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Virtua Tennis 2009 Achievement Guide

Guide By: TJGamer360
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Hit a line judge    
Fairly easy first achievement, you should get it in your first match. After playing a shot that your opponent cannot return, the ball may hit the back of the court (below the spectators). Here, there are line judges. The ball has to hit one of these people.
One Small Step...10
Win your first match in the World Tour    
From the main menu, select 'World Tour' and then 'New License'. Create a player however you want and set his home location. From the map screen (the globe), move left or right to select the different events and activities going on that week of the season. A tournament will appear on the globe as a model of a stadium. If you need help finding one, press to bring up the map, listing all the events and where they occur. Select a playable tournament and win a match.
...One Giant Leap!15
Win your first tournament in the World Tour   
Do the same as above, but win the whole tournament. Either singles, doubles or both. Extremely easy.
Make Friends & Influence People15
Make friends with 8 characters in World Tour   

Visit your home in World Tour and from the home screen highlight 'partner list'. You shouldn't have anybody in this list if you are ranked around 70 or above in the Amateur Tour. To unlock this, you need 8 people to occupy the list. As I said, when you start making good progress in the rankings you will be invited to a practice match with a fictional character. Read the date he has set and when this date rolls around go to the location on the map corresponding to the match. I'm not sure if you have to win the match to befriend the opponent but you will probably win anyway. Repeat this process 7 times with different characters.


Quick and Easy15
Play and complete 25 events in Play mode   
From the main menu, go to 'Play mode'. Set up a simple 1 game match under the 'Exhibition' tab. Play as any player against anyone else but don't worry about winning (unless you are also trying the below achievement). After the match (should take about 2-3 minutes), just press restart. Keep winning these matches until the achievement pops up.
Loving It15
Achieve 25 Love Games    
You should try for this one while attempting the above achievement. Just set it to 'very easy' and win without your opponent winning a point (so your match point would be 40 - love, and then you win). If you happen to lose a point, donit worry. Just keep playing after unlocking the above achievement until you get this one, but it should be pretty easy.
Breaking the Speed Limit15
Hit a serve over 200kph/124.28miles    
Set up a 'Play mode' match and set your character as Andy Roddick. During the match, hit a 'MAX' serve (when the serve bar is completely full, and a little 'MAX' symbol comes up next to it). as Andy is the fastest server in the game you will definitely unlock this one.
Big Hitter15
Achieve 250 MAX Serves    
Simply playing the game a lot (and having good reactions) means you will get this after a while. Don't try for it, just play and it will all add up eventually. To view how many you have hit, go to your stats page in 'My VT' from the main menu.
Pushing it to the MAX!15
Achieve 3 Consecutive MAX Serves in a match    
To get this you have to hit a MAX serve 3 times in a row. There aren't too many hints I can give to this one, other than trying not to purposely get it. Becoming too focused on it may put you off.
Different Strokes15
Win 400 stroke points    
Again, another you will get over the course of the game. Just win 400 points by hitting the ball after it has bounced. Unless you suck at the game and therefore can't hit the ball, you will definitely get this eventually. You can also use a second controller to keep winning points in this way, or get a friend to help you online. To view how many you have hit, go to your stats page in 'My VT' from the main menu.
Win 300 volley points    

Similar to the one above, another easy but time consuming achievement. Simply win the point by hitting the ball before it bounces, so try rushing to the next to make sure you hit the ball early. See 'Different Strokes' for an easy way to get this.


Super, Smashing, Great!15
Win 200 smash points    

Yet another easy one. Just win 200 points by 'smashing' the ball. To smash the ball, you have to have your opponent return the ball high to you. While it's in the air you go to where it will land and press any button. If you are successful your character will smash the ball making it difficult to return. See 'Different Strokes' for an easy way to get this.


Aces High15
Score 100 Aces    

Win 100 points with aces. An ace is when you serve the ball and your opponent can't return it. To help, hit a MAX serve and aim the ball into the corner of the court (move the left stick after pressing the serve button, but finishing before you press it again to set the power. Make sure you dont fault your serve). See 'Different Strokes' for an easy way to get this.


Over the Top15
Win 50 lob shot points    
Just win 50 points by using the button. The ball doesn't actually have to travel over your opponents head. Try doing a drop shot (see below) and following it up with a lob. See 'Different Strokes' for an easy way to get this.
Drop and give me 50!15
Win 50 drop shot points    (3) 
To do a drop shot, hold down on the left analog stick and hold or . You will know you have done it because the ball will travel over the net but dip so it lands close to the net. Quite hard, so try it on Very Easy difficulty. See 'Different Strokes' for an easy way to get this.
Your Country Needs You!15
Be selected for the Davis Cup team or Fed cup in world tour.   (1) 
When you reach Rank 75 in the Pro Tour of World Tour mode, you will be selected for one of the two teams above (I believe it is random). Win the tournament and the Achievement is yours.
Practise Makes Perfect15
Win 10 Practice Matches in world tour   
See 'Make Friends & Influence People'. You have to win 10 practice matches so just play against one of your friends on your World Tour friends list 10 times and make sure you win.
Training to win20
Clear a level 8 training game in the World Tour   
Difficult and time consuming (actually getting to level 8, let alone completing the minigame). I think the easiest is either 'Shopping Dash' or 'Zoo Feeder'.
Schools Out20
Clear each academy mission in the World Tour   
After completing (getting at least a medal) all of the academy missions. These are fairly easy but the Intermediate level ones only appear during your pro seasons, so It's time consuming.
Purchase 100 different items from the shop in world tour   
Visit the Tennis Store in World Tour, and buy 100 different items. Make sure you have a fair ammount of money because items range from the thousands to the hundreds of thousands. However, there are 1500 items, so buying the cheapest ones shouldn't be too difficult.
Versatile Male20
Win a match with all Male Pro Players on default settings    

See 'Last Woman Standing'.
Versatile Female20
Win a match with all Female Pro Players on default settings   

See 'Last Woman Standing'.
Marathon Man20
Run a total of 10km    
You will get this in time by simply playing matches. If you want to get it quicker, just run around a lot during matches.
Grass Stains20
Play 100 matches on a Grass Court    
See 'Astro Carpet King'.
Play with Clay20
Play 100 matches on a Clay Court    
See 'Astro Carpet King'.
Astro Carpet King20
Play 100 matches on an Artificial Court    
To get these above achievements, simply play 100 matches on said surface. You will definitely get it during the World Tour mode if you play a decent ammount of tournaments. Be sure to check your records in the 'My VT' section of the main menu to see how many plays you have.
King for a Day25
Unlock the secret player King   
See 'That Dukes a Hazard'.
That Dukes a hazard!25
Unlock secret player Duke   
In the tournament called 'The King of Players' in World Tour, win the tournament for 2 consecutive seasons. Duke will unlock the first time, King the second.
Gold Medallist25
Unlock every gold medal in the game.     (1) 
Go to the 'My VT' section of the main menu and you will see 'Medals'. These are similar to achievements or trophies but are specific to VT09. Simply fulfil the requirements for each medal.
Access all Areas25
Purchase every Court Pass in World Tour   
Very time consuming because court passes are expensive (from around $25,000 to around $150,000). There are also 'night versions' of each court to buy. Visit the Tennis Store in World Tour to buy them.
Style Guru25
Unlock every basic play style in World Tour   
Completing academy missions, minigames and practice matches raises three different ability bars. When a bar gets to the top, you unlock a new play style linked to that ability. Raise all three bars high enough to unlock the basic play styles of each ability.
Go Pro!30
Turn professional in World Tour   
When your player is ranked inside the top 10 of the Amateur Tour, you will get a chance to turn pro. I STRONGLY advise not to go Pro until you are number one, or else the below achievement wont unlock.
Leader of the Pack30
Number 1 Amateur in the world   
Awarded for becoming the number 1 Amateur player in World tour. Win enough tournaments to get your ranking to number 1.
National Treasure30
Win the Davis or Fed Cup in World Tour   
See 'Your Country Needs You!', and then win the tournament you were selected to play in.
First Amongst Equals40
Rank #1 in the world in World Tour   (2) 
Given after getting the number 1 Professional ranking in World Tour. This will be fairly hard as your opponents get more difficult the higher the ranking you become.
You are Gold!30
Complete every academy mission with a gold medal in World Tour.   

See 'Schools Out', but you must achieve a gold medal in all the missions instead of just any medal.
Last Man Standing20
Beat all default Male Pro Players   
See 'Last Woman Standing'.
Last Woman Standing20
Beat all Female Pro Players   
To get these 4 achievements, go to Play mode. Set up a simple exhibition match on any court. Make sure the AI is set to easy, and you only play 1 game (these are the default settings). When choosing your player, start with the first player on the list (i.e. Federer). Make your opponent Federer also. After winning, press 'Settings', then proceed to the character selection screen again. Now choose the second player (Nadal) and make your opponent Nadal. Continue in this way until you have beaten every default male and female player with every default male and female player. The 4 achievements will unlock, but not all at the same time.
Competitive Streak20
Complete 10 ranked matches in world tour   
Go to World Tour mode and visit the 'Online HQ'. There are 2 different types of ranked matches. Tournament ranked matches and basic 1 on 1 ranked matches. Choose whichever, and play 10 of them. You dont have to win.
Social Animal20
Complete 10 player matches   (2) 
Go to 'Xbox Live' on the main menu and either set up or join a singles or doubles match. Complete 10 of either, or a mixture of the 2, to get the achievement. You don't have to win.
Secret Achievements
To be this good takes AGES10
Score an Ace with an Underhand Serve    
Fairly difficult, but should be possible on Very Easy difficulty. To perform and underhand serve, hold down on the left stick and hold while serving. The longer you hold, the further down the net the ball will travel, so it is fairly easy to fault these. You want to hold the 2 for about half a second so the ball just makes it over the net. This may be glitched, as some have reported that you can get this by double faulting while playing online. This can be obtained easier playing with a friend, and you can also set up a 2 player match with you controlling both players.
Dr Doolittle20
Feed all types of animal in a single game of Zoo feeder   

Play the 'Zoo Feeder' minigame in Play Mode. As the minigame progresses more animals will begin to appear. Just hit each animal a piece of food.

There are a total of 8 animals:


Cherry Picker20
Collect 10 cherries in a single game of Avalanche   
Play the 'Avalanche' minigame from Play Mode. As the minigame goes on, various different fruits will appear worth a certain amount of points. Every now and then a cherry will roll towards you. Simply collect 10 before the time runs out to unlock.
Block and Roll20
Clear a 15 block combo in Blockbuster   
Play the 'Block Buster' minigame in World Tour or through 'Play' mode and try to eliminate certain blocks so that colours join up to form one block. Break this block and if it is big enough you will get a combo.
Sink 3 galleons in a single game of Pirate Wars   
Play 'Pirate Wars' from Play Mode (can't be unlocked via World Tour). During the game, once you reach about 5000 points, galleons will start to appear. These are extremely difficult to sink and you need a good amount of skill to unlock this achievement.
Ham and Eggs20
Bowl a Turkey on level 6 or above of Pin Crusher   

Must be done in World Tour. Play 'Pin Crusher' and make sure the difficulty is level 6. Try and aim your serve and get 3 strikes in a row (known as a 'turkey')
Perfect Frame20
Clear the table of balls in order without missing in pot shot  

Must be done in Play Mode. Play the 'Pot Shot' minigame. To get this, you have to put every ball in order one after the other. Very difficult.

The order in which you must put the balls is:

White (with yellow strip).

You can use combos to get this achievement but you MUST finish with the same amount of shots you started the level with.

To Look this good takes SEGA20
Play a game in the complete SEGA outfit    
The Sega Outfit is unlocked when you reach Rank 1 in the Pro section of World Tour. Equip each item of clothing, and then play a match wearing it. If you can't get this achievement, try this method.

From 'Mark23':
"For the to look this good takes sega chievo remove the update & it will unlock upon completion of first match. Also To remove update go to system settings then memory then press y & input this code X,X,LB,RB,X,X,."
Them Bones30
Play the Meat Defender training game wearing the full Skeleton costume    
Similar to the above achievement. The Skeleton Costume becomes available after beating level 8 of 'Meat Defender', equip each item in the set and then start a game of 'Meat Defender'.
Win King of Players tournament in World Tour   (2) 

Apparently this achievement is glitched and will not unlock for anybody.



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US June 09, 2009
Europe May 29, 2009

ESRB: Everyone
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