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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 47 [920]
- Online: 3 [80]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-15 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 for each event and challenge mode
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty settings
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: 4 controllers

Welcome to Vancouver 2010. The game is broken into Olympic events, where you compete in events from the Winter Olympics, and the challenge mountains, where you try and complete different objectives during the Olympic events. The events use a combination of button mashing, quick time events, and simple steering to complete. Overall, this list is very doable and shouldn't pose too many problems.

It is highly recommended that you do the tutorial for each event to have a general understanding on how to play the different events. It is not needed, but a turbo controller will make many events and challenges significantly easier to complete.

Olympic Events:
This mode has you competing in events and trying to earn a medal. An achievement is earned by winning a gold medal in each event. Most of these will be easy, but some will require some practice to get the hang of event. Some events have two runs that are combined to determine the final result, needing two consecutive good runs.

Challenges are broken down into three mountains, each with 10 challenges. Completing each challenge earns an achievement, as well as unlocking the Intermediate Mountain and completing all challenges. Most of the challenges can be easily completed or only require a little practice. Only two challenges are truly difficult, 'Do Not Touch' and 'Lap It Up'.

'Do Not Touch' requires you to complete a One Man Skeleton race without touching the sides of the track. The trick to this one is to practice and minimize your speed. The easiest way to minimize your speed is to get a bad start and to stay as low as possible during the corners.

'Lap It Up' requires you to lap (pass the last place competitor) in the first 1000m during the 1500m Speed Skating event. You will need a very good start (85+) while starting one of the inside lanes, preferably the first lane. You will also need to maintain your speed, done through pressing at the correct times during the straight sections. You will only be able to have a couple misses during the entire event. You will also need to take the corners as tight as possible. It is easier to do the corners in third person mode but the button pressing is easier in first person mode. Use the to switch between the perspectives and see which one you find easier.

Two of the online achievements are earned by hosting and completing an online event. The third online achievement requires you to win five consecutive online events. This thread can be used to find a boosting partner for these achievements. The last multiplayer achievement requires you to complete a 4-player event in local multiplayer.

Most of this game is easy to complete with only a few challenges and events posing a real challenge. Overall this game shouldn't pose to much of a problem if you are willing to put in some time to practice the events.

[XBA would like to thank exit9500 for this Roadmap]

Slalom Star15
Win a gold at slalom in a single player game.   
Choose the event Ladies' Slalom. This event requires you to move back and forth through the gates until you reach the finish line. The key to this event is to hold the whenever possible, and carve with whenever you are close to the gate. Only loosen up on when things get too fast. You are also required to complete two runs on the course, with your overall time being the final result. Staying close to the gates and maintaining a high speed will net you this easily.
Giant Slalom Guru15
Win a gold at giant slalom in a single player game.   
Choose the event Ladies' Giant Slalom. This event requires you to navigate a course bound by flag checkpoints. Holding down the at almost ALL times will help here. Stay as close as you can to gates on turns, and be sure not to miss any gates, as the speed penalty is costly. Like the Ladies' slalom, this event is the cumulative time of TWO runs on the course.
Super-G Superstar15
Win a gold at super-G in a single player game.   
Choose the event Men's Super-G. This event requires you to ski through all of the gates and cross the finish line in the fastest time. This course can be tricky, but after several runs of it, you will have it down. Holding down the at almost ALL times, and not missing any gates will net you this gold medal.
Downhill Dominator15
Win a gold at downhill in a single player game.   
Choose the event Men's Downhill. This event is similar to Super-G, but is a different course, and the track is a little more open. Just ski through all the gates and get to the finish line quickly. Never let go of the in this event, except for pumping it on sharp turns. Carve with , and hold again.
Ski Cross Supreme15
Win a gold at ski cross in a single player game.   
Choose the event Ladies' Ski Cross. This event requires you to race against 3 CPU players, and the first to make it to the finish line gets gold. A good start, like any event, is crucial here. Always hold the , and time your jumps carefully because they have a big affect on your speed. Staying tight on turns and jumping properly will get you gold here.
Snowboard Cross Champion15
Win a gold at snowboard cross in a single player game.   
Choose the event Men's Snowboard Cross. Just like Ladies' Ski Cross, you are pinned against 3 CPU's, and must come first. This is the same track as the ski cross, so the same rules apply. Nail the jumps and tighten the turns for the win.
Parallel Giant Slalom Pro15
Win a gold at parallel giant slalom in a single player game.   
Choose the event Men's Parallel Giant Slalom. This events requires you to complete two races and win them both. You must alternatively pass on the outside of small, spring-loaded gates until the end. The key to this event is to alternate your trigger holding, so that you can maximize speed and carve quickly. , , ,... Also, a key element to success here is to run OVER the gates, and take them as tightly as possible. 1 or 2 missed gates will not ruin you completely, so take your time but be aggressive near the gates.
Ski Jumping Champ15
Win a gold at ski jumping in a single player game.   
Choose the event Men's Individual Large Hill (LH). This event requires you to achieve the highest possible score from judges as you are graded on 5 elements of the jump. You are also required to pull of 2 good jumps to get the gold. They are all based on hitting at the right moment, except for your balance, which you must feather-tap the triggers to stay stable. Get as close to 0 degrees for wind direction, top of the meter with launch, and hold as soon as you get to the bottom of the ramp, and let go once you hit 100 on the side meter. Then, just maintain balance and stick the landing once the meter on the right reaches the very bottom. Quick reflexes and practice are needed for this, but it will come with time.
Aerials Ace15
Win a gold at aerials in a single player game.   
Choose the event Ladies' Aerials. This event requires you perform 2 jump tricks which are graded on trick difficulty and execution. Always choose the hardest and 2nd hardest tricks (Highest DD) if you want the gold. You must quickly hit as close to the middle as possible for your aim, and hold once again at the bottom of the ramp, and release at 100 on your side meter. Then, you will be prompted to hold the and in position with the trick. Watch the colors carefully and keep both sticks rotating with the appropriate marker until it disappears. This is tricky at first, but you'll get the hang of it after several attempts. Then, just stick the landing. Nailing both tricks gets you gold.
500 m Short Track Hero15
Win a gold at short track - ladies' 500 m in a single player game.   
Choose the event Ladies' Speed Skating - 500 m. This events requires you to race against 3 CPU's. 1st-person view is a MUST on speed skating. Count down from 10 once you hear the "ready", and let go as SOON (or right before) as you see "Go". Then, you must mash quickly for the entire race, and hug the track tightly on corners with the . Going outside of the track will take all of your built speed away, so don't go outside the course! Once you realize your limitations on the track, be bold with having your hand outside the track on turns for maximum speed. This one should come fairly quickly.
1,500 m Short Track Specialist15
Win a gold at short track - ladies' 1,500 m in a single player game.   
Choose the event Ladies' Speed Skating - 1500 m. This event is slightly trickier than the 500 m; not only because it is longer, but because you must perform a difficult timed event with on straight-aways. Again, switch to 1st-person view. Use to build up initial speed, and then stop tapping it. As soon as your turn(s) are completed, watch the left and right meters and hit in sync with them dropping. A green hit rewards you with a better bonus than a yellow hit, so aim as closely as possible. After 3-4 presses, focus on the and turning sharply. Rinse and repeat until you have 4 laps remaining, and it then becomes a sprint again, so mash away until you hit the goal.
Bobsleigh Boss15
Win a gold at bobsleigh in a single player game.   
Choose the event Bobsleigh - Two-Man. This event requires you to fly down the track in blinding speed, carefully not tipping over or hitting the track much. For me, this took the longest to obtain of any of the gold medals. A quick launch, like any event, is key. Also, make sure you turn on the vibration settings on the controller, as it helps with the turns. Maximize corners by staying up high, with lots of vibration, but not too much so that you crash. Come down from the sides smoothly by using BOTH sticks to balance yourself out and stay close to the middle of the track when not on a bank. Some turns are unforgiving, so this will take many attempts. The end of the track is tough too, but so long as you are getting major speed on the bank before it, smooth out and hold left with both sticks as SOON as you come out of it to cross the finish. Learn the course, and know which turns are more lenient than others, and you will eventually get this. You must complete 2 solid runs for gold.
Skeleton Crazy15
Win a gold at skeleton in a single player game.   
Choose the event Men's Skeleton. This event requires you to fly down the same course as the bobsleigh, but on a sled going head-first. Same principles apply as the bobsleigh too, but you only need to adjust your rider with the this time. After learning the course, 2 solid runs will net you gold.
Luge Lunatic15
Win a gold at luge in a single player game.   
Choose the event Men's Luge. This event requires you to fly down the same course as the bobsleigh and skeleton, but on a sled going feet-first down the track. The launch is different for luge than its counterparts, so hit when the riders hands touch the ice to maximize it. Green is the best, yellow will give you speed, but not as much. After launch, use the and to adjust your rider's position. Stick with the same skills you have used to get the bobsleigh and skeleton medals, and this will come easy.
Best With Friends20
Play a 4-player game on one console.   
Easy as pie, provided you have 4 controllers. Instrument peripherals work fine for this too. Plug in 4 controllers, hit on each, and play an event. I chose 500 m speed skating because it was quick and the riders that were not moving would go automatically after time. Once the event is completed, the achievement is yours.
Online Olympian20
Play an event online.   
See Good Host.
Back To Back Glory40
Win 5 online events in a row.   (3) 
Simply win 5 events in a row. This can be done in either a player or ranked match. This can also be in one match session. If you are having trouble with this, or can't find any opponents to play against, please use the achievement trading thread.
Good Host20
Host an online game.   
Simply host an online event or events. Choose Olympic games, and then choose either a player or ranked match and host the session. This achievement, as well as Online Olympian, will unlock once the session has ended.
Mountain Climber30
Unlock the intermediate challenge mountain.   
This achievement will unlock after completing most of the easy mountain challenges. Simply continue plugging away at the easy challenges, and you will unlock this with another achievement based on the challenge.
Challenge Crazy!60
Complete all game challenges.   
Complete every challenge in all 3 mountains. For advice on each individual challenge, see the corresponding achievement description.
In The 80’s10
Complete the In the 80’s Challenge.   (1) 
You need to score 80 in each of the point groups for Ladies' Aerials. This one may take a few tries. If you don't get an 80 on the aim right away, just restart the challenge. The trickiest part will be keeping the sticks in tune with the trick at hand, so practice, practice, practice. You cannot pick the trick, so if you do not have the gold medal in this particular event yet, go back and keep trying that using the most difficult tricks until you are good and comfortable with the style point group.
In The 90’s30
Complete the In the 90’s Challenge.   
Similar to the "In the 80's" challenge; you must score a 90+ in each of the 5 point groups in a Men's Individual Large Hill (LH) run. I had the most trouble with balance. You have to KEEP the balance high, not make it high. Nail the wind and lift off and go for max air time. After many attempts, though, you will have this too.
Landing Zone20
Complete the Landing Zone Challenge.   
There are 2 different landing areas in this Men's Ski Jump challenge. You must come within 10 m of each target to win. The 1st jump target is 90 m, which means that a very good jump is NOT what you want. You will need to stick the landing very quickly in order to reach the measly 90 m jump. With time, you will get a feel for when to hit . Once you successfully hit the 1st target, the 2nd jump target is 120 m. This is a much better jump, obviously, so nail a better jump! If you hit 100 on each of the point groups, you will still pass this target, so a solid but not-too-amazing jump is what you need. Practice, and you will know exactly where these distances are.
Lap It Up30
Complete the Lap It Up Challenge.   
You are in a 1500 m Speed Skating event and you have 1000 m (8 laps) to lap over an opponent; as in, pass them twice, for those of you that don't know. This will require a great deal of concentration and patience because you need to pull an absolutely flawless run of this to win. 1st-person view is a MUST here, as you must hit a green every time with the tap- meters to pull this off. Take the corners as tightly as possible and come out of them to hit either 3 or 4 times and back to turning quickly. Losing your speed once will make this impossible, and you must restart. This is surely a test of patience, so keep at it until you have the best run of your life, and get this last challenge completed.
The challenge will end as soon as you pass the CPU opponent, and you will unlock this achievement, as well as Challenge Crazy! for doing so (provided, of course, that this is your last challenge to complete).
Lose Your License10
Complete the Lose Your License Challenge.   
There will be 5 special gates in this Men's skiing - Downhill run. Each one records your speed while you pass it, giving you a total speed for all gates. The challenge requires that you beat the target total speed of 400.0km/h. As long as you have a solid run, with no gates missed, you should have no problems getting the target speed. Just stick with the strategy of getting the gold for this event, and this challenge will hardly live up to it's name.
Corner Counter10
Complete the Corner Counter Challenge.   
Maintain an average cornering score of 60 or better in a Men's luge. This one shouldn't be too bad if you have already learned the course and are quick with the triggers. Just take as much speed as you can from each corner to get a high rating, and keep an eye on the mini-map of the track for knowledge on when to turn hard and when to straighten up.
Complete the Overtake Challenge.   
An AI player was given a head start on a Ladies' Slalom race and you must overtake her before they pass the finish line! Once you pass her, the challenge will end. This shouldn't be as hard as some of the other ones you have completed by now, so do what you have done for the gold medal race of this event and own it. She won't stand a chance.
Smashing Snowmen30
Complete the Smashing Snowmen Challenge.   
You must complete a Men's Super-G run within the target time of 1:35.00, and while doing so, smash at least 10 snowmen. Failing to hit 10 snowmen results in disqualification. This is a very difficult challenge that has little room for error. Nail a great run, better than the gold medal one, and hit snowmen on YOUR PATH, don't go out of the way for them. By the end of the race, there should have been enough snowmen to hit on the course by you not losing control and going out of the way, where some snowmen are in fact placed.
Beat Your Maker20
Complete the Beat Your Maker Challenge.   
Beat a developer's ghost in a Ladies' Giant Slalom. This one isn't overly difficult, just stick with the gold medal strategy on the run and you will beat the time with no problems. You might not even see the ghost if you are nailing the run.
High Speed10
Complete the High Speed Challenge.  
In the bobsleigh, reach the target speed of 70.0km/h. Very simple, as you will probably go much higher than this before finishing the course; you must finish the race and not get disqualified.
Complete the Supersonic Challenge.   
This one will be close. You must complete a Ladies' ski cross race with no opponents or obstacles within the par time. This is a challenge that requires you to make use of pumping the directly after a sharp turn, and holding it to make the most of the crouch. Just like any of these events, take the turns tightly and pull off high ratings on your jumps, and you will be just fine.
Caught Speeding20
Complete the Caught Speeding Challenge.   
Similar to the previous challenge "Lose your License", but more difficult. In a Men's Downhill race, special gates will record your speed and give you an average. You must hit the average speed of 95.0km/h when you cross the finish line. The 1st and 2nd recorded speeds will most likely be under the average, which means that the later parts of the race are crucial. You must have very high average times on all the special gates to do this one; it is somewhat unforgiving. Nail a great run on the course, and don't be discouraged by the 1st couple of scores because you can make it up later on.
Top Speed20
Complete the Top Speed Challenge.   
Same as "Caught Speeding," but with a lower target average speed of 88.0km/h. The difference is that in this challenge, there are no special gates, which means that your average speed is your total average speed of the ENTIRE race. This requires a near-flawless run for this course, better than obtaining a gold medal. If you miss a gate, you must restart, as this challenge is, for the most part, very unforgiving.
Time To Try10
Complete the Time To Try Challenge.   
You must beat the target time of 1:25.00 in a two-man bobsleigh. Easier said than done. You must have a great run, from a good launch to not hitting any of the track sides. One or two hiccups is okay, but this challenge is not as forgiving as the challenges you have done so far.
Head To Head20
Complete the Head To Head Challenge.   
You are now racing against a very skilled CPU opponent in a Men's Parallel Giant Slalom. They aren't kidding this time, either. This guy is fast, and will capitalize when you mess up. So don't mess up! Have a solid opening and use the fairly often this time around. Missing gates is lethal in this challenge, so restart when you do.
Super Runout30
Complete the Super Runout Challenge.   
Start the race with 20 seconds time banked and complete a Men's Downhill run with time remaining. You receive 10 seconds for each special gate you pass through. This can be very rough, as there is little room for error. A missed gate is lethal, so hit them all. Tight turns and pumping while turning is key. Knowing the course is half the battle, but by this point you have seen this run so many times, that this won't cause too much of a problem. A flawless run is what this demands though, so get to it!
Complete the Runout Challenge.   
You will start with 10 seconds and you must reach the end of a Men's Super-G race with time remaining. In order to do this, you have to pass through every blue gate, which will give you 5 extra seconds per gate. If you pass through a red gate, you will lose 3 seconds. The thing that makes this challenge not too difficult is that you do not receive a penalty for missing gates. So miss every red gate and get through every blue one. If you do this, and race smart like I'm sure you can, you will get this with little frustration.
Good Gate / Bad Gate30
Complete the Good Gate / Bad Gate Challenge.   
By now, you should be an expert at skiing in this game. This challenge is similar to the "Runout" challenge, except that this is a Ladies' Giant Slalom race. Also, missing a blue gate or going through a red gate = Fail, rather than just a time penalty. So run a great race and get the target time of 1:35.00 by getting ALL of those blue gates and missing ALL red gates.
Token Effort30
Complete the Token Effort Challenge.   
More tokens... You must WIN the 500 m Speed Skating race, and collect all of the tokens in the process. Start with obtaining the tokens on the outside of the track first, then focus on the inside ones. Once you have them all, stay as close to the inside as you can and nail those corners. You shouldn't have too much trouble on this if you have the gold medal in this event already.
Skating With Snowmen30
Complete the Skating With Snowmen Challenge.   
Beat the target time of 50 seconds in a Ladies' 500 m Speed Skating race. But wait, there are snowmen on the track?! Well, I wouldn't recommend hitting any of them. If you do, you should restart. Stick to the outsides of the track because you don't need to win the race, just finish it. That doesn't mean take your time though, because the target time is no laughing matter. Race a solid race, and don't get too risky near the snowmen because one hit and it's over.
Save The Snowmen20
Complete the Save The Snowmen Challenge.   
Complete a Men's Super-G run inside the target time while avoiding running into the snowmen that have littered up the track. Once you hit 3, the challenge is over. To make things worse, this requires that you pull off a pretty fast run of the course. So do the same thing you did when you won the gold in this event; be fast, but be very conscious of those annoying snowmen. Remember though, hitting 1 or 2 is okay, so long as you don't hit 3.
Saved By The Snowmen10
Complete the Saved By The Snowmen Challenge.   
Complete a Ladies' slalom in under target time of 56.00 seconds. A timer will countdown until you reach the finish. Each snowman you hit will give you an extra 2 seconds on the clock. Simply aim for the snowmen as you take your time going down the course. Slow and steady wins this race.
Speed Bands10
Complete the Speed Bands Challenge.   
You receive points for maintaining high speed in a men's downhill event. You must get 1200 points to beat the challenge. This one should be fairly easy, just stick with the same strategy for getting the gold medal in this event and you will be fine; hold down that trigger and don't miss any gates. You must complete the event to finish the challenge.
Air Play20
Complete the Air Play Challenge.   
You must achieve a target air time of 7.20 seconds during a Men's Snowboard Cross race. This may take a couple of tries, but as long as you keep a high average jump rating, like 90 +, you will finish this challenge. Make sure you hit once you are next to the line on the ramp. If you mess up your first and second jump, restart the challenge. Winning is not important, so don't worry about that, just time those jumps!
Style Run10
Complete the Style Run Challenge.   
You must win a Men's Parallel Giant Slalom race without losing the 1000 style points they give you. Style points are subtracted when you miss flags or carve with the . Be easy with the on this one towards the middle of the course and onwards, and carve ONLY for the opportunity to clear a gate that you will surely miss. Winning the race itself will be easy as long as you keep the style points up.
Complete the Speed Challenge.   
The top challenge in the easy mountain. Once you hit 30km/h, you have to maintain that or higher until the end of the race. This is basically a test to see how well you can execute the tap for the left and right meter of the straight-away. Turn on 1st-Person view. Take your time on turns and complete the race. You do NOT need to win the race, just complete it.

You won't be able to get this until you have a firm comfort level on the tap- mini game, and you will need to be quite good at this for future challenges, so keep at it until it is second nature to you.
Winners Use Tokens20
Complete the Winners Use Tokens Challenge.   
By this point, you should have a pretty good grip on each event; if you have any gold medal achievements remaining, you should feel confident about getting them now because you've beaten some tough challenges!

For this challenge, you must WIN a Ladies' Ski Cross race, but while doing so, collect 15 Olympic "tokens". If you mess up a jump and get a rating of under 50, you will lose a token. So run a great race and go out of the way to get all the tokens you see. Once you have 15, focus solely on winning the race. As always, hitting jumps properly is crucial, as is holding down for almost the entire race.
Target Practice20
Complete the Target Practice Challenge.   
This one is aggravating. You must nail a jump within 1 m of the target! And what's worse, the target is completely random and will change on every attempt. This took me ages, but hopefully you will have more luck. It is all about getting a feel for where distance really is on the mountain and being able to have a general area in your mind for where "90 m" is, or where "110 m" is. Then, it's just a matter of pure luck for coming within a meter of the target. Good luck.
Do Not Touch30
Complete the Do Not Touch Challenge.   
You must finish a men's Skeleton race without ever touching the side of the track. This will take many tries, so don't think that you'll just nail this right away. You must understand every little part of this track; where to come up and down from the banks, how to keep straight in certain areas, and how to keep attempting this after you rip some of your hair out. Patience is key.

Whether you want to force a foul on your launch is up to yourself: I found that it helped me at first, so that I could nail the first few turns, but I found it easier to go full force after I knew exactly where to go on the track.

NOTE: The last turn is about as annoying as it comes in this game, so don't let it discourage you! If you mess up in the last possible second, just walk away for 2 minutes and come back and try it again. Worked for me after several last-turn tragedies.
Reverse Engineering10
Complete the Reverse Engineering Challenge.   
Come in 1st place in a Men's Snowboard Cross with the controls reversed. This is actually MUCH easier than it sounds, since it is only the STICK control that is reversed. The race itself is the very same as the event, so keep the same principles: Jump precisely, take the turns tight. Just remember that left is right and right is left, and you are golden.

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