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Victorious: Time to Shine Achievement Guide

Guide By: VonThronstahl
There are 42 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 42/42 (1000)
- Online: 0/42 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 4-6 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (7 songs with 5 modes and 6 multiplayer modes)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: Yes (How Do I Look?)
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Kinect Sensor

Victorious: Time to Shine is a rhythm and music game for children. It is based on the Nickelodeon TV show and the music videos of the performer. The game contains seven songs from Victorious which are cover-songs from famous musicians.

Each song is split into five parts:

  1. Acting
  2. Music
  3. Singing
  4. Dancing
  5. Music Video.

You will have to match poses, copy the movement of the on-screen figure and sing.

Abbreviated Walkthrough

Step #1: First Song (Tutorial)
Start with the first song "You're the Reason" and work your way through every section (Acting, Music, Singing, Dance and Music Video). After the completion of Acting you'll unlock Music. Complete Music to unlock Singing, and so on...

Step #2: The Remaining Six Songs
You gain access to all seven songs after completing the first song ("You're the Reason). Do all 5 parts (Acting, Music, Singing, Dancing, Music Video) for the remaining six songs and try to get the gold stars (600.000 points are required to get gold stars).

Step #3: Local Co-Op
Grab a friend and play each of the six multiplayer modes through once. The other player doesn't have to be logged into an account and you don't have to "play" the modes. You can just stand around and wait until the song is over. You both will get each achievement after the song ends and the results are shown.

Create your character and get all remaining gold stars and outfit parts (you'll unlock 1 outfit part with a silver star and 2 parts with a gold star).

The songs are very catchy and the game isn't bad. It is easy with a bit of practice.

[x360a would like to thank VonThronstahl for this roadmap]

Class Dismissed10
Complete "You're the Reason" – Acting    

This is the first song (and tutorial). Match the poses, score doesn't matter.

See A-list Actor for tips.

Andre's got nothing on you!10
Complete "You're the Reason" – Music    

Select the music performance from "You're the Reason". Play the instrument by copying the moves.

See Super Star for tips.

Hitting the High Notes10
Complete "You're the Reason" – Singing    

"You're the Reason" is the first song (and tutorial).

See Golden Voice for tips.

Strut Your Stuff10
Complete "You're the Reason" – Dance    

Copy the movements of the two girls in the first song to complete the dancing part of the song.

See Mega Talent for tips.

Make it Shine10
Complete "You're the Reason" – Music Video    

After completing the dancing part, the music video will be unlocked. You make a music video by following the instructions of the narrator. Sing, dance, match the pose and play the instrument.

Rising Actor25
Complete all Acting Performances    

See A-list Actor achievement description.

Rock and Roll25
Complete all Music Performances    

See Super Star achievement description.

Lead Vocals25
Complete all Singing Performances    

See Golden Voice achievement description.

Sweet Moves25
Complete all Dancing Performances    

See Mega Talent achievement description.

Video Star25
Complete all Music Video Performances    

Music videos don't give you stars but you'll unlock outfits if you activate the cues. So try to activate as many as possible. See Disco Forever! for tips.

I'm Having Visions15
Fully evolve Sikowitz's classroom    

See Sell Out Crowd achievement description.

How Romantic!15
Fully evolve Maestro's Restaurant    

See Sell Out Crowd achievement description.

Totally Rad15
Fully evolve the Hollywood Arts locker hall    

See Sell Out Crowd achievement description.

Ticket to Ride15
Fully evolve the carnival    (1) 

See Sell Out Crowd achievement description.

Fully evolve the Blackbox Theater    

See Sell Out Crowd achievement description.

Mystery Meat15
Fully evolve the Asphalt Café    

See Sell Out Crowd achievement description.

Sell Out Crowd15
Fully evolve Karaoke Doki    

A song counts as "fully evolved" if you get all 4 gold stars and complete the music video. Gold stars are unlocked by getting at least 600,000 points during a performance. Complete Acting, Music, Singing, Dancing and the Music Video.

A-list Actor25
Complete all Acting Performances with all Gold Stars    

Acting is the easiest of the 5. Match the poses that are shown on the Helper Wheel on your right and by the boy with a blue shirt. Get at least 600,000 points.

Super Star25
Complete all Music Performances with all Gold Stars    

The drums prove to be difficult. It is by far the hardest part of the whole game. Without the drums the game would be a 2/10! The other instruments are very easy (except for the keyboard). 

Practice, practice, practice! Get at least 600,000 points.

Golden Voice25
Complete all Singing Performances with all Gold Stars    

An easy way to get gold stars in singing is this: Put the Kinect sensor near the speakers of your TV or put a headset on the sensor and turn the volume up. The game will hear itself and give you Victorious! (perfect) for every line if the volume is loud enough. Get at least 600,000 points.

Mega Talent25
Complete all Dancing Performances with all Gold Stars    (1) 

Dancing is the hardest part because the game is not forgiving at all! The slightest mistake and you'll get a Wazz! (miss). Try to remember the moves because I couldn't recognize any pattern besides the refrain. It seems to be random and that makes it hard. Play the songs over and over again and it will unlock. Get at least 600,000 points.

Complete all Performances with Gold Stars    

You'll get gold stars after 600,000 points. A little wheel under your character fills up while you copy the moves on screen and a word will say whether you are good or not. The worst is a Wazz! which means that you missed the movement. OK gives the lowest amount of points, Good is good and Victorious! is perfect. Try to be as 'perfect' as possible and remember the moves you will have to perform.

Welcome to Hollywood Arts10
Create your character    

You "create" your character by changing the gender, hair color or skin color and saving it.

Change clothes for the first time    

You'll unlock more outfits by earning stars. Go to the wardrobe and change at least one clothing item and save your character.

Heads Up15
Collect all the head items    

See Closet Expansion achievement description.

Ohhh Pretty!35
Collect all the upper body outfits    

See Closet Expansion achievement description.

How Do I Look?35
Collect all the leg outfits    

See Closet Expansion achievement description.

Never Enough Shoes35
Collect all the shoes     

See Closet Expansion achievement description.

Closet Expansion60
Collect all wardrobe items    

Outfits are unlocked by earning stars. A silver star (400,000 points) will unlock one outfit and a gold star (600,000 points) will unlock 2 outfits. Even though music videos don't have stars, they'll still unlock 2 outfits for every good completed one!

This achievement glitched for me (along with How Do I Look?). If that happens to you, you'll have to start over from the beginning! The achievement unlocked for me after collecting the last leg outfit item. It unlocked even though other clothing items on that save where still locked! I guess it just looks whether the other outfit achievements are unlocked or not.

Bird Scene50
Complete an Acting Performance without missing a pose    

You have to match the pose that the screen and narrator tells you. Don't miss any pose (don't get a red X).

Disco Forever!50
Finish a Music Video Performance and trigger all cues     

A cue will be activated after each completed section of the music video. The narrator will ask you to act, dance, sing or pose. Do what he says and he will announce a special effect. Do this for every section of a music video.

Complete any Performance with 1,000,000 points    

The easiest way to get this achievement is: Place the Kinect Sensor near the speakers of your TV or put a headset on the Kinect Sensor and turn the volume up. Select a Singing performance. The game will hear itself and give you only Victorious! (which is the best result).

Ready, Set, Act!15
Play a game of Multiplayer Competitive Acting    

See Synchronized Dance achievement description.

Pose Warriors15
Play a game of Multiplayer Co-op Acting    

See Synchronized Dance achievement description.

Dueling Banjos15
Play a game of Multiplayer Competitive Music    

See Synchronized Dance achievement description.

Perfect Harmony15
Play a game of Multiplayer Co-op Music    

See Synchronized Dance achievement description.

Dance Off15
Play a game of Multiplayer Competitive Dance    

See Synchronized Dance achievement description.

Synchronized Dance15
Play a game of Multiplayer Co-op Dance   

All the Co-Op achievements can be won by grabbing a friend, starting the match and wait until the song is over. You don't have to earn a star or perform well. Just stand around and wait until the song is over. Each achievement will unlock at the result screen.

If you do not have a friend, grab a pillow and hold it out to the side. The Kinect thinks its a torso. Cheers!


Secret Achievements
You Go, Dude!10
Selected the male character    

Change the gender of your character in the character customization screen to male.

The Slap!10
A cast member showed you their video of you!    

This is the first achievement you'll get. After each performance you'll see the snapshots from your game. This it where it unlocks.

5 Alive10
Finished "I Want You Back"    

After you've completed the last part of the last song for the first time, the credits will roll. You'll get this achievement after the credits finished.

Note: You don't have to score high on the lat song.

Show Off...60
Scored a Gold Star in any Dance Performance without using the Helper Wheel    (1) 

Go to the options and turn off the Helper Wheel. The Helper Wheel shows you what to do next. So practice a song and copy the movements of your figure to get the gold star.


Game Info


US November 15, 2011

Kinect: Required
No videos available
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