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Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Steve50013
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 12 (200 )
- Online: 0 (0 )
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 6-10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? None
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? N/A

Welcome to Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2, released both on the Xbox Live Arcade and on a retail disc with its predecessor: Watchmen: The End is Nigh. This is a fairly simply beat-em-up game based on the events prior to the Watchmen film. This game will require you to play through it at least three times - once as Rorschach, once as Nite Owl, and once during local co-op. Unlike the previous title there are no collectibles, and no turbo run-through needed. There are also only three levels, though they are significantly longer.

Step 1: First playthrough as Rorschach/Nite Owl
Start the game as normal and choose whoever you want to play as, it doesn't matter as you'll play with both characters eventually. You should be able to unlock Focus Fire quite quickly, and I was also able to unlock Unending Combo and Ping Pong during the first stage as well. When there's a big group of enemies just spam  and , pinging about each one, and you can unlock them together. Depending on who you're playing as, you can unlock either Rrarararghgh!!! or Electric Explosion during Chapter 2. When you first split up and then reunite, you will go out onto some streets and be greeted by about nine enemies. Run past them and as you approach an open fence, five or six more enemies will stream out. With Rorschach just enable Rage and beat down enemies - be sure to use finishers whenever possible. With Nite Owl, group everyone together and unleash your electrified armor blast, and with a bit of luck it will unlock. If it doesn't then let the enemies kill you and you will respawn just before the streets.

Step 2: Second playthrough as Rorscach/Nite Owl
Again, start a game and play as the character you did not play as before. Be sure to unlock the other achievement I mentioned previously during Chapter 2, and during Chapter 3 I recommend reading this thread for a very easy way to obtain the Gentleman achievement.

Step 3: Co-op playthrough
Now comes the co-op run. This is local co-op only as the game has no online play, so hopefully you have a friend to help you, if not you're on your own. Be sure to hang back with one character as it can be hard to fight well with both characters, and move forward whenever a co-op action is required.

Step 4: Mop-up
At this point, all you should be missing are the Martial Artist and Feral Fighter achievements. Go to the main menu and choose Rorschach vs. Nite Owl mode, load up two controllers and select whichever character you want to unlock the achievement for. Follow this post to unlock Feral Fighter and this post to unlock Martial Artist.

At this point you should have 200 . If you enjoyed the game then go and play the first one. If you've already done so, then congratulations, hopefully you're 400 richer and had fun doing so. These games aren't particularly hard, but they do require a bit of dedication with the multiple playthroughs and lack of online co-op, but they're good, simple fun.

x360a would like to thank Zorlace for this Road Map

Morally Superior36
Complete the game as Nite Owl.   

There are only 3 Chapters, and each one takes roughly an hour to and hour and a half to complete.

This does NOT stack with "Friends Forever?"

Street Justice36
Complete the game as Rorschach.   

There are only 3 Chapters, and each one takes roughly an hour to and hour and a half to complete.

This Does NOT stack with "Friends Forever"?

Friends Forever?36
Complete the game in Co-operative mode.   

The Co-Op is Local only, so find a friend or go kidnap your neighbor. Fair warning: this can be done by yourself with two controllers, but you must be on top of your game. If one character dies you must restart from checkpoint. This also does NOT stack with the complete game as either Rorschach or Nite Owl.

Martial Artist15
Perform all 8 Nite Owl combos within 60 seconds.   (2) 

This Achievement is very difficult to pull off, there are a lot of things that can go wrong... And will, a finish move can pop up right in the middle of a combo with the exact button that you need to press, or you didn't pull them off fast enough, or you just ran out of people to beat up. There are 8 total combos that you must pull off within 60 seconds, this is best done in an area where there are a lot of enemies.

In order to pull off a combos you must first initiate it by holding down the first button of the combo. e.g If you are doing the Knock down you must hold down to begin. You will know you have started the combo when you see little blue or yellow circles on the bottom of the screen. The first real spot in which you can attempt to get this achievement is in Chapter 1, right after you enter the big room of the strip club. Unlike part 1, part 2 starts you with all of your combos already unlocked they are as fallows:

Knock Down: ,,
Fast Knock Down: ,,
Stun: X,
, , ,
Fast Stun: ,,
Area Attack:
, ,,
Fast Area Attack: 
Extra Damage: ,,,
Maximum Damage: ,,,,

Feral Fighter15
Perform all 8 Rorschach combos within 60 seconds.   

You need to play as Rorschach, just use the same tips as "Martial Artist."

Knock Down: ,,
Fast Knock Down: ,,
Stun: X
, ,
Fast Stun: ,,
Area Attack:
Fast Area Attack: 
Extra Damage: ,,,
Maximum Damage: ,,,,

You Tag 'em - I Bag 'em11
Eliminate an enemy that your partner has knocked down or thrown in your direction.   (2) 

This can be done either in single player or in Co-Op, obviously it is going to be a lot easier in Co-Op since very rarely does the computer knock down an enemy without killing him. To do this in Co-Op just have a friend (or do it yourself) grab an enemy and knock him onto the floor and go and "finish him" while he is on the floor.

Focus Fire11
Take down 10 enemies in a row finishing off each of them before doing damage to anybody else.    (2) 

The easiest way to pull this off is to play as Nite Owl, and let Rorschach do all of the dirty work. While Rorschach is impaling upon everyone try and attract one to you, and "finish him off." The reason you play as Nite Owl is because you can block and that does not count as damage.

Electric Explosion8
Hit 14 enemies with a single electrify armor blast.   (2) 

This is very difficult to get and will most likely take multiple tries to acheive. In Chapter 2 when Nite Owl and Rorschach split up for the first time, you will be on a street with about nine guys. Run past them, and more enemies will appear. If done correctly you should get the satisfaction of watching their bodies fall to the floor in an electrical mess.

Sustain a single rage mode for 60 seconds.   (1) 

This is easier than it sounds. In order to activate Rage Mode you need to get the rage bar all the way up until it flashes between red and yellow. Once it is flashing, push and you will activate rage mode. I was able to do this as Rorschach in Chapter 1 in the big room of the Strip Club. In order to keep rage mode active you need to keep pulling off finishing blows to enemies, a finishing blow is when the button appears over an enemies head, and if you press it before he gets knocked out you will start a finishing blow. During this time your rage meter will freeze and will not go down. Once the finishing move is complete your rage bar will be raised back up a bit. Also throughout the game you will have the opportunity to collect Rorschach cards which will increase your rage meter.

Ping Pong8
Hit at least 4 different enemies while building up a combo.   (1) 

This is an easy achievement and can be done on chapter 1. The first part in which I was able to pull it off was right after you enter the big part of the strip club. Just let a bunch of guys crowd around you and start to pull off one of the bigger combos like: Extra Damage: ,,,
Maximum Damage: ,,,,
. Once you pull off one part of the combo just move thetarget to another guy. In order to pull off a combo you must first hold down the first button of the combo, you will know you did it right when you see a blue or yellow circle on the bottom of the screen.

Unending Combo8
String a single uninterrupted combo that's at least 10 hits long.   (1) 

During the course of the game you will unleash many combos, in order to keep a combo going don't do any knock down attacks and you will be able to keep the combo going.

Complete Chapter III without hitting any ladies before they hit you.   

This is EXTREMELY difficult, and even though it may seem impossible, it can be done in single player, even though it is easier in Co-Op mode. Throughout Chapter 3 there are 2 types of enemies, male and female. The male are the big fat strong enemies, and the female are the small faster enemies. If you are attempting this on single player, just make sure that the lady hits you before you go on your rampage, an easy tip is to play as Nite Owl for he can block making it easier to know if you have been hit or not. Or if you are doing this in Co-Op simply sit back and let your buddy do all the work.

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