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Win 15 th Tournament

Win 15th round in Tournament mode  

Play tournament mode and you will start at level one where you have to play against one A.I. with basic rules going up to level 15 where you play against 3 A.I. with all rules on. This is still fairly easy, as you get 5 chances to beat a level. However i failed one level 5 times and when i touched continue it let me carry on at the level i failed. Each level increase either brings an extra A.I. or a change in the rules.

There are 4 sets of rules played throughout this mode:

  • Basic Rules - The cards are laid normally and each card does what it says on the face.
  • Penalty Rules - When a player lays a pickup 2 or 4 card, the next player can then lay his pickup 2 or 4 card. This means that one player can be stuck picking up a number of cards equal to the total amount of draw 2 or 4 cards played.
  • Jump in - These rules just mean if someone lays a card and you have one exactly the same you can jump your turn and lay it, you have to be quick. A JUMP IN icon will appear on the screen to do this.
  • 7-0 - These rules mean if someone lays a 7 they can swap a card with whoever they want. If a 0 is laid everyone's hands move to the next player.

Most of the rounds are quite easy, the hardest one is 7-0 because you can be down one card then someone lays a 7 and swaps cards with you.


  • Try to keep your Draw 4 or Wild card for your last card. This will mean you will be able to lay on whatever card is on top of the pile.
  • When playing 7-0 try to keep a 7 in your hand just in case the A.I. looks like they might win or they have a lot less cards than you.
  • Always remember to call Uno because the A.I. will always challenge you on it, meaning you have to pickup 2 cards.
  • Keep an eye on the A.I. they are very slack at calling Uno, but you will only have a split second to challenge them.
  • I would never challenge when the A.I. laid a Draw 4 card because I never won a challenge.
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