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Tropican Fiesta

Finish a game with overall Happines of your citizens above 70%

Can easily be done in almost all missions, as long as you do not finish the tasks for ending the mission itself. In preparation, you shouldn't have 'Cheapskate' as a trait when altering your avatar. First, try to keep all happinesses high:

Food quality 

Just have farms with corn, ranches with cattle and goats, and a few fishermen's wharves. Use the 'Food for the people edict' and build some marketplaces in regions where a lot of people are. It should easily rise over 80% by just doing this.

Housing Quality 

At the start of the mission, do not build any houses, but get mines and farms to get a good economy. Buy a foreign office, a ministry, and a minister of foreign affairs. Use the edict 'USSR Development Aid' when you can, else use 'Praise the USSR' and wait for 'USSR Development Aid' to become available.

After using the edict, build only apartment blocks where shacks are and use the 'Free Housing' edict. After progressing further with your campaign scenario, get a power plant and upgrade all apartment blocks with climate control. You should have amassed some money now, keep going and buy mansions and condominiums.

Religion Quality

Buy a lot of churches and cathedrals, the 'Christ the Savior' Landmark, build a High School and College and switch them to Parochial Education. Also, you can use the Papal Visit edict to raise Religion Quality.


Buy all of the entertainment buildings and place them where a lot of people are.

Healthcare Quality 

Buy some clinics and hospitals, make sure to switch the type to 'Obstetrics' and 'Gerontology' so you have every kind.

Crime Safety

Build some police stations, armouries, army bases. Usually only a few will get you a very high rating unless you are on the campaign scenario with a lot of crime. Don't forget to make a secret police and to issue wiretapping.


You can put tons of Gardens and Trees all over the place, they're instantly built. I did not care for this when I was attempting the achievement, so maybe you can leave it out as well, as it is quite annoying to put all these things onto the map.


Never issue 'Martial Law', but use the 'Sensitivity Training' edict. Build a Radio Station switched to 'Radio Free Tropico'.

Job Quality 

Leave this out for now, we'll come to that later.


Leave this out for now, we'll come to that later.

After you've raised the overall happiness to around 60%, progress through the scenario requirements and amass a lot of money. When you're on the last task of the scenario to finish it, raise all job payments to the maximum of 50. This can be easily done in 3 steps: Select a farm, raise the wage to 50, and then click the right-most icon right next to it 'Set wage for all uneducated workers'. Do the same with a high school and a college, so all groups of workers now have a wage of 50.

After doing this, your money will go WAY down unless your economy is really good. Over the time of 2 years your overall happiness should easily go over 70%. Yes, you need OVER 70%.

It can be done on Mission 6: 'Bickering Factions' where you get lots of rebels. Your last task will be to prepare for a final rebel invasion that gives you the time of 2 years to prepare. Use this to raise all the wages and then just wait it out. The mission will finish after you win the last rebel fight, regardless if you treasury is negative or not.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by vcburke
Saturday, June 30, 2012 @ 08:16:06 PM

I got this with the DLC Modern Times pack. I think it's easier to get with the advanced buildings. Make sure your people have enough food, good pay, healthcare, religious buildings, police stations, entertainment, and build a t.v. station, radio station, etc. People will feel more free and just try to satisfy all factions. They don't all have to be a 100.

Comment #2 by Hylian Swit
Tuesday, February 12, 2013 @ 04:44:04 PM

this was hard as F***

Comment #3 by its delicious
Thursday, March 27, 2014 @ 12:23:31 AM

I unlocked this at 70% Happiness, despite the achievement saying "above 70%".

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