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Guide By: Gleylancer
There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Estimated time for 1000G: 100+ hours
- Minimum playthroughs: 2 playthroughs
- Missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Difficulty Setting affects achievements: Yes
- Offline: 43 (1000)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Cheats disable achievements: No cheats.
- Extra Equipment Needed?: No

Welcome to the guide for Warriors Orochi 3. The Japanese and English versions are stackable, which means, you can unlock 1000 in each of the versions. There are no missable achievements, however you will need to complete each stage a multitude of times before you unlock the full gamerscore. Of course, any die-hard fan of Musou games with a japanese console will want to go through this torture twice. Use the japanese guide for all the translations you need and this will become just as easy as playing the english version.

Game Introduction:
Warriors Orochi 3 is the sequel to one of the most repetitive hack-n-slay game in the world. The game evolves around the characters of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors the Warring States period in Japan. Even though you get TONS of main characters from these Stories, the game doesn't tell anything about them - and rather mixes those characters up with a fictional Story.

Step 1:
Complete the game once on NORMAL mode. This way, you will be able to unlock a lot of achievements and get crystals at the same time. Crystals are unavailable on easy mode and you need 100 of them for one of the achievements. Take the first playthrough to get used to the characters and try to find 3 favorites, preferably the ones that can keep their back free of danger. Get 3 characters to level 99 for the playthrough on Chaos. Build strong weapons, preferably with Agilily and Slay enhancements. The big-star weapons can be stronger than level 4 weapons if you get the compatibility to maximum.

Step 2:
Complete all the bonus and Redux stages. Keep going, Characters and Stages will unlock as you talk to people in town, complete more stages and achieve friendships. You can't miss anything, people in town will keep reappearing. When you're done with this step, you will have all the characters. I will provide a complete stage unlocking chart at the end of this guide.

Step 3:
Get all Level 4 weapons and hidden items. Buy the weapons, do the item unlocking quests as described below.

Step 4:
Complete the game on CHAOS mode. The highest difficulty can give you a real challenge, at least at the start. It isn't as easy as Warriors Orochi 2 was, but upgrading your weapons on 3 good characters can make it quite easy. The biggest problem getting chaos mode cleared are enemies with ranged weapons, so it is recommended to choose characters that stay in motion at all times. One of the best for this is definitely Ayane. Mount her on Red Hare and she cannot get hit by arrows, unless the archers are on higher ground. Farm weapons on 9-star hard or chaos mode battles, upgrade them, then get the compatibility to max. The best enhancement seems to be Brilliance.

Step 5:
Get all the unlockables. You will have to get all 132 characters to Proficiency Rank S. This will take hours and hours and hours of soldier killing, like the Proficiency Boosting in Warriors Orochi 2 did - just more of it. The game doesn't really offer much stages to keep it interesting, but you can buy all the DLC stages. You should level Dodomeki to Proficiency Rank S, add him to your boosting party and use the Mystic's Brace item, as these things will greatly enhance proficiency gain. For information about the DLC Stages, click: Part 1, Part 2.

From all the games Omega Force has made, Warriors Orochi 3 is by far the best in my opinion. Though it completely lacks all the great original stories, leveling up all the things in the game is incredibly fun and addictive. Thankfully, they've also done everything right with the combo system. Getting 1000 is quite some work, but not a problem for any fan of the genre.


[x360a would like to thank Gleylancer for this road map]

Grand Purchase10
Purchased a weapon that cost over 10,000 gems. 

Weapons with this price will appear later in Chapter 4 in the Weapon Shop. Buy one to get the achievement. You can also buy one of the big-star weapons, which are available from the start, if you have the crystals needed to purchase them.

Perfect Partner10
Raised compatibility of a weapon to maximum. (1) 

If you keep using the same weapon, its compatibility will go up. You can upgrade it through fusion as you level up the compatibility, however, if you equip another, you have to start from zero again. Higher level weapons take longer to get to maximum. Having Gyuki at Proficiency Rank S in the party and using the Harmony weapon attachment can speed this up.

Successfully completed a mission.  

The game will offer you various missions on the stage preparation screen. Complete one to unlock this achievement. It involves things like killing soldiers and officers in a certain time frame, or without losing too much health.

Blinding Light10
Used a True Triple Attack. (1) 

This can be triggered with RT+LT once the Triple Attack gauge is full (it's the round one below your character's musou bar.)

Overwhelming Victory10
Obtained over 10,000 EXP in a single battle. (1) 

If you defeat over 2,200 enemies during the first stage you will easily get this. If not, it will come naturally later. No effort needed.

Dance of the Blade10
Successfully performed a combo of 1000 or more. (1) 

I found this incredibly easy to do with Kaguya early in the game, have her musou full and run into a crowd, then shoop some lazors. You can easily get a 3000+ combo this way, my record is close to 7000 with her. Other characters, like Ayane and Wang Yuanji, work well, too. Just run into a crowd and nuke away.

Blinding Speed10
Cleared a scenario in under 5 minutes. (3) 

You can unlock this in the stage "Battle of Tong Gate - Redux". Just charge through to Cao Pi and defeat him.

Musou Fighter10
Achieved 1000 K.O.s. 

You can easily do this on the prologue stage.

Experienced Controller10
Used all mountable weapons. 

Use all of them at least once to unlock the achievement:

  • Ballista: Battle of Tetorigawa (Chapter 1)
  • Cannon: Defense of Jieting (Chapter 3)
  • Catapult: Battle of Tetorigawa (Chapter 1)
  • Juggernaut: Battle of Tetorigawa (Chapter 1)
  • Wheeled Catapult: Battle of Yiling - Redux (Chapter 1)
  • Yashio'ori: Story related, can't miss it.
Firm Bonds10
Raised the bonds of one pair of officers to its maximum.  

Bonds can be raised in numerous ways.
- If characters keep playing together, their bond rises
- Successfully completing missions given to you during the mission preparation screen
- Holding banquets at the tea house.

The Mead of Life10
Held a banquet for the first time. 

Once you reach chapter 2, go to the tea house and hold a banquet. This will unlock the achievement and increase relationships with all other currently unlocked characters.

Reaching Beyond10
Purchased a weapon using crystals. (3) 

You can only get crystals on normal difficulty or higher. Team Attacks may sometimes get you some crystals. Once you have a few, buy one of those expensive weapons to unlock the achievement.

Joining Hands10
Cleared a scenario using either online play or 2-player mode. (3) 

Play online or just use a second controller and clear a single scenario.

First Purchase10
Purchased a weapon for the first time. 

Buy a weapon from the shop when you are in town.

First Forge10
Upgraded weapon for the first time. 

The weapon shop in town will allow you to upgrade weapons by simply combining them, much like in Warriors Orochi 2. Do this once to get the achievement.

First Design10
Cleared a battlefield created using Musou Battlefields for the first time.  

Create a battlefield in the creator and clear it using "Test Play". It doesn't have to be extravagant, just use what works.

The Dandy Captain30
Unlocked all costumes.  

You will unlock this while going for "A kaleidoscope of time". Costumes unlock once your proficiency rises. Click the following link for a post on how many cosutmes each character has. Link

A Kaleidoscope of Time30
Unlocked all wallpaper.  

Each character in the game has two wallpapers. You can unlock these if you hit proficiency Rank S with each character, which means you will need to do this with all 132 characters.

The best stage for proficiency boosting might be "Rescue at Yiling" in Chapter 3. After exiting the Stone Sentinel Maze and rescuing the two yellow units, Guo Jia will request that you take the bridges. Defeat Bushmaster in the southwest region while Tadakatsu Honda takes the other one, then Guo Jia will launch the fire attack. After this, most soldiers will die in one hit and it's incredibly easy to get proficiency.

Helpers to boost proficiency gain:
- The item "Mystic's Brace", 30% Bonus at item level 20.
- The Weapon Enhancement "Industry", 0.5% bonus per level.
- Having Dodomeki at Rank S in the Party, 5% bonus.

Some facts about proficiency gain:
- The gain value is calculated from the KO'd enemies tier, not the amount of damage you do. Generals raise it more, Archers a lot less.
- Difficulty does not enhance proficiency gain, however, higher difficulty can spawn higher tier enemy soldiers.
- Destroying siege weapons raises proficiency.
- KOing enemies by running them over with your horse raises proficiency.

Veteran Warrior30
Joined battle over 100 times with any one officer. (5) 

Join and win 100 battles with the same character, then the achievement will unlock. You can check how many battles you have won during loading screens.

Slave of Sound30
Listened to all the music. 

Musics will unlock when you've played all the scenarios and events. There are two unlockable musics in the edit mode and gallery which you need to listen to, you also need to listen to the two different Game Over musics, one for getting K.O.'d and one for mission failure. Click the following link for a post that shows all unlockables songs. Link.

Musou Dilettante30
Obtained every equippable item. (4) 

Regular items can be collected from boxes during the scenarios, some defeated officers also drop them. However, there are a lot of hidden items that require you to do certain things on Hard and Chaos Difficulty. Click the following link for a post that shows all unlockable items. Link.

Master of Time30
Cleared all scenarios. (1) 

You will need to clear all stages in the game on any difficulty. Click the following link for a post that shows all unlockable stages. Link.

Gallery of Heroes30
Unlocked all officers for play.  

Most officers unlock by completing normal scenarios, however, some, like Magoichi Saika, need to be rescued in order to receive their support. There are 132 characters total and you start with 3, leaving you with 129 to unlock. Click the following link for a post that shows all unlockable characters. Link.

Musou Collector30
Obtained weapons level 4 for all officers.  

Level 4 weapons can be bought from the shop during chapter 4, you can also obtain them in the higher level scenarios/difficulties or use the lottery tickets to get 10 random weapons for each ticket spent. I recommend doing this after you get all characters. Once you've used all your tickets, buy level 4 weapons for the remaining characters.

The achievement will unlock once you complete a battle with everyone having their level 4 weapon.

True Musou100
Obtained all achievements. (3) 

Once you've unlocked all other achievements, go back to the main menu where the final achievement will unlock.

Secret Achievements
Traversing Time10
Returned to the past through Kaguya's power for the first time. 

Story Achievement, can't be missed. Unlocks right after you enter the first stage after the Prologue Battle.

Banner of Victory10
Defeated the Hydra. 

Story Achievement, can't be missed. It will unlock the first time you defeat the single Hydra with the Yashio'ori in the Battle of Luo Yang.

Changing the Past10
Cleared all 10 post-transformation scenarios.  

These will unlock over time. Make sure to always speak with officers in town. Clear all 10 to get the achievement.

Unwavering Hope10
Cleared Chapter 3 in Story Mode. 

Story Achievement, can't be missed.

A Hidden Smile10
Cleared Chapter 2 in Story Mode. 

Story Achievement, can't be missed.

The Flame of Hope10
Cleared Chapter 1 in Story Mode. 

Story Achievement, can't be missed.

Mission Master30
Completed more than 10 missions in one battle.  

The description is wrong, you need to complete 10 or more missions during a single battle. In battle preparation, you can select missions. At the start, you will only get a few, but as friendship with other characters rises, you will get more of them. Select all and then complete them. It involves killing a certain number of generals and soldiers, as well as keeping a certain amount of health at all times. Achievement unlocks once the battle is won.

Musou Warrior30
Achieved 3000 K.O.s. (3) 

Many stages have gates that keep spawning infinite enemies. Keep killing until you get 3000 in one stage. You can do this in the first stage (Prologue).

The best stage for this is probably "Retreat from Mount Ninutou". At some point, Lu Meng will start following you around and you can do whatever you want to. The stage has many enemy gates and a very very high spawn rate, just make sure you're not going near the escape point in the northwest.

Master of Battle30
Cleared any stage without taking any damage.  

See "Blinding Light". Play the same stage, it's very easy to just run through and finish the boss with a Musou Attack.

Otherworld Extravagance30
Held over 100 banquets. 

You will probably get this while unlocking the friendship stages. Go to the tea house and hold banquets or tea parties. Moonlight Viewing also counts.

Shopping Expert30
Purchased over 100 weapons. 

You will probably get this while trying to get level 4 weapons for everyone. If not, just buy some more.

Noble Warrior30
Gathered over 100 crystals. (3) 

These drop a lot on higher difficulties. One 9-star battle on chaos difficulty can get you around 10 of them. You don't have to keep them in your treasury, you just have to obtain 100 to unlock the achievement.

A Warrior of Wealth30
Gathered over 500,000 gems. 

See "Musou Millionaire" for more information.

The Fated Place30
Cleared Story Mode with TRUE ending. (1) 

You will have to unlock all characters but Orochi, Orochi X, Sun Wukong, Kiyomori Taira, Susano'o and Nezha - then play "Orochi's End" in chapter 4. This will unlock access to the final two stages. After clearing both you will get the true ending.

Land of Peace30
Cleared Story Mode with GOOD ending. (1) 

Story related. You can't miss this when you're going for the all scenario clear achievement.

In a Broken World30
Cleared Story Mode with NORMAL ending.  

Story related. You can't miss this when you're going for the all scenario clear achievement.

Musou Millionaire70
Gathered over 900,000 gems. 

Unlocks once you've earned 900,000 gems. You do not need to accumulate gems in your treasury to unlock this achievement, so you can keep spending them. Do Team Attacks in large crowds for extra gems.

Peak of Performance70
Cleared all scenarios on Chaos difficulty. (7) 

If you have a high level character with Brilliance, Ice, Slay, Multi, Typhoon and Red Hare, going through all chaos stages becomes incredibly easy. You can use infinite interim saves to make it even easier.

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