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Vampire Rain Achievement Guide
Guide By: Khaos
There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
- Offline: 7 (350)
- Online: 13 (650)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 60-70 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched Achievements: None!
- Do cheats disable achievements? No cheats

Vampire Rain is a pretty long stealth title with an online multiplayer feature. It will only take you one playthrough to get the single player achievements, but it will take some serious time and it will be pretty frustrating, the online achievements are cake however.

Welcome to Vampire Rain. The game has 20 achievements that are each worth 50. The 7 single player achievements can be attained in one playthrough, but the game is very difficult to master. The other 13 online achievements can be done in less than one hour once you find someone to boost with. There are NO glitches in the game to speak of, no cheats to use and difficulty does not affect achievements. You can go back to every level and retry or find things you missed at any time on your save file.

Step 1 : Online Boosting
This should be the first thing you do, especially if you do not want to put the necessary time into the single player campaign. Doing this will get you 650 points and you can find people to do this with here. The achievements are very straight forward and a good number of the can be gotten in one match.

Step 2: Single Player
The game has about 24 missions with tutorials and trials dotted throughout. In order to get every achievement, you must master each type of mission with an “S” ranking. This is going to take patience and a good deal of time and repeated attempts at the same level(s). Doing this without help would probably never happen due to you getting so upset and throwing your controller through your TV. But there is a wonderful tool over at YouTube! A user by the name JhonLloyd has posted how to get an “S” ranking for every mission (except #1, which is SUPER easy) and trial. The tutorials should be a no brainer to master. These videos are a gift from whichever god you follow (or Santa) and should be followed strictly to minimize time, even though it’s still going to take a while. Find them here.

Once you beat the game and master each level, you should nab 4 achievements (Captain, Heavy Gamer, Real John Lloyd and All Clear). So now you only have 3 left that you may or may not have gotten.

Step 3: Clean-up
At this point you should have 3 or fewer achievements left. I say this because depending on how many kills you get and how often you die, you may or may not have gotten Walking Dead and Nightwalker Killer. If you did not receive them, go back and start killing/dying as many times as needed. There is no way to track how many of each you have so you just have to go ‘til the points pop up. Also, now is when I suggest getting all of the medals to get Collector. You will know each level in and out by now. With the aid of the YouTube guides and this thread in combination, you should easily find them in all the missions.

Ah, doesn’t it feel great? You just got 1000 on one of the most difficult and obscure titles on the 360! If it weren’t for those videos, we’d all be out of luck. This game was one of the most frustrating games I have ever played, but I loved it. It’s not the best on the 360, but definitely interesting.

[x360a would like to thank isw42 for this Road map]

Earned by taking out a Nightwalker with a UV mine in Xbox LIVE competition. (10) 

This is best achieved boosting with a friend. Open a deathmatch game, and use the map with the fountain. In between the pieces of scaffolding on the ground near the fountain there is a UV mine. Set it by pressing and holding down . Then have your friend change into a Nightwalker. Shoot them a few times to get their health lower so you're guaranteed a kill with the mine. Then once that's done, have your friend walk into it.

Earned by scoring 5 kills in Xbox Live competition without dying once. 

See "Rampage" for more info.

Earned by scoring 10 kills in Xbox Live competition without dying once. 

See "Rampage" for more info.

Earned by scoring 20 kills in Xbox Live competition without dying once. 

This achievement is best done boosting with a friend. Create a "Death or Nightwalkers" game, and again use the map with the fountain, as it's the easiest and smallest one. Set the time for 15 minutes with a win score of 1,000. Your task now will be to just kill your friend 20 times in total total, all without dying yourself.

Killing your friend 20 times without dying yourself will unlock Savage (5 in a row), Berserker (10 in a row), Rampage (20 in a row). Then allow the time to run out. Completeing the game without dying will unlock Stonger.

Kill Frenzy50
Earned by scoring 3 kills within the 1st min. as a Nightwalker in Xbox Live competition. 

See "Despicable One" for more info.

Despicable One50
Earned by scoring 20 kills without dying as a Nightwalker in Xbox Live competition. 

This achievement is best done boosting with a friend. Create a "Death or Nightwalkers" game, and again use the map with the fountain, as it's the easiest and smallest one. Set the time for 15 minutes with a win score of 1,000. It's a good idea to start a shorter game first to learn the room, so you and your friend can find each other quickly when it counts.

When you start up the real game, change into a Nightwalker. Communicate with your friend the best you can to meet up as soon as possible. Kill him with . Once he respawns, communicate where you are to meet up again. As a Nightwalker, you will be considerably faster, so try to meet where your friend is. Then repeat again for the 3rd kill. This is why it is advantageous to know the level beforehand. Provided you got those first 3 kills in under a minute, you have unlocked Kill Frenzy. If you are slightly over a minute, you should still get the achievement, the game is rather forgiving if you are a few seconds over.

Earned by scoring a headshot in Xbox Live competition. 

This is best unlocked by boost with a friend in a deathmatch game. In the fountain level again, in the main courtyard you will see a wooden tower type object. Climb up it, and turn and jump to the ledge next to you. Laying here will be the sniper rifle. Select it with , equip the weapon with , and get into the scope by clicking down the . Just stand next to your friend and shoot them in the face to kill them. The game tends to be a bit dodgy, so be on the safe side, and shoot them multiple times.

To lower the amount of times you need to play MP, this can be done at the same time as Flame Killer or Flame Hero.

Earned by completing a match without dying once in Xbox Live competition. 

See "Rampage" for more info.

Flame Killer50
Earned by taking down a Flame carrier. 

Create a Capture The Flame game (non-Team) on the fountain map, and set the winning score to 60. Have your boosting partner pick up the flame in the fountain and kill them. Pick up the flame and sit there until it hits 60.

Flame Hero50
Earned by stealing the opposition's Flame and bringing it back to score.  

Again, boost with a friend, and open a Team Capture the Flame in the Fountain Level. One base will be on the ground floor off the main room. The other base will be upstairs. Go into your opponent's base and grab their flame by just running into the flame. Then just run back to your base to score.

Earned by destroying an objective. 

Create a Team Destroy match in the Fountain Level with a winning score of 1. Your goal isn't winning, just destroying the object on your attack phase turn. When it is your turn to attack, go to the target boxes and press to attack until it is destroyed.

Earned by scoring 90 seconds of destruction time. 

Set up a Destroy (Non-Team) match in the fountain level with a 100 winning score. Just stand there next to the target object and watch your score climb to 100 for the win and the achievement.

Nightwalker Killer50
Scored 500 or more Nightwalker kills in single-player mode. (1) 

You need to kill 500 Nightwalkers. If a nightwalker is engaged, it will take many, many rounds to take them down, and if there are any nightwalkers in the area, they will be attracted to your attack on their friend, and will kill you very quickly. The only way to not attract other Nightwalkers, and to kill your prey quickly, is to use the UV knife.

One easy way to get this is on the boss fight with Charles. You get tons and tons of ammo for your light 50 caliber sniper rifle and the enemies just keep coming. If you die, just retry. The achievement pops as soon as you get 500 kills.

You may also unlock it just through attempting Real John Lloyd and Collector, as you will be killing many Nightwalkers with your UV knife.

Watched the ending sequence in single-player mode. 

Complete story mode with any ranking. For a game as nerve racking as this one, you’d think you’d get more than 50 for ending it, but alas, you don’t.

Heavy Gamer50
Rated "A" or above after clearing all stages in single-player mode. 

See "Real John Lloyd" for more info.

Martial Arts Master50
Finished off an enemy with a kick in Xbox LIVE competition. 

Again, best done boosting with a friend. Use a gun to knock your friend's life down very low, as a kick does very little damage. Once it is down low, unequip the gun with and kick by using .

To minimize the amount of times you have to play, this can be done with Flame Hero or Flame Killer.

Secret Achievements
All Clear50
Earned by achieving a Clear Percentage of 100%. 

See "Real John Lloyd" for more info.

Walking Dead50
Bit 200 times by Nightwalkers. 

Dying will happen, and it will happen a lot. I once heard a quote that said Vampire Rain is just like Splinter Cell, except every time Sam gets seen, he gets his face torn off. While going for Nightwalker Killer, this achievement will just happen.

Earned by collecting all medals. 

Every story mission has 3 medals. There are a handful of missions you CANNOT get an S rank and all 3 medals on at the same time because you don't have enough UV knives. Just replay those missions (you will be replaying a lot of missions, more than likely because of dieing and missing medals or screwing up the S rank somehow) You can view how many medals you have for that stage on the mission select screen in the corner.

Real John Lloyd50
Cleared all stages in single-player mode at Rank "S". (1) 

Ok, the fun and nerve racking achievement of getting a perfect score on every level and every training level. Listed here are the videos of how to achieve this amazing rank on each level, with the exception of Stage 1. If anyone finds this stage, please let a member of the guide team know the link. Good Luck my friends.

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