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Guide By: olsci2
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 50 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 30+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2+
- Number of missable achievements: 4
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

Overall this game is not very hard, especially since you can play it on easy and still get all the achievements.

Welcome to Venetica! This game has a total of 50 achievements and requires two full playthroughs to get its two different endings. In the game you can chose between three guilds that you can join and you are required to complete all guild missions for one of the achievements, so after you are through with the two playthroughs (with different guilds each time) you need part of another playthrough where you join the last remaining guild. Luckily you do not need to complete the game again this last time, only focus on the quests of the remaining guild.

The game has four missable achievements: Apple Wine, Stealth Master, Rogue Vengeance, and High Esteem.

As far as glitches go, the game is definitely not bug-free, but doesn't yet have confirmed glitches that impact achievements. What can happen though is that due to a bug (e.g.: the rogue who stole the key from the Persian sometimes disappears from the cut-scene and the game completely, so you can not get the key back) you can not progress in the story and have to reload an earlier save. As always with these games, save often. There is no autosave, so make sure you save every half an hour or so. I would also suggest that you use at least five different save slots.

I recommend that you create and keep a save once you obtained the “Trust to be Earned” mission from Nox. This is the point where you have to choose between the three guilds. You can only be a member of one guild per playthrough, so this should be the point you will replay the game from when you completed your first two playthroughs.

First Playthrough
During your first playthrough you should focus on getting all achievements that you can obtain in one game. I recommend starting by finishing the game the honorable way and joining the Order of the Holy Seal guild. In this game you will get as strong as possible in the game, so I recommend you try for the No Drugs achievement during this playthrough. It sounds tricky, but you can do many other things to restore health (e.g: sleeping, take it from enemies with mental powers, getting a doctor to heal you) avoiding healing items does not make the game a lot more difficult.

In the end you should have six achievements missing, one for the alternative ending and five for the guild missions you could not complete yet.

In general, use the optional quest guide to make sure you accept and solve as many quests as possible. The quests there together with the main quests will ensure that you have the Quest Master achievement by the end of Act 3.

To achieve the honorable ending all you have to do is to watch out for your conversations with Benedict and your father, Death. Always pick answers that suggest that the reason you do all this is for and to be with Benedict again, avoid the ones that suggest revenge or vengeance. In the end, let Death kill Victor. Solving the quest as described in the quest guide might also help. Altogether, expect to spend 18+ hours on this playthrough.

Here are the missable achievements in the order they appear in the game: Apple Wine, Stealth Master, High Esteem, and Rogue Nightmare.

In this game you will join the Order of the Holy Seal, so make sure you grab the unfitting plate mail from the chest in your room in the Order, and also in the third act go and train group fighting with Rangar.

Second Playthrough
Start again on easy from the very beginning, but this time go for the villainous ending. This ending requires that every time you talk to Benedict and Death pick answers that suggest you do all this for revenge and vengeance. During the quests, always pick to fight as soon as the option is there and in the end, kill Victor yourself.

When doing the mission “Trust to be Earned” for Nox, choose one of the remaining two guilds (the Net of the Mask or the Hooded Wings) and finish their questline. Create a save right after accepting the mission from Nox, this save you will reuse for the third partial playthrough.

While playing, focus only on the main storyline and the quests for your guild. In the first story mission in the Inner City, you have to talk to Tusker in his hideout. If you tell him who you are, you instantly get to the ship. If not, you have to reach 300 reputation points to progress the story. In this latter case, just do two rogue and one gripper queen missions, they give you 100 rep each and are quickly finished. It takes about 9 hours to run through the game like this.

Clean up – Third (partial) Playthrough
Use the save created during the second playthrough, just after accepting the “Trust to be Earned” quest from Nox. This time pick the last guild and play through their missions. Unfortunately all guild missons require that you access the Arsenal, so you have to progress the story as far as killing Hector on the ship. It is also necessary that you get the skill to talk to the dead, which you obtain by cleaning up the chapel for Brother Johan in the Arsenal, put together the statue and meet Benedict. It takes about 5 more hours to finish the missions for the last guild, once it is done, the Knowledge of the Guilds achievement unlocks and you have finished the game. Congratulations.

Thanks for Tender Branson8's tips to complete the Roadmap.

[x360a would like to thank olsci2 for this Road Map]


The End50
Game completed    
This achievement is story-based and cannot be missed. After you kill Victor, the last boss in the game, the achievement will unlock.

During the first part of the battle, ignore Victor and use remove curse on the Doge and then beat him up. Repeat this three times to end the fight.

In the Twilight World, keep rolling from the energy balls Victor fires at you and get close to him, so that you can use your weapon to attack him. Once you kill him in this form, there will be yet another part in the real world where you are up against Victor's human form. Use your weapon of choice, keep rolling from his attacks and utilize your "Passage" skill to disappear and reappear with a back attack.
No Drugs50
Game finished without consuming any healing items   
Throughout the whole game simply do not use any potions or food having healing effect. You can use beds to rest, rings with a healing effect, spells stealing health from enemies, pay a doctor to heal you, drink from wells to restore mental powers and you can die and be revived using your twilight energy. Just don't consume any healing items at any time.
First Chapter Complete25
Chapter 1 completed    
This achievement is story-based and cannot be missed. After you kill the Mistress, the path to Venice will be opened and the achievement is unlocked.

During the boss fight, use a hammer to destroy the five pillars holding a structure from which she is throwing the shurikens. When the structure is destroyed, she will also fall down and you can use any of your weapons to kill her. I found my hammer very efficient, but she is not too difficult with whatever weapon you use.

Once you kill her, there is a second fight where you have to kill her in her demon form in the Twilight World. Just roll from her tentacles and when the tentacles roll in, use your Moonblade to kill them. If you do not go near to her, the tentacle attacks can not even reach you, but the tentacles still get close and can then be attacked. Once you got rid of the five tentacles, go for her head and roll to avoid her poison attacks.
Second Chapter Comlete30
Chapter 2 completed    (2) 
This achievement is story-based and cannot be missed. After you kill Hector there will be several cut-scenes and then achievement unlocks.

Hector can not be hurt by weapons. Once the fight begins, run to the back of the room to destroy his urn. Afterward, stand near one of the two columns in the middle of the room, wait until he attacks, roll away, so that he can smash the column. Let him destroy both columns to finish him off in this world.

His form in the Twilight World is also pretty easy. Attack his weak right leg until he falls, then keep hitting his back. Do this a few times and he will fall on his belly. Hit his head while carefully avoiding his bites and he will be finished quickly.
Third Chapter Complete35
Chapter 3 completed    
This achievement is story-based and cannot be missed. After you defeat the Princess the achievement will unlock.

This fight is extremely easy. Keep avoiding the skeletons and focus on the burning totems that the Princess summons. Destroy four of these burning totems and she is defeated.

In the Twilight World, she has a bird form and will attack with laser beams. Keep rolling to avoid the attacks. After a few beams she will land on the ground, that is when you have to hit its beak. She will leave a spear and a shield behind. Grab and equip them quickly and use the shield to reflect the beams back on her. Do this four times and the fight will be finished.
Legendary Hero40
Level 32 reached   
If you do all the optional quests by the end of the game you will be around level 28-30 and have the True Hero achievement already. The most efficient way to ensure you do not have to grind much before getting Legendary Hero and finishing the story is to obtain one of the treasures. Once you get to Africa, make sure you dig up the Harvester in the second northeast cave. This is a weapon that boosts the XP you get per kill. Use the Harvester from then on whenever possible. In case you did not get to level 32 before removing the curse from the door before the last fight, go to Africa and kill Baka Beasts or alternatively keep entering the arena (talk to Gero in the Jama village) and kill the contestants there. You have to reach level 32 before attempting to kill Victor to get the achievement.
Treasure Hunter30
Dig out all treasures    (3) 
You can buy a shovel at Dominicus (across the Doctor's house in the Arsenal), equip it and look for the treasures hidden in the world. Instead of looking for all the treasure maps, here is a link to the official Venetica forums with detailed instructions for where to dig. The maps are based on the PC version, but I found all the treasures using these maps.

Note that there is a story quest towards the end where you have to dig out the skull of the Jailor's wife. This is also considered a treasure and the achievement only unlocks once you find this one as well.
Quest Master30
Complete 50 quests in one game   
You have to accept and finish 50 quests in one playthrough. Here is a thread that contains a list of the optional quests in the game. The achievement popped only after 53 quests for me, together with the achievement for completing Act 3.
Trained Villager10
Training in village successfully accomplished   (1) 
In San Pasquale use the steps close to your house to go down and meet Brawler, talk to him and complete the first training. All you have to do is to perform four successful attacks with button.
Trained Attack Combiner10
Combined Attacks training successfully accomplished   
The combined attack skill you will have to learn from Yngvar. He is in the Windmill Tavern located in the Southern Bay. Once you free the innkeeper and their guests, you have to talk to Yngvar and ask him to teach you combined attacks. Simply perform a roll with followed by a counter-attack with four times successfully.
Trained Roller10
Rolling training successfully accomplished   
In front of the Forest Hut you will meet two quarreling brothers, Don and Nesto. Once you helped them by retrieving their father's will from the building (by pressing the switches in this order: from the left 2nd, 4th, 3rd, 1st), talk to them and they will teach you to roll. All you have to do is to successfully roll away from their attacks four times by pressing .
Arena Champion15
All enemies in the arena defeated   (3) 
Gero is located in Africa and in the last chapter you can go to him and register for a tournament (quest "Let the Games Begin!"). You have to beat five waves of enemies consisting of 2, 2, 2, 4 and, in the final round, 5 contestants. I found the spike and scale combination very useful. Just keep hitting and rolling and you will be fine. Note that your health does not replenish between the rounds.
Leather Style10
Leather mail acquired    
Before leaving your village to Venice, go to the upper exit of the village and go to the left to an open area with quite a few assassin's. Defeat their leader and you will get the item Leather Mail (unfitting). If you have already 500 ducats, you can ask Mattheo to customize the armor for you. If you do not have so much money yet, sell all the swords, go and collect copper ores to sell, etc... or simply wait until you have the Smithy in Venice and let Mattheo customize it for you then.
Plate Style15
Plate mail acquired   
In your room in the Order of the Holy Seal there is a chest that contains the Plate Mail (unfitting). Mattheo can customize the armor for you either in San Pasquale or if you have acquired the Smithy in Venice already, then there.
Honorable Success15
Play and complete the game the honorable way    
During the conversations of the main quest, pick answers that are suggesting that you do all this for Benedict or restoring peace to the world. Avoid the answers hinting you do all for revenge or vengeance. Also, try to solve quests - where possible - without fighting and in the end let Death kill Victor. It unlocks after completing the game.
Villainous Success15
Play and complete the game the villainous way    
During the conversations of the main quest, pick answers that are suggesting that you do it for revenge and vengeance. Also, in the optional quests, do not pick the peaceful solutions, fight wherever possible. Additionally, in the end kill Victor yourself. It unlocks after completing the game. If Scarlett sits on the throne after all is over, you will know that you have succeeded before the achievement pops.
True Hero20
Level 20 reached   

See Legendary Hero

Gain 1200 experience by cracking locks   
You get the skill to crack locks in Act 2. Once you have it, open all doors and chests you encounter. You only get 15, 30 or 50 XP per lock depending on how complex the lock is, so it will take quite some time and you will only get it towards the end of the game. You crack locks by repeating the sequence Don and Nesto shows you using the , , and buttons.
High Esteem20
Earn 2000 reputation points    (1) 
If you follow this quest guide and make sure that you do not steal anything when you are seen, then you will end up with just about enough reputation points to unlock the achievement. Always make sure to accept the tasks before taking care of them (ie. get the quest before actually killing the gripper queens), just to avoid the game not giving you reputation points for your deed.
Bright Views15
Find a special lookout point in the Outer City   
Enter the Western Tower (southmost door in the Amphitheatre), go to the top floor, exit to Outer City, cross the bridge, change into the Twilight World and enter the nexus portal.
Dark Views15
Find a special lookout point in the Arsenal District   (1) 
From Largo's Administration Center go straight, cross the wooden planks and enter the second door to your left. Once inside you can switch to the Twilight World, locate and enter a nexus portal. Go down the stairs and exit the door to the Arsenal. You will get the achievement and also the chance to kill the stone beast on the bridge for the Pale Heart's quest.
Sherd Master20
Destroy 100 vases   
Just keep on breaking vases during your adventures. After you finish the Rogue Games mission and get the Stealth Master achievement, go back to the deck and destroy all vases to get the achievement sooner. You should have it sometime in Act 2.
Scythe Master15
Learn the strongest Scythe skill   
To unlock the strongest skills for a weapon you have to go to specific combat trainers who can improve your physical skills for the respective weapon. You do not need to max out all the previous skills on the tree to be able to unlock the strongest skill. Raise a skill one level to unlock the next skill, the strongest skill is the last on the tree. Here are the trainers and the last skills for the specific weapons you need to learn to unlock the corresponding Master achievement:

Scythe - Hurricane (Rangar - Outer City)
Sword - Death Birth (Rangar - Outer City)
Spear - Spear Fury (Akbah - Africa)
Hammer - Bludgeoning (Akbah - Africa)
Sword Master15
Learn the strongest Sword skill   

See Scythe Master

Hammer Master15
Learn the strongest Hammer skill   

See Scythe Master

Spear Master15
Learn the strongest Spear skill   

See Scythe Master

Trained Blocker10
Blocking Training successfully accomplished   
In Venice when entering the Order of the Holy Seal for the first time you will meet Rangar. After a short cut-scene, you can ask him to teach you how to block. First, you have to learn the block skill from him, if you have not learned it from any of the previous trainers already, for the weapon you intend to use. Once learned, put it on one of the shortcut buttons on the digital pad. When Rangar attacks, press the button you assigned the block skill to, after the block quickly press to counterattack. Do this four times to unlock the achievement.
Trained Group Fighter10
Training against many enemies successfully accomplished    
This can only be obtained if you joined the Order of the Holy Seal. Once you are in Act 3, you can go back to Rangar and train with him fighting against a group. He will ask you how many enemies you want to fight against, pick 4 (there is no achievement for 2 or 3) and then reduce the health of all four enemies enough for them to leave the arena. Use a hammer and perform combos and they will not even hit you.
Master of First Twilight Circle15
Learn the strongest skill connected to the first Twilight skill   

See Master of Sixth Twilight Circle

Master of Second Twilight Circle15
Learn the strongest skill connected to the second Twilight skill   

See Master of Sixth Twilight Circle

Master of Third Twilight Circle15
Learn the strongest skill connected to the third Twilight skill   

See Master of Sixth Twilight Circle

Master of Fourth Twilight Circle15
Learn the strongest skill connected to the fourth Twilight skill  (1) 

See Master of Sixth Twilight Circle

Master of Fifth Twilight Circle15
Learn the strongest skill connected to the fifth Twilight skill   

See Master of Sixth Twilight Circle

Master of Sixth Twilight Circle15
Learn the strongest skill connected to the sixth Twilight skill   
To learn the strongest skills for a Twilight Circle you have to go to specific mental trainers who can improve your mental skills for the respective circle. You do not need to max out all the previous skills on the tree to be able to unlock the strongest skill. Raise a skill one level to unlock the next skill, the strongest skill is the last on the tree. Here are the trainers and the last skills for the specific weapons you need to learn to unlock the corresponding Master achievement:

First Twilight Circle - Raven's Eye (Nox - Outer City)
Second Twilight Circle - Blood Vortex (Edmundo - Water Gateways)
Third Twilight Circle - Scream of Death (Amago - Arsenal Catacombs, a skeleton you can only see in the Twilight World)
Fourth Twilight Circle - Mental Defiance (Amago - Arsenal Catacombs)
Fifth Twilight Circle - Raise the Fallen (Amago - Arsenal Catacombs)
Sixth Twilight Circle - The Final Judgement (Amago - Arsenal Catacombs)
Secret Achievements
Knowledge of the Guilds50
Quests of all guilds accomplished    
This achievement requires to join and finish all quests for all three guilds. It is recommended to create a save just after you got the "Trust to be Earned" mission from Nox. This is where you have to make a choice between the three guilds. This way you at least save the trouble of having to play through the part until you get to Venice. You do not need to complete the whole game with having worked for one guild, it is enough to complete their missions.
Net of the Mask completed25
All regular quests of the Net of the Mask accomplished    (1) 
Once you join the Net, Aeris will give you a series of quests to uncover Victor's Secret. Complete the quests "The Net of the Mask", "Lost Messenger", "Forest Hut Secret" and "Victor's Secret" and once you return from the Twilight World at the end of the last one, the achievement unlocks
Hooded Wings completed25
All regular quests of the Hooded Wings accomplished    (1) 
Once you join the Hooded Wings, Grimm (in the catacombs) or Master Deimos will give you a series of quests. Complete the quests "The Merchant Vessel", "Dubious Methods", "Signal Fires" and "No Questions Asked" and once you defeat Rangar at the end of the last one, the achievement unlocks
Beast Nightmare20
Roof Beasts in Outer and Inner City defeated    (1) 
Complete the two Clear Skies mission in the Outer City (given to you by Crowe) and Inner City (given to you by San in the Shop of Occults). You have to destroy the nests of the beasts on the rooftops - not the beasts themselves. In the Outer City there are three nests and four in the Inner City.
Pale Hearts25
All Pale Hearts collected    (4) 
You get the Pale Hearts quest from San in the Shop of Occult (Inner City, close to the Old Catherdral). San asks you to collect Pale Hearts that you can obtain after killing stone statues. There are eight statues altogether, here are the locations:
- You encounter this as you find a dead body on the roof while approaching Tusker's hideout (part of the main story)
- Once you return from Africa two stone beasts will attack
- In the garden of the Eastern Villa
- In the Arsenal, exit the Doctor's house and go left a few hundred meters
- In the Outer City, in the garden before the Shadow Mask guild
- It is on the bridge where you obtain the Dark Views achievement
- In the West Wing of the Doge Palace
Holy Seal completed25
All regular quests of the Order of the Holy Seal accomplished    
Once you join the Order, Rangar will give you a series of quests to collect the pieces of St. Anthony's equipment. Complete the quests "The Sword of St. Anthony", "The Helmet of St. Anthony", "The Harness of St. Anthony" and "St. Anthony's Curse" and when you get rid of St. Anthony's remains at the end of the last one, the achievement will unlock.
Rogue Nightmare25
Three rogue quarters cleared     

Clear all rogue quarters. There are two in the Outer City, the Inner City and also in the Arsenal. Make sure you kill them as part of the following quests:

Chasing Bandits in the Outer City: Guard Captain (Amphitheatre)
Chasing Bandits in the Inner City: Guard Captain (Inner City Tavern)
The Lesser Evil: from Kitten in the Ambrosial Lotus (Arsenal)

Note, the quest "The Lesser Evil" is missable, make sure that you solve the "Secret Errands" quest without killing Mercutio, otherwise Kitten will not talk to you anymore.

Moonblade ready15
Have the Moonblade repaired    
This achievement is story-based, can not be missed. Once you have helped them resolve their legacy issue, Don and Nesto will open the room in the Forest Hut where you will acquire the broken Moonblade. Mattheo, the weaponsmith will be able to fix the weapon, all you have to do is go to the abandoned mine and get a moon crystal for him. Once you fought through the mine, obtained the crystal and given it to Mattheo to use, the achievement will unlock.
Gripper Queen Slayer15
Defeat the Gripper Queen   
There are two Gripper Queens in the game, one in the catacombs in the Outer City and one in the catacombs in the Inner City. Kill one of them for the achievement. Use a hammer and keep attacking her from behind.
Holy Seal Membership15
Become a member of the Order of the Holy Seal    
Once in Venice you have to join one of the guilds to progress the story, otherwise Nox will not trust you. You can only join one guild in one playthrough. To join the Order of the Holy Seal you have to talk to Rangar and accept his mission asking you to retrieve a shield for him from the catacombs. The shield is in a coffin guarded by a skeleton, a very easy fight. Once you have the shield, take it back to Rangar and the achievement is yours.
Rogue Hunter15
One rogue quarter cleared    

See Rogue Nightmare

Net of the Mask Membership15
Become a member of the Net of the Mask    
Once in Venice you have to join one of the guilds to progress the story, otherwise Nox will not trust you. You can only join one guild in one playthrough. To join the Net of the Mask, all you have to do is to talk to Aeris in front of the closed entrance to the Inner City and tell her that you want to join.
Stealth Master10
Collect all medicine parcels without killing the guards    (2) 
During your stay on the ship, you will get the mission Rogue Games. It is part of the story and cannot be missed. You have to collect three packs of medicine on the deck of the ship. The goal for this achievement is to get the packs without alerting and having to kill the guards. As the packs are close to the entrance and the guards are also not very alert, it is relatively easy. A good tip is once you finished the mission, go back to the deck and kill the guards for the extra experience. Also, the deck is full of vases to break and definitely helps you to get the Sherd Master achievement earlier.
Apple Wine10
Exchange the innkeeper of the Inner City    
When you enter the Tavern in the Outer City the first time, the Innkeeper will ask you two questions. Be honest, tell him you are new in town and come from the mountains. He will lead you to the room next to him and two soldiers will attack you. Get rid of them and talk to the Innkeeper. Decide to fight him, kill him and exit and reenter the tavern. The new Innkeeper will be there selling apple wine (the specialty of Frankfurt where the developers are from).
Hooded Wings Membership15
Become a member of the Hooded Wings    
The Hooded Wings guild is behind the church. Talk to the guildmaster and he will tell you to enter the catacombs and talk to Grimm. He is difficult to spot as it is way too dark down there, but once you enter he will be on the right side, just a few steps from the entrance. He will ask you to deliver a message before you can join. The exit from the catacombs that you have to use is somewhat difficult to find as there is no road, but you have to swim to the green dot on your map. Once you delivered the message, speak to the guildmaster.
Beast Slayer15
One roof beast area cleared    

See Beast Nightmare

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