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Virtua Fighter 2 Achievement Guide

Guide By: The Stray
There are 12 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
Offline/Online: 400/0 (12 offline/0 online)
Approximate amount of time to 400: 15-30 Minutes
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1, plus leftovers...
Number of missable achievements: None
Glitched achievements: None
Do cheat codes disable achievements? No (There are none)
Does difficulty affect achievements? No
Extra Equipment Needed: Second Controller


Virtua Fighter 2 is another of the 3 SEGA Model 2 arcade games now available on XBLA, and as honed as the Best 3D fighter of its time, can now be played at the front of your home, you can play as 11 of the fighters each with their own unique moves and attacks. Ring Outs are also the essential of the game's staple as well.

General Achievement Note: Most of all of the achievements have How-To Descriptions making earning the achievements simpler, of course those mentioned some can be done in either Arcade/Versus.


/Pad = Move = Guard/ or = Punch/ = Kick (you can change button settings in options.) for pause and other options during gameplay. (Also in-game movelist too)

Universal Moves:

Backdash/Run: Tap either or
Throw: + when close.
Heads-Up Attack: + when opponent is on the ground.

Part 1: Here's what you can earn rather quickly...

Ring Out, Excellent, Certifiable, Expert Mode, Dural, 2.0, Class of 94.

Part 2: What you'll finish up with...

Stages 1-5 Complete (Might take a while even on easy difficulty), and Sudden Death (Easier with 2 controllers).


Even as another easy completion, what might take a while is the difficulty on Arcade, even on easy, fighting Pai and Lion might rage you for a while, but all in all an easy 400 nonetheless, also has online mode as well...

[x360a would like to thank The Stray for this Roadmap]

Stage 1 Complete20
Complete Stage 1 of Arcade Mode (any difficulty)    

See: Stage 5 Complete

Stage 2 Complete20
Complete Stage 2 of Arcade Mode (any difficulty)    

See: Stage 5 Complete

Stage 3 Complete20
Complete Stage 3 of Arcade Mode (any difficulty)    

See: Stage 5 Complete

Stage 5 Complete20
Complete Stage 5 of Arcade Mode (any difficulty)    (6) 

Here are a couple of Moves and Combos that will make things go quicker. Pai and Lion might be a little tough to fight, even if the difficulty is on easy, set the timer to 15 seconds if you're having trouble.

Guard with:
Akira/Wolf: , + (Akira will Dash Punch, Wolf will clothesline from far or throw if close.)
Pai/Lau/Kage: , , ,
Heads-up Attack: when opponent is on the ground.
Wake-Up Kick: While rising from the ground, + for standing kick or + for ground kick.

If anything, some users suggest using Dural and use + for all 5 matches with the timer set to 15sec.

Ring Out40
Win a round by ring out in Arcade Mode (any difficulty)   

Simply use Akira in arcade on Easy in the 1st stage fighting Lau and spam , + until you ring him out. Or with a 2nd controller, just have 2P ring out instead.

Win a round without receiving any damage in Arcade Mode (any difficulty)   

This can be done easily on Arcade in Easy difficulty, use Dural if necessary (, then any button to select her), then perform any attack or combo's necessary to beat Lau to get a perfect (without getting hit). Anyone else is suitable too. Check the in-game move list for details. Time/Ring outs do not count.

Play Ranking Mode in Arcade Mode (hold down P+K+D+START during Attract Mode)   (2) 

Self Explanatory, input and hold ++ or , then during Demonstration Play (where it says "Press Start"). You must lose both rounds for it to unlock, just ring yourself out to earn it quicker.

Expert Mode40
Enter ↓↓↑↑←←→→ at the character select screen in Arcade Mode   

Simply enter , , , , , , , during the character select screen, if done correctly, you'll hear a weird moan which puts you in Expert Mode, a harder difficulty.

Use Dural in Arcade Mode or Offline Versus (In Ver.2.1 hold START when selecting a character)   (3) 

Self Explanatory (hold then any button), game version must be set to 2.1 first. Start Arcade mode, then in game options, go to version, then press for 2.0 to 2.1.

Play Arcade Mode or Offline Versus in ver. 2.0   

While in game options, highlight game version and set it from 2.1 to 2.0, start the game and it unlocks.

Sudden Death60
Play the Sudden Death stage in Arcade Mode or Offline Versus   (2) 

Easier with 2 players, set the timer to 15 seconds, have both players get a ring out once, then wait for the timer on round 3 to go to 0 to "Draw", then the Sudden Death/Final Round match will appear with a short fighting ring to ring out fairly easily.

Class of '9420
Select game settings in Arcade Mode while holding the X button to enter Attract Mode   (5) 

Self Explanatory, after pressing from game options, hold wait until the Intro/Attract Screen to see the Credits.

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US November 28, 2012

HDD Space Required : 63.87 MB
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