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Track & Field Achievement Guide

Guide By: mattallen27
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10 (Very Skill Based)
-Offline: (12) 1000
-Online: (0) 0
-Approximate amount of time to 200 : <1 – 5 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (5+ Will Probably Be More Accurate)
-Number of missable achievements: 12 (Unable to Replay Events)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? None

Track & Field is an arcade style sports game in which you play in some of the most well known Olympic events. The game is fairly short and shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes to fully complete, however some achievements take a LOT of practice and since you cannot replay a single event it can become quite time consuming. There are no glitches in the game and I have given it an 8/10 because it is very skilled based and has been known to break a fair amount of Xbox controllers.

Step 1 – Miscellaneous Achievements (Honing Your Skills)
The first step is to play through all six of the events, these being: 100 Meter Dash, 110 Meter Hurdles, Hammer Throw, Javelin Throw, High Jump and Long Jump. There are 10 achievements tied in with these events in which you will have to break certain records, beat your opponent by a certain amount of time and even kill a harmless bird!

At first this will be quite challenging because the games controls and general gameplay is very difficult to master but after a few practice rounds of each event you should eventually get the hang of it. The achievement guide has a good explanation of each achievement and under the 'Perfection' achievement it has a little diagram as to the best way of holding a controller.

Unfortunately, as previously said, you cannot choose which event to play. So if you are having trouble with one of the later events then you will have to play all of the others to get to it.

Here's a breakdown of the achievements you can get by event:

100 Meter Dash

-Super Sprinter

110 Meter Hurdles
-Fast Track
-Speedy Jumper

Hammer Throw

-Consistent Throwing
-Big Thrower
-Bird Catcher

High Jump
-Human Spring

Long Jump
-Good Form
-Legendary Leaper

If you have followed the road map up to this point then you should have 150

Step 2 - '1st Place' + 'Perfection' Achievements
These are the hardest achievements in the game and you will need to beat every AI opponent and come in 1st in all six events and complete the game by qualifying for every attempt in every event. However, since you must have played the game quite a bit already to reach this part of the roadmap then you should have pretty good knowledge of each event and a good strategy.

Whilst going for these achievements if you mess up on one event/try then just quit out and restart, or take a little break from the game as it drove me crazy and having a little cooling off period really does work. Also note that if you are working towards the ‘Perfection’ achievement you will get the ‘1st Place’ achievement along the way.

That's the end of the roadmap and you should have gained an extra 200 which you truly deserve. Although, all the achievements in this game are deemed missable, simply because if you do not get a certain one then you will need to start again back from the first event.


[x360a would like to thank Agent Aero for thid road map]

Good Form10
Complete a legal jump in the Long Jump event with an elevation of exactly 45 degrees. 

Getting a 45 degrees jump can either come very easy or you could find it very difficult. Pick up some speed with which ever way you are most comfortable with and when it’s time to jump, hold for around half a second. Since it asks for 45 degrees only this can take a few tries. Luckily this is event 2 so you shouldn’t have much trouble. Note: Getting a foul will not get you the achievement so be careful.

Consistent Throwing10
Complete three consecutive throws over 65 meters in the Javelin Throw event. 

Pick up a good amount of speed (around 1,150 will do). Just before you reach the grass press for around half a second. You should aim for roughly 40 – 50 degrees. Remember, the longer you hold the bigger the number gets, so only hold it for a short period of time. A good throw will start to descend at around 45 feet and it will land above 60 meters. After doing the Javelin event more than once this will come easy to you.

Super Sprinter10
Complete the 100 Meter Dash in less than 10 seconds. 

You need to be good at moving the and tapping on your controller here. A good way of getting this easily is try to beat the person you’re running against. As this is the first event, it’s not too frustrating if you're doing it the first time. 

Fast Track15
Beat your opponent by more than a second in the 110 Meter Hurdles event. 

The person you are running against isn’t too good at this event. He may fall down once or twice which will give you an easy second lead. If he doesn’t fall down then the only way to do it is not hit any hurdles. When running between hurdles it usually takes 3 – 4 left/right movements on the before it’s time to press again. This is another event that can come easily to you with a few tries.

Legendary Leaper15
Jump longer than 9 meters in the Long Jump event. 

You need great speed (around 1,250) and should aim for a jump of around 42 – 47 degrees. You will probably do this event a lot of times if you fail in the later ones. You should be getting adequate practice. Note: If you get a foul, the achievement will not be unlocked.

Big Thrower15
Throw the javelin further than 80 meters. 

The Javelin event is easy once you get the hang of it. Remember to get great speed and stop before the grass so you don’t get a foul. Press and hold for around half a second. Like the Consistent Throwing achievement, you want to aim around 40 -50 degrees. It’s preferable to get closer to 50 than 40. It should start descending around 55 – 60 meters and you will get this.

Speedy Jumper15
Complete the 110 Meter Hurdles event in less than 12 seconds. 

If you manage to get around 9 seconds in the 100 meter dash, this will not prove too difficult. Remember that there should only be 3 – 4 left/right movements on the before it’s time to jump again (). Hit no hurdles and you should get this after a few practise rounds. You can also get the Fast Track achievements easily if you get under 12 seconds.

Bird Catcher15
Spear a bird! 

Run up to the grass as you would on the Javelin event but instead of just holding the button for a short time, hold it for as long as it allows you to. The angle of the throw will be about 80 degrees. You will know you are doing this correctly because the javelin will go over the scoreboard and out of view. If you hear a noise and the screen stops panning right, you’ve hit a bird. This happens randomly but is very easy to do. Note: You cannot get this achievement if you get a foul.

1st Place20
Complete the first 6 events and be in 1st place. 

Go through the game as many times as it takes you to memorise all the events and fine tune your strategy to get all the best scores. Get to know each event like the back of your hand. When you’re ready, start a new game and play for the win. This will really hurt your fingers from all the button bashing so it might be wise to take breaks after every event. Beat the CPU player on every event and you will get this achievement.

Hurl the hammer further than 90.00 meters. 

Don’t take any notice of the power bar or anything for this event as there is an easy way not to hit the sides. Rotate 6 times then when you see the flash of red hit the button. By rotating six times you will have enough power to do this. You just need to quickly tap to get a 45 degree angle. If you hit the side, just practise getting your timing right but it won’t be too much of a problem as the red flash on the ball is very helpful.

Human Spring25
Clear a 2.38 meter jump in the High Jump event. 

You will need to do seven jumps in order to get the bar this high. That in itself can be a rather annoying task. Don’t worry though. If you do the first 3 jumps successfully you will carry on to the next event even if you fall on the last one. Your character automatically runs towards the bar in this event which is a nice rest. Once you’re around a quarter of an inch from the bar, very quickly tap . When your head/shoulders are at the bar’s height, press again to move your body and use the to drift right. This can be difficult to master but is easy when you get the hang of it.

Qualify on every individual attempt in the first 6 events. 

This will hurt your hands more than any other achievement. You have to qualify for every try in every event. E.g. you are given 3 tries to get the javelin over the 65ft mark so you must get all 3 tries over 65. With the high jump event, you need to jump over the first three jumps without using up your three lives. Just like the 1st Place achievement, you need to know each event inside out. With enough practise and bald spots on your head you will get this. If you don’t qualify for even 1 try then you must start again. Good luck with this one but since the events get easier the more you do them, this will come with enough time and effort.

Game Info
Digital Eclipse


Resolution: 1080i
Players: 1-4
Online Players : 2-4
ESRB: Everyone
HDD Space Required : 37.92 MB
No videos available
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