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Become the champion in any single player tournament.   

This achievement requires you to play through a single player tournament against the CPU. There are three difficulty levels, which differ in terms of the total number of enemies that you’ll have to beat. Clearly, the Novice difficulty level will be the fastest because it has the fewest levels. You’ll first have to face five random opponents, then comes the Survival Round, which requires you to beat two opponents back-to-back in every round. The last two levels of the tournament will always be Motaro and Shao Kahn. For the first six matches, simply use whichever character you’re most comfortable with. The better you are at special moves and pulling off combos, the faster you’ll deal damage. Blocking can also help you survive long enough to pull off another set of moves. Keep in mind that the computer will adjust to your playing style and begin to counter a move if you use it over and over again, so change up your attacks rather than spamming a single move repeatedly.

Motaro can be incredibly frustrating because projectile weapons - fire bolts, ice, spears, nets, etc. - don’t affect him. You’ll have to actually beat him hand-to-hand. If he gets close to you, he can use a tail swipe that breaks through your blocking. Additionally, he has a fireball projectile and a grab attack that can both take off huge amounts of health. There are a number of different tricks that people have suggested to take him down. One strategy, suggested by Ninegauger, is to use Sheeva and simply jump and use the , , combo over and over again. This seems to interrupt his attacks and knock him back for a second. aPerfektFIaw also suggests jumping () and using high kick () while mixing in combos when he’s stunned. J2 Da R recommends staying ducked down () and uppercutting () him as soon as he gets close to you. The timing is critical because staying down too long will let him tail swipe you and uppercutting too quickly will miss him and just set you up to get hit with his grab attack. Finally, if you’re skilled, you could also just run in after one of his attacks and lay down a quick combo.

Once you’ve beaten Motaro, you finally meet Shao Kahn. He has a variety of powerful attacks – a shoulder charge that knocks you back, a sledgehammer blow when he gets in close, a green energy projectile, a simple kick, and a rising uppercut. There are two common strategies that multiple people have suggested. The first is to simply wait for his rising uppercut. If you’re ducked down, he’ll rise over you, allowing you to uppercut him instead. This is risky because it depends entirely on the frequency of this particular attack. If he doesn’t use it very often, then you’re out of luck. Heeby suggested the approach that I used and it works brilliantly. Just use Smoke or Scorpion and hit Shao Kahn with the trident or the spear (Back, Back, ) then hit him with an uppercut (, ). Use the trident or spear again before he can get up and repeat. I was able to get one flawless victory and he only hit me once on the second one. This is an especially nice strategy because the spear will interrupt his shoulder charge, so the only attack that you need to worry about initially is the projectile. The achievement unlocks as soon as he blows up.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by shaikh9833
Wednesday, August 18, 2010 @ 08:07:19 AM

how can we play online

Comment #2 by TrueBlue009
Wednesday, May 18, 2011 @ 09:52:31 AM

in multiplayer

Comment #3 by Ultimate Kicken
Sunday, December 30, 2012 @ 02:13:57 AM

I broke a controller doing this achievement.

Comment #4 by Craiglionheart
Wednesday, January 09, 2013 @ 02:36:28 PM

Im sorry I started this game now, biggest pile of wank since moto GP, unless your god this is impossible.....

Comment #5 by Aversion
Tuesday, November 05, 2013 @ 03:24:07 PM

This game is simply retarded. The game in the arcade was never this hard. The AI is so cheap.

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US October 22, 2006
Europe October 22, 2006
Japan October 22, 2006

Players: 1-2
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