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Guide By: Judge Bergan
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 16 [165/200 ]
- Online: 4 [35/200 ]
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : ~8 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Main Game [Level Select], 50 Mini-Game Challenges online (wins)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheat codes
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No difficulty setting
- Extra equipment needed? Windows 8/RT

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger is a new 2D action adventure/platformer for Windows 8. Ty is an iconic Tasmanian Tiger from the PS2 era days, and developer Krome studios revisited the series in honor of it's 10 year anniversary recently. The game itself provides a lot of content such as a robust story mode, and an online challenge mode/leaderboard.

Gameplay - Story:
Most of the achievements will come with progressing through the story mode and completing the "zones" that the game is split up into. In the process of completing the story you will unlock the random related achievements, as well as grow your opal total that is used to purchase new boomerrangs. You should be able to grab all the achievements within your first run of the story mode, although one achievement for collecting all the rangs from the shop might require a little bit of extra opal grinding after you complete the game.

Gameplay - Challenges
Throughout the story mode you will unlock challenge stages by finding them in random levels, and then playing them within the level. Doing so will unlock the challenges on the home screen for the use of challenging your friends. You can see the achievement descriptions below about the challenges and how best to do them, but they provide some good extra content, and add a competitive aspect to the game with the challenge leaderboards.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a nice 2D reimagining of the classic 3D action adventure/platformer from the PS2 era. The achievements are fairly easy and enjoyable to obtain, and the game is well worth the price in my opinion. Have fun, and good luck!

[we would like to thank Judge Bergan for this roadmap]

You've Still Got It5
Throw a 'rang 

This achievement will be the first you will get, and is VERY straight forward. Simply hit whatever button you have to fire a rang. On the controller, it is either the RT button, or the X button. You don't even need to hit anything with it!

Floor Fluffy15
Complete Zone A rescue missions 

This game is split up into 3 zones, A, B, and C. Each zone has certain requirements that must be met before you complete it and move on to the next zone. For zone A, you need to complete the introduction/tutorial level, 9 normal levels, and then a boss fight (against Fluffy if you haven't gathered that from the achievement title). Once you complete the boss battle against fluffy, you will complete zone A, the achievement will pop, and you will be able to start Zone B.

The missions themselves are pretty explainable, you are presented with a main objective, and need to accomplish it by getting to the end of the level via combat and platforming/puzzle solving. The collectibles are not required to beat the levels/zone, but it is recommended to get them if you are trying to complete the game, and going for the "No Stone Unturned" achievement.

For the boss battle, you beat Fluffy by first jumping around and avoiding the rockets she shoots at you. After she fires the rockets, she will stand still for a few seconds, so you will want to quickly get near her and charge up a power-rang via whatever control method you are using, and fire it at her. This will daze her, and then you can go in and bite her to remove a section of her health. Do this a few times, and the battle will be over.

Smack Sly15
Complete Zone B rescue missions 

Much like Zone A, simply progress through the 9 missions in this zone, and the reach the boss battle. This boss battle, as the achievement suggests, is against Sly. You will be on the back of a boar and he will be riding a mechanical creature. Simply continue to chase him, being mindful not to get hit by his attacks, and eventually he will lose health as he hits items throughout the chase. This boss fight is very easy, and should be beatable on your first attempt.

Crunch Cass15
Complete Zone C rescue missions 

Much like the other zones, complete the 9 missions and then beat the missions at the end of the zone. There is one timed mission at the end which is very easy to complete within the time constraints (no collectibles, 60 second time limit). After that, you face the boss, Cass, in 3 checkpoints. During the first battle, utilize the new boomerang given to you and continue jumping around the revolving landscape until Cass's shield is down, then fire at him. Rinse and repeat three times for the first part of this battle.

After you finish the first part you will reach a checkpoint where you now have to continue going through the revolving landscape and destroy 3 magnets by hitting them with your boomerang. These magnets are on the edge of the revolving landscape, so be mindful of the fire shooters, and take your time to destroy 3 of them. Once you do this, you will reach the last checkpoint, and 3rd part of the battle.

For the third section of Cass, he will now have the same shield from part 1,and now also have a flame thrower on his ship. Avoid him until his shield is down then lay the boomerang into him. Do this 3 times, and he will be defeated once and for all, giving you this achievement for beating the game. If you collected all the collectibles, and completed all of the bonus stages, you will have also gotten the "No Stone Unturned" achievement.

Tickets On Yourself10
Challenge a friend (1) 

*Online required*
When you come across a bonus game, such as a Time Attack, or a Danger Zone, you will first have to beat the objective of the game (or just immediately die). The first game you should find in the first few levels, it is a "Danger Zone" mission, and once you find it (it will look like a hole in the ground with a giant exclamation mark over it), you can enter it. Once you beat it, you will have the option of challenging a friend to beat your score. The best part about this achievement, is that the friend you challenge doesn't even need to own the game. The pick someone on your friends list, hit the challenge button, and the achievement will pop.

The Best Extinct Thylacine10
Beat a friend in a challenge 

*Online required*
The best way to get this is to contact a friend who has the game, and ask them to send you a challenge. If you don't know anyone who has the game, you can search for a boosting partner here. You will then need to add each other to your friend's list so you can be "friends". After adding each other, they will need to have made it far enough in the game (first couple levels) to find the first Danger Area mission that they can send a challenge in. If they follow the method in "Tickets on Yourself" described above, then they will know how to send you a challenge. I recommend instructing them to start the Danger Zone, and once it starts, just turn left and jump right into the red beam wall coming at you to end the challenge.

Now, go to the main menu, and the far left option there should read "Multiplayer Notifications". Select this, and you should see their challenge there. Simply make it farther than they did (if the follow the immediately die method this will be easy), and the achievement will unlock after you die.

You're No Turkey10
Catch a turkey 

To catch a turkey, you have to first find a Turkey Chase mini-game mission within one of the levels. I believe the first one appears late into the Zone A levels. Once you find the minigame (it will look like a hole in the ground with a big exclamation mark over it), enter it via the prompt. The mission here is to chase down a turkey and chomp it to catch it. Simply just run through the level, making sure you don't stop, and you should be able t oeasily catch up to the turkey and chomp it for the achievement.

No Stone Unturned20
Complete 100% of the game 

Completing 100% of the game means you need to complete every mission in every zone, complete every mini-game in the Danger Zone, Time Attack, and Turkey Chase categories, and collect every collectible in the normal levels.

Each normal level has 3 purple fruits (called Gooboo Berries), 2 koala bears, and 1 Thunder Egg to collect. The Gooboo Berries and koala bears are often found in hidden, or hard to reach places. To get to them, you need to solve puzzles, and backtrack often. The Cryptorang is also essential to collecting the Gooboo Berries and koala bears, as often they seem unreachable. The Cryptorang, when equipped, allows you to see hidden platforms that often lead you to these collectibles. For this reason, I always have the Cryptorang equipped, unless one of the elemental rangs are required to get past a certain objective. The Cryptorang can be purchased from the rang store on the main menu for real currency or for 7,500 opals. I recommend going the opal route since this is one of the cheapest rangs and the most useful. Since it costs 7,500 opals, you will miss some of the collectibles in the early levels, but you can always revisit them via the main menu, so don't worry if you miss some in the early goings.

As for the Thunder Egg in each level, it is gained by completing a secondary quest for an NPC. They will appear somewhere in the mission with an exclamation mark over their head, and after talking to them, will give you a secondary objective to complete in the level. Upon meeting the requirements, you will receive the collectible Thunder Egg.

Refer to the Zone A, B, C achievements on what is required to beat those specific zones.

Reptile Round-Up5
Defeat 100 Frills 

This achievement is very straight forward, and very easy to accomplish. Defeating frills is done by killing them with boomerang hits, or by getting close to them and biting them. You should be able to hit 100 frills defeated halfway through Zone A.

Fossil Collector10
Defeat one of each type of enemy 

Basically, defeat every variation of enemies in the game, and this achievement is yours. You should get this during your quest to finish all of the Zones (the main game), so this isn't an achievement to stress over. I completed the game and still did not get it due to missing the kill on the teleporting enemy which can be found near the end of the first danger area minigame. Simply load up the game, find him teleporting near the ice wall near the end, destroy the wall with a fire rang, then switch to the ice rang and hit him with it, killing him.

Elemental As Anything10
Defeat an enemy with each of the elemental 'rangs 

This can easily be gotten by purchasing the Disruptor Boomerang from the Rang Shop on the main menu for 5,000 opals. This rang, when it hits an enemy, will hit them with one of the elemental elements in the rang. After attacking a handful of enemies, this rang should have cycled through the elements and give you the achievement.

Name In Lights5
Post to a challenge leaderboard 

*Online required*
Upon completion of the first mini-game you will come across in a level, your score will be posted to the leaderboard automatically. This achievement will pop right after it does so.

Buy all six standard rangs from the Rang Store 

This is pretty self explanatory. Simply scroll to the Rang Store on the main menu, and you will have the option or purchasing various rangs with collected opals, or with real cash. The rangs vary in prices, and many are expensive and require lots of grinding. You should be able to buy at least 4 of them just by completing the levels while you attempt to beat all 3 zones. The last one or two may require you to grind for after completing the game, so simply start up any level and grind, as stated in the Opal Loaded achievement. Alternatively, you could buy each rang in the shop whenever you wish for $1.49 each. If you get towards the end of the game and don't feel like grinding any more, you can buy the remaining rangs.

Danger Is My Middle Name10
Complete all Danger Arenas 

There are a total of 3 danger arenas that you can unlock throughout the main game. These levels will appear, one in each zone, and you will have to unlock them by completing them via the level they are found in. Once you beat the third level, this will unlock. An easy way to get this is by having a friend who unlocked them all challenge you in them, and even if you have not unlocked the specific danger zone, it will unlock it via the challenge for you so you can try and beat them all that way.

Tiger-tail Glider10
Glide a total of 1,000 meters 

Gliding is an essential part of the game, as you will often need to glide in the air to reach platforms, collectibles, and complete the levels. Therefore, you will be gliding a lot, and since 1,000 meters isn't too much, you will gain this fairly early in the game. Personally, as I was completing levels and going for the collectibles, I was able to glide the required 1,000 meters two levels into Zone B. Time to unlock will vary based on how often you glide.

Marathon Marsupial10
Run a total of 10,000 meters 

This is pretty self explanatory. Running in this game is just classified as you moving throughout the levels, there is no actual run button to speed you up. This achievement will take a long time, but just playing through the levels as normal will unlock this over time. You will most likely get this in your quest for opal grinding, by replaying levels and just progressing from start to finish.

Totally FanTYstic10
Win 50 challenges 

*Online required*
This achievement is a little bit buggy and also requires a friend to complete. Winning 50 challenges isn't difficult, but it will take time due to how the challenge system is set up on this game. For starters, know that you can only have one challenge out to a friend for each mini-game at once. This means you can not re-issue a challenge to a friend until they beat that specific challenge, so you can't just flood them with invites.

Now, the easiest way to get this is by sending challenges to a friend. For the danger arena matches, just simply run right, kill 1 frill, then run left into the approaching laser to end the challenge. Next, select the friend to send it to. Once they receive it, instruct them to fail the challenge by immediately running into the laser gate to the left without killing anything. (And vice versa when you receive their invites)

For the time trials, complete it as fast as you can, and make sure your friend who receives it completes it slower than you, for it to count as a win for you. (And vice versa when you receive their invites)

If you both followed that, then it should award you a trophy icon next to the challenge, and then subsequently remove it from your challenge notification, thus registering the win for you. If you both do it the opposite way, the system glitches, doesn't count your win, and leaves the challenge in your notification center where it thinks your opponent never completed the challenge. If that happens, just manually remove it by hitting the "x" next to it.

So, to clarify, make sure that your opponent loses the challenges they receive from you, and vice versa, to make this work.

In The Nick Of TYme5
Complete a Time Attack 

You are presented with a Time Attack mini-mission early on in Zone A. Simply complete the Time Attack mission by progressing through the level and jumping through the blue rings in order. It is not required to collect a certain amount of opals, or race against the clock in the Time Trials in order to complete them. Just simply complete it and this will pop.

Secret Achievements
Opal Loaded5
Collected 50,000 opals (1) 

This isn't as daunting as it sounds. 50,000 opals are pretty much a requirement to buy all of the rangs in the store, so if you are going for the Rangtastic achievement without buying the rangs for cash, then you will get this during that. If, by the end of the game you do not have this achievement, you can replay any level via the main menu and grind out opals. In order to get the most opals, make sure to get the opal bags in the levels whenever you see them, and collect the opals from defeating enemies before hey disappear. Make it a point to collect every opal available, including opals in crates. Not too difficult, albeit a little grindy towards the end of the game. Personally, I found that grinding the second to last level was the easiest. Switch to the Cryptorang, and you will see a platform right in front of you with two bags worth a total of 200 opals. Grab them, then exit the level. This brings you back to the menu where you can navigate back to that level and rinse/repeat.

Dive Hard With A Vengeance10
Completed Dive Hard and Dive Harder missions 

Dive Hard and Dive Harder are levels throughout the game. Dive Hard is in Zone B, and Dive Harder in Zone C. Within those levels, there is a minigame where you have to "dive", and reach the bottom without dying or missing a checkpoint. To do this, simply follow the opal trail all the way down, making sure you go through the blue checkpoints. It may take a few tries for each, but this isn't really that difficult. This should come during your quest to finish the game.

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US June 26, 2013

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