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Guide By: Tyger7
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 11/12 (190)
- Online: 1/12 (10)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 8-12 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 (Various Endings)
- Number of missable achievements: Collectibles one are missable (some you can't go back to), endings are, and completing the game in under 1 Hour and 15 minutes.
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

In Warp, you control an alien that is being held captive. You escape and you will eventually unlock your powers for warping. This is somewhat of a puzzle/escape game. Only 2 achievements are story related. The other achievements have you collecting grubs, destroying canisters, completing challenges, and beating the game in a certain way (time limit, kills). There is no difficulty but the game is pretty easy and extremely forgiving with checkpoints. You will eventually get upgrades and maps. Upgrades are even available for the collectibles, to make it less stressful and void of really needing a collectibles guide. The first playthrough will be your longest. Also to keep track of your stats, you can go to the main menu to see your progress.

Step 1: Consequences Playthrough
This is the long haul for the game. You will be collecting every film canister, every grub, and killing every single person that steps in your path. If they aren't in your path, warp into their path and kill them. You must slay every human you see. This is your main playthrough so feel free to take your time. You should also unlock all 8 challenges by the end as well. Make a backup save before going into the submarine which there is no turning back. Because of the backtracking and different approaches various players will take on playing, this step could take all the way up to 6 hours depending on many factors (death rate, following walkthrough or guide, having to go all the way back because you missed something, etc). For this playthrough just make sure you get the grubs/canister upgrades early, and grab everything you can at those times. You must kill 170 unique humans in order to gain the related achievement. When you get into an area that has alarms and you can continue to kill enemies, do so to boost your numbers.

Step 2: In a Rush and Cuddles Playthrough
I suggest as soon as the credits roll, you begin a new game while everything is fresh in your mind. You will want to rush through as quick as you can, only worrying about the main objectives. In this playthrough do not kill anyone. Warp to stun them but do not shed blood. You will need to beat the game in under 1 hour and 15 minutes. It makes perfect sense to stack these, because think of how much time is added when you try to concentrate on killing an enemy, and there are a ton of enemies. I would also like to suggest when you upgrade, to get the speed boost and silent walking first. The time will continue to count each "retry" spawn. It is extremely difficult to stop the clock for any reason in this game. Your best bet is to almost have 2 saves, one backed up to a USB or Cloud. After doing really well for a while without dying, exit and create a save. This can be an extremely annoying achievement for some people. Make a backup save at the sub on either a USB or on Cloud. After you beat the game and get cuddles, dashboard. Now load on your backup and kill enemies in order to get your "Sunlight" playthrough achievement. 


Step 3: Final Playthrough
During your first 2 playthroughs,you should have been able to obtain both Consequences and Cuddles. This time you just need to get intentional kills, but do not kill every single person you see. If your kill counter is around 150 or so, then you should be okay. If somehow you screwed up on one of the other playthroughs, you will have unlocked "Sunlight". If not, you will unlock it in this last playthrough. Also if you didn't finish the game to get "In a Rush", then this would be the time to do it! Most people will need to play this third time, but some who made a backup save and were focused on achievements, will only have had to play twice. 

Step 4: Challenges
You should have a total of 8 challenges unlocked from your playthroughs. Make sure you get a bronze on each one of them (a bronze is rewarded for just finishing a challenge). Now the fairly tough part, beat someone on your friend's list who has a gold medal. They must have a gold medal and you must beat the time they had gotten. The more friends you have on your list playing this game, the better. If you are struggling with this, go to the leaderboards of the challenge you can get gold on. Now look for the people up on the list who have times that barely scrapped by to obtain gold. These gamers are your new best friends. Send them friend requests and hope that they add you. Go obliterate their gold score and then you can delete them.

Not really an impossible game, but it can be stressful at times when you are under a timed playthrough. Some of the challenges will have you pulling out your hair if you have any. They can be extremely frustrating, as you are given no instruction on what to do and the camera angles start to fail (pointing at the last challenge specifically). If you like playing games to get achievements and 8+ hours is too much time for 200 points, then look elsewhere. If you enjoy achievements but also like having a triple A arcade game and don't mind multiple playthroughs and hunting, you've warped to the right place.

[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this roadmap]

Over Exposed15
It's best not to leave any recorded evidence.     (3) 

There are a total of 16 Filming Canisters in the game. If you hit  it will show your progress while you are playing. From the main menu, you can also view the Concept Art that is unlocked. Each canister unlocks a different art piece. You will get the achievement after finding all 16. The best route to go about this is when you have found 4 grubs and find an upgrade station, go ahead and spend them on the upgrade that allows you to see them all on your map. This will make it a whole lot easier.

A guide can be used for assistance. Click HERE to read it.

Note: As you gain powers, you'll be able to reach certain collectibles that you couldn't get beforehand. You will be backtracking. You really should collect everything that you can while you are there. There is a chance that the Laboratory has highly missable collectibles. You must get each one before you continue on. Make a backup save at the start on another memory device if you want a safer route just in case. 

In a Rush25
There is no use sticking around longer than necessary.    (6) 

This achievement is a timed achievement for beating the story. You must beat the game in under 1 hour and 15 minutes in order to get this achievement. Save this for your 2nd, and play it right after your first (or at least within reasonable time frame). If you "save it for later" you'll end up having to relearn the game again. You will want to stack this with the "Cuddles" achievement for not killing any humans. Speed through to the main objectives and grab only the grub you have time for. If you spot a challenge, it's a good option to get some extra upgrades from the grub you can earn. Challenges do not count for your time limit, nor for your kills. Once you have enough, upgrade your speed first and then the silent walking. After that, ignore all grubs and challenges. Always look for shortcuts, as some of these will save you a ton! It's a great idea to have a backup save. 

Here are some examples of times that you may wish to go for:

  • 30 Minutes: Reaching Containment for the second time.
  • 40 Minutes: Should save the floating guy imprisoned in the dome.
  • 55 Minutes: If you make it to the sub by this time, you're in great shape.
  • 1 Hour to 1:10: In between here you should get to the boss and defeat him. 

Tip: Remember to hold  to skip cutscenes. When you die, dashboard. Every time you "retry" it seems to save your time. When you respawn at a checkpoint, the first thing it does is give you another checkpoint at that spot. So instead of selecting "continue", just dashboard. This will help in reducing your time severely depending on where you are in the game. 

King Grubulon20
These things are everywhere.     (2) 

There are a total of 66 Grubs that you must collect throughout the game. They are alive and glowing, and are your source of power for upgrading. A lot are easy to see and you eventually have to travel back through previous areas, so don't worry if you cannot figure out how to get one. The game will actually tell you to wait until later if it notices you attempting to go for it. The absolute best thing for you to do, is as soon as you have 4 grubs and get to an upgrade station, upgrade the power that shows you these on your map. 

A guide can be used for assistance. Click HERE to read it.

Note: As you gain powers, you'll be able to reach certain collectibles that you couldn't get beforehand. You will be backtracking. You really should collect everything that you can while you are there. There is a chance that the Laboratory has highly missable collectibles. You must get each one before you continue on. Make a backup save at the start on another memory device if you want a safer route just in case.

Completing all of these shows mastery of your abilities.   (3) 

You must get at least a bronze medal in each of the 8 challenges. You can play them in-game when you find them, or play them from the main menu. They are very unique looking barrels and the first is not really missable. Once you recognize them, jump into one every time you see it. You will not gain the last until fairly late in the game, so do not worry. Bronze is basically just completing the challenge, with any time that is worse than silver. To check what challenges you have completed, go to Challenges from the main menu. Cycle through the challenges and press . If you aren't ranked and it tells so, that means you must play that challenge still.

  1. WARP challenge room
  2. FRAG challenge room
  3. Advanced WARP challenge room
  4. Advanced FRAG challenge room
  5. ECHO challenge room
  6. SWAP challenge room
  7. LAUNCH challenge room
  8. Advanced SWAP challenge room

All of them are pretty straight forward and easy to figure out except for the last one, which is very difficult and almost luck based. Start off by doing an echo and tapping  to switch places with the flying barrel on the other platform. Now you must warp into the barrel as it flies by. This is extremely difficult to time. Now hold  to the right and the barrel you are in goes flying high towards the screen. Quickly warp to the platform. Create an echo on the side and press  to launch it in another direction. Now the most crucial timing will need to be done. stand in the middle or on the end of the platform and the barrel will launch towards you. You only get one shot at this. If timed right you will be inside the barrel flying out into the open. You have mere seconds to warp to the exit island on your way. Below is a video on how I did it.

What happens when soldiers duel?   (3) 

This can be done in either story or challenge modes. I suggest challenge mode, as you can just keep retrying and not have to rely on getting back to where you were if you died. The challenge I suggest is found early on in the game and is the second challenge you come across called "Frag". You must kill all enemies in a time limit. When it starts, go to the bottom left area and you will see 4 enemies all close to each other. Warp around and get them to shoot each other at the same time.

Alternate Method: What might be easier for some, is to just wait until you have an ability that lets you walk around in a type of "ghost" mode. It is called Echo. Run the invisible alien in-between two enemies and you should be safe as they fire at one another.

Murder Artist20
For only the most creative killers.    (12) 

For this achievement, you must get every type of kill in the game. You will get most of these by playing regular. A good amount of these can be done in the challenges. Specifically, Challenge 7 has the Alien Mines at the end which you likely wouldn't normally obtain in the campaign.

  • Frag
  • Echo Frag (echo into human, then take that human and echo into another)
  • Friendly Fire
  • Explosion
  • Alien Mine
  • Fell
  • Crushed
  • Laser Beam
  • Drowned
They got gold? Are you going to let them beat you?   (5) 

This achievement requires a bit of effort on your part. You must have someone on your friends list who has a gold medal. You then must beat their time to get the achievement. This can be a difficult achievement, because some of the golds are difficult and to beat someone else that already has it, can be even more difficult. You can use the Challenge Trading thread to try your best to set this up, as many of your friends probably aren't playing this game. If it is inactive and no one is posting, just go to the leaderboards. Find the people who just barely made a gold medal. Now try adding them and if all goes well, you should have a few random people to play against if they accept.

To find people, use this thread HERE.

Corpse Killer15
See what these humans are made of.    (2) 

Story related, can't be missed.

This will be the first achievement you gain. You will be in a lab and have to press  on a body. Once inside, you just have to move  left and right or in a circle until the body explodes.

Secret Achievements
Your rampage through the facility left few survivors.    (3) 

For this achievement, you must have a total of 170+ Unique Human kills in the game. Those are "different" humans. This means you cannot just reload checkpoints and kill the same people afterwards. They all must be different people. The best way to tackle this is to stay in an area where you can set off alarms and keep triggering them and killing the enemies. You can check your stats from the main menu for "current game" kills. Once you have hit 170 or more, then you will be good to finish the game and gain the achievement.

Now that you're free, what will you do?    (2) 

This is the standard ending for the game. Basically you must kill less than what is required for the "Consequences" achievement but more than what is required for the "Cuddles" achievement. You would be safe to get kills with a Frag, which is when you warp inside someone and burst out, killing them. This is marked as an intentional killed and is not allowed for Cuddles. Most people will get this achievement while playing normally, not trying specifically for the other ending achievements.

Your peaceful playthrough is admirable.    

You must go through the entire game without trying to kill anyone. Your kill count does not have to be 0 because there is a "buffer" for unintentional kills. I would suggest trying your hardest to keep it below 7. Do this achievement on the same playthrough you are attempting "In a Rush" if you can. 

6 Kills so far is the highest known amount of kills where you can still obtain the achievement.

Stupid Toy10
The foolish toy ball didn't stand a chance.   (2) 

Once you are able to completely backtrack, you'll return all the way back to the first area where you were being tested. The ball that you had to put on the center switch is still there. Warp into it and press your  back and forth to make it explode.

Alternate Easy Method: You can actually gain this as your first achievement. Once you gain the ability to warp, go back to the ball and destroy it. You do not have to figure out this power later with the corpse.

Tyger7 Credits: Nutmeg for figuring this achievement out

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