Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Wanted: Weapons of Fate Achievements

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

I am in control5
Complete the 1st Tutorial 
I have it in my blood5
Complete the 2nd Tutorial 
No more anxiety attacks5
Complete the 3rd Tutorial 
Completed Act 1 - Easy10
Complete Act 1 - Easiest Difficulty 
Completed Act 2 - Easy10
Complete Act 2 - Easiest Difficulty 
Completed Act 3 - Easy10
Complete Act 3 - Easiest Difficulty 
Completed Act 4 - Easy10
Complete Act 4 - Easiest Difficulty 
Completed Act 5 - Easy10
Complete Act 5 - Easiest Difficulty 
Completed Act 6 - Easy10
Complete Act 6 - Easiest Difficulty 
Completed Act 7 - Easy10
Complete Act 7 - Easiest Difficulty 
Completed Act 8 - Easy10
Complete Act 8 - Easiest Difficulty 
Ready to play with the big boys15
Complete Act 9 - Easiest Difficulty 
Completed Act 1 - Assassin20
Complete Act 1 - Assassin Difficulty 
Completed Act 2 - Assassin20
Complete Act 2 - Assassin Difficulty 
Completed Act 3 - Assassin20
Complete Act 3 - Assassin Difficulty 
Completed Act 4 - Assassin20
Complete Act 4 - Assassin Difficulty 
Completed Act 5 - Assassin20
Complete Act 5 - Assassin Difficulty 
Completed Act 6 - Assassin20
Complete Act 6 - Assassin Difficulty 
Completed Act 7 - Assassin20
Complete Act 7 - Assassin Difficulty 
Completed Act 8 - Assassin20
Complete Act 8 - Assassin Difficulty 
Fully trained assassin30
Complete Act 9 - Assassin Difficulty 
Completed Act 1 - The Killer30
Complete Act 1 - The Killer Difficulty 
Completed Act 2 - The Killer30
Complete Act 2 - The Killer Difficulty 
Completed Act 3 - The Killer30
Complete Act 3 - The Killer Difficulty 
Completed Act 4 - The Killer30
Complete Act 4 - The Killer Difficulty 
Completed Act 5 - The Killer30
Complete Act 5 - The Killer Difficulty 
Completed Act 6 - The Killer30
Complete Act 6 - The Killer Difficulty 
Completed Act 7 - The Killer30
Complete Act 7 - The Killer Difficulty 
Completed Act 8 - The Killer30
Complete Act 8 - The Killer Difficulty 
The Killer50
Complete Act 9 - The Killer Difficulty 
Collector Nerd10
Find 10 reward items 
Compulsive Hoarder30
Find all reward items 
Half the man Barry is5
Kill Kathy, ex-girlfriend 
Kill One, Save a Thousand Donuts5
Kill Janice, ex-boss 
Kill one explosive rat 
Pest Exterminator20
Kill all explosive rats 
Bullet Curving Trainee 5
Kill 10 enemies using Curved Bullets 
Bullet Curving Expert25
Kill 100 enemies using Curved Bullets 
Shrapnel Storm Trainee5
Kill 10 enemies using Bullet Explosions 
Shrapnel Storm Expert25
Kill 80 enemies using Bullet Explosions 
Two is always better than one10
Kill 2 enemies at once with a single Curved Bullet 
Glad I wasn't there10
Kill 3 enemies at once with a single Explosive Bullet 
All in the reflexes10
Kill 3 enemies at once in a single eQM 
Up close and personal20
Kill 15 enemies in close combat 
Heart Breaker25
Kill Araña with Wesley without mask on The Killer Difficulty 
Between Old Friends25
Kill The Immortal with Cross on The Killer Difficulty 
Punishing Subordinates25
Kill The Russian with The Immortal in close combat and The Killer Difficulty 
Butcher would be proud50
Complete the game in "Close Combat Mode", any difficulty 
Dr. Lobotomy50
Complete the game in "Headshot Mode", any difficulty 
Catch me if you can50
1st position in "Time Attack" Ranking 

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Japan June 25, 2009

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