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Guide By: Fizzmatix
There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
+ Offline: 43 (1000)
+ Online: 0 (0)
+ Approximate time: 24+ Hours
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4 Minimum
+ Missable Achievements: 0 (Due to multiple playthroughs, follow view the guide for weapon achievements)
+ Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
+ Glitched achievements: 0
+ Avatar Awards: 0
+ Cheats: 0

Set in the era of grind-house and the 70s, you will play through an action packed world of blood, violence and extreme slow-mo. You take control of Rubi Malone who is a hired assassin who has the tables turned on her.

Before you start playing you will need to make an important decision relating to the games difficulty. There are 5 difficulty's, two which unlock after completing the game on hard and one for completing the game in general. The hard mode isn't as difficult as it sounds, but you will need to complete this mode to unlock "Ultra Hard" mode.

Playthrough 1: (Hard)
There isn't much difference between the to difficulties so you shouldn't have any issues with starting on hard. Make sure you upgrade Rubi's abilities, as it will make the game easier in the long run. I suggest you wait to do the 50,000 point achievement until you have run through the game at least once so you know what's coming.

Playthrough 2: Ultra Hard
This is where the game gets a little harder and may test your skills. Much like playthrough 1, just use your upgrades and take your time. Some levels are going to be harder than others. As long as you upgrade the right abilities to start with you shouldn't have any issues.

I would upgrade the following stats early on:

  • Rubi's Health
  • Pistol Damage
  • Acrobatic Skills (Sword Slashing, Zipline Shooting etc)

Playthrough 3: Golden Bullets
Some people may struggle with this depending on how good you are at the game. You will be playing through the game with "Golden Bullets" which will kill your enemies in one shot. You will also take more damage, this is the game mode wher eyou will want to earn the 50,000 achievement. As you enter an area battle areas, make sure you don't close the gates early.The enemies will stop spawning after a certain period of time. Once you're enemies stop spawning you can close the gates.

Points Count Mode: Playthrough 4
This is basically another run through of the game but earning points for each chapter. The points vary and some of them are quite hard to complete. Run through each chapter, make sure you always aim for headshots and keep your multiplier up. If you can keep a chain of kills between each person you will have no issue earning the scores required.

Collectibles: Monkey Toys & Boneyard Scorpions
There are 45 toy monkeys to collect and 25 scorpions. While playing through the game you will find monkeys hidden around each level. Once you get to the Boneyard you will be able to hunt for the 25 scorpions. If you miss out on collecting the scorpions you can use the challenges modes to access the Bonyard a find any you missed.

Use the following guides to find all the collectibles:

Monkey Collectible Guide
Scorpion Collectible Guide

Weapon Achievements:

The weapon kills are straightforward enough, you will also be able to carry over your kills between playthroughs.You can play through "Points Count Mode" to earn your extra kills as well as rage mode

If you die at a checkpoint and keep replaying the same area all the previous kills won't count. You need to make your way through each area to the next checkpoint for all of your stats to saved.

Challenge Modes: Boneyard/Points Count Mode
The various challenges in the Boneyard can be quite tricky. Running each course seveal times before you try to complete the challenge will help. Make sure you hit every single target as they will reduce your time by 2 seconds for each hit.

This game is fairly straightforward but will need various playthroughs to earn the full 1000. Parts of the game can be a real struggle, but with a little patience you will be rewarded.

[ would like to thank Fizzmatix for this roadmap]

Chinatown Rundown15
Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).    (1) 

Story related achievement see "Head to Head" for info.

Vehicular Carnage15
Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).    

Story related achievement see "Head to Head" for info.

Boneyard Workout15
Complete Chapter 3 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).    

Story related achievement see "Head to Head" for info.

You Dirty Rat15
Complete Chapter 4 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).    

Story related achievement see "Head to Head" for info.

Everybody Runs15
Complete Chapter 5 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).    

Story related achievement see "Head to Head" for info.

Falling for Kafka15
Complete Chapter 6 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).    

Story related achievement see "Head to Head" for info.

Uninvited Guest15
Complete Chapter 7 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).    (3) 

Story related achievement see "Head to Head" for info.

Breaking the Ice15
Complete Chapter 8 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).    

Story related achievement see "Head to Head" for info.

The Opera House15
Complete Chapter 9 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).   

Story related achievement see "Head to Head" for info.

Shock Therapy15
Complete Chapter 10 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).    

Story related achievement see "Head to Head" for info.

Road Rage15
Complete Chapter 11 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).    (1) 

Story related achievement see "Head to Head" for info.

Head to Head15
Complete Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting (Story Mode).    

These are story related achievements and will unlock with natural progression through the game. Just complete each level on any difficulty.

No Sweat!30
Finish Story Mode on Cake Walk (Easy) difficulty.     

Complete the game on easy, see "Hard Time"

Business as Usual40
Finish Story Mode on Hired Gun (Normal) difficulty.       

Complete the game on easy, see "Hard Time"

Hard Time50
Finish Story Mode on Fixer (Hard) difficulty.      (1) 

Difficulty achievements do stack.

You will need to play through the game at least once to unlock the "Ultra Hard" and "Golden Bullets" difficulties. This shouldn't be to difficult but if you are having issues just practice and keep at it like any other hard mode.

I suggest you make good use of the upgrades and upgrade your health as soon as possible.

See "Blood, Sweat and Tears"

Blood, Sweat and Tears60
Finish Story Mode on Femme Fatale (Ultra Hard) difficulty.    (12) 

Before you tackle this this game mode you will first need to unlock it by playing through the game on hard. This may be a challenge for some players but not so much for others.

Just keep moving, make use of slow-mo acrobatics and slides. If you are close to an enemy use your sword and guns to pull of quick and concise, this will keep you multiplier up and reduce the amount of enemies trying to kill you at once.

Quick Kills30
Finish Story Mode on Golden Bullets difficulty.    (1) 

You will also need to complete the game at least once on any difficulty. This will be another full play through of the game but using "Golden Bullets" which kill the enemy in one shot rather than several.

Just work your way through the story again, take your time and watch out for where all your enemies are on the screen. As you have already played through once you should have a rough idea of where most enemies are in the levels. Keep using slowmo and don't stop. The more you keep moving the less damage you will take to your health.

Monkey Curious!10
Collect 1 Monkey Toy.    (2) 

Before you progress past the first section of the tutorial level you will find your first monkey on the floor in front of a statue. You can't miss it as you will need to walk in front of the statue to progress forward.

Collect a toy monkey, see "Monkey Obsessed".

Monkey Addict!15
Collect every Monkey Toy in a single Chapter.    

This will be the second achievement you will earn to do with the monkey toys. If you follow the guide provided in "Monkey Obsessed" you will earn this on the first chapter of the game Chinatown.

See "Monkey Obsessed".

Monkey Obsessed!25
Collect every Monkey Toy in the game.    (5) 

Find all the collectible toy monkeys dotted around the various chapters. Once you have collected a monkey you won't have to collect it again on another playthrough. There are total of 45 monkeys in the whole game. If you end up missing a few you can go back into points challenge mode to find the remaining monkeys you missed.

Monkey Collectible Guide

Keep Your Balance30
Get a balance of 50,000 Style Points (Story Mode).    (4) 

You will earn points for your kills throughout the game. You won't be able to upgrade, make sure you have a high multiplier as often as possible and pull off acrobatic kills as often as possible. Rage mode kills do not count towards this score. You need to make it from chapter 1 to 12 without spending your points on upgrades and make sure you earn enough points while in large battles to end the game with a high enough score. Golden bullets mode should make this a lot easier than trying to run through on the harder skill levels.

I recommend doing this on the easy difficulty as you won't have so many issues with dying.

Kill every Scorpion in Rubi's Boneyard.    (1) 

There are 25 scorpions to kill in Rubi's Boneyard, make sure you pay close attention as there rather hard to spot and very easy to miss. You can either do this in Chapter 2 when you enter the Boneyard or play through again in the challenge mode.

Scorpion Collectible Guide

Impulse Buyer!15
Purchase any 3 upgrades.   

Note: Before you buy any upgrades be aware you will need all the points you can get towards "Keep Your Balance". If you spend all your points on upgrades you won't be able to earn this achievement on your current play through.

At the end of each level/area you will be prompted to upgrade Rubis skills or weapons. Purchase three upgrades and the achievement will unlock, it doesn't matter which ones just mix and match what you require at the time.

See "Hey Big Spender!"

Fully Capable!25
Purchase all Rubi Ability Upgrades.    (2) 

See "Hey Big Spender!"

You will need to buy the following upgrades for Rubi's Abilities:

  • Life Block
  • Rising Slash
  • Shoot from Zip-Lines
  • Shoot from Poles
  • Rebound
  • Shoot from Ledges
  • Human Wall Run
  • Human Wall Run Slash
  • Aerial Slash
  • Diving Slash
  • Evade
  • Auto-Aim Reset

You will need 16,00 points to upgrade all of Rubi's abilities.

Fully Loaded!25
Purchase all Rubi Weapon Upgrades.    

See "Hey Big Spender!"

You will need to buy the following upgrades for Rubi's Weapons:

  • Pistol Bullet Damage
  • Sword Damage
  • Shotgun Ammo Capacity
  • Shotgun Fire-Rate
  • Shotgun Bullet Damage
  • SMG Ammo Capacity
  • SMG Fire-Rate
  • SMG Bullet Damage
  • Crossbow Ammo Capacity
  • Crossbow Fire-Rate

You will need 50,000 points to upgrades all the weapons towards this achievement.

Hey Big Spender!30
Purchase all Upgrades.    (7) 

You will need at least 66,000 points to upgrade all of the weapons and abilities, each will cost the following points. Level 1 (1,000) Level 2 (1,500) Level 3 (2,500). Your upgrade won't carry over to any challenge modes so you will need to do this on a regular playthrough of the game.

While in each arena area keep killing the enemies which spawn from each doorway until they stop flooding the area. This will give you a far greater chance of earning a high amount of points.

At the end of each chapter and area you will be prompted to upgrade. Press the to pull up the upgrades scree. Press either or to cycle through all the weapons and ability upgrades. Once you have earned enough points and unlocked each extra skill you will be able to use them towards all your upgrades. Buy all the upgrades from the store and the achievement will unlock.

Earn a Bronze Medal in every Challenge (Boneyard Challenges).   

See "Total Bone-Head"

Earn a Silver Medal in every Challenge (Boneyard Challenges).   (1) 

See "Total Bone-Head"

Total Bone-Head40
Earn a Gold Medal in every Challenge (Boneyard Challenges).   

Select the challenge mode from the main menu and earn a gold medal on every challenge in the game.

Run & Gun

  • Crack Shot 1: 1:15 - 1:05 - 0:55
  • Crack Shot 2: 0:55 - 0:35 - 0:20
  • Crack Shot 3: 1:00 - 0:40 - 0:25
  • Pack a Punch 1: 1:25 - 1:05 - 0:55
  • Pack a Punch 2: 0:55 - 0:35 - 0:25
  • Pack a Punch 3: 0:55 - 0:35 - 0:25
  • Spray N'Pray 1: 1:20 - 0:55 - 0:45
  • Spray N'Pray 2: 0:45 - 0:25 - 0:15
  • Spray N'Pray 3: 0:50 - 0:30 - 0:20
  • Boom Sticks 1: 1:15 - 0:55 - 0:45
  • Boom Sticks 2: 1:00 - 0:50 - 0:40
  • Boom Sticks 3: 1:00 - 0:45 - 0:35

Fast Track

  • B-Line 1: 0:40 - 0:20 - 0:15
  • B-Line 2: 1:25 - 1:05 - 0:55
  • B-Line 3: 0:55 - 0:35 - 0:25

Turret Range

  • Shake N'Ache: 2:25 - 2:20 - 1:40
Target Score Sampler!10
Beat the target score in any Chapter (Points Count Mode).   

Before you can play through "Points Count Mode" you will need to complete the game at least once before you can select these challenges. To select the challenges cycle through the main menu until you get to the challenges tab.

See "Target Score Junk!" for info

Target Score Needy!20
Beat the target score in any 3 Chapters (Points Count Mode).   (1) 

Do the same as "Target Score Sampler!" but over three chapters.

See "Target Score Junk!" for info

Target Score Junky!30
Beat the target score in every Chapter (Points Count Mode).   (2) 

Once you unlock "Points Count Mode" you will need to access it from the challenges menu. beat all the target scores below for each challenge and the achievement will unlock. This may be fairly time consuming and will require patience. There isn't much else i can say other than just keep trying until you conquer the scores.

  • Chapter 1 (Chinatown Rundown): 9,500
  • Chapter 2 (Vehicular Carnage): 410
  • Chapter 3 (Boneyard Workout): 0
  • Chapter 4 (You Dirty Rat): 10,800
  • Chapter 5 (Everybody Runs): 7,900
  • Chapter 6 (Falling for Kafka): 525
  • Chapter 7 (Uninvited Guest): 10,800
  • Chapter 8 (Breaking The Ice): 11,900
  • Chapter 9 (the Opera house): 11,500
  • Chapter 10 (Shock therapy): 1,000
  • Chapter 11 (Road Rage): 525
  • Chapter 12 (head-to-Head): 11,600
Revolver Onslaught!25
Kill a total of 200 Enemies using Rubi's Pistols during acrobatic slow-mo.   (1) 

While playing through all weapon achievements stack so the amount of kills you earn with one weapon will carry over to a new game and save so you can keep going until you have earned all the achievements.

This will probably be the first weapon based kill achievement you get as you will start with the pistols. Once you start your rampage of kills aim for as many enemies as you can, while jumping, sliding, running up walls as well other environmental object. Once you enter slow-mo pull the , aim carefully as the more people you kill the less you will have to keep dodging bullets.

Shotgun Wallop!25
Kill a total of 200 Enemies using Rubi's Shotguns during acrobatic slow-mo.   

See "Revolver Onslaught!"

You will acquire the shotguns while progressing through Rubi's Boneyard. To equip your shotguns at any point after the Boneyard press .

Full-Auto Frenzy!25
Kill a total of 200 Enemies using Rubi's Sub-Machineguns during acrobatic slow-mo.    

See "Revolver Onslaught!"

You will acquire the Sub-Machine guns from completing the sixth chapter of the game. To equip your Sub-Machine guns at any point after chapter six press .

Crossbow Blitz!25
Kill a total of 200 Enemies using Rubi's Dart Bows during acrobatic slow-mo.   (1) 

See "Revolver Onslaught!"

After you complete chapter 8 you will be given the crossbow to use. Press to select the crossbow anytime after this chapter.

Cutting Edge Combat25
Kill 200 Enemies with acrobatic Sword attacks.    (2) 

*Upgrades Required*

Before you can pull of any acrobatic moves with the sword you will need to buy them from the upgrade store. See "Fully Loaded!" for a list of all the abilities.

While pulling of any acrobatic jumps or running up walls or slides, press so Rubi will pull her sword out and slice away at your enemies.

Note: There are reports that this will unlock randomly or without the upgrades, if you can't get it to unlock while just using your sword buy the upgrades.

Guns don't kill people...15
Kill 30 Enemies with environmental objects or explodables.   

You will find various explosive objects through the game, if their are a group of enemies near a car shoot the car as it will be in instant kill. Same for explosive barrels. Repeat this 30 times and the achievement will unlock.

Group Therapy15
Kill 3 Enemies at the same time.   (2) 

You can either work towards this or wait until you hit a section where you will use a stationary gun. Normally you will have to shoot at various amounts of enemies, scattered around these areas you will see the explosive barrels, just wait until there are a few enemies grouped around them and blow them up. There are plenty of opportunities to do this so you should have earned it by the time you hit the half way mark.

Kill a total of 100 Enemies while using stationary gun.   

Every so often you will be forced to use a Gatling-Gun to secure an area. You have no choice but to use the gun as it's a mandatory part of the chapter. Kill as many people as you can while on these parts and try to avoid shooting the explosive barrels as you won't be credited for the kills. You need to shoot down every enemy for it to count. If you miss this on your first play through use points count mode to earn your extra kills.

Skull Crushing Accuracy30
Kill 100 Enemies with headshots.   (1) 

This is fairly straight forward but make take some practice. While jumping through the air with any weapon aim for the head. You should be trying to pull of head shots all the time anyhow as you will earn more points in the long run. If your not that great with the cross-hair you will probably earn this achievement without even knowing.

Note: You will know when you have scored a headshot as "Skull Crusher" will flag up on the right side of the screen.

Maximum Efficiency30
Kill a total of 100 Enemies at maximum multiplier (x5).   (1) 

Your multiplier (top right hand corner) will go up with kills and collecting score multipliers. Read the maximum 5x and kill as many people as you can. If you feel like getting this out of the way any area where you need to close enemy spawns will be easy. Earn a 5x multiplier and keep pulling off acrobatic moves and killing every enemy that comes from any of the doorways.

Graphic Violence30
Reach a chain kill count of 60 while in Rage Mode.   (4) 

You will encounter rage mode soon enough, it's pretty obvious as everything is red, and enemies are black silhouettes. In the top right corner of the screen you will see your kill chain. It will slowly go up and drop suddenly if you don't kill enough people in time.

keep attacking as many enemies as you possible, try not to leave a gap in your kills as your meter will drop back down to zero.


Game Info
Artificial Mind


US September 15, 2009
Europe September 18, 2009

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