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Velvet Assassin Achievement Guide

Guide By: Fizzmatix
There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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任務「地下壕の住人 - 渓谷」を完了する    
Natural progression though the game will unlock each level achievement with ease. Just complete each level at your own pace and each achievement will unlock as you progress though the game.
任務「地下壕の住人 - 燃料庫」を完了する    

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任務「虐殺者の死 - 大聖堂」を完了する    

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任務「虐殺者の死 - 地下墓所」を完了する    

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任務「港の灯 - 埠頭」を完了する    

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任務「港の灯 - 倉庫」を完了する    

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任務「第三の男 - 下水道」を完了する    

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任務「第三の男 - ゲットー」を完了する    

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任務「第三の男 - 収容所」を完了する    

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任務「灰色の世界 - 病院」を完了する    

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See Legend

These achievements aren't stackable so you will need to play though normal mode then agent mode to get both achievements.

Completing this difficulty may prove challenging for some and less for others depending on your skill with stealth games. Just take your time and learn where all your enemies are while progressing though on normal.

Here are a few things that might help you though the game on any difficulty:

- If your health doesn't have a blue halo, you're visible to anyone even if you think they can't see you.
- Avoid fighting guards unless you have to.
- Use as many silent kill attacks as you can.
- Make good use of morphine.
- Conserve your ammo as you might need it later.
- If you're being hunted by the guards and you entered though a door, go back though the door and hide in the other room. If you can peak though the keyhole you are safe, as the guard won't follow you into that room. If the door opens freely without this option you will have to keep moving until you find a better hiding place.
- Whistle to get the guards attention if they are in an awkward position to kill.
- Take breaks from the game as you can become burnt out concentrating on everything.

Hopefully this will help some of you out there who are stuck and need a few tips to deal with the guards.
Complete any level without being spotted by the guards. If you do get seen just load back to your previous checkpoint as the game doesn't log your actions fully until you make it to the end of the level or the next checkpoint.

You can use morphine to kill guards as it classes as a silent kill. As long as you don't get seen by the guard on the roof on mission 1 you can unlock this achievement with ease on the first level.


「虐殺者の死 - 地下墓所」で貴重な収集品を入手する     
While on your way though the last part of the level heading to the bell tower you will go up a spiral staircase. At the top will be 2 guards, one facing away from you and another to the right behind some boxes. Kill both guards and at the top of the stairs you just walked up you will see a crate, push the crate out of the way and you will find this collectable hidden in a small gap which the crate was concealing.

See Eagle Eye


This one is more obvious than the rest as it's located on the ground floor of the mill. Hunt around for a chair on its side and you will find the collectable in front.

See Eagle Eye
「虐殺者の死 - 大聖堂」で貴重な収集品を入手する    
You may not notice this one as it's hidden behind a bush in the garden outside the cathedral. Just before you go though the gate using the rusty key that you obtained from the guard go into the northwest corner of the garden and you will find the dagger hidden on top of the concrete planter.

See Eagle Eye

「第三の男 - 収容所」で貴重な収集品を入手する     
You will get this achievement while collecting the killjoy achievement as they are in the same room. Even if you don't know about the killjoy achievement you will still get it as you need to kill the guard in the hidden room to collect this item. See Killjoy for further information.

See Eagle Eye


「港の灯 - 倉庫」で貴重な収集品を入手する     
Enter the first big storage area at the start of the level and make your way though killing off all the guards and working your way though the maze of boxes. Once you're done with this look for a crane with a pallet of crates. Go up the stairs and look for the lever to operate the crane to lift the cargo. The lever is located on the back of the crane so it's easy to spot. Once you have lifted the cargo head back down stairs to pick up the collectable.

See Eagle Eye


See Eagle Eye

See Eagle Eye


Any missed collectables will require you to start a new game.

Most collectables are in plain view so you won't have to look too hard to find them.
Collectibles will give you exp for every item you pick up which will go towards the star upgrades on your skill levels required for the skill achievements.

There are 69 total:

  • The Lost - Valley 
  • The Lost - Fuel Storage
  • Death of the Butcher - Cathedral
  • Death of the Butcher - Crypt
  • Leave a Light On - Docks
  • Leave a Light On - Storage
  • The Third Man - Sewers
  • The Third Man - Ghetto
  • The Third Man - Prison
  • Le Boeuf
  • Fade to Grey - Hospital
  • Fade to Grey - Village

You need to collect 1,000 exp worth of items. See Grand Master


You need to collect 10,000 exp worth of items. See Grand Master


You need to collect 10,000 exp worth of items. See Grand MasterSkill points are earned through picking up collectables though the game. Each collectable has a different exp value ranging from 100 - 500 exp. Missing a collectible will cause you to miss this achievement. To earn 15 skill points you will need to finish each stage with collecting and completing the following:

- Find every collectible (including the secret collectibles)
- Complete all the secret objectives

Once you pick up the last collectible in "Fade To Grey" this achievement will unlock.

You don't need to apply these points to violette but they may help you as you work your way though the game. The more collectibles the better, you will need 15,000 exp to gain all the upgrades. If you miss a collectible at the end of the stage quickly hit the guide button and go back to the dashboard as this will stop the game from overwriting your checkpoints and you can then go back and collect the missed items.
Letters are scattered all over, you must collect them on a single playthough, you can't reload a previous mission as this isn't a stackable achievement it must be done in a single playthough.

Maps with all the locations are under the "Eagle Eye" achievement listed above. Each letter is marked with a quill on the map.

Letter 1:
Location: The Lost, Fuel Storage - Can be found on a desk.

Letter 2:
Location: Death Of The Butcher, Crypt - On a small desk on your exit to the level on your right side.

Letter 3:
Location: Leave A Light On, Docks - In the middle of a room with an office desk.

Letter 4:
Location: The Third Man, Sewers - On top of a crate located next to a ladder.

Letter 5:
Location: The Third Man, Ghetto - In a small room which is opened with a key, the letter is on a small table in the corner.

Letter 6:
Location: The Third Man, Prison - On a bed in a cell located on the first floor.

Letter 7:
Location: Le Boeuf - Found in the basement of the Boathouse.

Letter 8:
Location: Fade To Grey, Hospital - Found on a desk which has a corpse in the chair and a wardrobe behind the desk.

These are just rough descriptions, use the maps provided under "Eagle Eye" to find each location.
Most level can be done in around 10 - 20 minutes depending on how good you are at stealth games. Picking up collectables will slow you down so if you want to unlock this with ease just aim for getting though each level as fast as you can sneaking past as many guards as you can and avoid loading back to previous checkpoints as the counter doesn't stop when you load back.

Avoiding as many guards as you can will help speed up your time limit but make good use of the barrels and environmental traps such as water pools and fuel puddles. Some parts are tricky so if you need to find make sure you are inside a building or around a corner as the guards will walk out in the open giving you a chance to kill them with ease.
See Relentlessness

See Relentlessness

If you want to get this without any issues just kill every single guard on each level and you should get it in no time. If you're after the assassin achievement as well, those kills count towards this also. It doesn't matter so much about how you kill them just as long as you kill as many guards as you can in any form.

The Lost - Valley : 4
The Lost - Fuel Storage : 20
Death Of The Butcher - Cathedral : 29
Death Of The Butcher - Crypt : 22
Leave A Light On - Docks : 37
Leave A Light On - Storage : 39
The Third Man - Sewers : 22
The Third Man - Ghetto : 25
The Third Man - Prison : 26
Le Boeuf : 32
Fade To Grey - Hospital : 39
Fade To Grey - Village : 49

Total enemies = 344

See Assassin


See Assassin

The only requirement for this achievement is to get 200 silent kills, it doesn't matter how or when you get them and they do not have to be consecutive as they stack up though the campaign. The best way to get this is to kill as many guards as you can using silent kill attacks rather than shooting, morphine kills class as a silent kill so make good use if you find a guard who isn't easy to kill silently.
Once you find the flare gun simply kill 10 guards. It only takes 1 shot from the flare gun to kill each guard so just keep using the flare gun until the achievement unlocks, There is plenty of ammo later on in the game so this gun can be quite handy.
While hiding in the shadows sneak up behind a guard and you can press B instead of A to pull the pin on the soldier's grenade. Once you do this he will wander off and then be killed by the blast, just make sure you're a safe distance away. Repeat this 4 more times and the achievement will unlock.
トランス剤を所持した状態 かつ未使用で任務を完了する   
This will be easiest on normal unless you're really sneaky. Once you have your morphine meter filled and ready to use just make your way though a level without activating it. The easiest level to do this will be misson 3 as once you obtain the SS uniform you can make your way though the level without getting caught.
Again this will be easiest on mission 3, just make your way though the level without firing your gun, if you pull off a silent kill and violette uses the gun the achievement will still unlock just don't fire your gun manually.
Secret Achievements
「地下壕の住人 - 渓谷」で敵を全てサイレントキルで仕留めた   
This sounds harder than it is, all you need to do is make it to the bunker door without being detected by any guards. Kill every guard in your path and the achievement will unlock. There is no need to kill the guard on the roof.
「地下壕の住人 - 燃料庫」で「ワインボトル」を発見した    
You will have to go through a room with a fan and a moving light with 2 guards. The room is very distinctive, kill both guards and to your left hand side as you enter the room there is a door behind a pillar. Open the door, smash though the wooden blockade and pick up the bottle of wine on the shelf. Achievement will unlock after you pick up the bottle.
「虐殺者の死 - 地下墓所」で黄金像を隠した    
On your path you will see a statue with a few boxes in front of it. Push the box on the left side then follow the corriror around until you find a locked door. Crawl though the tunnel to the left of the door and enter the room with two guards. This room is very distinctive as it has large barrels. Sneak past the guards and wait on the other side of the room and kill the guard that walks towards you when he turns his back then take his key.

After doing this go down the stairs and sneak in so you can kill the german soldier standing in front of a gold statue. Turn back around and on the wall to the right of you as you enter there will be a loose rock in the wall. Push the loose brick and then push the gold statue though the hole that opens up. Complete this objective by dragging the dead germans body inside with the statue and re-activating the loose bricks in the wall.
「港の灯 - 埠頭」で酔った潜水艦長を始末した    

There are 2 german soldiers sleeping in small huts. As you wander around you will see them as they are on your path. You need to use the knife to kill each soldier and the achievement will unlock once you kill the 2nd guy. The huts are quite obvious and there both on your right hand side as you go though the level, you will be required to walk past them at some point. The first one is near the fence you jump over after turning off the power with loads of shipping crates. The 2nd is near the safe where you pick up the secret documents.

This image marks their locations. 

「第三の男 - ゲットー」で敵全員を始末した   
This is going to take some patience. You are required to kill all the guards in the level including the 3 snipers. The only advice I can give on this is take your time and play though the level at least once to make sure you don't miss anyone.
  • 1st area: 1 (sewer)
  • 2nd area: 3 (ghetto shacks)
  • 3rd area: 2 (courtyard with dead jews)
  • 4th area: 4 (courtyard with 2 trucks)
  • 5th area: 4 (2nd ghetto shacks)
  • 6th area: 1 (2nd ghetto located after jumping over roof tops, guard leans against a tree)
  • 7th area: 3 (1 sniper, 2 others show up after you take out the sniper)
  • 8th area: 2 (both are snipers on are on the 2nd floor in a bombed building just after the bridge)
  • 9th area: 5 (outside prison with tanks, use the rifle or whistle to distract guards to make them come after your and the last 2 soldiers should come out of the prison)

For the last area once the guards have spotted you the last two guards will come out of the prison. If you want to avoid being shot I have found going back under the wall to the other side and waiting while they go back to their posts. Once you head back under the other guards will be floating around so you can get all 5 kills in this area.
「第三の男 - 収容所」で収容所の指揮官を始末した    
You will enter a room where you are required to pick up a key on the desk. As you enter on your right hand side on the wall you will see a painting, walk up to it and activate it to reveal a switch. Pull the switch and a doorway will open behind the desk with the key. If you are wearing the SS uniform change out of it using the wardrobe in the right corner and proceed. Climb down the ladder and follow the hallway until you come to a room, kill the german inside and the achievement will unlock.
This is a hidden collectible which can be found in the cellar of the Inn. Once you enter the cellar you will need to kill a guard before you head down stairs. Follow the barrels around to a crate, push the crate out the way and smash though the wall. Once you enter the hidden room pick up the collectible on the table and the achievement will unlock.

Once you complete all the secret collectibles this achievement will pop up once you collect the last one. If you miss any of these collectibles you will have to start over.

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Japan September 17, 2009

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