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Truck Racer Achievement Guide

Guide By: VonThronstahl
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty:4/10
- Offline: 45 [900]
- Online: 5 [100]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 6-8 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes ["Like a real trucker!"]
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed?: A second controller helps with some achievements

Truck Racer is not the best racing game out there but not the worst either. If you have no or low expectations you will have fun with this quick and easy 1,000. The only hard part of the game are the Time Trials. Without them the game would have a 2/10 difficulty rating. It takes a few races to master the controls but the AI is so bad that you can slide all over the place and still win.
One word of warning: Do not play this game if you are easily affected by motion sickness. The game has some serious framerate drops on certain stages and the screen shakes almost all the time.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Start with the career mode and finish all 13 events (cups). Each championship is 3 - 10 races long and you should win every race without problems except for the Time Trials. These are easier with an upgraded truck. I chose the Weston Trip for street races and the Kepler-Margo Arcanna for offroad races. The game gets really easy after fully upgrading both trucks. Test different upgrades because the most expensive one is not always the best.

You will have to find a boosting partner because the online is dead since the release of the game. Finish 25 races and make sure to get 5 wins in a row to unlock all online achievements. The fastest way to boost online is the short oval track set to 1 round and 0 enemies. You will have to change the number of laps and enemies after each race again.

Finish off every achievement you did not unlock during the career and multiplayer mode. You will most likely need to destroy a few more trucks to unlock "Crasher" and "Truck Armageddon". Check the Achievement Guide for detailed information on those achievements.

Now you should have all 1,000 of this game and never look at it again.

[XBA would like to thank VonThronstahl for this roadmap]

1st for the 1st time5
Come in 1st place in an event race.   

Easiest done with an upgraded truck on one of the earlier events. This will probably one of your first achievements.

It needs to race5
Race in a truck you bought.    

See "Quality Assurance".

An unexpected failure5
Have an engine breakdown in the last 50 meters of the race.   

See "Engine Down!".

Good, but not good enough5
Mount the podium 15 times in the championship.   

This will come naturally on your way to "Platinum Trucker".

Incredible comeback!5
Win a race starting from the back of the grid.   

You will start at the back of the grid on the first race you drive on every new event. Try to avoid the crashes at the start and you get a nice lead that will help you win the race without trouble. Restart if you get caught in the cluster of trucks on one of the first turns of the track.

Post a time in all the Time Attack races.   (1) 

Every time you race a new track in the career or quick race the game will save your best lap time. Finish the career first and you will only need to race one track in a quick race: Boulder Harbor - Track A.

Better than you!5
Beat your own record in an event race.   

Complete a race with one of your trucks and complete it again later after upgrading your truck.

Super drift10
Drift for over 5 seconds.   

Your truck will start drifting during almost every corner. I unlocked this achievement on my second race without trying. Later tracks offer longer curves for drifting.

Limp across the finish line with every part of the truck's bodywork damaged.   

Crash into other trucks and let them crash you and you will start losing parts. Finish the race after a handful of collisions and you will get the achievement.

Crash 5 of your opponents' trucks.   

See "Truck Armageddon".

Truck Armageddon20
Crash 15 of your opponents' trucks.   

This can be done during the career but is way easier with a second controller in a quick race. Set the race to a short oval, 1 lap and 0 enemies. Grab your second controller and almost destroy the truck. Switch to your main controller and crash into the other truck and finish the race. Make sure to get a skull symbol saying that the other player crashed (red) or it won't count (blue).

Street Hawk20
Fill the Nitro bar and then use it all in one go without hitting anything.   

You will the Nitro with drifting and crashing into other trucks. Fill you bar completely and use it on a long straight without hitting anything.

No Mistake20
Do a complete lap without touching the decor.   

Easiest done on one of the short oval tracks. Take your time and avoid stuff on the road like tires and cones.

Like a real trucker!60
Finish an Expert race in a truck that has all of its original parts.   

Start a quick race on one of the expert tracks and set it to 1 lap and 1 enemy. You have to use a truck without upgrades. Deactivate all upgrades if you have only upgraded trucks before starting the race.

Finish the training.   

The training is a 3 lap race on the short oval track. This will be your first achievement in the game if you start with the career.

The King of shopping5
Make your 1st purchase.   

Go into the garage and upgrade your truck of buy a new one.

Engine Down!5
Have your engine break down during a race.   

You can combine this achievement with "An unexpected failure" if you destroy your truck on the last 50 metres of the race. Choose a weak truck and crash into every wall you see and ram the wall a few metres before the finish line on the last lap. Can be done in career or quick race.

Create a paint set.   

Go to your garage and change the paint shop of your truck. You only have to change one color.

Rome wasn't built in a day5
Restart a race you haven't finished on the podium for yet.   

Start a race and finish it on place 4-10 and restart it.

Fine tuning5
Complete a race with a truck which has no more original parts.   

Go to the garage and buy one of each upgrades and finish a race. You don't have to buy every upgrade, just one of each.

Quality Assurance10
Drive all of the trucks in the championship.   

You have to buy the other 5 trucks first. They cost between 8,000 and 16,000 credits. Use every truck for at least one race after buying them.

Golden Boy20
Earn 500,000 credits.   

See "Wealthy Man".

Wealthy Man30
Earn 1,000,000 credits.   

This achievement will unlock on your way to "Platinum Trucker". This achievement is cumulative. Feel free to buy new trucks and upgrades. You can see your progress on the statistics page.

Engine class D purchased.   

See "A-Grade".

Engine class C purchased.   

See "A-Grade".

Engine class B purchased.   

See "A-Grade".

Engine class A purchased.   

You can upgrade your trucks in the garage. You have to buy every engine before being able to buy the next one with engine A being the most expensive. Buying engine D unlocks C and so on.

I want it all20
Buy all of the trucks.   

There are 6 trucks in the game and you get one at the start of the career. The remaining trucks cost between 8,000 and 16,000 Credits.

A bronze championship30
Win a bronze medal in every event.   

See "Platinum Trucker".

A silver championship40
Win a silver medal in every event.   

See "Platinum Trucker".

A gold championship60
Win a gold medal in every event.   

See "Platinum Trucker".

Platinum Trucker80
Win a platinum medal in every event.   

You will get a gold medal if you win the event with the most points. But to get platinum you will have to get the first place in every race of the event. Events are 3 - 10 races long and offer a variation of standard races, time trials and elimination races. Races and elimination should not give you any trouble if you keep on upgrading your trucks. The time trials on the other hand are quite hard because of the poor controls of the trucks. The best advice I can give you is to come back later to them after fully upgrading your trucks and choose upgrades that give you a great handling and acceleration. These are the main factors to beat the target times.

Completed Event 15
Finish the event "Engine On!"    

See "Completed Event 13".

Completed Event 25
Finish the event "On Dirt"    

See "Completed Event 13".

Completed Event 35
Finish the event "Asphalt King"    

See "Completed Event 13".

Completed Event 410
Finish the event "Truck-Cross Cup"    

See "Completed Event 13".

Completed Event 510
Finish the event "The Rampage".    

See "Completed Event 13".

Completed Event 610
Finish the event "Rocky Competition".    

See "Completed Event 13".

Completed Event 720
Finish the event "Weston Trophy".    

See "Completed Event 13".

Completed Event 820
Finish the event "Eight".    

See "Completed Event 13".

Completed Event 920
Finish the event "Raion World Cup"    

See "Completed Event 13".

Completed Event 1030
Finish the event "Royal KT".    

See "Completed Event 13".

Completed Event 1140
Finish the event "Team 41 Cup".    

See "Completed Event 13".

Completed Event 1240
Finish the event "All-Star Tour".    

See "Completed Event 13".

Completed Event 1360
Finish the event "Legendary Tournament".    

An event counts as finished as long as you completed every race. Position doesn't matter but you will have to win every race if you want to unlock "Platinum Trucker".

Win online15
Come 1st in an online race.   

See "5 in a row".

Online trucker15
Take part in 5 online races.   

See "5 in a row".

10 times20
Take part in 10 online races.   

See "5 in a row".

Take part in 25 online races.   

See "5 in a row".

5 in a row25
Come first in 5 online races in a row.   (2) 

The fastest way to finish all online achievements is to find a boosting partner and drive 1 lap races on the short oval track with no enemies. You have to change the track and amount of laps/enemies again after each race. You have to finish 25 online races. Winning or losing doesn't matter as long as you win 5 races in a row at one point.

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