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Voltron: Defender of the Universe Achievement Guide

Guide By: neeker75
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
+ Offline: 9 (150)
+ Online: 3 (50)
+ Approximate time: 4-5 Hours
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Minimum if you use the reload last level method (will explain later)
+ Missable Achievements: 0
+ Does difficulty affect achievements? No
+ Glitched achievements: 0
+ Avatar Awards: 1 (Voltron T-shirt - purchase the game and play the game once to unlock)
+ Cheats: 0
+ Extra Equipment Required: None!

Voltron: Defender of the Universe is a twin-stick shooter that was released on Xbox Live Marketplace on 30th November, 2011. You play through 12 levels spanning 3 acts in this game, which follows the events in the Voltron anime from the yesteryears. You can control all five Lions in this game.

Difficulty doesn't affect achievements, so if you're rushing this, play through your solo campaign on the "Nanny" difficulty. During this playthrough, most of the solo achievements will come as long as you do the requirements for them. These will be explained further in the guide.

Achievements you can get when playing through story mode are: Lion Heart, Fly Swatter, King Alfor's Blessing, Zakron's Bane, Blazing Victory, Lion Ace, and Space Lion.

"2nd to 5th Playthrough"
Space Legend requires you to complete the game with all 5 Lions. However, if you simply load the last (12th) level of the game, and complete it with a different Lion each time, the achievement would still unlock. This saves you from playing through the entire game 5 times.

Solo Mop-up
The last achievement in solo mode (Defender of the Universe) requires you to rescue 100 groups of civilians.

After single player is done, you can focus on getting all the three online achievements: Five Keys, The Vendetta Begins, and Carried the Team.

And there you go, another 200 in the bag. This game isn't exactly tough, and is overall pretty fun to play with. The online achievements can be easily boosted, but getting 5 players into the lobby could yet prove to be the toughest challenge.


[x360a would like to thank neeker75 for this road map]

Space Explorer10
Complete the game with any Lion.   

Simply complete the story mode to unlock this. There are a total of 12 levels, spanning 3 acts, in this game. The 4th, 8th and 12th levels are boss fights. As difficulty doesn't affect achievements in this game, you could play on the "Nanny" (easiest) setting for this to unlock.

Space Legend30
Complete the game with all five Lions.   (2) 

Once you've completed Space Explorer, all the levels would've been unlocked. Unless you want to play through the entire game again with the remaining Lions, it'd be much easier if you'd just reload the 12th Level, and defeat the boss there with them. The achievement will unlock at the "Level Complete" screen once you're done with the 5th Lion.

Tips on beating the final boss:
This could be the toughest level in the game. The boss is very resistant to attacks, even on the easiest setting. Circle around him and shoot at him continuously. When he summons his minions, try to take them out first, or they'd swarm you towards the end. Pick up as many star pieces as you can, whenever they appear on the arena. When you're forced into a corner, use to air pounce past him. The air pounce does damage to the boss as well, but may open yourself to a counter if you miss it. When your special power () is ready, don't hesitate to use it. Combine the usual shooting, air pounce and special attack, and making sure to defeat the spawning minions, until the boss is down. This will lead to the QTE battle, which I'll explain later.

King Alfor's Blessing30
Get five Survivor bonuses in a single play session.   (1) 

Your Lion has a health bar, which is shown on the bottom left corner of the screen. When its health is depleted, you'll enter Survivor Mode. During this period, your Lion will take 10 seconds to repair itself. You'll now be controlling the human pilot. You must stay alive during this period, and then jump back into the Lion when it's repaired, to get a Survivor Bonus (10,000 points).

The easiest place to do this is in Level 1, on the easiest setting. Midway through the level, you'll notice the enemies blasting air cannons at you, but with no other enemies around. The direction of where they're aiming can be found on the ground, depicted by red blinking circles. Move your Lion into these red circles, and deliberately let the bombs hit you until you enter Survivor Mode. Here, you'd only need to avoid stepping into the red circles with your pilot, and then hop into the Lion after 10 seconds for the bonus to register. Repeat until you get the achievement.

Defender of the Universe20
Rescue 100 groups of civilians.   

Civilians appear as a grey cluster on the maps. To rescue them, simply walk up to them. Each group of civilians count as 1 saved.

Levels that have civilians are 2, 3, 6, 7, 10 and 11. Basically, the 2nd and 3rd chapter of each act. Certain in-game objectives require you to escort Civilians to escape markers - they do count.

Playing through the entire game, you should have rescue about 40-50 civilians, depending on how vigilant you are in saving them. You'd need to mop up the rest after you're done with the campaign.

The good thing is, there's no need to get to the end of the level for the Civilians to count. Technically, you could reload Level 2 and pick up the group immediately to your right, quit and reload 100 times for the achievement to unlock. However, that'd be pretty boring. Instead, you could load up Level 2, and run through the levels, saving the 9-10 groups of them in about 4-5 minutes each time. Only engage in battles when you need to kill enemies to proceed. Quit at the tower defense scene without fighting. Rinse and repeat. The achievement will unlock immediately upon saving the 100th group.

Note: Playing online and rescuing Civilians could screw up your single player Civilians counter. To be safe, do this in one go, going through a same chapter over and over again until you get 100.

Lion Heart10
Complete any level without the Lion deactivating once.   

Easiest to do in Level 1 on the easiest setting. When your Lion's health is down, run away from the enemies and find a secluded area to automatically regenerate health.

This cannot be done together with King Alfor's Blessing.

Five Keys20
Complete a level in an Xbox LIVE game with four other players.   (3) 

Believe it or not, this is actually pretty tough to get. There aren't a lot of people playing this, and getting into a lobby of 5 players sometimes depends a lot on luck.

Use the achievement trading thread for help if you need friends to play this game with.

Zarkon's Bane10
Complete any three levels without seeing a game over in a single play session.   

Easiest to do if you play through Levels 1-3 on the easiest setting. Make sure you pick up as many star pieces as you can, because getting 5 of them grants you an additional life.

Note that this must be done three games in a row. The easiest difficulty is pretty much a cakewalk though, so you'd probably unlock this without even trying.

Fly Swatter10
Achieve ten air pounces in a single level.   

The air pounce is activated by pressing . Hitting 10 enemies with the air pounce in a single level should unlock it.

Note: The achievement didn't unlock for me when I did 10 air pounces in a level. It eventually did when I was playing a multiplayer game and performed just 1 air pounce. I haven't heard anyone else with the same problem as me though, so I'd regard my situation as one-off.

The Vendetta Begins10
Beat a friend's level score after they have beaten yours in the same Xbox LIVE game session.   (10) 

The "friend" need not be on your friend's list, in case you're wondering. To unlock this, you must first end a level with a lower score than your friend. In the next level, beat his/ her score from the previous level, and it should unlock.

If you're in a more-than-two-players situation, simply beating any one player that has a higher score than you previously is sufficient.

The easiest way to get this is to find someone to boost in a private game.

Carried The Team20
Complete a level in an Xbox LIVE game where you are the only surviving player.   (5) 

In a multiplayer level, all players share the 5 lives. This achievement is quite difficult to get because the number of enemies increases with more players. Even if everyone in your team dies, completing it alone isn't easy. Best is to boost it with 2 players in a private game, playing Level 1 on the easiest setting.

When boosting, make sure both players do not pick up any star pieces, as this may eventually increase the number of lives. The player who is "supposed" to die should enter Survivor Mode and then get hit before entering the Lion again. Do so until the number of lives show "0" on the top right corner. The surviving member can then proceed to complete the level.

Note: There have been reports that this achievement may not unlock if you aren't hosting the game. To get around this, simply host a game and be the last surviving member to clear a level, and it should unlock. My friend managed to get the achievement even when I was hosting, so it may only affect a selected few.

Lion Ace10
Earn a x10 score combo five times in a single level.   

The best place to farm this is on Level 10 (Doom 2). At the end of the level, there would be some machines spawning minions. They will keep sending these soldiers at you until you destroy them. These soldiers die in one hit, so quickly shoot through them to get a x10 combo, and then wait for the next wave to spawn. Do so until you get the "Lion Ace" bonus, and the achievement.

Blazing Victory20
Kill a Robeast without Voltron losing any health.   

Levels 4, 8 and 12 are the Robeasts level. Obviously it's easier to do on Level 4, but I did this on all the boss levels without much problems.

The number of attacks depends on how good you are at QTE. You begin in Lion mode vs the boss. You can lose health here. Keep shooting and wear its health down to zero, and you'll enter the Voltron vs Robeast sequence, which is a turn-based, QTE section. This is when you cannot lose health.

You'll always begin attack first. When you attack, you'd be given a few seconds to choose one attack out of four, using your . If you don't choose anything, your attack will fail, and you'll be countered and damaged.

Once you choose an attack, a meter will appear, with a white, moving marker on it. The marker has a few layers on it, with the middle layer being the "perfect" point. The meter will then start raising. You'd need to press when the meter touches the moving marker. If you land the meter within the white marker, your attack is successful. If you land the meter in the "perfect" layer of the marker, you'll get a Perfect Attack, which greatly reduces the health of the boss.

As such, during attacking, you must at least connect with an attack to get this achievement. As I mentioned, if you fail an attack, you'll lose health and won't get the achievement.

Now, defending. It's pretty easy. Focus on the top right corner of the screen. It'll tell you to press either , , or to defend. You'd need to press it before a time limit. Press correctly within the time limit, and your defense would be successful. You'd counter and take out a bit of HP from the boss. You must defend successfully to get this achievement.

Note: The least amount of rounds to get this achievement is 1 round of attack and defending. If you land a Perfect Attack, the boss's health would be left with just a tiny bit. Defend against him, and your counter attack will destroy him.

After the above is done, repeatedly press to form the Blazing Sword, and watch how Voltron slices the boss into half. Achievement unlocked.

I'd advise to do this in single player, as it's much harder to do in co-op. In co-op, you take turns to attack and aim. For example, 1P attacks, 2P aims at boss. If 2P doesn't aim well enough, the attack will fail. Do it solo to make things easier, because the aiming is rather dodgy in my opinion.

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