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Guide By: jappe66
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 10 (160 )
-Online: 2 (40 )
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 5 hours (skill based)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: 1 (Earl)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

Warlords has a few very skill based achievements, some for gaining points and some for completing levels. If you're good at playing this game,you can get easily 190 on this game(190 due to the glitched achievement).  Note: First of all you need to change the difficulty to Normal in the settings so you are available to get these achievements!

Step 1: "The" Glitched Achievement (1 for 10)
The achievement that is glitched is named "Earl." Just 1 person in the world has got this achievement and I've tried to get it with my friends for hours with no result, so I named it as glitched...

Step 2: Evolved Game Mode, offline (5 for 90)
Start an Evolved game with difficulty set to Normal and reach level 3 to get your first achievement.  Just keep going on until you have 500,000 points and get the next achievement, you'll propably also get "Duke" along the way.  You now have 3 of 5 Evolved game mode achievements, you can stop playing that one game and start a new game with 2 controllers and go for "Marquess".
Only one achievement left, the Emperor.  Start a new game again and try to defend your wall as much as you can. Remember that if you lose only one piece of your wall you don't get this achievement!

Step 3: Classic Game Mode, offline (4 for 60)
Start a Classic game and play to level 2, then do like in Evolved mode, connect 2 controllers and play with your friend so you can get to 10,000 points.  Now let's do the "Archduke." Again set the difficult to Normal and play Classic Mode so long that you gain 50,000 points ang get the achievement.  One achievement, "Maniac" is left.  Start a game in Classic mode but difficulty set to Throttle monkey this time! Reach wave 2 and get the achievement.

Step 4: Online (2 for 40)
Get a partner and boost the two online achievements.  A good place to find boosting partner is this thread It's up to you which order you do the achievements, just remember to play it Ranked, not Player!

[x360a would like to thank jappe66 for this Road Map]

Reach wave 3 Evolved game - Normal difficulty    
So what you have to do in this, just change the difficulty to Normal on settings and go play Evolved game mode and set difficulty to Normal.
And then play your way through the levels one and two to reach level three. You should unlock this by beating level 2.
Reach level 2 Classic game - Normal difficulty    
Set difficulty to Normal and go play Classic game.
This mode is harder than Evolved mode because it's faster and it is oldfashioned "arcade style". Just try to catch the fireball and launch it to the edge of enemys' wall and you can get to level two. Remember that when you keep the fireball "in your hands" it will burn your own wall!
Score 10000 team points 2-Player Classic game - Normal difficulty   
You need to play one game with your friend. Connect both controllers on one Xbox and go play the Classic mode. Remember to set difficulty to Normal, otherwise you don't get this achievement! Then just throw the fireball to enemies wall, try to aboid hitting your friends wall, so you can get further on the game. When you have scored a total points of 10,000 you should unlock this achievement.
Win a round 4-Player Classic game - Normal difficulty  (2) 
This achievement is glitched, you can not get it!
Reach level 2 Classic game - Throttle Monkey mode   
Start a game with Classic game mode and Throttle Monkey difficulty.
You need to reach level two, so beat level one. Try to throw the fireball to enemies walls and try to protect your own so good as you can. The Throttle Monkey difficulty is the hardest difficulty of the whole game, so this could be one of the longest achievements to get.
Reach wave 5 Local 2-Player Evolved Game - Normal difficulty    
This one is easy. Connect two controllers to your local Xbox and go play Normal difficulty Evolved game mode. It is easy, because you can play this with your friend and you have more change to beat a wave. When you reach wave 5, you should get this achievement.
Have 4 balls of your colour in play Evolved game - Normal difficulty    
Easy again. This achievement requires one player game, Evolved mode and Normal difficulty. You will propably get this during the game (about at wave 2 or 3). As it sais, you need to touch the balls as you have them to change their color to your color (blue usually). Just have 4 of the balls in blue and you get this achievement.
Win a wave without exposing your king Evolved game - Xbox LIVE ranked match   
Easiest way of this is to play a XBL Ranked match (Evolved mode) with three of your friends. Just tell them to not hit your wall much and hit each other but not you, and you should get this with winning the wave.
Defeat all 3 opponents Evolved game - Ranked Multiplayer match   (1) 
Simple achievement again; just win a Ranked XBL match in Evolved mode.
If you need help with this, find some players who want to trade this achievement.
Check this thread.
Score 50000 points Classic game - Normal difficulty    
As it sais: score 50,000 points in Classic game mode and Normal difficulty.
This one is pretty hard, because Classic mode is hard anyway. You should get about 10k points after first wave. You need to reach at least wave 3 to get this.
Score 500000 points Evolved game - Normal difficulty    
See "Archduke" but just 10 times more points and Evolved game mode.
Win a wave without losing any of your wall Evolved game - Normal difficulty    
This one is really hard. Just defend your wall as much as you can. Do not catch balls much (it burns your wall).

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