Transformers: War for Cybertron

Transformers: War for Cybertron Achievement Guide

Guide By: Teh Paralyzer
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 7/10
-Offline: 41 (705 )
-Online: 9 (295 )
-Estimated Time for 1000: 80+ hours (will vary a lot depending on Multiplayer tactics/boosting)
-Minimum Playthroughs: 1
-Missable Achievements: None, you can replay every chapter
-Glitched Achievements: No
-Cheats Disable Achievements: No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes (Difficulty stacks)
-Extra equipment needed?: No


Transformers - WFC is yet another game for the Transformers Franchise. Its story is related to the rise of Megatron as a Decepticon leader and also the rise of Optimus as a Prime and leader of the Autobots set in the middle of a battle for Cybertron. Gamers who have already gotten into the other games should be pretty familiar already. However, if you are new there are tutorials during the game to help you out. The game itself is not difficult and since you can play each section over and over again until you get what you need on "Easy" the main reason for the 7/10 difficulty is the Multiplayer. It can take a while for the Prime directive Achievement.


Make sure you have the collectible guides for campaign. Their achievements are Scavenger Would Be Proud! and Grimlock, Smash!. A very detailed guide can be found here with videos and descriptions. Also, each chapter has its own specific achievement that has to be completed on it. To avoid playing it again make sure you know what to look for on each chapter using the Achievement Guide.

Bear in mind also that you also have some "kill x this", or "do this x times" achievements. Every time you kill/collect something for these achievements the game will give you an updated count, which helps you track your progress.


The campaign consists of 10 chapters, 5 of which you play as Decepticons and 5 as Autobots. If you play on easy you should get at least 160 by the end of the campaign.

There are also chapter specific achievements that can be done on any difficulty. The only difficulty related achievement is stackable, and it requires you to finish the Campaign on Hard. However, the game only looks for the last checkpoint of each chapter to determine difficulty, so you can play the whole game on easy and only the last checkpoints of each chapter on Hard and unlock all of the difficulty based campaign achievements.


Escalation has 2 achievements for 80 . It is a good idea to have a friend or boosting party help you out with Wait! I Still Function! while going for this. Escalation can also be used for other achievements such as Fire in the Sky, Blast-arachnia!, etc that can be done in both Campaign and Escalation. Make sure to go to This thread for a boosting partner if you're looking for people to game with.


Here is the most difficult part, as it is time consuming. You have a set of 7 achievements for MP for 215 . Your main focus should be getting Prime Directive so make sure you use all classes and follow the guides and tips for it.

Mop Up:
If by chance you have missed any achievement on campaign/escalation, just go to "Choose Chapter" on easy and mop up the rest. Look for the specific checkpoint and go for it!.


Transformers - War for Cybertron is a quick Action/Adventure game, made lengthy by Multiplayer achievements, so 1000 will have its toll. Campaign shouldn't take too much time, and if you use the last checkpoint on Hard exploit it can be very quick. Look for a boosting party for Escalation and Multiplayer to make your life easier.

[x360a would like to thank Mahtan Tinuviél for this Roadmap]

A Prime Problem10
Complete Defend Iacon on any difficulty. 

Story related, cannot miss.

The Last Prime10
Complete Kaon Prison Break on any difficulty. (1) 

Story related, cannot miss.

You Got the Touch10
Complete To the Core on any difficulty. (2) 

Story related, cannot miss.

The War Within10
Complete Aerial Assault on any difficulty. 

Story related, cannot miss.

The Harder They Fall10
Complete One Shall Stand on any difficulty. 

Story related, cannot miss.

Paging Ratchet15
Revive 5 Autobot soldiers in Defend Iacon. (6) 

1. "Iacon Under Seige". When you come out of the briefing area after talking to Jetfire you will see a group of Autobots that get blasted, only one survives and you revive him. Pretty hard to miss.

2. "The Broken Lift". When you are coming out after you see the Decepticon War Machine you will see the hole in the wall. Instead of going left like your supposed to, go right and go around the loop until you see a lone Autobot who then gets shot down and you have to revive him.

3. "Road to Decagon". The third Autobot is where you first see the snipers. There are three Autobots out in the open and two get killed while the other gets downed. Hard to miss.

4. "Iacon Speedway". This is in the area after you talk to Ironhide about clearing the road. There is a Decepticon War Machine that already has its core exposed and when you look to the right you will see an Autobot that gets downed by is ray.

5. "Central Ventilation System". This is one of the trickiest. When you get to the area where you have to jump on the circling platforms you get to the area where Megatron is giving his speech you have to look to your right before you jump on the platforms. You will see a small cliff edging out of the environment. Jump on it and use the boost to get to a platform half-way, then jump the the large non-moving platform. You will be annoyed by some jets here but you can choose to not shoot them down. As long as you get to the next platform fast and wait for it to get half way, you will see the Autobot on a cliff next to the platforms. You have to double jump and boost to just make it and revive him. Hard to miss even harder to get.

Beak Breaker15
Shoot the 3 Hidden Laserbeaks throughout Kaon Prison Break. (4) 

1. Iacon Prison Break - Checkpoint: Prison Entrance

Shortly after you break out of your prison cell, you'll be melee killing a few guards. Then you'll come to a room with 3 guns and ammo. There is a barred window here. Look out that window and you'll see some spikes coming out from the building across the way. On top of the right spike you'll see Lazerbeak. Shoot him.

2. Iacon Prison Break - Checkpoint: Hangar

You'll walk into a very large room pretty much right at the start. Turn around and look above the door that you entered from. Lazerbeak is perched on top of it.

3. Iacon Prison Break - Checkpoint: The Final Approach

This is a little nuts because everything's shooting at you and the ground is falling out from under you. It's very hard to describe where he is but about midway through this section you'll come around a corner and there will be a large pillar some ways away from you on your left. Lazerbeak is on top of this pillar. A weapon with a scope will help greatly in getting him.

Save the Slug before it is executed in To the Core. (2) 

Located where you see the last slug crossing the bridge. Walk right more until you see the demolisher walking in and look up. You have to shoot the rock so it drops on him.

Start from chapter checkpoint #8. You'll have to battle some Decepticons before getting to the place where you get the achievement.

Powerglide Performer15
Fly through the coolant tunnels in 23 seconds in Aerial Assault. (5) 

Video example run:

First We Crack the Shell...15
Get smashed by Trypticon's hand as he falls into the energon goo in One Shall Stand. (3) 

After you've destroyed all his power cores he will support himself with his left hand. Some Dark Energon spikes will also appear on the lower level of the stage. Position yourself in the middle of the group of spikes and his right hand should hit you as he makes one last grasp before falling.

I found that if you stand right of this tiny ledge directly in front of Trypticon, his arm will fall on you still awarding you the achievement. Also I had full health and this knocked me down to 2 squares.

Autobot Recruit15
Autobot Campaign Complete (Easy). 

See "Decepticon Warlord"

Autobot Commander30
Autobot Campaign Complete (Medium). (1) 

See "Decepticon Warlord"

Autobot Prime45
Autobot Campaign Complete (Hard). (10) 

See "Decepticon Warlord"

Dark Awakening10
Complete Dark Energon on any difficulty. (1) 

Story related, cannot miss.

Starscream's Brigade10
Complete Fuel of War on any difficulty. 

Story related, cannot miss.

The Fall of Iacon10
Complete Iacon Destroyed on any difficulty. 

Story related, cannot miss.

The Secret of Omega Supreme10
Complete Death of Hope on any difficulty. 

Story related, cannot miss.

Victory is Mine10
Complete The Final Guardian on any difficulty. 

Story related, cannot miss.

Your Lucky Day15
Kill all but 1 of the neutral prisoners in Dark Energon. (7) 

Done when you come into a room with several transformers who are bound with what look like energy shackles/ropes.
Simply look through the entire room, and kill all but one, and ride the elevator up.

Note: They die VERY easy, so try to use non explosives. Do not forget the ones who are being walked around by the Decepticons.

The closest checkpoint is "Moving Forward"

Thief in the Night15
Find and disable all security trip-wire switches in Fuel of War. (1) 

This achievement is earned by disabling all 5 security systems in Fuel of War.

1. The core will be in front of you

2. Facing the trip-wire turn into a jet and on the right side fly into the small pathway until you reach another trip-wire. Look through it to notice the core.

3. After you fight off the Autobots and the other trip-wire is in front of you fly straight up and you will see a door you need to blow up. On the other side you will see the core.

4 & 5. Entrance to the underground checkpoint; In a circular area with a large amount of Autobots you will notice 2 Nav points on 2 switches. Fly to each switch and turn around. Look at the trip-wire and you will notice a core behind the trip-wire. This applies for both sides . If you walked through one earlier that you'll want to reclaim Last Checkpoint and Restart chapter as they do not hurt your progress bar it seems.

Chaos Bringer15
Destroy the planets in the Stellar Galleries in Iacon Destroyed. (2) 

Pick the checkpoint "Stellar Galleries" and you will start right in the room. This is done when you enter the room with the large model of Cybertron. There are several (6-9) little balls floating around it, as well as a very large Saturn like one above it. Merely shoot them all into oblivion, and 2-3 seconds later the achievement will pop up.

Race across the Chasm Bridge in 33 seconds in Death of Hope. (9) 

Use Soundwave and use his ram ability while going over the bridge, it will give you a few extra seconds that you need. Press to Ram. If you miss this achievement you can go back to this checkpoint in the Chapter Select and you'll be right on the bridge and you can try as much as you like.

Destroy all cover in the arena in The Final Guardian. (5) 

Get Omega's health down to where you have to start shooting him in the chest because Omega will then start shooting these orange balls of death at you that will destroy the cover in one hit. Just race around the arena letting him shoot at you the whole time until all the cover is destroyed. I have found it easier if you destroy the highest cover first.

Decepticon Grunt15
Decepticon Campaign Complete (Easy). 

See "Decepticon Warlord"

Decepticon Seeker30
Decepticon Campaign Complete (Medium). (2) 

See "Decepticon Warlord"

Decepticon Warlord45
Decepticon Campaign Complete (Hard). (18) 

If you have beaten the game on an easier difficulty you may load up each levels last checkpoint and just beat that on Hard. Do it for all levels in each campaign and these achievement are yours.

Till All Are One30
Complete both Campaigns (Any Difficulty). (2) 

Story related, cannot miss.

Ignite a Brute's back 5 times in Campaign or Escalation. (2) 

There is a little glowing patch on the back of a Brute. Light it up like a Christmas tree and just keep firing away until the Brute starts shaking and looks as if he is about to blow. Do this to 5 brutes. To help insure you get this achievement as they are blowing up don't stop firing.

Footloose and Fancy Free15
Destroy a Jet Soldier's foot thruster 5 times in Campaign or Escalation. (1) 

With a sniper simply shoot the thrusters on the enemies feet until he goes down. A progress counter should appear if you did it correctly. You can also stand under the enemy and jump and melee his thrusters but this is a bit harder.

That's No Mirage15
Headshot a Cloaker when it is invisible in Campaign or Escalation. (4) 

You'll spend forever trying to guess where their head is when trying to snipe. So over time you will get this achievement just spray and pray these guys and hope you peg'em in the head.

Kill 2 Snipers in 5 seconds in Campaign. (3) 

In the first level you will encounter 2 Snipers side by side. Kill them both within 5 seconds.

There Are Parts Everywhere15
Multi-Kill 3 car soldiers at once using an explosive weapon in Campaign or Escalation. (1) 

Chapter 2: Early in the mission you fly up on a ledge. Below the ledge is a hologram of Zeta Prime talking to I believe 4 car soldiers all lined up in a tight row. They don't notice you if you just stand up on the ledge. So aim right at one of the two center enemies and throw a grenade. The grenades can be found to the left of you.

Destroy 100 Spiders in Campaign or Escalation. (1) 

You will get this over the Autobot campaign. If you don't just replay Chapter 7 and kill those spiders.

Fire in the Sky15
Melee-kill a Jet Vehicle in the air in Campaign or Escalation. (3) 

You will get this over the Autobot campaign. If you don't just replay Chapter 7 and kill those spiders.

Friends to the End15
Finish any level in Co-Op. (3) 

See "Unlikely Allies"

Unlikely Allies15
Finish any level in Competitive Co-Op. 

This is a way to get both Co-Op Campaign achievements in about ten minutes. The only pre-requisite is that you've beaten Chapter 1 "Dark Energon", in Single Player.

Go into Co-Op Campaign and choose to host your own game. Make sure to set Competitive mode to ON. It's one of the few options you can choose before you actually start hosting. Choose Chapter 1, Checkpoint 10 (the very last checkpoint in Dark Energon). Set the difficulty to Easy.

You don't have to wait for anyone else to join, just start the game. You'll know Competitive mode is on because there is a scoring system under your name at the top of the screen. This last checkpoint is very short, and very easy, just shoot up all the Autobots in your way. On Easy difficulty, you should be able to take out everything very quickly.

At the completion of this checkpoint, you have now finished the level and you will get BOTH co-op achievements at the same time as long as you chose competitive. So you'll get the achievement for finishing a level in co-op, and finishing a level in competitive co-op even if you are playing by yourself.

More Than Meets the Eye15
Earn a 1st Place MVP award in any Multiplayer mode. 

Besides having friends assist you in some objective based gametypes (having them let you complete the objectives while they protect you) or boosting, you can check in THIS THREAD for some more tips.

You Got Spark, Kid5
Reach level 5 in any single class in Multiplayer. 

See "Top of the Scrap Heap"

Spike's BFF15
Reach level 25 in any single class in Multiplayer. 

See "Top of the Scrap Heap"

The Kup's Half Full25
Reach a combined class level of 50 in Multiplayer. 

See "Top of the Scrap Heap"

Only the Strong Survive50
Reach a combined class level of 75 in Multiplayer. 

See "Top of the Scrap Heap"

Top of the Scrap Heap75
Reach a combined class level of 100 in Multiplayer. (37) 

This will take about 80 hours to complete. You should split this evenly between the four classes if you want to enter Prime Mode.

Prime Directive30
Unlock Prime Mode. (16) 

Once all 4 classes reach level 25 Prime Mode will become available. Just like Call Of Duty Prestige this will reset your status and will give you an animated icon next to your gamertag.

Spend 25,000 Power in Escalation mode. (6) 

Play escalation until you use enough power (points) on ammo/health/doors. You will earn this over time. Each Kill awards you points to spend.

Heavy Metal War50
Complete the 15th wave in Escalation. (31) 

Get a 4 player team together and survive 15 waves in Escalation. This can be very annoying because you are going to get stormed by enemies. Make sure you make use of your abilities for example if you're taking heavy fire drop your shield down if it's one of your abilities and have a teammate bail you out of the mess. Good Luck.

Look for a team HERE

Thread with tips/suggestions HERE

Scavenger Would Be Proud!25
Destroy all hidden Autobot symbols in the Decepticon Campaign. (3) 

See "Grimlock, Smash!"

Grimlock, Smash!25
Destroy all hidden Decepticon symbols in the Autobot Campaign. 

For a text guide of these CLICK HERE

Otherwise, enjoy a video walkthrough below:

Action Master15
Get 10 kills with a single detached turret in any mode. (2) 

Using a turret you detached or picked up from an enemy just simply kill 10 enemies.

Wait! I Still Function!30
Get 3 kills while downed in a Co-Op Campaign or Escalation mode. (16) 

Possibly a nod to Modern Warfare 2's 4 enemies while downed. This achievement may say 3 but its been reported that the achievement will not unlock unless 4 enemies are killed. Sometimes 3 though. This needs to be done in co-op because you cannot get downed in Escalation or Campaign by yourself. This must be done in one go.

Ram-kill against an enemy who is stunned by an EMP grenade in Campaign or Multiplayer. (6) 

The Ram-kill is done when boosting as a Truck and hitting to do a dash forward in the direction you're driving. Simply toss an EMP grenade at an enemy and while he's floating stunned, press to switch to vehicle mode, to boost , and to Ram-kill. The enemy will blow up awarding you an achievement. Soundwave has the Ram ability.

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US June 22, 2010

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