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Guide By: FeLizP
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 12 (200)
- Online: 0(0)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 15+ hours (requires practice)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2+
- Number of missable achievements: 2 (No Bomb Clear, True Endings)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (Hard Mode 1CC and Perfect Play)
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: No

Welcome to Triggerheart Exelica! This game has 12 achievements for 200 and is quite difficult to complete if you're not familiar with vertical Japanese shoot-em ups such as Ikaruga or Galaga. This game can take you as little as 5 hours (or less) to complete if you're a pro but weeks on end to gain experience and learn the game enough to narrowly snag 200. Some of the achievements like the "True Endings" may confuse you at first but once you understand and read this Road Map you may just learn things you didn't know before! Remember, you will have to take your time with this game and become experienced before you can tackle some of the harder achievements. The achievement that may drive you hay-wire is Perfect Play which alone makes the game nearly an 8/10, but if you use the tips provided below and with a bit of luck you just might snag a 200 out of this fun and interesting shooter so let's begin.

Step 1:
First, go to Settings> Help & Options and increase your Bomb Stock to 5, Player Stock to 4, and difficulty to Easy. Also set your Extend Type to "Every 24,000,000". This should make later achievements much easier. Now start up a game and select Exelica because this will be your demo playthrough of the game where you get a feel for it. Throughout the game avoid pressing to get you the "No Bomb Clear" achievement at the end of the game. Once you complete all 5 stages you will get your "Exelica's Normal Ending" and you will unlock 2 achievements after the credits.

Step 2:
This next playthrough will be your Crueltear run where you will become more experienced in the game, so pick her. For this playthrough learn to anchor ships more than shoot them and avoid getting hit by bullets at all costs as this will cause you to lose scoring. If you have scored 3000 points by the time you defeat the Stage 1 Boss then you will face Faintear, defeating her without dying will grant you "Destroy Faintear (Level 1)". Be mindful throughout this playthrough and get in the habit of learning what enemy ships come out and when. By Stage 3 be sure to avoid bullets and anchor as much as possible, hurling ships at other enemies one by one. If you defeat the Stage 3 Boss with a score of 3000 then Faintear will show up again. Dispatching of her will unlock "Destroy Faintear (Level 3)". Go on to complete the game for "Crueltear Normal Ending" along with "Crueltear True Ending" if you were able to defeat Faintear on all 3 occasions without losing all your lives.

Step 3:
This third playthrough will be your Hard run so be sure to change the difficulty to Hard. You are permitted to keep your Player and Bomb stock the way it is so this should help. Take your time in this run and anchor at all costs to keep enemies away from you. Bomb to escape death traps and don't lose all your lives (1 continue) or else you will have to start over. If you complete the game on Hard without using a continue then "Hard Mode 1CC" will unlock after the credits.

Step 4:
Before attempting "No Miss Clear", make sure you mop up the miscellaneous achievements to get you better experienced in Triggerheart Exelica. Be sure to have a playthrough with Exelica and defeat Faintear on both Stage 1 and 3 without using any continues to grant you "Exelica True Ending". Avoid using a continue at all costs so that you can rank up 1,000,000 points by the end of the game. Using the Debris Trick to salvage points on the Final Boss fight on Stage 5 makes this a very simple task, see "Debris Bonus" for more information. If you pull this off you will unlock "Score 50,000,000" and "Score 1,000,000" after the credits. All of these achievements can be done on Easy difficulty.

Step 5:
This will be your "No Miss Clear" attempt playthrough. The number one rule here is, don't get hit, not even once. This is fairly simple on Easy difficulty. Just make sure your Bomb Stock is set to 5 and use them to cheat death. Skipping the hidden Faintear fights should make this even easier.

Step 6:
Now for the hardest achievement in the game, "Perfect Play". The important thing to know here is that you are free to have settings changed however you wish, just make sure that difficulty is at Normal or higher. Going for this on Normal is strongly recommended. Crueltear seems to be a favorite when going for this since she has the best anchor in the game! Now it's all about staying alive and defeating all forms of each Boss. You can't miss any Boss forms or any Faintear fights because this won't unlock. You will have to be near perfect here not to get hit. Please see "Perfect Play" for the score amount needed to face all forms of each Boss. Use bombs to cheat death and pause when you need a breather, this achievement takes lots of practice. Using the below information within this Road Map can be helpful too. 

Bombs - Press  to use bombs. Bombs are very helpful but not recommended when going for some achievements. They should be mainly used when your in a heap of trouble, closed in with projectiles and nowhere to go. They can save your life on occasions and defeat bosses(some) rather quickly. You are also permitted to change your bomb stock to 5 in the 'Help & Options' menu with no penalty against you, achievements will still unlock.

Lives - Lives are the little hearts you see in the upper left corner. If you die with no hearts left then you will be asked to continue. For some achievements you can not lose these or you will have to start over. Here's a good tip go to 'Settings' under the 'Help & Options' menu and change "Player stock" to 4 and "Extend type" to every 25,000,000pts that way you can earn more lives while you play at a faster rate than usual. This can be very helpful when going for the Hard Clear achievement.

Anchoring - Press and hold  button to shoot out your anchor on a flying enemy. Once grappled you will begin to rotate your enemy around you. At the precise time release them and hurl them at other groups of enemies for big scores. Tanks and Bosses cannot be anchored, you will instead Lock-On to them when pressing and holding . This works well for more precise aiming and kills. Just remember anchoring is key to getting these achievements.

Score Items - These are those yellow medals you see pop out of enemies when you defeat them. Your Total Point amount is displayed in blue letters right below your lives (hearts). To gather more medals when they are on screen hold down the shoot button to make them grow bigger then let go when they are about to go off screen for extra points. You gain more points by defeating enemies and even more if you using the anchor. Total Points also affect a number of factors:

  1. Your score after completing a stage.
  2. Difficulty Level of Boss Fights (how many forms they will have).
  3. Whether you will face Faintear at the end of a stage (Stages 1 and 3 only).

Pause Trick - In case you have not heard of this method yet I call it the Pause Trick. A very simple method where you pause the game at points during the game (usually Boss fights) and try and dodge/graze projectiles. Try pausing when you have many bullets on screen and look for openings, be sure to Lock-On to a boss and shoot at the same time by holding + while doing so or else you will just be dodging and not lowering the boss' health gauge. While Locking On you will see a very small spinning green triangle on your Triggerheart, that is your hit box keep it away from bullets at all costs.This trick will help you get through the game pretty easily, just make sure you pause, look at the layout of bullets, look for open paths, plan your next move, and keep shooting and locking on and if you ever get cornered (which should rarely happen) use a bomb. This method will help you get the "Perfect Play" achievement much easier.

Triggerheart Exelica is a fun and challenging shoot-em up with most of the achievements being easy to come by. As long as you're adept and experienced with shmups then getting the True Endings and beating the game on Hard should be no problem at all especially if you tinker with the settings to make it easier for you. The only achievement that will give you trouble is "Perfect Play" which alone makes this game a 8/10. Please use the tricks mentioned in the guide to shoot and anchor your way to perfection. Practice makes perfect!

x360a would like to thank FeLizP for this Road Map.

Exelica Normal Ending10
Complete the game playing as Exelica (Normal Ending).   

Simply Complete the game as Exelica. There are 5 stages in total in Story Mode and should only take 10-15 minutes to complete.Don't worry about score, hidden bosses, or lives for now just finish the game and get a feel for it. If you want, you can also try to nab the "No Bomb" achievement here. Simply avoid pressing  and play through the game to the end. If you also do that on your first run, you will unlock two achievements during the Credits instead of one.

Crueltear Normal Ending10
Complete the game playing as Crueltear (Normal Ending).   

Complete the game as Crueltear.For more info see "Exelica Normal Ending" above.

Exelica True Ending20
Complete the game playing as Exelica (True Ending).   

In order to get a True Ending you must defeat the hidden boss Faintear on Stage 1 and 3 and you must NOT DIE because this will reduce your Total Points and you need a certain amount of those to trigger the fight.You must also go on to complete the entire game, once you get to Stage 5 you will get a slightly different end scene and face a different boss than usual. So while going for this achievement you will also get 2 other achievements(Destroy Faintear 1 and 2).

To face Faintear in each level you must get a certain amount of Score Items or "Total Points"(yellow triangles). You collect these when you destroy ships and you automatically gather them as long as your not shooting.See "Destroy Fainter(Level 1)" and "Destroy Faintear(Level 3)" on how to trigger her fights.

Crueltear True Ending20
Complete the game playing as Crueltear (True Ending).   

Same requirements as above only you must do it while playing as Crueltear.See above for more info. This should be fairly easy to get, especially on EASY difficulty.Be sure to set Live Stock to 4 and Bomb stock to 5 to decrease your chances of dieing.If you do just make sure you don't lose all of your lives. If your are asked to continue then you have failed and you need to start over. See "Destroy Fainter(Level 1)" and "Destroy Faintear(Level 3)" on how to trigger her fights

Score 50,000,00010
Complete the game with a score of 50,000,000 points.   

This should be pretty easy to get, especially on EASY difficulty.Be sure to set Live stock to 4 and Bomb stock to 5 to decrease your chances of dieing.If you die just make sure you don't lose all of your lives. If your are asked to continue then your score will go back to 0 and you will have to start over.To earn 50,000,000 points be sure to anchor all flying enemies and destroy grounded enemies with flying enemies.Try holding on to a ship and launching it at groups of enemies for better bonuses. Also be sure to try and face Faintear on Stages 1 and 3 for some extra points. You can also use the Debirs Trick on Faintear at Stage 5 to net you extra points which is listed below.Once you accumulate 50,000,000 points or more this achievement will unlock after the Credits.

Debris Bonus
There is also a VERY helpful tip to earn you as much as 30,000,000 points that I came up with. Make it to Stage 5 and at the final boss(Faintear) on Form 2 you will see lots of crumbling debris fall down from the left and right sides of the screen.Move your ship as low as possible and anchor the debris and then let go.To make it simple, just tab  button as the debris falls down and try your best to not harm Faintear while doing it. She will inevitably lose health but at a slow rate. Continue this for as long as possible while dodging arrow shaped projectiles. Maneuver from left or right where ever you see debris fall and keep tapping  at it and your score will rise until Faintear finally dies. I earned around 30,000,000 points from this while I was going for the 100,000,000 point achievement.

Score 100,000,00020
Complete the game with a score of 100,000,000 points.   

Similar to the achievement above except you will have to put some more work in.Once again you cannot use a continue and I strongly suggest you defeat Faintear on Stage 1 and 3 for extra points.I was able to rank up 30,000,000 points on Stage 1 by anchoring a lot and beating Faintear. And you can get up to 30,000,000 on the Stage 5 Boss fight alone if you use the 'debris trick' I mentioned above. That's 60,000,000 points from Stage 1 and 5 alone! And with stages 2-4 I'm sure you can get 40,000,000 points out of 3 stages especially if you defeat Faintear on stage 3.Personally I got this without defeating Faintear on Stage 3 but I recommend it. Just make sure you are always anchoring.By games end if you have 100,000,000 points or more this will unlock after the credits.

Destroy Faintear (Level 1)15
Destroy Faintear in the first level.   

For Stage 1 make sure you have a Total Point score of 2300 or more by the time you get to the EMERGENCY prompt. Make sure you anchor everything you see with  button. Learn to aim and wait until there is a multitude of enemies on screen to launch it.Right before the Emergency Prompt you will see two big choppers one of which gives you a bomb.Anchor the one above that chopper and hold on to it until the boss comes.Once the boss fight starts launch the chopper at the boss and with precise aim it will take out the first form.
Form 2:Faintear will start to release small bombs that look like mines(small black circles) that are anchorable.Anchor them with  and launch it at the boss for another easy finish, be sure to hurry and grab another mine so that you can launch it at the boss on Form 3.
Form 3:You should have around 2300 points by now or else you wont face this form. Release the mine as its life bar replenishes for yet another quick finish, if you missed a mine to anchor just Lock-on to it and shoot it dead.You will not get as many points if you destroy it this way though.
Form 4:You must have 2500 total points or more, the boss will release small purple capsules above its cockpit, anchor them and launch them for an easy finish. 
Form 5:Have around 2800 total points, use another purple capsule if you have one saved from Form 4, if not then simply finish the boss by your own means(bomb if you want). DO NOT DIE or else you wont face Faintear.Make sure you have 3000 total points after defeating the boss.Afterwards there will be a 2nd Emergency Prompt and Faintear will appear followed by some dialogue. 

Stage 1 Faintear(2 Forms)
Faintear is a 2 Form Boss and is rather easy.Before she begins her offense be sure to Lock On to her and start shooting.
Form 1:She will shoot out bullets in a pattern just be sure to dodge and shoot at the same time and beware of the lasers she shoots out(as featured below).You also have the option of anchoring her red shields but unless you have good throwing aim I would not try it.
Form 2:She will start shooting bullets out in a circular motion, Lock-On to her and shoot like before and after a while she will bring in small red ships around her.Anchor one of the red ships and hurl it back at her until she dies. She will repeat this offense until she is defeated.
Also be sure to make use of the Pause trick here to ensure that you don't get hit.

Note:Here is a video playthrough of the entire Stage 1 including the Faintear fight, note the playstyle and Total Points needed to face her.

Destroy Faintear (Level 3)20
Destroy Faintear in the third level.   

For Level 3 have 2900 Total Points by the time you get to the EMERGENCY prompt. Just play the level like I said earlier, anchor everything you see and shoot at ground enemies or in this case enemies on a revolving ring.Towards the end of the stage you will face ships that will shoot LOTS of projectiles in a variety. Be sure to anchor and throw them at each other as they appear on screen or you will get overwhelmed. There are 6 in all be sure to anchor the 6th one and hold on to it for the boss fight.Once it starts launch it at the boss it will not kill it but will give you a head start in damage. From there simply finish the first form with gunfire or bombs but gunfire is recommended.
Form 2:the boss will begin to shoot out projectiles very rapidly dodge them at the best of your ability or just shoot at them if playing on EASY. If you have around 2300 points or more you can take it down with gun fire but beware of bullets and use bombs to save your life.
Form 3:simply anchor the white mini ships from the right or left sides that appear and launch them at the boss for the finish.Make sure you have 3000 total points by now.If done correctly Faintear will appear after the Boss is destroyed.

Stage 3 Faintear(2 Forms)

Form 1:She will shoot bullets in a circular motion(similar to Stage 1)and you need to dodge these until she brings in red ships that surround her. Anchor one or two into her to defeat her.This may take a few tries if your aim is not that good.Make sure you defeat her fast because the longer it takes you to beat her the more bullets she will fire.
Form 2:Faintear will close in on you and bring out a rotating shield with 4 mini ships in each corner of it.It will begin to rotate and shoot vigorously, you may have to dodge bullets while moving around her here.Use the "Pause Trick" here and dodge the bullets.Try anchoring one of the mini red ships and hurl it at her.If she does not die try waiting for the revolving lasers to die down the cross over to another section of the shield and anchor another ship until she dies.The shield itself is anchorable too if you will prefer to beat her that way.

Note:This video will show you the entire playthrough of Stage 3 and it also includes the hidden Faintear fight.Please note the Total Points needed in order to face her and the strategy used to stay alive.Although this is the PSX version of the game, it's still the same deal.

No Miss Clear15
Complete the entire game without losing a life.   

Go to options and increase your bomb stock to 5. Also change the difficulty to EASY. While playing through the game it should be generally easy not to die. Keep a sharp eye out for arrow shaped projectiles and use anchoring to destroy red ball projectiles, or simply dodge them.You can also graze projectiles which basically means you can touch them but not directly and you wont die.If you are about to get hit and have nowhere to go be sure to use bombs.There is an extra bomb on each level and you can hold up to 6. Just make sure you have 5 before collecting it. Only bomb when you REALLY need to. And remember if you gather a bomb when you already have 6 then your not bombing enough. Try bombing at least once per stage, if you avoid using it throughout the stage then use it on the boss of that stage. Complete the game without losing a heart and this will unlock after the credits.

No Bomb Clear15
Complete the entire game without using a bomb.   

Quite possibly the easiest achievement in the game.Like I said in "Exelica Normal Ending" simply avoid pressing and you will get this you can die and use continues all you want you will still get this just don't use any bombs.You should get this while going for the first two achievements,easy enough

Hard Mode 1CC20
Complete the entire game at the highest difficulty level and without using a continue.    

A very tricky but doable achievement. Completing the game on HARD is no easy feat. The best advice I can give is to go to Options and go to "Select Stage", from here you can pick stages 1-5 and when you start a game you will start on whichever stage you chose.Set it to whichever stage you wish to practice I recommend practicing Stage 5 but try practicing them ALL without dying and try to memorize ship patterns. Stage 5 is clearly the Hardest and you need to memorize what comes out and when.Be sure to use anchors as like always and utilize bombs to avoid deaths.If you ever need an alternative to bombs to stay alive you can always anchor large ships and swing them around to destroy bullets coming towards you to stay alive a little longer. It's also important to note that you can put Extend Type on every 25,000,000 that way as you rank up points you will get more lives which helps you last longer.Remember, you can lose lives when going for this achievement just not all of your lives. Again, this is a very difficult achievement and will take a while to obtain.

Perfect Play25
Destroy all the bosses and complete the entire game without dying at Normal difficulty or higher.    

Hardest achievement in the game, Perfect Play will drive you nuts! Difficulty must be on NORMAL or HARD and if you die even once you'll have to quit out and try again.You must also defeat all forms of all Bosses(including both Faintear fights) so be sure to get many score items or else you won't face all the forms of each boss.Here are all the bosses you must defeat and the points needed to face each form. 

Note:Everytime you defeat a form for a boss it will pause and make a noise as if shifting into new gears, once it starts a different type of offense that's how you know you're in it's next form. Make sure you defeat all forms! If you miss a form because you did not have enough points then you must start the game all over. So for example if I'm facing the Stage 4 Boss, and I defeat its 3rd form with 3200 points, it will blow up and die instead of moving into Form 4 because I did not have 3500 points or more. Whenever this sort of thing occurs you will have to start a New Game.

Stage 1 Boss
Form 1: 0~
Form 2: 500~
Form 3: 1000~
Form 4: 2000~
Form 5: 2500~
Faintear: 3000~ 

Stage 2 Boss
Form 1: 0~
Form 2: 1000~
Form 3: 1500~
Form 4: 2500~

Stage 3 Boss
Form 1: 0~
Form 2: 2000~
Form 3: 3000~
Faintear: 3000~ 

Stage 4 Boss
Form 1: 0~
Form 2: 1000~
Form 3: 2000~
Form 4: 3500~

Stage 5 Boss
Form 1: 0~
Form 2: 0~

I suggest you use NORMAL difficulty to make this a bit easier.Use the Pause Trick every moment you need to or throughout the whole game if you must, just make sure no bullets touch your hit box! Use bombs to cheat death but use them sparingly, and destroy Fantear on Stage 1 and 3.If you need help with a certain stage or boss check the Strategy portion of the Road Map below.This is clearly the most difficult achievement in the game.You will get frustrated, you will yell, you will give up at times,but it can be obtained. A little bit more advice for this one is to Practice all 5 Stages and predict what comes out and when. If you want, head to options and put Stage Select on whichever stage you wish to start with so that you can practice it without getting hit. Remember, Practice makes Perfect.

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