all blocks placed during the combo times the max multiplier.

3. Use your powerups wisely. Saving them until you have a few can be beneficial as you can drop a few combo multipliers, followed by a +50 happiness or two to see your happiness really go up.

4. Upgrade wisely. Commercial towers should be the first towers you upgrade starting with the trophy roof as their multiplier to residential towers will greatly impact your overall happiness.

5. Build wisely. Remember that commercial towers only benefit residential towers placed adjacent and not on diagonals. Also, two commercial towers touching a residential tower WILL NOT double the multiplier.

6. Play your cards well. Other than in the first area or two you will likely not be able to build enough towers to fill the board. Towers are your primary source of happiness and should be your primary focus. I did not spend time upgrading land prior to unless it was my only option on that card. Furthermore, if challenges or happiness bonuses come up take them.

If at first you don't succeed, you can replay any area until you get the gold medal.

Total Euphoria40
Gather 6000 Happiness in one single tower   

In Quick Game, build a tower with a total of 6000 happiness. Keep in mind that you can reload at a checkpoint if you lose all your lives without an penalty to your overall happiness.

See "Super Hero" above for tips on increasing happiness (tips 1-3).

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