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Guide By: Noisy Neighbour
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
Offline Achievements: 12 (200)
Online Achievements: 0
Approximate amount of time: 2-3 hours
Amount of playthroughs needed: 0.5
Number of missable achievements: None
Does difficulty affect achievements? No
Glitchy achievements: None
Extra equipment needed? No

Welcome to Trine 2, a side scrolling action/platform/puzzle game controlling a wizard (Amadeus), a knight (Pontius) and a theif (Zoya). You will utilize skills from all three of these in you quest to restore the kingdom to its former glory. None of the achievements are story related, so if you are just going for all of the achievements you only really need to play the first seven out of thirteen levels, although this is a fun little game so I would recommend playing through to enjoy the story.

Step 1 - Playthrough
There are several places you can get most of the achievements, but as you will need to play through to level seven, we will get the achievements done at the easiest places. To start with, the main menu screen is the best place to get A Hail Of Arrows done. Wait until the options list disappears and you will have control of your characters. Select Zoya, and fire three arrows into the sky, then quickly press to change to Pontius, pressing to catch them on his shield. During the first tutorial level where you are controlling Amadeus, when you get to the first bubble, create a box and use it push a bubble down for three seconds for This Wasn't The Plan. Now play through to level two. Part way in, you will see three mushrooms next to each other. Create another box with Amadeus, placing it on the mushrooms. Ride this for ten seconds for Bouncy Bouncy. A little further on you will find the first goblin to kill for I Didn't Do It, the other two follow just after.
You will come to your first steam vent later on in this level. You should by now have enough skill points to use "Plank" with Amadeus. Remember you can move points around as you don't have to have all skills active at once. Balance on a plank you have made on the vent for four seconds for Surfboard Master, and swing around the nearby log with Zoya for Cirque de Zoya.Now play through until level 6. We can knock another two achievements out here. On the way to this level, use the hammer throw skill with Pontius as much as you can and you should have Hammer Havoc done pretty soon.

After a short while, you will get to a red cauldron that is spawning salamander enemies. Go into options and change the combat difficulty to hard, then wait until three salamanders are out. Use your frozen arrow skill to freeze all of them, then use Pontius' hammer throw skill to shatter them all. This will unlock Icebreaker. When this is done, switch to Amadeus and levitate an enemy so it is right in front of you. The salamanders will try and attack you but kill the levitated enemy. Repeat this ten times for Dirty Tactics.Next play through to level 7. Near the beginning there is a carnivorous plant. Let this plant east all three of your characters for A Floral Feast.

Finally we will replay level 2 for our final two achievements. Make sure you play the whole level as Amadeus, if you don't start as him, restart until you do. If you die at any time, reload the previous checkpoint as you can only play as him. Around half way through there is the ideal opportunity to get High Rise. By now you will have enough points available to use the create 3 skill. Stack the 5 boxes on the floor on top of each other, then create three tiny boxes on the top. Jump on top of them to unlock this one. Finish the level as Amadeus for Flying Solo.

Mop Up:
You should have everything now, if you have missed anything you can use the level select available to go back to where you need to be.

Trine 2 is a very easy 200 and a really pretty game that I would gladly recommend to both the achievement hunter and the casual gamer. The achievements are all pretty straightforward and problem free.


[x360a would like to thank Corrupt x360a for this road map]

Surfboard Master15
Stand on a plank floating on a single airflow for four seconds   (2) 

For this you need to conjure a plank over a vertical steam vent and 'surf' the plank for 4 seconds.

  • This needs to be done as Amadeus the wizard and you will need to have purchased the plank ability.
  • Must be done on a steam vent with continuous flow.

Simply ride the steam vent to its peak and conjure a plank as close to your feet as possible. Be sure to get the plank as level and to the centre as you can. In the event the plank starts to tilt then simply walk to the higher side to level it out. Perform this for 4 seconds and the achievement is yours.

The video below shows the first chance to grab this in Chapter 2:

Trine 2 Achievement Guide: High Rise and Surfboard Master - YouTube

I Didn't Do It15
Make goblins die of three different environmental hazards in a single level   (4) 

You will need to kill 3 goblins using items and the environment e.g. Spikes, fire, boxes etc.

  • This is made easier with Amadeus and purchasing Monster Levitation.

During chapter 2 you will come to a shooting flower and shortly after a platform you can tilt, with crates (both breakable and solid) to the right. When the goblin appears simply levitate him into the spikes. Later on you will come to a large square rock perched on the edge with goblins below. Push this onto one of the goblins then immediately after conjure a box and drop it onto the other goblin to complete the achievement.

Flying Solo15
Complete a whole level playing one character only   (9) 

As it says, you will need to complete a level using only one character. You cannot switch to another character at any point during the level.

  • This will need to be done using Amadeus (fully upgraded will help but make sure you definitely have Monster Levitation).
  • This cannot be done in a CO-OP game.

This achievement is best done on Chapter 2. The hardest part of this level will be defeating the snake boss at the end. Once you enter the snakes lair conjure a box and use it to jump onto the supports above. Stand still for a few seconds until the snake lunges at you, jumping away at the last second. This will result in the snake destroying the support. Repeat until the cave collapses onto the snake.

The video below shows a complete walkthrough of Chapter 2 using Amadeus:

Trine 2 - Flying Solo Achievement - YouTube

A Floral Feast15
Feed carnivorous plants with three or more different kinds of treats   (1) 

Simply feed a carnivorous plant three different 'treats'.

  • Each character counts as a 'treat'.
  • You can also feed the plant an enemy.
  • The plant will not eat boxes and planks.

You will first encounter a carnivorous plant in Chapter 7 blocking your path. Just have each character walk past the plant and the achievement will unlock after the third character gets eaten.

The video below shows the first carnivorous plant encounter in Chapter 7:

Trine 2 Achievement Guide: A Floral Feast - YouTube

Icebreaker   (9) 

Like it says, you will need to shatter three frozen enemies within one second.

  • You will need to purchase Loya's Frost and Frozen Arrow upgrades along with the Throwing Hammer upgrade for Pontius.
  • Set your combat difficulty to hard, that way the enemies will not die in one hit.

The easiest chance to get this is during Chapter 6 when you come to a bubbling cauldron filled with red liquid that will spawn infinite enemies. Use Loya's Frozen arrows to freeze each enemy one by one until you have three in a row. Finally switch to Pontius and throw his hammer towards the frozen enemies, if you manage to smash all three in one throw then the achievement is yours.

The video below shows what you need to do once you reach the cauldron:

Trine 2 - Icebreaker Achievement - YouTube

Hammer Havoc15
Kill an enemy with a thrown hammer bouncing at least once before kill   

You will need to kill an enemy with a thrown hammer having it bounce at least once.

  • You will need to have purchased the Throwing Hammer upgrade for Pontius.
  • Setting the combat difficulty to easy will make getting a one hit kill much easier.

An achievement that is pretty much possible wherever you have an enemy and a fairly decent amount of space (not necessarily essential but still helps). Simply select your hammer and then aim at the floor slightly before the enemy in the same way you would Loya's arrows. As long as the hammer bounces before the enemy is killed then the achievement will unlock.

Dirty Tactics15
Get at least 10 enemies killed by other enemies' actions in a single level   (1) 

Kill ten enemies with another enemies' action and not your own.

  • You will need to have purchased either the Monster Levitation upgrade for Amadeus or the Frozen Arrows upgrade for Loya.

The easiest chance to get this is during Chapter 6 when you come to a bubbling cauldron filled with red liquid that will spawn infinite enemies. The two easiest ways are:

  • First with Amadeus. Use Monster Levitation to levitate the closest enemy in front of the others, making sure there is minimum distance between you and the enemies on the other side of your floating enemy. The other enemies will then hack down your floating enemy in an attempt to get to you.
  • Second as Loya. Using Frozen Arrows, freeze an enemy and stand directly in front of it. When an enemy behind your frozen enemy readies an attack, jump out of the way to avoid it and he they will shatter your frozen enemy.
Bouncy Bouncy15
Stand on a conjured box bouncing on any bouncy surface for 10 seconds   (3) 

Simply stay on a conjured box for 10 seconds while it bounces on another bouncy surface.

  • This is easiest achieved in an area that has 3 mushrooms in a row.

You will need to conjure a box over a mushroom making sure the box is as level as possible. It helps if there is a raised area/platform nearby that you can jump onto the box from. Then as long as the box stays bouncing for 10 seconds and your stood on it the achievement is yours.

The video below shows where to get the achievement in Chapter 2 right after you encounter the snail:

Trine 2 Achievement - Bouncy Bouncy - YouTube

A Hail of Arrows15
Shoot 3 arrows in the air and catch them all with the Knight's shield   (2) 

You will need to fire 3 arrows as Loya and then catch them all on Pontius' shield.

  • The Frozen Arrow upgrade will give you 2 arrows per firing, meaning you only have to time two shots which can be easier for some.
  • You could also grab this in CO-OP with one person firing arrows as Loya and one catching as Pontius.

As Loya fire three arrows into the air at decreasing strengths. Switch to Pontius immediately and aim his shield upwards catching the arrows as they fall (moving left or right if needed).

The video below shows how to make timing all 3 a little easier:

Trine 2 Achievement - A Hail Of Arrows - YouTube

High Rise35
Construct a tower made of eight objects and stand on top of it   

Stack eight objects on top of each other and then stand on top of it.

  • If doing this on your own then obviously either the 2,3 or 4 Conjured Objects upgrades will help with finding 8 objects to use.
  • If you want to try in CO-OP then make sure to set the character mode to infinite so you can use more than one Amadeus.

You will need to find an area with a large amount of boxes already there, such as the area shown in the video below. Then simply stack them and your conjured boxes on top of each other and stand on top. Achievement complete!

The video below shows a good place to grab this during Chapter 2:

Trine 2 Achievement Guide: High Rise and Surfboard Master - YouTube

Cirque de Zoya15
Using grapple, swing around an object and reattach grapple again without touching any surface   (2) 

You will need to use Loya's Grapple ability to swing around an object and reattach again without touching any surface.

You will come to your first steam vents in Chapter 2. Slightly to the left is a wooden post above you that Loya can attach her grapple to. You will need to swing back and forth to gain some momentum, then when your about to let go quickly shorten your rope and jump, you will then need to direct yourself backwards and over the post. When you begin to fall again quickly reattach the grapple.

The video below shows the first location to acquire this along with the technique:

Trine 2 - Cirque de Zoya Achievement - YouTube

This Wasn't the Plan15
Make a bubble sink for three seconds   (2) 

For this you must use Amadeus to push down a bubble for 3 seconds using an interactive object. This can either be a conjured box, any other boxes/blocks you find lying around etc.

  • You can grab this straight away during the intro for Amadeus. You will come to a pool of water with large bubbles emerging from it. Conjure a box and hold it to to just below where the bubbles pop. When the bubble reaches your box slowly pull it downwards. After 3 seconds the achievement will pop.

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