Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Achievement Guide

Guide By: FeLizP, diabolix, Plym, Setsun
There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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  • Estimated achievement difficulty: 8.5/10 (Skill Dependent)
  • Offline: 33 (665)
  • Online: 17 (335)
  • Approximate amount of time to 1000: 60+ Hours (Varies Based on Online & Mission Mode)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 49+(Arcade Mode) 480(Mission Mode)
  • Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
  • Glitchy achievements: None (Although there is a delay in achievement pops)
  • Unobtainable achievements: None
  • Extra equipment needed?: Headset recommended for online boosting. Fight stick optional for Mission Mode.

Move Legend
(Any Attack Button) =

= (Light Attack)
= (Medium Attack)
= (Heavy Attack)
= (Special Attack)

= (Crossover Assist 1)
= (Crossover Assist 2)
= + (Two Attack Buttons at the same time)
= + (Crossover Combination)


Welcome to Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3! This is the fourth installment of the Marvel vs Capcom series and contains 47 achievements for 1000. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is an updated version of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, featuring 12 new characters, 9 new stages, Heroes and Heralds Mode, and updated gameplay. The gameplay of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is largely similar to that of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Players select a team of three different characters to fight a one-on-one battle. The game utilizes the same tag-team feature as its predecessor, where a player may choose to swap between their three characters at any point during a match. The goal is to use various attacks to exhaust the opponent’s health meter and defeat the entire enemy team or have the most cumulative health when the timer runs out. The game also uses the simplified, three-button control scheme of undefined light, medium, and heavy attacks introduced in the previous installment. While the core mechanics remain the same, a number of aesthetic changes have been made in the update, including new character and stage select screens.The game's HUD has also been redesigned along with many returning characters receiveing balancing changes. These include new moves and animation tweaks for certain characters. In addition, Galactus Mode has been added to the game which can be played via pressing + + while Arcade Mode is highlighted. You will then be pitted aginst 6 teams of 3 and you must defeat them all as Galactus. A required ending for an achievement can also be obtained through completion of this new mode.

The achievements in Ultimate are very similar to the previous game only more time consuming. Most should be no more difficult than the last game but instead take up more time than before. You must also spend 30 hours in offline and online play which makes this game quite the grind. Mission Mode has also returned with an even bulkier array of combo trials. A fightpad or arcade stick are not required to complete the game but is recommended for those experienced with one. There's nothing wrong with using a standard 360 controller, whatever you're comfortable with.

Note: Similarly to the previous Marvel game most achievements do NOT unlock straight away. They've been known to unlock well into the next round or after the match at times.

Step 1:

Arcade (Offline Mode)

Just like the previous game you will be spending quite a bit of time in Arcade Mode if you are going for the full 1000. You must complete the game with all 49 characters for Waiting for the Trade and view their endings for the gallery which will be one step to getting Comic Collector. A lot of move and combo achievements can be gained in Arcade mode and if you turn Online Request on, you can even switch to Xbox Live if another player requests a game with you. The achievements that can be gained in Arcade Mode/Xbox Live are:

  • The Best There Is
  • Saving My Quarters
  • The Points Do Matter
  • High-Score Hero
  • Above Average Joe (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)
  • Mutant Master (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)
  • Mega Buster (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)
  • Advancing Guardian (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)
  • A Friend in Need (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)
  • First Strike (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)
  • Savage Playing (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)
  • Quick Change-Up (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)
  • Perfect X-ample (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)
  • Gravity? Please... (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)
  • Mighty Teamwork (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)
  • Big Bang Theory (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)
  • Hard Corps (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)

Step 2:

Mission Mode

Here we go again! Mission Mode has returned and with even more trials than the previous game! This is where the game starts to get really challenging as you must complete 10 missions for each of the 48 characters performing combos and special moves. They get progressively harder but usually the first 6 or so missions can be cleared with relative ease. A helpful tip when attempting some of these missions is if you ever make a mistake you can hit + to reset the mission to original position. This is the main aspect of the game that can trouble some players from getting the full 1000 if they're not familar with the fundamentals of the game. If you ever get frustrated with a mission it's always best to try another character mission and come back to it later! The DLC characters Shuma Gorath and Jill from the previous game can also help with this achievement as they have their own missions as well. The achievements that can be procured in Mission Mode are:

  • Missions? Possible
  • Up To The Challenge
  • Master of Tasks

Step 3:

Xbox Live

A fair amount of miscellaneous achievements that can be unlocked in Arcade can be unlocked in Xbox Live as well. This means that you can boost them with a partner if you are having trouble getting them against the computer. There are also achievements for playing online for a certain amount of hours this time. The following achievements can only be unlocked online:

  • Seductive Embrace
  • Rivals Welcome
  • Brave New World
  • Hellbent
  • Dreaded Opponent
  • Forged From Steel
  • Full Roster
  • Incredible
  • Need a Healing Factor
  • Crazy Good
  • Mega Good
  • Hotshot
  • Slam Master
  • Fighting Machine
  • Noble Effort
  • Assemble!

Step 4:


These achievements can be gained across any mode in Ultimate. Player Points can be gained by fighting in any mode. You must fight in every stage and also complete the gallery which requires a mix of Arcade and Mission Mode completion.

  • Dominator
  • A Warrior Born
  • Devil with a Blue Coat
  • Divine Brawler
  • Comic Collector
  • Passport to Beatdown Country


And there you have it, another re-hashed achievement list for an updated Capcom game. As you can see with all the new features added to the mix, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is and definitely was everything the original Marvel vs Capcom 3 game should have been! The game now feels much more balanced and is loads of fun trying out the new characters that have entered the fray. Online achievements are now even easier to boost and all the Arcade and miscellaneous achievements simply take time to unlock but no serious degree of skill. The 30 hour achievements for both online and offline mode make this 1000 a lengthy one, however you will work towards those while obtaining other achievements. The grueling Mission Mode and all 480 of its combo trials is where the difficulty factor comes in but don't get too discouraged! If you were able to do 320 missions last time you can surely do them again and with the exception of the extra ones. Completing Shuma Gorath and Jill missions can also give you some leeway. Please refer to the Vesper and Hyper Guides to input, buffer, cancel, and button mash your way to that "Marvelous" 1000 once again!


The Ultimate50
Unlock all achievements.   (19) 

The common staple achievement for just about every Capcom fighting game. This will unlock upon obtaining all other 46 achievements in the game. Anybody who has completed Marvel vs Capcom 3 to the full 1000 should also be able to obtain this.

Waiting for the Trade50
View all endings in Arcade mode.   (3) 

For this achievement you must unlock and view all 49 endings for all fighters by completing Arcade Mode. Arcade Mode is a single player mode where you fight through 6 normal battles and then a final battle with Galactus totaling it up to 7 battles. You must beat the game with all 48 characters to view their endings and get this achievement. You must also obtain Galactus' ending by means of a Game Over against him or completion of Galactus mode. Galactus mode can be accessed by going to Offline Mode, highlighting Arcade Mode and pressing + + . The downloadable characters, Shuma Gorath and Jill do not count towards this achievement so skip them if you already have them downloaded. The MAIN ACTIVE character who is in control when Galactus is defeated will have their ending shown. So for example, if you are in control of Nova but you call Hawkeye to assist and the assist move finishes off Galactus, then it will be Nova's ending that you will receive. Also whoever is active when you finish off Galactus with a Crossover Combo Finish() will still be the one who will have their ending shown.

If you are not very good with one character but need their ending, I'd suggest beating down Galactus with two of your strongest characters and switching to the one you need when his health gets low. If you are fairly good with everyone, I'd suggest you keep picking characters you have not viewed the ending of in your team, then it won't matter who hits Galactus last.

At the start of your arcade runs you can pick whatever team you wish and press once you reach Galactus and just select “Character Select” in the menu to switch out to the character you want the ending to or you can just select the character in your team from the very start. Good recommended characters to have as 3 man team until the fight with Galactus or as your two extra characters are as follow:

Just like in vanilla Sentinel is still as strong as ever as his standing and crouching are still great tools to zone out enemy characters and his crouching still holds Super Armor properties and if that wasn’t enough his launcher now hold the same properties. The only difference in this version is that there is a decrease in untechable time from Rocket Punch (+) so can’t easily follow it up into Hyper Sentinel Force (+) anymore after the universal BnB.

Chris Redfield
A quick and easy way to get through arcade is to use Chris' prone handgun shot by pressing , ,. You can continue to hit and the A.I will continue to fall for it almost everytime but only less frequently in the later stages.

You can see who you have beat the game with if you enter "Gallery" and then "Character Endings". Simply going in order from row to row or using a checklist can help you keep track of this as well.

This achievement will unlock upon completing the game with all 48 characters as well as obtaining the ending for Galactus.

The Best There Is10
Beat Arcade mode on the hardest difficulty.    (10) 

Turn your difficulty to Very Hard after you have picked your lineup and progress through the game. You get unlimited continues so don't worry if you die at any point. You want the timer to be at its lowest, so you can simply run out the time while you are chipping out the enemy CPU. You also want the damage to be at its highest for when you face Galactus, as the sooner you can kill him the better.

If you're struggling with beating any rounds, I would suggest using the following characters:

  • Hawkeye (Assist Type (Quick Shot (Greyhound))
  • Doctor Doom (Assist Type Hidden Missiles)

Using these two characters with either Sentinel or Hulk will be good for immense zoning, spamming Hawkeyes Quick Shot (Greyhound) (+) while using Dooms Hidden Missiles assist will keep enemies away while chipping them out and it you decide to you can combo Hawkeyes Gimlet (+) Hyper after a hit confirmed for additional damage almost guaranteeing your victory for the round.

Galactus Fight
Just like in vanilla Galactus is more or less exactly the same as he was. After defeating the heralds you will be faced off against him, try to preserve your meter if possible and just use your basic jumping > > to deal good damage on him without the fear of being punished from one of his damaging attacks.

Once you have 5 meters or when you’re left with Doctor Doom on the field go ahead and break out your level-3 X-Factor and spam his hyper Sphere Flame (+), the move is a upward ball of energy that rains back down on the enemy, the amount of separate beams from the attack will do a lot of extra damage to Galactus killing him off much faster.

Just like in vanilla, one notable move Galactus has is a grab move that cannot be blocked if it is range (the grab will be obvious as he spreads his arms out in the background and looks as if he is about to slap his hands together). You need to super jump to avoid it otherwise it will hit, guaranteed.

After you have brought him down a bit more in health he will start to use stronger attacks, lasers than can instant kill any of your characters in one touch. If you have it use X-Factor at this point to block and avoid massive chip damage and then proceed to finishing off Galactus.

Saving My Quarters10
Beat Arcade mode without using any continues.   (2) 

For this achievement you must complete Arcade Mode without having all 3 of your characters be KO'ed (use Continue). After you have picked your 3 characters, change the Arcade Mode settings to the following:

  • Difficulty: Very Easy
  • Time: 30 seconds
  • Damage: Highest

When facing Galactus and his Heralds, I would try to dispose of his Heralds as soon as possible while not using any of your Hyper Meter. Try air juggling and remember that they share a life bar so you don't need to hit them both together. When Galactus arrives, double jump and hit him in the head as much as possible. This will avoid most of his attacks. When his energy is about halfway down, you should have enough for a Hyper Combo so call in both your partners together ( + ) and unleash hell with all three. Do NOT do this is Galactus is about to crush you or unleash beams from his fingers though.

The Points Do Matter20
Earn 400,000 points in Arcade mode.   (3) 

Please refer to High-Score Hero for more information in obtaining this achievement.

High-Score Hero30
Earn 500,000 points in Arcade mode.   (23) 

You must score 500,00 points in Arcade Mode in order for this to unlock. During Arcade Mode at the top right you will see your Score this score will increase depending on certain factors during each match. At the end of each match you will be given points for the following factors:

  • Stability
  • Basic Offense
  • Basic Defense
  • Advanced Offense
  • Advanced Defense

Playing normally through Arcade Mode will not net you nearly enough points for either trophy. You can aim to earn a perfect on each match through the regular settings as you would from a speed run for a character ending however getting perfects will only get you 50,000 points plus a little extra from your in-game actions. If you’re lucky you could use that method to barely hit pass 400,000 points for The Points Do Matter however for 500,000 you will have to use a defensive method.

This method can be pretty tedious and take a little over an hour so first make sure you have the game on the following settings:

  • Difficulty: Normal (or Easy)
  • Timer: Infinite
  • Damage: Lowest

For the difficulty you want it high enough so that your opponent is at least attacking you however be wary that during the last 2-3 stages the opponents start to fight game pulling off short BnB combos, so there may be times where they just overwhelm you so if you’re inexperienced you might want to go down a difficulty (difficulty does not affect score).

Now during character select you want 2 high health characters with good snap backs and then one character to spam their meter regeneration assist skill. Just to list a few, good characters to have on point to perform your snap backs with are:

  • Wesker
  • Frank West
  • Tron

Now you want to select your final character who you will spam during each match to build meter, here is a list of characters with meter regeneration assists:

  • Morrigan (Assist Type Dark Harmonizer)
  • Amaterasu (Assist Type Bloom)
  • Frank West (Assist Type Pick me up)

Using these assists should earn you around 30% of meter to your character. You can easily spam the assist due to its fast reload so you should easily hit 1 meter in seconds. Now that you have the character select done, let’s move on to the method behind this achievement.

Battle Strategy
For this method you want to build up your basic and advanced offense and defense and to do so you will be spamming the following moves:

  • Advancing Guards (+ while blocking)
  • Snap Backs ( + or)
  • Crossover Counters (+ or while you are blocking an attack from an opposing character )

Each of these take up a bar of meter which is why you need to build as much meter as you can while avoiding killing off the enemy. Doing a large amount during a match should net you AT LEAST 80,000 per match so by the time you make it to Stage 6 you should have enough already for the trophy.

Looking at your opponents team, see if there are any characters with good projectiles. If so snap them in and then proceed to spamming your meter building assist while trying to keep a good distance away from that opposing character. Every so often they’ll throw out their projectile move making it easy to react to for an advancing guard opposed to predicting normals from close range opponents and having to watch out for grabs.

Once you build up to five meters go ahead and use raw Snap backs on your CPU opponent, try and do enough so that the projectile heavy character is back on the field upon the end of the Snap Backs so that you can continue to earn easy Advancing guards while building your meter.

Perfect times to utilize Crossover counters is when your point character has a lot of red health from chip damage, not only will using a Crossover Counter get him out of the field safely but it will also significantly increase your points for advanced defense. When that character is on the sidelines they will recover that red health while your second character is doing all the guarding this time around.

In the end this is a very tedious method and shouldn’t be rushed, each stage could possibly take 15-20 minutes if not more so keep a lot of time prepared for this.

Missions? Possible.20
Clear 120 missions in Mission mode.   

Please refer to Master of Tasks for more information in obtaining this achievement.

Up To The Challenge30
Clear 240 missions in Mission mode.   

Please refer to Master of Tasks for more information in obtaining this achievement.

Master of Tasks40
Clear 480 missions in Mission mode.   (42) 

Mission Mode has returned in Ultimate and this time you must clear every mission for every character making this the most difficult and time-consuming achievement in the game! If you completed the Mission Mode for the original game then this should be no different but new missions have been added for new and returning characters.

In Mission mode there are 10 missions for each character involving trials such as performing special moves and combos. There are 48 characters in the game (plus 2 DLC characters) giving you 480 missions (500 If you include the DLC) to complete for this achievement. If you have Shuma Gorath and Jill downloaded then you have a 20 mission leeway if you need to skip harder ones. You will only need to complete Mission Mode to 96.00% with most of the DLC character missions done, it's not much but it helps.

Unlike Super Street Fighter 4 the Mission mode of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is not that much harder, however there are some missions that will be difficult to perform. Timing for combos in Ultimate are pretty "type-based" and very lenient in their timing. Most combos can be done simply by hitting the button that comes after it ahead of time and continuing from there.

Don’t let the higher level missions (7 to 10) fool you. Some higher level missions are easier than the lower level missions before it. This missions have you perform moves that involve things such as:

  • Canceling into your Hyper Combo
  • Using X-Factor within the combo
  • Doing an Air Combo
  • Using Partner Assists

And much more. Even though it is not as hard as SSFIV this will still take some time and dedication to complete. Some tips for taking on this trophy are:

  • DO NOT press start in between move sets in the hopes of it working to your advantage, a majority of the time it will screw you up and do more harm than good.
  • Try practicing portions of the combo once step at a time and then try to do it all at once.
  • Moving your enemy CPU to the corner will help with some combos unless the combo is mid-screen specific.
Above Average Joe10
Land a Viewtiful Combo. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)   

See Mutant Master.

Mutant Master10
Land an Uncanny Combo. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)   (3) 

For this you must perform the required amount of combo hits in an Arcade or Xbox Live match. The 2 combo achievements can be stacked, with the Uncanny Combo being the highest.

List of Combo Rank Quotes:

  • 3 — Yes!
  • 5 — Cool!
  • 7 — Good!
  • 13 — Dude!
  • 17 — Sweet!
  • 21 — Awesome!
  • 26 — Wonderful!
  • 31 — Viewtiful!
  • 37 — Excellent!
  • 43 — Stylish!
  • 50 — Fantastic!
  • 57 — Amazing!
  • 65 — Incredible!
  • 75 — Mighty!
  • 82 — Marvelous!
  • 91 — Uncanny!
  • 101 — Crazy!
  • 111 — Galactic!
  • 201 — Unstoppable!

Pick 3 characters that have Hyper Combos that shoot or blast across the screen such as Iron Man, Ryu, Deadpool, M.O.D.O.K or Dante. Build up your Hyper Combo Gauge until you have it at Level 3 and then press to have all your characters do their Hyper Combos at the same time. Make sure your opponent has full health so every hit adds to the combo. This should net you both combo achievements at once. Another method you can use is by using some of Galactus' moves in Galactus Mode (see Intro for how to access it). Using his Hand Beams should easily net you a 100+ hit combo.

Mega Buster20
Use 1,000 Hyper Combo Gauge bars. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)   (4) 

Similar to the previous game there is once again an achievement for using 1,000 Hyber bars. Your Hyper Combo Gauge is located at the bottom of the screen and you can hold up to 5 charges at a time. It builds as you attack your opponent and you use it to unleash a Hyper Combo on them. Each character has more than one Hyper Combo move and you should be able to build this bar up at least 3 or 4 times during one match. Morrigan can also build the bar up with her Dark Harmonizer Assist. Just call her in and after about 3 assists, you'll have one full Hyper Combo Gauge bar to use.

Over the course of your entire Marvel vs. Capcom 3 career, you must accumulate a total of 1,000 Hyper combo gauge bars used across arcade and online mode. There are multiple ways to use your Hyper Combo Gauge such as:

  • Hyper Specials: 1 -3 Bars
  • Snap Backs: 1 Bar
  • Crossover Counter: 1 Bar
  • Crossover Combination Attack: 2-3 bars

So long as you keep using Hyper Bars in every match you play you should unlock this achievement eventually. A nice way to grind for this is during the 7th match in Arcade Mode against Galactus. Nearly any move that Galactus inflicts on you nets massive damages and can build up 5 hyper bars in no time. Simply hit a Crossover Combination with until you die. Hit continue once you die, pick your characters and repeat. Using the method for unlocking High-Score Hero also works well toward this.

This can be done in Arcade Mode or in an Xbox Live match.

Block 100 times. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)   (3) 

To block, you must hold either to block low or to block high. This is if you're on the left side of the screen. More specifically, make sure you're holding the direction away from your opponent to block attacks. While some moves can easily been seen as a high or low attack watch out for some moves that can be very deceiving to the eye.

Also watch out for mix ups where an opponent uses fast high and low attacks after one another which could open you up and kill off a character if the appropriate combo is used from that hit confirm. After you have blocked 100 attacks this will unlock. Multi-shot projectile attacks count as multi-blocks. So long as you block in all your matches then this should some naturally.

Advancing Guardian10
Perform 100 Advancing Guards. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)   (5) 

You must perform 100 Advancing Guards as opposed to the 30 you had to pull off in the previous Marvel vs Capcom 3 installment. To perform an Advancing Guard you must hit + while guarding. The announcer will say "Advancing Guard!" and a message will show as a confirmation that you pulled one off. This is a good guard to always use on-block as it can reduce chip damage and push the opposing character back if they are in your face to give you room to retreat and compose yourself.

An easy way to get fast advancing guards is to mash it out when you are in the middle of guarding long multiple-hit hyper combos. If you were to boost these out with a friend the best multi-hit Hypers for him to use against you would be the following:

  • Nova: Gravimetric Blaster (+)
  • Deadpool: Happy Happy Trigger (+)

When using the method for High-Score Hero, you will unlock this in no time. This will unlock once you do this 100 times in either Arcade Mode or Xbox Live.

A Friend in Need20
Perform 100 Crossover Assists. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)   (2) 

You must perform 100 Crossover Assists in order to unlock this. Hit ( ) or ( ) to perform a Crossover Assist. A Crossover Assist is where you have a teammate jump in and attack on your behalf. There are some assists that even help increase your Hyper Combo gauge.

Perform 100 of these and this will unlock.

First Strike10
Land 50 First Attacks. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)   

Be the first person to connect with a hit in a match 50 times. Make sure it actual connects with your opponent and they aren't blocking. The words "First Attack" will appear on your side if it connected.

This can only be done in Arcade Mode or in an Xbox Live match.

Savage Playing10
Perform 50 Snap Backs. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)   (1) 

A Snap Back is when you knock(via some sort of attack) your opponent off the screen as the active player and replace them with one of their other characters (The character comes back if they are the only one left standing). To do this, press (Quarter Circle Forward) + or when you are standing next to your opponent. You'll hear "Snap Back!" by the announcer if done correctly. You need one full bar of your Hyper Meter to do this.

This will unlock upon connecting with 50 Snap Backs and counts across Arcade and Xbox Live modes.

Quick Change-Up10
Perform 50 Crossover Counters. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)   

To do a Crossover Counter, you must block while your opponent attacks you and immediately press and your partner button ( or ). Your partner will come in with an assist and also swap out with your current character. The timing to perform this is very quick but the words crossover counter will appear on your side of the screen if done correctly. This can be done in either Arcade Mode or an Xbox Live match.

Perfect X-ample10
Use X-Factor 50 times. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)   

X-Factor is a free move that you get once per round. It enhances your speed, your attacks and fills the red part (recoverable damage) of your energy if you aren't blocking. Enter an Arcade or Xbox Live match and push all three attacks buttons and special ( ) at the exact same time to activate.

The achievement sometimes doesn't unlock straight away, but as long as you glow red and the red bar above your energy meter is counting down, you've activated it.

Gravity? Please...10
Land 50 Team Aerial Combos. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)   

Team Aerial Combos are basically extensions of combos that can be performed in the air. You can perform a Team Aerial Combo so long as you have a hyper meter and a teammate waiting in line. To perform a Team Aerial Combo you must first launch an opponent in the air with , once in the air, follow up with at least one basic attack and then you can press the directional pad , or . Depending on what direction you choose, the Team Aerial Combo with have a different effect:

: Sends the opponent into the air. Does the most damage.
: Sends the opponent against the wall for a wall bounce. Does low damage Doing this builds 1/2 meter.
: Sends the opponent downward for a ground bounce. Doing this builds 1 meter.

So depending on what you need, you will want to kill off your opponent or build meter for whatever reason you have these options to choose from.

  1. Launch your opponent into the air by hitting ().
  2. Make sure you're holding so that you launch upward with them and stay in front of them midair while hitting at least two different buttons in sequence(e.g , )
  3. Next, press any directional button (except ) + to switch characters and have your second character continue the combo in the air.

If you are familiar with basic BnB Mission Mode trials this should be easy to pull off multiple times. Do this 50 times in either Arcade Mode or Xbox Live.

Mighty Teamwork10
Land 30 Team Aerial Counters. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)   (6) 

To do a Team Aerial Combo, you launch an opponent into the air, hit them with 3 hits or so, then press a direction + button(). This creates an attack where, if it connects, you tag out to one of your other teammates to come in and continue the combo, and you'll also gain some meter (except on Upward exchanges). You can do this one more time to create a combo with all 3 of your characters and gain some meter for Hypers.

Now, to do an Aerial Counter, you have to anticipate when your opponent is going to attempt an aerial exchange, and then you have to press the same button press that they do! You also need to have at least 1 hyper meter stored to perform an aerial counter. Now, this requires some prediction and possibly knowing the character they're using, but your best bet is to wait for them to hit you 3 times in the air, and then press + . A downward aerial exchange will grant you a full bar of hyper meter if it connects, so a 3-character air combo can get you 2 free bars. So this is most likely going to be the attack they attempt to tag-team air combo you with.

The attack that creates a team air combo is signified by a quick flash of darkness and a bit of an orange glow, kind of like a snapback. That quick moment of dark flash is where you need to press the Down + (or + , Back + , +) , whatever one you think they're about to do) to pull off the Aerial Counter.

You must execute a total of 30 these and they can even be boosted with a friend over Xbox Live! A good method of boosting these with a friend is to choose teams that have support assists such as Morrigan and Amaterasu. That way you can replenish your meter for doing counters. Get your Hyper meters up and do an aerial combo to each other and tell your partner which direction you plan to tag out so that they can press that same direction and counter it.

Big Bang Theory15
Perform 30 Hyper Combo Finishes. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)   

A Hyper Combo is a super move that can be performed by inputting a specific command and then light and medium attack together (default + ). You can also simply use for executing Hyper combos since it's the same as hitting + . There are multiple ways to use a hyper attack, most of which include the following move sets:

  • +
  • +
  • +

Defeat two of your opponents in a match and get the last one down until they have about a quarter energy left. Then, perform the Hyper Combo while they are not blocking. When you have successfully done a Hyper Combo Finish, the background will flash variants of orange and it will be announced that it was a "Hyper Combo KO" if you get this then you've done it correctly.

Repeat 30 times for the achievement.

Hard Corps15
Perform 30 Crossover Combination Finishes. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE)   

For this achievement, you must defeat the last opponent standing with a crossover combination. A crossover combination is when you use two (or three) characters Hyper Combo's at the same time.

Enter an Arcade or Xbox Live match and build up your Hyper Combo Gauge until only one character is left to beat with about half of their energy bar, then hit and two (or three) of your characters should perform the crossover combination. Do this 30 times in total over either mode.

Training Montage20
Play in Offline Mode for over 5 hours.   

You must play in Offline Mode for over 5 hours in order for this to unlock. Whenever you are playing in any Offline Mode such as Arcade, Versus, Training, or Mission this will accumulate. Leaving the game on idle under Training or Mission Mode should help you work toward this, however you should easily net over 5 hours while working towards other achievements.

You can check your time progress for this achievement by checking your Battle Records from your License at the main menu by hitting . Hit again to see your Battle Records located at the bottom left of your screen.

Training in Isolation30
Play in Offline Mode for over 30 hours.   (8) 

You must play in Offline Mode for over 30 hours in order for this to unlock. So whenever you are playing in any Offline Mode such as Arcade, Versus, Training, or Mission this will accumulate. Leaving the game on idle under Training or Mission Mode should help you work toward this however you should not bother leaving your console on idle for this until you have most of the offline-related achievements in the game, especially Master of Tasks. There's a fair chance you could be quite close to the 30 hour mark once you have completed 480 missions in Mission Mode and all other offline achievements.

You can check your time progress for this achievement by checking your Battle Records from your License at the main menu by hitting . Hit again to see your Battle Records located at the bottom left of your screen.

Seductive Embrace20
Play on Xbox LIVE for over 5 hours.   

In order for you to unlock this achievement you must play on Xbox Live for a total of 5 hours or more. Since you will be working towards other online achievements, this should unlock in no time. Time appears to only accumulate during online matches(and spectator mode) so staying idle at the Xbox Live main menu does NOT work towards this. Time during character selection also appears to not count toward this, only time that passes during a match accumulates for this. If you're a casual online Ultimate player then you will unlock this in due time and while working towards Rivals Welcome.

You can check your time progress for this achievement by checking your Battle Records from the online Lobby. Highlight your tag, press and then hit to see your progress at the bottom left of your screen.

Rivals Welcome30
Play on Xbox LIVE for over 30 hours.   (19) 

In order for you to unlock this achievement you must play on Xbox Live for a total of 30 hours or more. Time appears to only accumulate during online matches (and spectator mode) so sitting at the Xbox Live main menu does NOT work towards this. Time during character selection also appears to not count toward this, only time that passes during a match accumulates for this. If you're a casual online Ultimate player then you will unlock this in due time however not everyone is serious about playing Ultimate online.

Idle Boosting Method & Spectating
The standard method for boosting this is setting up a private lobby with a friend(s), starting up a match, and letting time run out. Continue to start up matches and let time run out until this unlocks. Once you start up a match you can simply leave your console on idle with a friend, the game will start up everything for you after the time limit. There's nothing wrong with simply leaving your game idle after starting a match with a friend and going to sleep to pass time, the game will keep playing matches without you having to press anything. On average, 3 minutes is added to your total time after each time-out, taking 20 matches to add 1 hour to your time. Unlocking this will take a long time, possibly around 600 time outs of 99 seconds to achieve but at least you will amass extra time while working towards other online achievements before going for this. It's not the most convenient method but at least it doesn't require any extra equipment outside a wired controller or charge kit. Try to find a good loyal partner if you're going to boost this who is serious about the long haul of 30 hours.

You are permitted to have multiple friends boost this with you at a time since time passes in spectator mode. Chat in an Xbox Live party, practice combos on one another, learn techniques from more skilled players while spectating, etc. to pass the time while getting time outs. You can also simply join a random lobby and just spectate in on the action to log in hours. Because total time has been known to go back down when spectating, make sure you play a match before doing so, as well as playing another match before leaving to ensure your total time counts. See to it that you don't grind for this until after you have all other online achievements.

Turbo Boosting Method
Set up a Player Match with one of your friends and assign the turbo on the button, by whatever means make sure the button is being held down so that the turbo function will continuously hit that button. During each of your matches the characters will spam the attack (or whatever you have mapped to the button).

At the end of each match, because the is constantly going off, it will hit pass the win quote and hit rematch continuously making it an infinite loop so that you and your partner can just leave the game on overnight while your rack up time for Online Mode.

You can check your time progress for this achievement by checking your Battle Records from the Lobby. Highlight your tag, press and then hit to see your progress at the bottom left of your screen.

Brave New World10
Participate in any mode over Xbox LIVE.   

Enter Xbox Live and fight in either a Ranked, Player or Lobby Match. The achievement will unlock once the match is completed, win or lose.

Participate in 100 matches in Xbox LIVE.   (5) 

Enter Xbox Live and fight in either a Ranked, Player or Lobby Match. You must play in 100 matches in order for this to unlock. Win or Lose. Can be boosted with a friend.

Dreaded Opponent20
Participate in 200 matches in Xbox LIVE.   (3) 

Enter Xbox Live and fight in either a Ranked, Player or Lobby Match. You must play in 200 matches in order for this to unlock. Win or Lose. Can be boosted with a friend.

Forged From Steel30
Participate in 300 matches in Xbox LIVE.   (11) 

Enter Xbox Live and fight in either a Ranked, Player or Lobby Match. You must play in 300 matches in order for this to unlock. Win or Lose. Can be boosted with a friend.

Full Roster30
Battle against all characters over Xbox LIVE.   (16) 

You will have to face against all 48 characters (excluding Jill and Shuma Gorath) in any Xbox Live Match. This could take a minimum of 16 games if you find a boosting partner and have them play every character once. You can boost this with friends. Have you and your partner focus on Marvel-only and Capcom-only characters until you have used the whole side of the comic book then switch. This should make it easier when keeping track of the characters you battle against.

If you prefer not to boost, copy this check-list onto your computer or phone and mark off who you have faced already so you can keep track.


  • Captain America
  • Deadpool
  • Doctor Doom
  • Dormammu
  • Doctor Strange
  • Ghost Rider
  • Hawkeye
  • Hulk
  • Iron Fist
  • Iron Man
  • Magneto
  • M.O.D.O.K
  • Nova
  • Phoenix
  • Rocket Racoon
  • She-Hulk
  • Spider-man
  • Storm
  • Super-Skrull
  • Thor
  • Wolverine
  • X-23
  • Sentinel
  • Taskmaster


  • Amaterasu
  • Arthur
  • Chris Redfield
  • Chun-Li
  • C.Viper
  • Dante
  • Felicia
  • Haggar
  • Morigan
  • Ryu
  • Spencer
  • Trish
  • Tron
  • Wesker
  • Viewtiful Joe
  • Zero
  • Akuma
  • Hsien-ko
  • Firebrand
  • Frank West
  • Nemesis
  • Phoenix Wright
  • Strider Hiryu
  • Vergil
Win without calling your partners or switching out in a Xbox LIVE match.   (6) 

To unlock this achievement, you must win an online match without switching your starting character with one of the others, calling an assist or having a partner aid you in an aerial combo. Basically, only use the 3 attack buttons and the special button.

This can only be done in an Xbox Live match. Can be boosted with a friend.

Need a Healing Factor20
Win without blocking in an Xbox LIVE match.   (7) 

To block, you must push away from your opponent when they are attacking you. See Defender for more details. To get this achievement, just avoid hitting back.

This can only be done in an Xbox Live match. Can be boosted with a friend.

Crazy Good10
Surpass the rank of Fighter.   (2) 

You will reach the rank of "Fighter" while playing ranked matches online. This will unlock on your 7th win.

Please refer to Mega Good for more information in obtaining this achievement.

Mega Good40
Surpass the 6th rank of any class.   (15) 

When playing online your in-game statistics determine the rank class you are given after you have surpassed the rank of a Fighter. The statistics are divided the same way they are in Arcade Mode:

  • Stability
  • Basic Offense
  • Basic Defense
  • Advanced Offense
  • Advanced Defense

However Stability stands for overall balance between your offenses and defenses, here are the types of ranks for each statistic:

  • Lord (Stability)
  • Ranger (Basic Offense)
  • Guard (Basic Defense)
  • Scout (Advanced Offense)
  • Judge (Advanced Defense)

Depending on what you excel in you will be given that rank type, most players usually fall under the ranking of a Lord. Players rank up depending on how well they do in their matches, different factors such as your win streak influence the amount of extra points you get which is why some players reach a high rank with a lower amount of wins then another player.

Win 10 battles in Ranked Match.   (2) 

Refer to Fighting Machine for more info on obtaining this achievement.

Slam Master20
Win 50 battles in Ranked Match.   (2) 

Refer to Fighting Machine for more info on obtaining this achievement.

Fighting Machine40
Win 100 battles in Ranked Match.   (10) 

You must play and win 100 Ranked matches over Xbox Live. If you're an intermediate Marvel vs Capcom 3 player then this can be obtained with the right team and a fair amount of time. Can be boosted with a friend.

When achievement trading you can simply switch off wins until both players have a hundred. To speed this up, have both players create 2 different Reserve Units from your License by hitting at the Main Menu. Create one unit for winning matches and one for losing. You want the losing unit to have characters with low health bars such as Phoenix, Akuma, and Strider since they can be knocked out so easily. Then for the winning Reserve Unit use a 1st spot character who has a strong special move to spam such as Sentinel, Taskmaster, or Hawkeye. Spamming Hawkeye's Triple Arrow(+) works very well here. You should win the matches faster (with 87 seconds left on the clock) which will speed up the process for earning this achievement.

Please refer to Noble Effort for extra helpful boosting methods.

Noble Effort15
Get a 5-game win streak in Ranked Match.   (26) 

You must win 5 Ranked Matches online in a row, you can do this in multiple sittings. When playing ranked matches, I advise just using your best team, do not let higher ranking players intimidate you, it just means they have played the game more than you have. Their win/lose ratio on the other hand is something you should take notice of. That said, any veteran of Marvel vs Capcom 3 can easily obtain this achievement as 5 straight wins are decently forgiving.

If you are not an intermediate player then you can simply boost this. Boosting 5 straight wins this time is much easier than in vanilla. You are now able to create Ranked match rooms and if you have a "random" join your lobby simply exit and re-create another lobby for your friend to join. Having yourself and a boosting buddy change your locale to a different country (such as South Africa) also helps you and your partner find each other more smoothly. To change your locale hit up the Xbox dashboard and go to System Settings>Language and Locale. From here you can select a different Locale to help you match up with players from different countries, South Africa is a great choice since there are very few Live users in that area. Next, go into Ranked match, have your partner create a lobby, and do a custom search under these settings:

  • Region: Same (Use this when switching Locales to find each other easier)
  • Rank: Same (If you and your boosting partner are the same rank)

And then simply search, there is a better chance of pairing up against your partner like this as opposed to regular quick search. You should be able to enter each others Ranked lobby just about every time! 

This will also work if you enter Arcade Mode and have Fight Request turned on. If you use the South Africa method, be sure to set your Locale back to normal upon obtaining your online achievements.

Participate in an 8 player Lobby over Xbox LIVE.   (3) 

Joining an 8 player lobby is once again an achievement in Ultimate. Go to Xbox Live and then Search Lobby. A list of options will appear. Only change the top option to: "LOBBY SIZE 8" then hit Begin Search. It will take you to a screen where numerous online gamers are in lobbies. You'll want to be looking for the middle box which says Lobby Size at the top. Find one with 7 lights on and join it. You don't even need to compete for the achievement, simply enter the lobby and it will unlock.

Collect 100 titles.   (1) 

You must collect 100 titles to unlock this achievement. Collecting 100 titles will come naturally as you are unlocking other achievements, specifically Waiting for the Trade and Master of Tasks. There are a variety of titles and can be unlocked in various ways. Each individual character has a title for the following things:

  • Clear Arcade mode with ____ on any difficulty
  • Clear Arcade mode with ____ on Hard
  • Complete five missions with ____
  • Complete all missions with ____
  • Use ____ 30 times.
  • Use ____ 100 times.

There are 48 characters in the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 cast as well as the 2 additional DLC characters Jill and Shuma, completing all the endings with each character for Waiting for the Trade will already qualify you for 48/100 titles for this achievement. If you have extra DLC characters 50/100. While completing missions for Master of Tasks you should be able to unlock the title for completing five missions with each character giving you your 100 titles if you were to complete the 5 missions with each character, if this is too difficult for you here are your other options for titles.

Unlockable Online Titles
There are 21 titles for winning matches online starting at 1 online win to 1000. If you are looking to obtain the 1000 for Ultimate you will have to win 100 ranked Matches regardless for Fighting Machine and then you have to participate in 300 matches online anyway for Forged from Steel. Lastly, the 100 wins will not be enough to raise you to a 6th rank for any class for your Mega Good trophy so you will have to continue playing regardless. You may not get all the way to 1000 but its nice to know you’ll still be unlocking titles while grinding out your online achievements. Alternatively you could also boost these if you wish.

Player Point Titles
These titles should already been unlocked as you are working on your Player Points for Divine Brawler. There are 33 titles in total for this category which ends with 999,999 player points unlock so by the time you have your trophy for the play points you should also have 14 of these titles and then whatever else you unlock grinding out other trophies after it. Refer to Divine Brawler for more information in regards to Player Points.

There are various miscellaneous titles as well. You can check the unlock conditions for them under your titles by pressing .

A Warrior Born10
Earn 5,000 Player Points (PP).   

See Divine Brawler

Devil with a Blue Coat15
Earn 30,000 Player Points (PP).   (3) 

See Divine Brawler

Divine Brawler50
Earn 100,000 Player Points (PP).   

Player Points (PP) are gained from all modes in the game such as Arcade, Training, Mission, and online Xbox Live matches. The better you are, the more PP you will gain.

  • You can gain between 2,000-3,000PP by playing through Arcade Mode on Very Easy.
  • Winning a Ranked Match online will get you about 300PP.
  • Completing one mission in Mission Mode will net you roughly 10PP.
  • A couple of minutes of Training will get you about 100PP.

Completing the game with everyone for the achievement "Waiting for the Trade", should be enough to get you 100,000PP.This achievement should naturally unlock while working towards other ones.

Comic Collector50
Unlock all items in the Gallery.   (2) 

Gallery Mode also makes a return in Ultimate and you must collect all items in each selection:

  • Movies
  • Character Bios
  • Character Endings
  • Model Viewer
  • Artwork
  • Sound

Most of which are done by getting each character ending. There are also additional requirements you must meet. To unlock all the items in the gallery you must complete the following:

  • Get at least 60,000 PP (This is for Cinema and Special Art Unlocks)
  • Land the final blow against Galactus with all 48 characters on any difficulty.
  • Complete Arcade Mode as Galactus or get a Game Over against him.
  • Complete at least 1 Mission mode trial with all 48 characters.

You can enter the Gallery and check your progress through the percentage displayed on the upper-right corner of the screen. If you're missing an Ending for a certain character in Gallery represented by ??? and don't know who they are then hit up Mission Mode to see the order in which the fighters are arranged in Gallery. This will help establish who you haven't completed the game with since the order of characters in Mission Mode is the exact same as they are in the Gallery.

Note: To play as Galactus, highlight Arcade Mode and press + + . Also, if you have the Jill and Shuma Gorath DLC characters then you must complete the game as them both in order to complete the Gallery to 100%.

Passport to Beatdown Country10
Fight in all of the stages.   (7) 

There are 18 stages in total in Ultimate, twice as many as the previous game and they are:

  • Bonnie Wonderland
  • Kattelox Isalnd
  • The Daily Bugle
  • Demon Village Redux
  • Demon Village
  • Ghost at Tricell
  • Tricell Laboratory
  • Days of Future Past
  • Metro City
  • City that Never Sleeps
  • The Daily Bugle
  • Asgard:Sea of Space
  • Asgard
  • S.H.I.E.L.D Air Show
  • S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier
  • Shadowland
  • Hand Hideout
  • Danger Room
  • Training Room

You can get this achievement in Xbox Live, Arcade, Versus or Training. Just select the stage once you've chosen your characters. You don't need to fight in it, so you can enter and quickly leave after the FIGHT! has been announced.

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US November 15, 2011
Europe November 18, 2011
Japan November 17, 2011

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