Trials: Evolution

Trials: Evolution Achievement Guide

Guide By: Nozza & Maka
There are 36 achievements with a total of 600 points.

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+Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
+Offline: 16 Achievements 330
+Online: 4 Achievements 70
+Approximate amount of time to 400: 10 - ∞ (Depending on Skill)
+Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
+Number of missable achievements: 0 (Track Select)
+Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Codes
+Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (All tracks difficulties must be played, including Extreme.)
+Glitchy achievements?: None
+Unobtainable achievements? None
+Extra equipment needed? No

So here we are again in the world of Trails Evolution, so lets get down to the nitty gritty shall we?! Trials Evolution plays a lot like Trials HD but with some new added features which are a great welcome. Along with the normal single player, we now have 4vs4 multiplayer, a completely overhauled custom track creation and some new skill games! If you've played Trials HD, you'll know that this game is not a quick and easy completion but with a lot of time, dedication, skill and luck you'll get there! 

Overall the game is pretty simple with an achievement list similar to THD, so you'll be on familiar grounds. It's up to you where you start, but it's best to get the single player out of the way and familiarise yourself with the game and to get the bulk of the achievements.

Experts of the previous Trails may not think this is a 8/10 on the difficulty scale, but a lot of people who haven't played the previous will be looking to get this and it's best to warn them before hand what they're getting themselves into. People who've even played THD to it's full potential still don't have the 100% due to certain hard to get achievements!

Single Player:
The single player on TE consists of 60 tracks ranging in difficulty and as you play through the game more tracks and higher difficulties will open up to you; Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard & Extreme. There's a total of 16 single player achievements to gain by playing through all the tracks. Some of these will come naturally as you progress and complete certain tracks or difficulties.

Most of the others are all track specific like; Finding collectables, completing a certain track without faulting or simply smashing your bike and breaking all your bones. Some of these you'll pass with no problem but a few will take a couple of tries (if not a lot more) to finally get it right.

One of the last single player achievements is completing the "Scenic Route" tournament without faulting. This is pretty much the "Marathon" achievement in THD all over again and will most likely be one of the last achievements you'll gain. Just make sure you have a few spare controllers to hand.

A new feature to the game, there are only a few achievements linked to it.

One achievement is related to winning races and the rest all have other criteria's like; Having custom kit while racing or playing on a custom created track. These are all pretty simple and shouldn't take to long to achieve. If you're having trouble with any of these, they can be boosted in a private match with 3 friends.

To find other players to race against or boost, please post HERE

Custom Created Tracks:
Only one achievement tied to you actually doing/making anything with a custom track. This should not take you more that 5 minutes, so please see the guide from more information.

If you've played the previous Trials game you'll know what you're in for, but if you haven't, please take note that it may take a while to get the full 100%. Take your time, practice and hopefully it'll come to you. Overall the game is enjoyable and even if you're having trouble there is a whole lot more you can dive into to keep you occupied!


DLC: Riders of Doom


-Estimated achievement difficulty: 10/10 (Very difficult)
-Offline: 8/8 Achievements - 100 (All achievements can be unlocked alone and offline.)
-Online: 0 Achievements - 0
-Approximate amount of time to 10010-25+ Hours (Dependent on skill)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None (You can revisit individual tracks.)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? None
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes (Easy, Medium & Hard tracks with Platinum times)
-Glitchy achievements? None
-Unobtainable achievements? None

Useful Links:
Original Achievement Guide & Roadmap
Origin of Pain DLC Achievement Guide & Roadmap
Download Link

DLC released on December 19, 2012


[x360a would like to thank Nozza x360a and Maka for this Roadmap]

Demon on Wheels II30
Pass every track in the Flatliner Event.    (29) 

The Flatliner Event holds all the extreme tracks of the game. Firstly you'll need to unlock the event by completing all the other events and their tracks before hand. Once they're complete with what ever medal you achieve, the Flatliner Event will be open to you.

This event consists of 7 tracks in total;

  • Truth is Out There
  • Out of the Pit
  • Fishy Business
  • Dark City Run
  • The Wreck
  • Way of the Ninja
  • Inferno 3
Hard the Hard Way20
Finish 'The Ascent' without faulting on the Rattler 125cc bike.   (23) 

The Rattler 125cc bike is the very first bike you'll unlock and start with. It's statistics are the lowest of all the bikes you can obtain, so having a good run will be a little harder than using a bike higher up the list. It also doesn't make life easier that the race you need to complete is a Hard track. 

Head over to the Cutting Edge event to find The Ascent track and load the track up with the Rattler selected. This tracks mainly uphill and to really beat it without faulting you're going to have to keep your speed. Seeing as this bike is the lowest of the low in statistics it's sometime hard to do. 

Like some other of the achievements, it maybe worth playing through the track with a better bike to get a feel for it all. Other than that, take your time, keep your speed and make sure you use your posture right so you don't fall or lose momentum!

From the Ashes20
Finish all tracks in the Walk in The Park Event using the Phoenix 250cc bike.   (8) 

To unlock the Phoenix 250cc bike, you first need to gain your A License, so please refer to the "School's Out" achievement for more details. Once you've obtained your new license and bike, head back to the Walk in the Park tracks and once again complete each race within it.

The Editor's Apprentice20
Create a track of your own that has at least three path points, then test drive it.   (4) 

From the main menu select "Track Central", then from here choose "Pro Editor". Unless you feel like making a track or adding some points, there's a quicker way to do this. Once the map has loaded, press start and select "Simple Track Example". Once it's loaded, the track will have 3 path points already built in. You'll first need to place down any object, then start and finish the track to unlock the achievement.

If you want to go down the route of building a track, follow this method. Find any spot and press :abut: to lay down your starting point. Now move your track line away from the starting point and press :ybut:. Doing this lays down a new path point. Now simply place 2 more points down with :ybut:, then end your track with by pressing :abut: again. If the achievement doesn't unlock, place and object down and try again.

Once done, press start and test your track. Once you've completed the track, the achievement will unlock.

Custom Finish20
Host and finish a Private or Local Multiplayer match on a User-created Track with at least 2 players   (6) 

There's two things you're going to need first before you can attempt the achievement and they're, one other player or a spare controller and a user-created track. If you don't have a friend with you or another player to race against, you can find some HERE. For the custom track, you can either use one you've personally built or simply download one from the hundreds the game has to offer.

Once you've got both of the above, head into the multiplayer menu and set up a private game or a local game if you're playing with a friend/spare controller. Now invite your other player into the game and race on the custom track for the achievement to unlock.

Burnt to a Crisp20
Pass 'Lab Rat' without faulting while constantly on fire.   (11) 

For this achievement you're going to set yourself on fire and stay lit throughout the whole track without blowing up.

There are 3 ways to extinguish yourself, which you need to watch out for:

  • The beginning pipe. Avoid it by waiting at the start gate for 3 seconds.
  • The "puddle" that's about 15-18 seconds in the race. Make sure that you hit and go over the large drain pipe to flush the water out.
  • Slowing down for too long. Doing so will make the flame bigger and you'll eventually blow up, so keep riding.

Now you just need to string together a run, while lit, without faults in a fast enough way that you don't explode. View the video for what I found to be the most reliable pathway around the track.

School's Out20
Pass the A License Test and get the Phoenix.   (1) 

You'll need a total of 75 medals to take part in the A License Test.

To obtain a new drivers license you'll need to play through the tracks, skill games and tournaments to earn medals. Each medal you earn counts towards the progression bar and your new license. Once you've acquired the right amount of medals the new license test will become available.

The best and fastest way to obtain 75 medals is to get gold on all the beginner and easy tracks and then silver on the medium ones. Doing this will net your around 80+ medals give or take, so there's plenty of room for error. Once you've obtained enough medals, you can take part in the A License Tutorial track which will introduce you to some of the advance moves of the game

No Problemo10
Pass the D License Test and get your first bike.   

You'll need a total of 0 medals to take part in the D License Test.

The D License Tutorial track is the first license you'll obtain and track you'll take part in when you start your single player story. Think of it as a tutorial level to the game, so all you need to do is simply complete the track to earn your new D license and the achievement.

Check Out My Ride10
Join a public multiplayer match using at least five custom bike and rider parts.   (1) 

As you play through the single player campaign you'll earn new gear and money after completing tracks. Once you think you've earned enough new equipment and have enough money head to the "Garage" (:lbbut:) form the single player map or main menu.

Now search through both the My Rider/My Bike sections and purchase 1 new thing from each category until you have 5 new pieces of clothing and bike parts equip (New stuff is highlighted via a gold *). Once you've done this, simply go over to the muliplayer, search and join a public race and the achievement will unlock once it begins.

Fast Five20
Win five matches in public multiplayer.   (11) 

From the main menu select "Multiplayer". From here search for any public game and come first in any 5 races. There's normally 3/4 races in a match. At the end of the match you must have the highest amount of points to be crowned 1st. 

Coming 1st or 2nd will net you the most points to be in with a chance, so aim for those positions. These do not have to be 5 consecutive wins, so don't panic if you lose one or come 2nd.

The Professional30
Successfully complete the single player career.   (6) 

To unlock this achievement you must obtain a total of 135 medals in the single player career. This will also cause the Trials Trophy to unlock.

Medal's value are as follows:
Gold - 3 medals
Silver - 2 Medals
Bronze - 1 Medal

The best way to approach this is to try to aim to complete the difficulty levels as follows, if your ability permits:
Beginner - Gold
Easy - Gold
Medium - Gold/Silver
Hard - Bronze/Silver
Tournaments - Bronze/Silver
Skill Games - Bronze/Silver/Gold

If you can manage to do that, you should be able to get 135 total medals, but be warned, the hard tracks can be quite difficult and if you're new to the franchise, quite frustrating. Keep at it, practice, and before you know it, this will be yours.

Loonie Lander20
The hawk has landed. Time to show the flag! (The small one.)   (17) 

For this achievement you're going to want to head over to the Skill Games Circus and play the UFO mini game. Here you'll control a UFO with your bike and you'll have to make it to the end of the course while touching down on pads to gain points, but what you need to do for this achievement is none of that.

Right from the start, fly high and keep going right. Head past all the pads and even the finish line and a little further on you'll come across what looks like a chimney. Hover above this and then descend down into it. Please note that you must get to the chimney while the lights on top of it are still flashing green. If you're too slow and hang about, they'll turn red, meaning once you descend and enter, you'll blow up and have to start again.

Once down the chimney, slowly "feather" (tap accelerator) you way around the maze. All you need to do now is be as safe as possible to make sure you don't go to fast and hit the sides and simply make it to the end of the maze and land on the final pad to earn the achievement.

Extreme Prejudice20
Complete any Extreme track.     (4) 

Firstly you'll need to unlock The Flatliner Event event by completing all the other event and their tracks before hand. One they're complete with what ever medal you achieve, the event and its extreme tracks will be open to you.

I recommend you start on the very first track, Truth is Out There and you use the Phoenix 250cc. Just because it's the first one, doesn't make it the easiest but you have to start somewhere. The track overall is similar to a track you'll find in the hard events, but it has a few little trickier areas.

Remember that all you have to do is complete the track regardless of faults, time or medal. So don't go rushing in there if you're still learning the ropes. If you do find any of the other tracks a little easier, feel free to try them rather than the one mentioned above.

Flawless Victory20
Finish the ‘Scenic Route’ Tournament without any faults   (31) 

To unlock Scenic Route tournament, you must complete all the individual levels first. Once all have been completed, you're free to take part in this tournament and ready to gain the achievement.

The tournament consists of 1 Easy, 3 Medium and 2 Hard tracks, so it shouldn't be too much trouble seeing as you've had a lot of practice beforehand. The other good thing about it is, it's a more skill based and a lot less circumstantial than the "Marathon" one in THD. It's also a lot shorter, which is nice.

For all the tracks, we recommend you use the Scorpion 450cc due to some of the sections that'll be presented to you. If you go for anything faster, you may over-shoot certain jumps or inclines due to the bikes power or acceleration.

Nervous Twitch20
Doh! You had a near-perfect run on a Hard or Extreme track, but blew it after the last checkpoint.     (14) 

This will obviously be easier on one of the hard tracks. So with that in mind, load up the the first Hard track "Home Run" and playthrough it. It's best that you do a couple of runs first of the track so you can get a feel for the level and it's also best to use the Phoenix 250cc bike for this run through.

This way when you finally decide to do your none fault run you'll know the track off by heart. You'll have in mind what's coming up next, what speed and posture you'll need and also where the last checkpoint is. Once you do get to the ring of fire (final checkpoint) and have no faults, press the "B" button to reset your rider, and the achievement is yours.

Community Spirit20
Post a time on another player's custom created track.   (4) 

For this achievement you'll first need to download another users track. Head over to the "Track Central" and then select "Get Tracks". From within this option you can find all community tracks ever uploaded, so search through the options, find one you like and download it.

Once downloaded, back out and now select the "Play Tracks" option. Find your track(s) in the menus given and simply select to play it. Once you've raced through and completed the downloaded track the achievement will unlock.

Unyielding II20
Finish ‘Rock Steady’ without faulting or changing your rider's posture.   (26) 

To start you're going to want to choose the Scorpion 450cc bike for this track. We also recommend that you do a few trial runs to get a feel for the track. Learn what you can do where and how much power a jump really needs, as when it comes to not using your posture, you're going to have to do a nice bit of feathering on the throttle and brakes.

It's quite hard to give solid advice on this as most of the track is a challenge when you're not allowed to balance yourself. All we can say is take your time, practice and hopefully the video below will show you where and when is the best time to floor it or take a nice and easy approach!

Full Throttle II20
Finish ‘Archipelago’ without faulting or ever releasing the throttle   (11) 

First you must unlock the Collateral Damage Event which is unlocked at 50 total single player career medals.

The best option for this is the Scorpion 450cc bike. It is possible with the other bikes, and some might find it easier with the Phoenix 250cc. Either way, start the track and I recommend completing it at least once or twice to know what's coming up. 

Now it's time to aim for the achievement. At the start of the race, just hold down your accelerator and make sure not to let it go. Steer your bike to make sure you don't fault. When landing, make sure to land on your back tire, at about a 20 degree angle to the ground, as this will make sure you don't flip and let you continue with speed even if you overshoot the jump. You may encounter 1 or 2 troubles along the way, but you can always revisit this track later on when you are more comfortable with the game.

The Squirrels Have Eyes...30
Find every squirrel location hidden away in the secret corners of the world.    (20) 

There's a total 20 Squirrels to obtain throughout all the tracks in TE. Some are gained by simply completing a track while others are well hidden.

For a full list on where all the Squirrels are hidden, please see the video below.

Beyond the Wall of Pain10
Smash your bike and break every bone in one spectacular crash.    (6) 

This achievement is pretty simple and can be done in multiple place throughout the game. There's a couple of ways to fully break your bones and smash up your bike. One being falling from a massive height, so a jump or the other is to drive into some explosives scattered about the tracks. Out of the two choices, the explosive route is the easiest as you don't have to worry about the speed, the jump or height of your driver when trying to gain this. Simply falling or driving into the explosive will do the job.

The first and best place to try this is on the Roller Coaster track under the Terminal Velocity event. From the start, just follow the track and don't worry about anything. Once you come to the massive drop down with the section where you go through the water, you'll need to slow down just after this. 

Once you've passed this, you'll go through one checkpoint and make sure you follow the lower route. Following that will take you to the ground side of the track and another checkpoint which is right next to a jump and some water. If you look in the water you'll see some explosive barrels.

So from the checkpoint, simply fall off the ramp and into the water. The barrels explode automatically, so you don't have to aim for one. Once everything goes off, the achievement will unlock.

Secret Achievements
DLC: Origin of Pain
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 8 Points: 100
All Is Gold20
Receive gold medals in all the Paine Island tracks and skill games.   (6) 

There are a total of 31 tracks in the Origins of Pain DLC:

  • 2 Beginner
  • 3 Easy
  • 9 Medium
  • 7 Hard
  • 3 Extreme
  • 5 Tournaments (Various Difficulties) [NOT necessary for the achievement]
  • 2 Skill Games

You will need to get a Gold medal on all the tracks, Extreme obviously being the hardest. There is a good amount of room for error however, and magic marker will definitely be the hardest for most people. Below are linked videos for the 4 hardest gold medals, just click the title to be taken to the video.

Back to the Attic


Magic Maker

Uphill Struggle (Skill Game)

Also, there a thread by forum member "l Zleek l", that has an in-depth tutorial for many of the extreme levels, linked HERE.

Practice makes perfect for this achievement here, and forming good strategies with a lot of patience will eventually get you the achievement. Good Luck!

Hey Mom, Look At Me!10
Wheelie through the Nuthouse in track “Carnival of Rust”   (21) 

Probably the hardest achievement in the DLC pack. This can be accomplished on any of the bikes that can hold a wheelie [Gecko, Phoenix, Scorpion]. Players have mixed results with the bikes, but personally, I've found that the Phoenix is the best and easiest to use for this achievement, although all are valid options. You will need a lot of patience and practice for this achievement. As for tips, make sure to feather the gas and don't always go full throttle. You can lean back with a little throttle to really get that front wheel up. Also, for the last jump, you will basically have to land almost at a 90 degree angle with your back tire so that you don't slam down.

Good luck!

Epic Slam Dunk10
Do the most epic slam dunk ever.   (9) 

Skill Games - Uphill Struggle

Now from the start you will need to get on the platform behind you. Go forward onto the ramp ahead, and let your bike roll down backwards to gain enough momentum to make the small gap. Once you get on the platform, it will begin to move backwards. Once it reaches the end, you bill see a hanging ball. Press  to bail off your bike, towards the ball, and then hold  to grab a hold of it. Once you do, your character will begin to fly to the top of the hill. Just control him making sure to land on the very top of the hill where the basketball is located. You do not need to score. Once the fireworks set off, the achievement will unlock.

Trials Evolution - Epic Slam Dunk Achievement Guide - Origins of Pain DLC - YouTube

Extreme Pedaling10
Complete track “Back to the Attic” with the Gecko 520.   (14) 

You will need to unlock the track “Back to the Attic” in “Paine Island”. Once you do this, you will need to complete the track using the new Gecko 520 bike. This track is doable using this bike as it is quite fast and nimble, although a little tough to control. Just take your time and watch the video for checkpoint tips. Once you complete it (with any medal) you will get the achievement.

Trials Evolution - Extreme Pedaling Achievement Guide - Origins of Pain DLC - YouTube

A Winner is You!10
Get a platinum medal on a Paine Island track. Just one. Come on, you can do it!   (8) 

This achievement isn't too bad although you will need to have some skill at the game. I recommend going for a Platinum while playing the beginner and easy tracks. The easiest track, in my opinion, is Cauldron Trail (Down and Dirty), which you will need to do under about 31.800 seconds. A video of that track can be viewed below:

Trials Evolution - A Winner is You! Achievement Guide - Origins of Pain DLC - YouTube

The Squirrels Have Rabies20
Those sneaky squirrels are squeaking again. Can you find all the new squirrels on Paine Island?    (3) 

There are 10 total squirrels that you will need to collect for this achievement. Finding a squirrel will show achievement progression. Once you find them all, the achievement unlocks.

The level names and where they can be located in the video are listed below:
Trials Evolution - Squirrel Locations - Origins of Pain DLC - YouTube

Carnival of Rust [0:06]
Jet Lag [0:31]
Buccaneer Bay [1:09]
High Level Degree [1:31]
The Big Dig [2:12]
Dry Dock [2:35]
Night Shift [3:08]
Toy Box [3:48]
Coliseum [4:15]
Aftermath [4:39]

Text descriptions for the squirrels can be found here: (Thanks to Nevander for compiling the list)

Advanced Degree10
Pass the Adrenaline Degree Tournament with flying colors   (5) 

Tournaments 2 – Advanced Degree (Medium)

This is a very easy tournament and only involves 2 tracks, which last a little over one minute. I recommend using the Phoenix 250cc. The requirements aren't very specific, but you will need to do well, and get a Silver medal (or better) on the tournament. Once you complete the tournament, you will receive the achievement, and you can view the video below for more information:

Trials Evolution - Advanced Degree Achievement Guide - Origins of Pain DLC - YouTube

Secret Achievements
Secret Ops10
Finish ‘Recon Rider’ while wearing something suitable, without faulting.   (13) 

First off, you will need to equip the “Ghost Recon Helmet” in the garage under “My Rider”. Once you equip this helmet, choose the “Recon Rider” track in “Paine Island”. Any bike is ok, but the Scorpion is most stable under medium track circumstances. Just complete the track without any faults, and you will gain this achievement. The track should take around 40 seconds, and you can restart if you fault at any point.

Trials Evolution - Secret Ops (Secret) Achievement Guide - Origins of Pain DLC - YouTube

DLC: Riders of Doom
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 8 Points: 100
The Squirrels Have Nuts10
You don't have to be crazy to find every squirrel in Big Sands, but it helps!    (3) 

There are a total of 10 squirrels in the Riders of Doom DLC. They are available at any time, using any bike although I recommend the Phoenix. Just make sure to collect all 10 of them to unlock this achievement, and you can quit out of the map as soon as you unlock it.

Special thanks to "K4rn4ge" for compiling this list!

1. - [0:06] - Greek Therapy - Easy - Choose any bike available to you. For this squirrel you can't fault. At the very start, you will see a small ramp with a fountain to the right of it. Ride on the fountain and you will hear a "ding" noise. Keep going until you get to the third checkpoint and prepare for a big drop. You will want to land on the 2nd fountain and make sure you hear the "ding" again. Keep going until the 7th checkpoint and you will see the third and final fountain after the next small ramp. Ride on this fountain and you will now hear a different melodic sound. This is the signal that you have opened up the secret chamber. Keep going through the level still with 0 faults until the big gap before the finish line. Instead of jumping across it, slowly fall down into the newly opened chamber in the floor. You will go backwards down the ramp into SQUIRREL #1

2. - [0:53] - Toxication - Easy - Choose any bike available to you. Get to the 8th checkpoint. You will hear a creaking sound. Once you hear that signal, fall down the incline backwards (the way you came up before). You may need to backflip in order to get back down but you will need enough speed to also go over the pile of barrels to your left. Once over those, keep backing up and slide down another incline into the toxic waste. Wait a few seconds and you will see SQUIRREL #2 pop out of a small pipe which wasn't there before.

3. - [1:25] - Anno Domini - Medium - Choose any bike available to you. Get to the 2nd checkpoint. There will be an incline. Instead of jumping across the big gap fall down inbetween the two columns. You will notice the left column starting to collapse. At this time you will have to gain speed on the small ramp and do a backflip off of the column on the right. You will have to time it so that you go over the falling column and then land on the left side. Wait there and the camera zooms in a bit and you will see a squirrel pop out of the cup/mug for SQUIRREL #3.

4. - [1:48] - Halloween Hot Rod - Medium - Choose any bike available to you. Get to the 4th checkpoint. Underneath you, you'll see a pumpkin hanging from the ceiling. You must have that pumpkin fall on your head and from that point on you CANNOT fault. You are able to fault at that checkpoint until you get the pumpkin on your head but NOT after that. To get down there is a bit tricky as you will have to hook your tire onto the plank and swing around to land under the pumpkin. From that point on you cannot fault and must navigate through an alternate version of the track. Towards the end you will go up an incline into a previously locked room revealing SQUIRREL # 4.

5. - [2:59] - Trouble at t' Mill - Hard - Choose any bike available to you. Get to the 2nd checkpoint. You must perform two flips at any time. You will hear a bird chirp each time you flip. I recommend doing the first flip either at the big drop directly after the 2nd checkpoint or at the 3rd checkpoint over the stairset. For the 2nd flip, you will probably want to flip and land in the big gap with the wheel and water. Once you have done your 2nd flip, the water will drain and you will fall into a capsule. SQUIRREL # 5 will then pop out of a crate.

6. - [3:23] - Black Site - Hard - Choose any bike available to you. Get to the 9th checkpoint. You will need to input a code with the following controller button combo. It is: LB, RB, Click Left Stick, Click Right Stick, Up direction on Right Stick. As you input the code, you will hear beeps and see colors light up the board in the back. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a spaceship sound. Now you must make it through the rest of the track without faulting (there are only 2-3 more obstacles before the end). If you fault, simply reload the checkpoint and enter code again. After going past the finish line, just wait. A spaceship will beam you up and you will get SQUIRREL # 6.

7. - [4:02] - Dystopia - Hard - Choose any bike available to you. Get to the 13th checkpoint. Back up a bit and you will be on a small platform that sticks out from the wall. Get a bit of backwards momentum and fall back down to the left. Try to land on the flat platform if you can. Once down there you will see a checkpoint from before. Let the backwards momentum kick in and you will go down another incline. Once there, you will see a squirrel hit a switch to trigger an explosion and you will get SQUIRREL # 7 and if you got ALL 10/10 squirrels, you will be rewarded with the "The Squirrels Have Nuts" achievement!

8. - [4:46] - Overpass Action - Hard - Choose any bike available to you. Get to the 7th checkpoint. On the right you will see a fence with a down arrow sign. Do NOT go down. Instead, you will want to press Y to bailout and go over the fence and light pole and land on the highway. A red car will start speeding towards you. You need to try and land in front of the car before it runs you over. You can keep trying from that checkpoint as you have to be fast but yet you still need to bail high enough to go over the light pole. If you land in front of the car early enough, the car will stop and a squirrel will peek his head out of the car window for SQUIRREL # 8.

9. - [5:07] - Bazaar Run - Hard - Choose any bike available to you. Get to the final checkpoint right before the gap before the finish line. Instead of simply riding off the ramp into the finish line, you will want to get enough speed to go up the ramp and then at the height of your jump, press Y to bailout. Try and aim your rider to the right and over the broken wall with a barrel that's above the finish line. Up there lies SQUIRREL # 9.

10. - [5:30] - Nature Calls - Hard - Choose any bike available to you. Get to the 9th checkpoint. You will notice a small wooden platform/raft in the water below. You will need to land here and wait on it for about 10 seconds. The raft will start to move and you will reach an area with SQUIRREL # 10. NOTE: When the raft starts to move, you will automatically fault but obviously this is intended as your body will float on the raft to the squirrel location.

Atomic Number 78 10
It's elemental: Get all Platinums in Big Sands (except Extremes) to qualify.   (16) 

To get this achievement you must get platinum times on all easy, medium and hard tracks. Tournaments, Skill Games and Extreme tracks are NOT necessary.

This achievement will take a lot of patience, dedication and skill. As for tips, I recommend the Phoenix 250cc for all 16 tracks that you'll need to do, although the Scorpion and/or Banshee will do the trick, but can be more difficult to use for higher difficulties. Another tip is to watch the replay of some of the top players in the world or a friend who might already have the platinum medal. This will be useful as it will show you exactly where to save time as well as some popular shortcuts and the best routes. It probably impossible for you to match the top riders, but having a rough idea of where they are able to shave of valuable seconds should benefit you greatly in your platinum quest.

The easy and medium tracks are much more strict on time, while the Hard tracks have a little more room for error in terms of time, as long as you manage to get 0 faults. Another tip I have is to not spend too much time on the same track in one sitting. From personal experience, repeating the same track over and over and over again usually isn't much help. I recommend that you try some other tracks when you're struggling and come back to it another time. When I found myself struggling on a specific track, I would come back to it later, and found myself getting some platinum medals on my first or second try after taking a break. It will help if you memorize each obstacle, and you give your fingers a break from doing the same motions and making the same exact mistakes.

Lastly, try YouTube. There is a lot of content support for Trials on YouTube, and I'm sure there are replays of platinum medals for the tracks available online in video form. Some of them will provide useful commentary or a slowed-down version of the replay to add insight, and these might prove valuable.

Never Say Stop 10
Zero fault Pump It Up without hitting the brakes.   (3) 

It's possible to do this achievement 2 completely different ways.

For this achievement, you'll have to complete the track "Pump it Up" (Hard) without braking ( or ), by only using gas/throttle.

Method 1:
Using the Phoenix 250cc, practice the track a few times until you remember it. Now go through the track, with your finger off the brake, and trying to complete it faultlessly. I recommend watching the video to see the best path and method for each obstacle. Just take your time and try to keep the bike very steady and flat to avoid wheelies.

Method 2:
Use the Scorpion 450cc as the bike is much more stable and reliable.

I was actually able to get the achievement having the throttle down the entire, while using the Scorpion and found it to be quite easy which is recommend this as an alternate method for those struggling. Just keep the gas pressed down the whole way through the track using the Scorpion, as it is quite stable, and try to get to the finish!

Etremophile 10
All you have to do is pass one Extreme in Big Sands. Just one. You can do it!    (1) 

Just complete any extreme track as a part of the Riders of Doom DLC.

I recommend the track "Oblivion" using the Phoenix 250cc, and just take your time learning each individual checkpoint, making your way through the entire track. After finishing the track with any rating, you will unlock the achievement.

Ultimate Endurance II 10
Pass Level 15 in Neverending Trials.   (8) 

This achievement is done on the "Neverending Trials" skill game. In this skill game are you asked to complete small rounds, where you must jump over random obstacles without faulting. To gain the achievement, you will have to successfully complete 15 rounds. This achievement is extremely difficult, and you will probably spend a lot of time here. The only real advice is to keep trying, memorize the repeating rounds, and keep playing until you are graced with an "easy" set of rounds. Eventually, after trials and error, you will be given a set of random of rounds that are easier than usual.

I recommend the Phoenix 250cc, but the Banshee 350cc will also work.

Wail of the Banshee 10
Zero fault the Hard as Nails tournament using the Banshee.   (4) 

This achievement is for Trials veterans and skilled players only! This is a hard tournament that comprises of 5 hard tracks. As stated in the description, you will need to complete this tournament without faults using the new Banshee 350cc bike. It is recommend that you are able to complete all 5 of the tracks individually without faults a few times in a row before going for this achievement, as it is very difficult. Take it slow, one checkpoint at a time. Also, make sure to do the tournament from start to finish a few times just to see where you are making faults and to see how low you are able to get in terms of faults within a few tries.

Track #1: Nature Calls - This track is probably the hardest of the 5 to consistently get 0 faults on, luckily you'll have to play it first so there isn't as much pressure. Just keep steady and restart when necessary.
Track #2: Bazaar Run - This track isn't too hard, but it can be tricky to get 0 faults on consistently. You'll want to focus on the first and last checkpoints mostly, although every player may have their individual struggle points. 
Track #3: Backwaters - For experienced Trials riders, there are very few parts to this track that should cause trouble, as long as you take your time at each obstacle, and use a path that suits a consistent play-style for you. 
Track #4: Overpass Action - Not a fan of this track to be honest, as it can be a little unpredictable. Again, take your time where necessary, but don't hesitate too much as this track is unforgiving. Here's where experience and practice will come in, as there are no real tips that will do this track flawlessly for you.
Track #5: The Dome of Doom - Your palms are sweaty, your hands are shaking, and you feel like you might be on the verge of getting one of the harder achievements that have ever graced your gamercard. Take a deep breath, and take it slow. This track is not hard, and there are only 2 obstacles that will prove of any difficulty if you've been practicing. Take it easy, rushing in this track is a big no-no. Focus on predicting the next obstacle, and setting your position.

Cult of the Golden Wheel 20
Find the legendary Golden Wheel of Sir Daniel of Stockport.   (2) 

This achievement is done on the track "Sky City" and I recommend using the Phoenix 250cc bike.

Once you start on the track, you'll need to ignite your back tire, and to do this, take the first jump over the wheel barrow. Once you land, go forward until you hear a creaking door open, at this point begin reversing. When you reverse all the way up the ramp behind you, you will ignite your back tire with some sparks. These sparks will NOT make your bike explode, so there is no need to rush.


You will now need to ignite all 6 fuses, without faulting, around the track to gain this achievement.:
1. Right after the initial ramp
2. At Checkpoint 4, before the bounce pad, you'll see the fuse on the lower for of the boxes.
3. At Checkpoint 7, slowly creep up the ramp, and use your back tire to ignite the fuse at the top of the ramp, and make sure to reverse quickly back down the ramp.
4. After the second bounce pad, slowly go up the incline, and the fuse will be directly after it.
5. After the 3rd bounce pad, the fuse will be at the edge of the building.
6. At Checkpoint 17 (far within the level) you'll have a big gap to cross. You'll have to go slowly, and hit the small platform beneath you and bounce to the lower ledge where you'll find the final fuse, gaining the achievement. An alternative is to overshoot onto the next set of ramps, and reverse on the small platform, then jumping forward although I found this method harder.

The Dystopian 20
Finish Dystopia without faulting and turn all five traffic lights green.   

For this achievement you'll need to play on the level "Dystopia" (Hard), and I recommend using the Phoenix 250cc bike. To get the achievement, you'll need to trigger all 5 traffic lights, and finish the level without faulting and you will know a traffic light is triggered when it turns green. I recommend going through the track a few times normally to get a feel for it. The traffic light locations are best seen in the video below:

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